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Chapter 1: The Covnent

***Lilli's POV***

I arrived to the swing tree area, noticing the termites infesting the swing tree where you can see the asylum on the hill far away and Edna digging the patch of dirt Mother Superior wanted to dig out.

I sighed a bit, knowing I had to get these chores done immediately. After all, I rather not be punished today of all days.

And besides, something told me I shouldn't play with the swing today either anyway.

"Hey, Lilli!" Edna grinned, noticing me, "Did you finally get out of doing your stupid raking chore?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded.

She grinned, "Very good. Then you've finally got time to go treasure hunting with me?"

I only shook my head sadly.

"What?" she flatly spoke, "Did you get even more chores to do?"


"That's so unfair, but maybe we can still find a way for you to help me. That would be cool."

I prepared to speak before Edna interrupted, "I'm sure you're dying to know how the treasure hunting is going, right?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded.

"Well, to be honest, not so great," she sighed, patting the scraped ground, "The ground is just too hard. I doubt I'll be able to find anything here without a shovel, but I already have lots of cool dirt under my fingernails, and I even swallowed a slug by accident. A small consolation from Mother Nature."

She then looked at me, continuing, "What do you have to do for Mother Superior now? And don't tell me you have to scrape off her warts with a pumice stone again. I'm still finding crumbs in our bunk from last time."

I pointed to the tree, motioning to the termites before she noticed, realizing what I was going to say.

"She told you to get rid of the termites on the swing tree, right?" she asked.

"Uh-huh." I nodded.

She only sighed, saying, "It was just a question of time. Does she even realize how hard it was to collect them all? I even broke into the Firefighters' Museum to get the large red ones. And then all the trouble I went to, teaching them tricks...they can already do a polonaise if you lay a trail of jelly. I wanted to teach them the cha-cha next."

She groaned, continuing, "What the hell. Maybe you can relocate them instead of blasting them out, or whatever else it was you had planned. I'd even help you, but I've run out of jelly."

After a moment, I pointed to the ground, saying, "Um..."

"Wait, Lilli," she said, moving me away and digging a bit, "This is an especially hard spot."

She struggled to dig, then sighed saying, "Oh what a drag. This is ruining all my callouses, and it took me so long to mature them. These flower beds could really use some digging."

"Uh-huh." I nodded before she realized what I was going to say.

"Don't tell me that's exactly what Mother Superior ordered you to do."

I simply nodded to her.

At that moment, she grinned with delight, "But that's fabulous! Then you'll all be able to help me dig up the treasure after all! You don't even have a choice. You've been kinda told to by the Lord. All we still need is a shovel."

She was right. I guess I really don't have a choice and sadly, I was running low on options anyway.

I began trying to ask about the jelly before Edna asked, "Are you still worried about the termites? I'd really love to help you, but unfortunately, I don't have anymore jelly to lure the little darlings someplace else. But when we've found the treasure, we can buy ourselves a whole jelly factory! Or even better, a honey farm! I think honey is much cooler than jelly anyway. It sticks to the bottoms of your shoes better. And if we had a honey farm, we could also train the bees. Maybe there's still a chance for my project "Peepholes for the Great Wall of China" after all."

I prepared to ask about the ground before Edna spoke, "The shovel, Lilli! We'll never dig up the treasure without a shovel!"

"Ahem..." I began, about to ask where the shovel was.

She shrugged a bit, stating, "Oh, I don't know where we can find a shovel either. I'd imagine they're kept in the cellar. Now we just need to find a way to get down into the cellar. You can't walk through walls, by any chance, can you?"

Sadly, I shook my head as she continued, "We really have to teach you how to do that one of these days, but first you should concentrate on the shovel. It has top priority."

I simply groaned a bit, also remembering that the nun was pretty upset, especially today of all days.

She noticed as she asked, "Mother Superior's having a bad day again, isn't she?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded.

"That wasn't hard to guess. The last good day she had was when everyone got mumps. I've rarely heard her laugh so hard. Don't let her annoy you too much, okay?"

I finally nodded before Edna continued digging in the ground, hoping to find some treasure. She was weird, but friendly, at least to me.

Anyway, I made my way to start searching for a way to the cellar as well as where to find honey or jelly.

I mean after all, I do need to find a shovel to dig out the flower bed anyway.

***Freeman's POV***

So there I was, just looking at something shining down at the well. It may have been the key to the cellar or something.

Heck, why would anyone wanna dump that key away is beyond me.

All of a sudden, just like a gnat, I heard the voice of that girl that almost startled me: Lilli, the biggest troublemaker anyone's ever met.

Ever since I met her, there had been an unknown amount of accidents and teachers and students start disappearing left and right. So we all blame Lilli for that.

I frowned, speaking, "Hmmm? Oh, Lilli. I thought somebody was there. Don't bug me. I'm busy."

She tried to ask me something, but knowing what she would say, I only replied, looking at the well and her, "Didn't I tell you to leave me alone? I'm trying to concentrate, okay? Something is down there in the well. I can see something sparkling. Oh man, I hope it's the key to the cellar. That would be soooo gumbo."

