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Chapter 5: The First Restriction Demons

***Marcel's POV***

I asked Mother Superior about if she knew about Edna after hearing Lilli, whom was under hypnosis, mentiomed her.

It was bad enough that Cindy Gingers, the assistant I hired was falling for something that she could not physically touch, Edna was alive after all this time!

The nun looked as if she had pondered for a long while before finally asking, "Why do you ask?"

I then glanced at Lilli, pointing, "I think I've just pinpointed the root of all this evil."

After all, people have said I was the evil one! I mean how rude, the very idea that my methods of destroying childhood was a bad thing.

"It's good that I was able to install all the important behavioral blocks inside Lilli with the aid of my new hypnotherapy." I replied to her.

Well, at least eight of them anyway. I would have to make due with them and Lilli having these eight until I could go back to my office, call Cindy, and have her with this new restriction as well.

"Hypnotherapy?" she asked me in confusion.

"Hypnosuggestion, to be precise." I corrected her as I pointed to Harvey sitting on the stool, "The light diodes that I have installed in the eyes of this stuffed rabbit help me take direct control over Lilli's free will. From now on, she will behave very calmly. But here, just try it out for yourself."

"Try it out?"

"That's right. She's now as obedient as a little lamb."

She pondered a bit, glancing at her, "Well..."

"Go ahead."

Finally, she turned, ordering her, "Lilli, serve the doctor and me some tea."

"Bravo. Ha-ha-ha." I chuckled, "Well, I am thirsty anyway. What do you say now, Lilli? Would you like to serve us some tea?"

The girl struggled, trying to shake her head. However, she felt a jolt on her head, like she could not and can not refuse my order...ever.

Finally, after a bit of struggling, Lilli nodded as I laughed.

After I watched her go to the tea, she stared a bit blankly for a few minutes toward the painting near the tea set.

Then, the annoyed nun I was talking with snapped, "LILLI!"

The girl turn as Mother Superior continued, "What are you doing?! You're supposed to be making us tea, not staring at paintings."

"Now don't be so harsh on her." I tried to reassure her.

After all, patience is what she probably needs or something.

"But she's being lazy!" she retorted.

As I continued, I turned my eye from Lilli to the strange embroidery of an eight legged unicorn, "Lilli WILL complete her task, but I have to confess that I have also admired your...gallery. I'm especially interesting in this embroidery over there."

I pointed to it, continuing, "It's a bit unusual, don't you think?"

"Oh, that one." she spoke, somewhat a bit nervously, "It's...just an old keepsake. Hardly worth mentioning. I can't even remember hanging it there."

"You can't? Interesting. What is it actually an embroidery of? An 8 legged unicorn?"

"It's only the embroidery of a dumb, irresponsible ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-child. Nothing else."

I began pondering a bit, nodding, "Uh-huh..."

Something was off with her. Just mentioning this embroidery is making her nervous, but why?

At that moment, Lilli accidentally dropped the tea, spilling it. Sometimes, I wish I made a "you must not be clumsy" rule instead.

"LILLI!!" she shouted, "You clumsy good-for-nothing! Do you really want to embarrass me in front of the doctor?!"

"Hmmm, that is strange." I pondered, "The hypnosis is foolproof! Bah, it was probably just an accident."

"The whole ch-ch-child IS a total accident! If I c-c-could, I would k-k-k-"

I quickly put my hand on her shoulder, firmly speaking, "But please, Mother Superior. Do calm down. Lilli will complete her task, right Lilli?"

She nodded as I continued, "Well then, please bring us some more tea, okay? Be so kind."

Finally, she departed, making more tea. Hopefully she didn't touch the fire or anything heat-related.

I mean after all, she could be the true means to being an actual replacement for my son after all.

When she arrived, Mother Superior drank her tea. However, she started acting a bit crazy while starting to finally explain the embroidery.

So this embroidery was a part of her childhood, huh? This was very interesting.

I began to ponder for a while on what to do with Mother Superior afterwards. Then, I had an idea.

After Lilli had gone, I quickly took Mother Superior's hand, reassuring her that she would be getting help from her sad fate, using Harvey to hypnotize her.

Once that was done, I went to work on taking care of Mother Superior. After all, Lilli, since she was the only one in the convent, wouldn't dare try anything stupid while I was away.

***Mother Superior's POV***

The doctor asked me if I knew Edna. However, after a bit of pondering, I asked him 'why'.

Turns out that Edna was the source of all the evil. If Edna WAS around, she'd be probably in the same situation Lilli was in.

Then, I ordered Lilli to bring us tea. However, being the lazy AND clumsy girl she was, she ended up destroying the cup, even if it WAS an accident.

Sometimes, I wondered why I even bother having her brought here to the convent.

Lilli then left me with the doctor, him asking about the embroidery. However, I was reluctant to tell him about it.

