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Chapter 2: The Tasks At Hand

***Mother Superior's POV***

I watched as the girl entered my office. The blond in bow, a troublemaker she was. She was like a blank sheet or even a zombie, acting like someone else was controlling her or something.

Finally, I spoke, fixing my spectacles, "I'm very disappointed in you, Lilli. Can you ever do anything right?"

I watched her preparing to speak before I rolled my eyes, sighing, "Not another word. Your constant excuses just make me even angrier."

Lilli groaned a bit, acting like she was about to die. Well she was far from that fate, I can assure you.

No matter how hard she tries, she always found new and new ways to disappoint me or make me angrier. Even more so than when that one teacher who went missing yesterday.

And not only that, I was forced to teach the students until a new set of teachers that mysteriously vanished would come.

Finally, I turned to Lilli, pointing to my cat, Lumpy, whom was anxious for food, demanding, "And now don't just stand there like an idiot. Well, get a move on. Feed the cat! Can't you see how emaciated Lumpy has gotten again? Oh stupid c-c-child!"

I glared at her, watching her take an opened can of cat food from the dumb waiter. However, to my shock, I saw her dumping the food right in Lumpy's bowl.

"STOP! What on earth are you doing?!" I snapped, slapping the can and food away from the bowl, "Bad Lilli! Very, very bad!"

I pulled her back to the desk, glaring, "You should really know that Lumpy doesn't eat regular cat food."

It's like she was an infant or a rat: either one would be stupid thinking at this point.

The girl frowned and groaned more as I continued, writing down my notes to her, "But you've disappointed me for the last time."

Finally, I gave her the notes, telling the little clumsy fool, "Here's the recipe for the right cat food. Bring it to Doris, the lunch lady. It contains exact instructions for preparing Lumpy's food. Doris can also find my lunch order for today on there, too. Do you understand?"

The child nodded as I continued, pointing to the door, "And now get out! I have to prepare for Dr. Marcel's arrival. I'm hoping that his new method of correcting character flaws will save me this kind of trouble in the future."

Finally, the child departed, leaving me with Lumpy. For odd reason, however, I sensed that Lilli would end up causing more mischief than she could ever realize, one that would be murdering without realizing.

***Edna's POV***

When she came into our room, Lilli looked miserable, like she hadn't been feeling well since that incident with the mumps. So I decided to ask.

Lilli then explained what she could tell me and it was just as I feared.

I looked concerned as I spoke, "Dr. Marcel, you say? This confirms my worst suspicions. The doctor and I still have an old score to settle. I'm sure he's coming because of me."

I clenched to the covers I hid as my friend sighed. This was not a good thing. If Dr. Marcel found me alive and here, then that would mean...

"Lilli, I can't stay here any longer," I began to explain, "I'm going to leave the convent and go into hiding for a while."

Then, I began to remember, "There's just one catch: that guy Gerret, who's constantly lurking around, I think he's spying on us for Mother Superior. So long as he keeps poking his nose into everything, I can't move freely. Do you think you can find a way to keep him off me for a while?"

She nodded as I smiled, "Wow, Lilli, you're such a gem. What would I do without you?"

Finally, as she left, I hid once more. I was sure she would get the job done and I can escape quietly.

It wasn't that I didn't trust Gerret, it was just...I think he's just a snitch and spy for her.

Man, if only Harvey was with me, or at least the polo mallet I discareded. I'd take care or confront Gerret with either on my side.

For a long while, I stayed hidden under the covers, waiting while I heard screams of fear from two other roommates. It was probably another dumb role play they were doing like Hoth Motigor or Darthon or something.

Whatever it was, it couldn't have been a threat to life itself...I think.

***Memphis's POV***

So there we were, waiting by the stairs after the meeting and I, hiding behind the stairway. I looked around a bit in fear while I saw Gerret pass by me, Shawny, and Capu while he headed to the chapel.

There was something odd about that guy, I can't explain what.

Then, Shawny put his leg in front of the girl, the girl who was said to have caused disappearances to students AND teachers alike. I mean we use to have some before Lilli, then Edna show up. And ever since then...I've been afraid of everything!

"Who do we have here, then?" he spoke before mockingly said, "Creepy Lilli."

We looked at her with Shawny glaring, "How did it go with Mother Superior?"

"Leave her alone, Shawny." Capu spoke, trying to stop Shawny's bullying.