She looked more confused as I continued, "Lemme guess: you don't know what gumbo is, right?"

She shook her head, replying, "Uh-uh."

I only rolled my eyes, continuing, "Oh Lilli, you're just hopelessly square. Guys as cool as me say "That's totally gumbo". Or "that gumboes", but you're just lame. Totally ungumbo!"

She pointed to the key, trying speak before I frowned, "Really, Lilli. Stop talking so much...unless of course, you have an idea how I can get the cellar key. just think of all the things I could do with it! I hear that awesome stuff is stored down there! Not just junk like shovels and brushes and all that, I'm talking about real treasures!"

"Uh-" she prepared to speak.

However, I stopped her, saying, "You can blab as much as you want. My complete attention is focused on the cellar key at the bottom of the well. I hear that awesome stuff is stored down there!"

"Uh-" she prepared to say before I interrupted her.

"Don't you have anything to do? Isn't there something you're supposed to be doing for Mother Superior?" I said to her, rolling my eyes.

She nodded before I laughed. As usual, that loser brat just got stuck with Mother Superior's chores. Probably something stupid again.

"I knew it. You're such a loser for getting constantly stuck with those jobs. What is it this time? Do you HAVE to alphabetically sort the compost again? Or remove the hair from her back?"

After a moment, I began speaking in a mock tone, "Wait, don't tell me: you're supposed to get rid of the termites on the swing tree, right?"

She nodded before I continued, "He-he, well good luck. The swing tree is made of sweet liquorice and termites are known for going crazy over candy. You'll never manage it."

I then noticed some dirt on her, asking, "Lemme guess: you have to dig up the flower beds, right?"

She nodded as I chuckled, "He-he. Well, good luck. That's gonna take forever with your little girly hands. But don't think I'll lend you a shovel when I get into the cellar...that is, unless you DO wanna help me get the key from the bottom of the well."

She shook her head as I rolled my eyes, frowning, "That's what I thought, because it's forbidden, right? Oh man, Lilli, you're so straight, it's a miracle anyone can tell you apart from the trees."

The little brat began speaking about something before I interrupted, speaking dryly, "Is this gonna be another one of your lectures about law and order at the convent? I'm sooo interested."

She looked like she was going to say one of those dumb stupid rules before I continued in a mock tone and interrupting what she was going to say, "We're not allowed in the cellar!"

I rolled my eyes, continuing, "Geez, Lilli, you're like a broken record. We can't do this, we can't do that. Don't drink motor oil, don't play with the electrical sockets! You really know how to spoil all the fun! No wonder no one likes you."

She tried speaking once again, saying, "We-"

However, I glared, "What now? Can't you see I'm busy with the well or did your oh-so-great Mother Superior forbid that too?"

"Uh-huh." she nodded.

"Oh yeah? That just proves how absurd adults' rules are."

However, I noticed her coming close, glaring as I pushed her, "What, you're still here? Don't creep around like that. I almost fell in the well from fright!"

"Uh!" she gasped a bit.

I rolled my eyes, mocking her, "Oh how cute. Are you worried about me now or what?"

I patted her in a fake reassuring way, smirking, "Don't worry, I'm not stupid. I'm not gonna climb down into the well, but NOT because Mother Superior has forbidden it. Just because it really IS too dangerous."

I looked back at the well, continuing, "Although..."

Finally, Lilli left the area and with that, it was my chance. My chance to get the well.

However, when I leaned a bit too close, as if I felt someone or something pushing me, I fell. Afterward, I splashed into the water, coughing the water and started to feel like drowning down there, despite it not even close to drowning levels.

"HEEEEEY!! HEEELP!" I shouted, waiting for a sign.

Afterward, I felt something drop on me, saying in confusion, "Oh! OW! What's going on?"

Just then, to my horror, I found myself covered in honey with bees attacking me.

In panic, I screamed, "LILLI, NO! GO AWAY! GO AWAY! I'M ALLERGIC!! AHHHHH!!"

I don't care whether she did that on accident or not, it was HER fault I was stung by bees.

For a few moments, I felt the waters rushing up and forcing me up the well. Looks like the jerk probably tried drowning me, I bet, with that hose.

When I finally reached the top, the bees finally left, but I was covered in bee stings, water, and honey, angered...but at least I had the cellar key.

In anger, I sat down, looking peeved and angered at what happened until I saw Lilli arriving.

She noticed me, preparing to speak before I dryly spoke, "Ah, Lilli. Thanks a lot for your great "help". You really did a fantastic job. If I can ever help you..."

She then pointed to the key before I mockingly showed it, "Oh, you want the cellar key? But of course..."

In anger, I retracted it from her, snapping, "NOT! What in the world were you thinking?! You're the one who got me to go into the well!! It's your fault that I fell in! But instead of helping me get out, you throw a beehive on my head and nearly drown me!! Look at me! I'm wet, covered in bee stings, and smeared from head to toe with honey! I know everyone thinks you're sweet and harmless, but you're actually a walking disaster! You can definitely forget about the key! You keep away from me!"