You see, there was a sad story to go along with it. And I didn't want to tell him the truth. In fact, anyone knowing this, I would fear that...

Finally, Lilli arrived back with a fresh batch of tea made with a cup not broken.

"Finally!" I frowned, "It's about time."

However, when I started sipping my tea, my eyes felt a bit hazy, making me feel a bit crazy.

"Stupid ch-ch-ch-he-he..." I laughed a bit crazily before speaking in a kid-like tone, "Choild!"

"Ahem." the doctor I turned to asked, "Are you feeling all right? You are downright...hysterical."

Finally, I spoke the truth, pointing to the unicorn, "It's that embroidery. He-he-he-he. It reminds me of my he-he-he-he childhood. He-he-he-he."

I continued laughing, "I was such a stupid he-he-he-he choild. He-he-he-he. I soooo wanted to have a unicorn for a pet. He-he-he. A unicorn, can you believe it?"

Then, I felt a bit saddened, continuing while sniffing, "But what they gave me instead was...a tarantula."

"Ah..." the doctor glanced, pointing to the embroidery, "then YOU'RE the one who embroidered this?"

"'Shaggie' died while I tried to attach a horn to her forehead with a nail gun. I was such a stupid choi-choi..."

Finally, I sniffed and laughed a bit more before beginning to cry in depression. Why did I had to be reminded of that tragedy?

"I loathe children!" I admitted truthfully.

The doctor nodded, "Hmmm, I understand."

He pondered for a long time while I continued crying, remembering my spider, Shaggie. I didn't want to admit it, but I was just like them: Stupid and misbehaving.

As soon as Lilli left the room, the doctor ordered me to look at the rabbit, Harvey, whom put me in a trance.

I didn't know what was to become of me, but something told me I was to be part of a horrifying experiment of his.

***Gerret's POV***

After recovering from ducking down, I saw Lilli being dragged back to the convent. She was in terrible danger, and I was sure as hell NOT going to be held responsible for something terrible to happen, let alone have people disappear all over the convent.

Quickly, I returned to my secret listening quarters, going behind the painting with hidden eyes. There, I watched as Lilli was put into a trance.

Mother Superior and Dr. Marcel used the stuffed rabbit, this Imaginary Friend apparently, to do their bidding. And if my assumptions were correct, this conspiracy could be bigger than Frank's Templar discoveries.

When Lilli was ordered to get the tea, I quickly whispered, "Psst! Lilli!"

She briefly stopped near the tea set, looking at the painting I hid as I peeked my eyes through it.

"Don't be afraid, Lilli. It's me, Gerret." I whispered, "Please stay calm. You were hypnotized by Dr. Marcel and now you're completely in his control, but don't worry. I can help you, but you'll have to come with me to my secret room. You can find the entrance in front of Mother Superior's office in the dark corner next to the fireplace."

She looked a bit confused as I continued, "But first, I need your help. I've been watching Mother Superior and the doctor for a long time. And I'm very close to unveiling their evil deeds. All I need is a confession. Here take this extract of deadly nightshade."

I then pushed a bottle of truth serum through the hole with her taking it, continuing, "It's a truth serum. Pour it in Mother Superior's tea. As soon as she drinks it, she'll start spilling all of her secrets. Did you understand?"

She nodded while I grinned, "Excellent."

Then, Mother Superior snapped, yelling for Lilli. I ducked back down quickly, taking out a recording device. This would prove that her methods were not as good as they say they were.

After a while, I heard Mother Superior's confession. Her confession and tears was more like it. This would be the evidence I needed.

Finally, Lilli came back to me as I spoke quietly, "Well done, Lilli. I've heard everything I wanted to hear! Mother Superior has obviously gone gaga. I'd already suspected that. Now hurry! Come to me in the secret room! There's a hidden door in the dark corner in front of the office, right next to the fireplace outside."

"Yes..." she began.

However, I just remembered one of the restrictions she had, realizing, "Oh damn, of course you can't make any light. You're not allowed to play with fire. I'd completely forgotten about that. One moment, let me think..."

After a moment, I looked at her, saying, "Hmmm, I think I have an idea. There isn't any way to break through a block created by hypnosis...unless you get hypnotized again."

She looked stunned as I continued, "It's risky, but you could put yourselves in a trance and fight the block directly in your own subconscious. But be warned: the world inside of a trance is an eerie place. It's like a parallel universe that only exist in your minds. Traversing it without the guidance of a trained hypnotist has its dangers."

She nodded as I continued, "And the blocks created by the doctor will probably appear as powerful demons that you can only defeat in a mental duel. Did you understand all that?"

She shook her head sadly as I said, "You don't have to. Not yet. Just use the stuffed rabbit to hypnotize yourself. Once you're all in a trance, look for the inner demon that's preventing you from making a fire and destroy him."