"Only if she admits that all this trouble is her fault."

I only gulped, beginning to worry, "W-w-we're not getting any d-d-dessert?"

"That's right, Memphis," the big guy continued, "And we can't play outside anymore either. is it asking too much to want to know why?"

Capu sighed, shaking his head as he protested, "Stop picking on her. You don't really think that Lilli of all people has done something wrong, do you? She's just not cool enough for that."

I don't know why Capu would defend someone like her. I mean what if his trust on her would get us ALL killed because of her?

"Exactly." the leader glanced before speaking mockingly, "She's suuuuuch a good girl. She rakes, she cleans, she cooks, it's disgusting and dangerous because somehow it always ends up a disaster, isn't that right, Lilli? Ever since YOU came to the convent, it's been one strange accident after another."

"I h-h-hardly dare to get out of bed anymore." I shivered.

"But none of this is your fault, is it?" he spoke in sarcasm to her, "After all, you only do what you're told. I'm sure you're even running an errand for Mother Superior right now. Let's see what you've got there."

He snatched the recipe from her, glancing as Capu gasped, "Shawny!"

Shawny looked at it, glaring, "Aha! I knew it! A recipe from Mother Superior. Well, I think I'll hold onto it for now. Let's see how Mother Superior likes having to wait for her food and this time, our sweet Lilli can face the music all by herself. Ha-ha-ha-ha!"

I chuckled as well. At least with Mother Superior being left out of meal time like we were, at least it'd provide us SOME sort of humor.

"Let's go, guys. We're off." Shawny told us as we left her.

"You're impossible." was all Capu said as we left: Shawny to the well, me to the unused furnace, which was my hiding place, and Capu toward the clock area.

If Lilli had been a bit less clumsy, she'd be at least pretty cool, but still...

Anyway, I stayed in the shelter for a long while. Just then, the door opened as I yelped, noticing Lilli arriving.

She looked at me with confusion, preparing to ask me something.

However, I had a feeling I know what she was going to say...

"Wah! Quick, close the door before anyone sees me! This is the last safe place in the entire convent and I want it to stay that way." I demanded.

She only looked confused before I continued, "Don't even try talking me out of it, I'm staying here. It's much too dangerous out there."

"But-" she began before I hushed her.

"Psst," I spoke quietly, "Someone might hear you and then they'll take away my hiding place and if they take away my hiding place, then I'll definitely be next! The stove is the safest place in the entire convent, you know. It has a Krupp steel casing, titanium-reinforced interior walls, and is lead coated inside. I'd even survive a bomb attack in here."

"They?" she asked me in confusion before she prepared to ask me for the recipe.

However, I only said, "Now get lost before someone discovers me. If you're looking for your recipe, talk to Shawny. He pocketed it."

She tried to hum a song to me, singing, "Lalala leeeleee..."

However, I only sang, "The end of the world is neeeaaaar."

I mean it's true. We would all die one day, but I don't want to die on this day.

At that moment, I saw Lilli place something inside. It was something I've never seen before.

"What's that? What do you have there?" I asked.

However, she only removed the pin as I saw it blinking.

"Does it have to blink like that?" I asked her.

However, she only closed the door as I began to worry.

I knocked with fear, asking, "Um...Lilli? Lilli?"

However, all that happened was darkness and finally, a bright light, like an explosion...

***Suka's POV***

So there we were, me and Shy, both sitting by the window close to Edna and Lilli's room before we saw the blond in bow approaching.

If there's one thing she's good at, at least to us, she looked totally ungumbo.

Then, when she approached, we both said our catchphrase from our favorite show we liked.

"Shibuya power!" I shouted.

"Shibuya power!" my friend repeated.

"Volcano paranoke!" I shouted more.

"Shiny rainbow miyuyasake! Shing!"


"Erm-" Lilli began before we placed our hands on her.

"Myuroshi sparkle!" Shy shouted.

"Myuroshi sparkle!" I repeated.

However, she looked more confused, about to speak before I sighed, "She doesn't look any happier than before."

"By the spring of Gugu Oshima, Riot Girl rules! Shing!" my friend said.

"Shing!" I shouted.

However, we looked concerned as I continued, "Hmmm, still no effect. I bet it's the fault of those school bullies."

"We hate them!" Shy protested.

"Exactly. They're just as bad as the authorities."

"Or the dark forces."