Finally, I watched Lilli, still acting like a stupid zombie of a sort, only leave and used some sort of brush on the hive I left on the well, departing from the area.

Then, she was gone. She could be a complete idiot, and believe me, I think she's really a zombie psychopath!

Besides, what else can she do? Kill me?!

***Edna's POV***

As I continue to try and fail to dig the flower bed, I saw Lilli, holding a brush with some honey placing some of it on the compost.

Yay, I thought, at least the termites would be safe.

However, I saw some of them leaving for a trail of leftover honey. Guess they REALLY enjoy honey, huh?

After a few moments, we both heard what sounded like Freeman screaming in pain saying in fear, "AHHHHHH!! NO! DON'T! GET AWAY! WAAAAAGH!!"

I don't know what that was, but I guess Freeman got in trouble with Mother Superior for once.

On the bright side, at least the inscription I left for Lilli on the swing tree was still around. That was a plus.

Finally, I continued with my digging. I mean there HAD to be some sort of treasure if it was in the flower bed, right?

After a while of digging, I finally noticed Lilli holding a shovel, saying with delight, "YAY! You found a shovel! Oh Lilli, you're the best. Let's not waste any time and dig up the treasure."

With that, we began digging. It didn't take as long as I thought it would be.

Then, when the dirt was uncovered, we saw something bomb-shaped. It was very strange, but it looked pretty cool.

"That's quite a treasure chest." I grinned, "It looks like it might have belonged to some space pirates once."

However, she began protesting before I interrupted, "So what? They were space pirates from World War II. Who cares? What's more important is that they left us their treasure. Come on, let's open it! I'm so excited!"

Then, the chest was opened up as we saw a strange object.

"Yipee!" I spoke with glee, "You did it! Hmmm, and what's that supposed to be?"

I took it out, looking at it for a moment and noticed it deactivated it. Typical of the pirates of the past.

I tossed it to the ground, nothing blown up, as I shrugged, "Those space pirates must have led a pretty miserable life if this was their most precious treasure."

I looked back at the chest, smiling as I continued, "Well, at least we have a fabulous chest. And I already have an idea what we can do with it. We'll bury our own treasure. Do you have anything on you?"

Lilli pondered a bit. She was quite a thinker after all.

After a moment, she realized before she showed me a ball of yarn, the same one from embroidery class.

"Some wool from embroidery class?" I spoke with a grin, "WOW! That's perfect! Our friendship ribbon. The string that ties us all together, so to speak. Come on, put it in there."

She nodded, placing the ball inside as I closed it, saying, "Now we just have to bury the chest again and-"

Just then, we heard the familiar voice of the mother shouting, "LILLI! Where did that brat disappear to now? Lilli!"

I sighed a bit, frowning, "That's Mother Superior. What does she want now? We should check before she explodes. You have to be careful you know."

Finally, the both of us began leaving the swing tree. At least right now, I felt like nothing could go wrong.

However, as we entered the class, I saw what remained of the students, minus Freeman, waiting as the nun looked around. She looked as mean as she was the day she and I first met.

"That took much too long for my liking." Mother Superior frowned as she continued, "Is everyone finally here?"

She glanced at the students, even that Gerret that I felt fearful for. It was as if he was watching me or something...

"Freeman is missing, Mother Superior," the goody two-shoes, Birgit, said.

"S-S-Say nothing more!" the nun frowned, "Your lack of discipline has reached a level that I can no longer tolerate. From now on, all games on the convent grounds are forbidden. And until further notice, there will be no more dessert and bed time will be moved up by an hour. And in case you're wondering, it is the bad behavior of the specific student that has led me to take these measures."

As the class glared at where Lilli was, probably believing she had something to do with it, I continued watching. What was Mother Superior up to this time?

"In my helplessness, I even decided to call on an expert for help!" she continued.

An expert? I thought. It couldn't be him, could it? Not after all I did for months just to escape and get away from him and hide here 'til the heat was off!

"He's a renowned psychologist who will restore discipline and order here to the convent. The examination will take place this evening. The doctor will drive the mischief out of you once and for all. And I can guarantee this much...it WON'T be a pleasant experience."

I gulped a bit. If my suspicions were correct, that could mean that...that HE was coming for me.

I looked at Lilli with worry, speaking quietly, "A psychological examination? Oh Lilli, I'm sure this is all about me. I desperately need a plan. Meet me near the beds. I'll need your help."

Quickly, I began to dart out, starting to secretly head to my bedroom. I didn't want what was going to happen to me be coming back for me.

As I closed the door, I heard Mother Superior say, "You have the rest of the day off to think about what you've done wrong. I better not hear that you've used the time to create more mischief. And Lilli? I'm expecting you in my office. NOW!"

I began to worry a bit as I quickly went to the top bunk of the bed, hiding in the covers. And for some odd reason, I have a bad feeling about what's going to happen to me.

(End of Chapter 1)