"Or the financial system."

"Down with the dark forces!"

"Let them all perish in an endless inferno!"

She only looked more confused, preparing to ask something before I shouted, "Shibuya power!"

"Shibuya power!" Shy shouted afterward.

However, we both noticed her looking even more confused before I said, interrupting her, "Girl, you're so clueless about trends! Just look at how you dress."

I pointed to the outfit she wore. It may be like the uniforms we're forced to wear, but Lilli's way of dressing, well it was not as good as the way Shy and I dress.

"Don't you know that Shibuya and only Shibuya is hot right now?" I continued, "Where's your glitter? Where are your Japanese accessories? Myuroshi sparkle!"

"Myuroshi sparkle! Shing!" my friend shouted.


"Um...Shing?" Lilli tried to say.

I only shook my head, sighing, "Oh man, you're really out of it, Lilli."

She began to point as I glanced at her, noticing what she was doing.

"Why are you gawking at my hairdo?" I frowned, starting to realize, "Don't tell me you've got your eye on my original Marashu Nyoke hairpin!"

I groaned, turning to Shy and speaking, "Can you believe it, Shy?"

The pink hair girl only shouted, "Don't believe. Just know. The Warriors of Light see with the power of love!"

"Just who does she think she is? Hirojoshi Super Frog's arch enemy Soki Nuroshi Myayoke Hagatsu?" I shouted, though I probably should've said a character that would've fit more of what Lilli actually watches from Anime, but I digressed.

"Down with the dark forces!" Shy shouted, "Trust in the elf magic of the glitter dust."

"Exactly. Everyone knows that a real Shibuya girl will only part with her hairpin if it's a real emergency and only IF facing death."

"Myuroshi sparkle! Mystical spirit of the wolf!"

"Mystical spirit of the wolf!"

"Kamanukri! Shing!"

"And anyway, what even makes YOU think we'll let you have any of our personal things? You haven't launched any radical, paramilitary campaigns or done anything to help destroy the state."

"We can't let the dark forces win!"

"Plus, you've never helped us destroy the school."

Shy stopped before pondering, "Does being Warriors of the Light really mean we have to destroy this school? It seems a little too hardcore to me."

"But Riot Girl does it too! On page 31 in Vol. 453, she puts one of Nagayuzu's detonators in the teachers' lounge when the dark forces kidnap Mushushi Rainbow." I protested, "Shibuya is cool! Myuroshi sparkle!"

"Um-" the girl prepared to say.

I sighed, pointing to Lilli as I spoke, "Just look at her face."

"Typical." Shy said, rolling her eyes.

"We're probably too extreme for her. And we are, just like Riot Girl."

"Riot Girl rules! Shing!"

"Shing! Don't you dare tell me you've never seen a Riot Girl anime or read a Riot Girl manga!"

"Ri-?" Lilli began to speak.

However, I could tell what she was going to say: 'Who was Riot Girl?' That look on her face was all we needed to understand.

"Ugh, that's what I thought." I frowned.

"Because Riot Girl is totally shiny! Down with the dark forces!" Shy shouted.

"AND Riot Girl is totally fighting against society more than anything. That's why we're also totally fighting against society."

"Because Riot Girl's totally cool."

"That's why we have to destroy society. You can help us if you want."

"Down with the dark forces!"

After a moment, Lilli left. Good riddance, I thought as Lilli left. After all, she could get us in trouble.

After a while of hanging, we saw Lilli arriving back.

I sighed, frowning a bit, "What have you got now? I hope it's a weapon for the battle against-"

Just then, to our shock and horror, we saw Lilli holding the bomb in her hand like she was a zombie, not realizing what she was doing.

We both screamed in fear, panicking, "But that's a real detonator!! And it's live!"

"You have to defuse it, Suka! Hurry!" Shy shouted in fear.

"But with what?!"

"With the Power of Love!"

"WHAT!? Are you-" I began snapping before feeling my hairpin.

It was then I began realizing, starting to look reluctant, "Wait, I know!"

Finally, I used the hair clip I wore, reluctantly I might add, quickly placing it on the bomb and stopping it from being active.

We sighed in relief as I said, "Phew, that was close."

"We'll snitch to Mother Superior." Shy spoke.

"Exactly. This time, you and your friend really went TOO far, Lilli. What on earth were you thinking? You're even crazier than I thought!"

"Totally ungumbo."

I mean sure, we both wanted to get rid of the school, but not if it involves a bomb that's already active and can blow us all up with me and Shy in it!

In fear, I shouted to Lilli, "Don't just stand there! Get that bomb away from us! Take it somewhere where it can't do any damage. A bomb-proof place, a fireproof drum or something like that!"

Finally, the dazed and unemotional girl left our side. Once she was gone, I finally stretched and told Shy I would try to take my mind off the situation using the swing at the tree.

I mean if it held up so long, even I doubt that anyone using the swing would fall. Well...not unless someone stupidly chops it down anyway.

***Birgit's POV***

After the meeting was adjourned, I was given a task by Mother Superior. It was very important to my embroidery skills.

I mean after all, I'm very skillful when it comes to embroidery, unlike some people.

And then, just like a gnat, up showed Lilli, whom cleared her throat a bit.

Frowning, I scoffed, "Don't even bother trying to distract me, Lilli. Unlike you, I actually have a sense of duty. You don't get to be Mother Superior's favorite by just standing around like a moron all day, like you! I work hard to get all of those honors and rewards. The only thing I'm mssing on my path to perfection is the golden girl scout's badge on a ribbon. That's why I'm working overtime to perfect my embroidering skills. Mother Superior loves the embroidery, because the pictures of animals convey important values."

I glared at her, continuing, "But you wouldn't know anything about that. You've always been terrible at embroidering and everything else for that matter."

"Aminals?" she asked me.

I glared more, frowning, "Why don't you get to the point already? You seem to be lacking a few important lessons in values and standards. Haven't you learned anything at all from my multi-award-winning embroidery?"

I pointed to the animals in the cupboard, then at the one on my desk, continuing, "Each animal has an assigned character trait. Bears represent strength and deer stand for heroic valor. There are negative role models too, of course. The porcupine, for example, is especially slow and sleepy. That's why you'll never find one on one of my banners, but maybe it's in your family's coat of arms."

After all, hedgehogs and porcupines, despite what others say, ARE very slow.

They're just like Lilli, who has some sort of disorder I can't explain. I think it has something to do with this thing, this disease Mother Superior once mentioned. A-tim-son was it? She might have that, which would probably be why she's just slow and such.

I sighed as I continued, the last part in somewhat sarcasm, "In case you're wondering what I'm doing here, it's called "embroidering". Bah, I know it's not your area of specialty, otherwise I doubt Mother Superior would have banned you from taking it. What a shame. I know how much you've always enjoyed embroidering."

After a moment, I spoke out, "By the way, I was being sarcastic."

The girl groaned in annoying agony as I frowned, "Quiet now."

I gasped, realizing something, "I just had a great idea for what I could put on the missing cafeteria banner."

However, when Lilli looked at me, the thought was gone. Just like her mind probably.

"Damn, it's gone." I frowned before snapping, "Thanks alot. Great job, Lilli. If you want to help, ask Mother Superior about a suitable animal role model. I'm already done with all my patterns. And remember: at this time of day, Mother Superior is always in the cafeteria drinking a soothing tea, so DON'T wander into her office. We're not supposed to go in there alone. And hurry up. My grades depend on it."

Lilli left the room as I concentrated on my work. Sometimes, I wonder why she even bothered coming to this school.

After a bit of alone time, which is what I needed, I saw Lilli place something down in front of me. I glanced at it curiously.

"A dead hamster?" I asked her, "Hmph, at least this is a regular animal motif, but...do you think it also conveys really important values?"

She nodded a bit as I spoke, "Hmmm, well, if you say so. Come back in a few minutes. If you don't bother me, I won't take long."

With that, Lilli left as I quickly went to work. After a while, my banner was finished with Lilli taking it. Seems like Mother Superior could use that banner, I thought as she left with my banner.

Maybe I should've hung it myself or something, but what was I to do?

Things were quiet before I heard the voice of the nun screaming in fury. What was it she was angry about now, I thought as I heard the footsteps come closer.

However, I found out too late as Mother Superior was actually angry, not at Lilli, but at me, of all people.

In anger, she snapped, "A guinea pig?! Are you freakin' kidding me!? You know very well I despise guinea pigs!"

I yelped and began sweating fearfully while tears came from my eyes. This had never happened to me before. I was actually in trouble because she wanted the hamster?!

"I can't even tell you how disappointed I am in you, Birgit! This is the worst job I've seen in my entire career." she snapped.

In tears, I tried protesting, "But-"

"Don't talk back!" she angrily snapped, "You ARE bad. I will probably have to strip you of all your awards, prizes, and girl scout badges. You no longer deserve any of them."

"But I only did what-"

"Hogwash! Do you really wish to contradict me?! I can't believe how low you've sunk, Birgit. A guinea pig! It's unbelievable! Your work is an insult to the entire convent! Get rid of it!"

She snatched it away as I tried speaking in tears, "I'm sorry...I...I didn't mean to-"

"Your whining won't make up for your failures. Just in case you decide not to waste my time with your ineptitude anymore..."

The nun went to the cupboard, snatching the puma statue and placed it near me, demanding, "Here is a motif that's worth immortalizing on a banner. The puma. Strong, precise, dignified, a symbol of self c-c-control."

Finally, I watched her leave, quickly making the new banner with the puma. I couldn't believe it...but my life was always about being Little Miss Perfect...and if I couldn't have that...

After I finished, I snatched a noose, hanging it on the ceiling before placing it on myself, preparing to jump. I'd be going to limbo for this, but it was better than being a failure!

All my thoughts were at that moment were..."My life...my life was not worth anything without perfection..." as I jumped.

***Lilli's POV***

Things were going so quickly as I made my progress. Even at one point, I found an embroidery of an eight legged unicorn. I asked Mother Superior one time who made it, despite not speaking too much about it, but she was even more vexed than usual when I asked.

Anyway, during one point, when I helped Frank, Gerret came from the secret compartment in the confessional I used every day. There really WAS something odd about him, I thought as I went to tell Edna the news.

When I arrived, I cleared my throat with Edna peeking, "And? Are you making any progress?"

"Um-" I began to speak.

However, like always, she interrupted, "Cool. So, you've been working on your imitating animal voices number. You can tell me about it later, okay?"

I groaned as she continued, "First, we have to get rid of Gerret. I'm sure he's spying for Mother Superior."

I began to speak before she said, "Before you say anything, I thought of something else. I think Gerret has a secret hiding place in the chapel."

"Oooh." I groaned.

"Yeah, a kind of listening station in the confession booth. This should prove once and for all that he's spying for Mother Superior. The question is whether we can somehow use this knowledge against him."

I nodded and prepared to speak of my idea. Or at least find the courage to speak like a real person.

However, that hope was dashed as Edna spoke, "Wait, I know. What if we locked Gerret in his secret surveillance room? Just pretend you want to give confession and when he's in his hiding place, WHAM! Our trap will snap shut on him."

I sighed, looking annoyed as she said, "Oh don't be sad, Lilli. I'm sure you'll come up with a good idea next time. But for now, let's get to work."

I wanted to ask for her before she continued, "I'm sorry that I can't help you, but I can't risk Dr. Marcel finding me. You know what they say about him. It's all true, except the story with the orangutan, I made that one up."

I wanted to tell her something before she hushed me, "Not so loud! Dr. Marcel's ears are everywhere. If you listen closely, you can even hear the wind blowing in his ear hairs. That guy is no joke, but you know the rumors, so watch out for him. He is eeeevil. EEEEVIL!"

It was worse than that, Gerret had photos of Dr. Marcel. No idea why, though.

"Hmmm-" I began to speak, preparing to tell her about the noise.

"Wait a minute: What's that?" she asked, listening to the noise within the chapel, "Do you hear those noises too?"

I groaned as she continued, "I think someone's drilling inside the chapel. Sigh. It's probably Frank looking for evidence of a Church conspiracy again. Dang! That could ruin our plans. If Gerret can't listen in on any of you, we won't be able to lock him in his hiding place. You have to think of something to get rid of Frank. Did you happen to find the plans for my time machine?"

I shook my head with her shrugging, "Eh, they weren't finished yet anyway. Hmmm...how big is the microwave oven in the school cafeteria?"

I groaned as she scoffed, "Ah, forget it. That won't work. And all my other ideas are a little complicated. We don't have time for them. I guess the easiest thing to do would be to help him with his search. Once Frank has found what he's looking for, he'll hopefully stop drilling."

I nodded before starting to have an idea. An idea that could help him.

Finally, I left Edna's side, though for some reason, I got a bad feeling about what was going to happen...

(End of Chapter 2)