With that, I watched Lilli go off to the stuffed rabbit, then pull the string as she used the doll to hypnotize herself. I only hope she would be safe while in that eerie world.

I just hope that whatever is in that world doesn't kill her either or I will have innocent blood on my hands!

***Snowman Harvey's POV***

Being a snowman or snow rabbit holding a carrot in my case to keep one from using fire wasn't easy, but it's worth it to not see any fire made or be played with.

After all, snow and ice melt.

I heard a thump as I sat on the frozen icicles that was similar to a campfire. It had to be the human, coming to destroy me. However, I would not have any of it.

Then, I heard the scream of a giant woman. She probably had something stuck in her eye or something.

"AHHH! The dust! My eye is burning! Who was that?" I heard the voice spoke before continuing, "OOOH!! It's burning! Just wait! When I find whoever's flinging all the dirt around, they're in for a nasty surprise! My eye is burning!"

A plop sound was heard before out from the cavern was a girl. A child in fact. It had to be Lilli, the one I had to protect, especially from fire.

She came to me, preparing to speak before I told her, "The fireplace is closed. Good children don't play with fire."

I leaned to her, asking, "And you're a good child, aren't you?"

She nodded as I pointed, "You see? There's no reason why well-behaved girls like you should have anything to do with burning objects."

The girl frowned, preparing to ask, "But-"

"Bububububu!" I interrupted, not listening, "Not one, got it?"

The female frowned a bit, looking steamed about what I said. But come on, I was doing her a favor here. She'll get burned if she does play with fire or worse: get combusted.

Just then, I saw her reaching for my cylinder hat, yelping in fear as I spoke, "Hey! Hands off!I need that cylinder. You'd understand if you stood around all day in the cold with a bald head."

Lilli finally left my side, placing something I couldn't see down where the rib cage was. Just then, I smelled something.

"My goodness! What's that?" I spoke to myself, sniffing around a bit more, "It doesn't smell like carrots, that's for sure. That's...that's..."

Finally, I looked up, noticing my hat on fire, screaming in fear, "FIRE!! WAHHHH!! I'M BURNING!! Take off my hat!! Take it off!"

The girl approached, looking unsure what to do before I panicked, "Now do something, Lilli! Anyone! Take off my hat! Take it off!!"

Besides, it was either be bald or melt and I certainly wasn't going to melt.

She took the hat from my head as I sighed in relief, saying, "Thanks, Lilli. You saved me. Now you see the damage that fire can do. It's best not to touch it."

The girl groaned, glaring at me.

"What's happening now?" I spoke in confusion, noticing her doing something.

Just then, I saw, to my horror, the flamming hat she was about to use on me, quickly demanding, "Hey! Stop that!"

However, it came close to the logs as I shouted, "No, don't!"

I struggled, trying to futilely put the fires out and as I was melting, the last thing I saw was Lilli smirking as I shouted, "NOOOOOOOO!!!"

***Lilli's POV***

I came out of the trance I was put under. Earlier, I had been hypnotized by Dr. Marcel and that stuffed rabbit and I couldn't touch anything fire related. However, I was able to get Mother Superior to confess to the embroidery at least.

Then, I dealt with the first demon: The snowman Harvey, I think it was, in order to let me use fire again.

Once that was done, I temporarily evaded the block, using the torch to light the path, then put the torch on the other side, causing another secret door to open.

How many of these secret doors to Gerret's hideout did he have anyway is what I wanted to know!

And whose side is Gerret truly on? If not on Dr. Marcel's, then why...I feel like...

Ugh! That restriction block prevent me from hurting him. Well, I've never hurt someone before and I don't feel like doing so now.

As I enter the secret door, I ponder where the other students are. There hasn't been a trace of them for some time now.

And that was worrying me. I mean sure they picked on me and such, but even I get worried if they don't show up.

"Lilli!" Gerret shouted, interrupting my thoughts as I entered the secret room once more.

"You did it!" he continued, "Perfect. I think you're all finally ready to know the truth. Well, where should I start?"

I sighed, preparing to ask who he was before he was speaking, "Well maybe I should introduce myself first: My full name is Chief Deputy Gerret Gordon Gardengore."

That was an unusual name I thought. And him, a chief?

"I'm an undercover investigator for the Juvenile Department." he said, "I took a position in the convent as a cover to observe Mother Superior. My assignment is to uncover evidence proving her educational methods violate youth protection laws."

Man, if that was true, then why did Edna think that he was untrusting? I guess she must still be thinking she was a wanted criminal or something. After all, we don't get much news outside the convent or whenever Edna sneaks me out to spend nights under the stars.

"But Dr. Marcel is an even bigger fish to fry." he explained, "Compared to him: Mother Superior is a saint."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Now it made sense: The secret room, the listening devices, and the strange voices I kept hearing at night. It was all coming together to form a coherent overall picture.

I was about to speak but as usual I was interrupted.

"In case you were wondering why I got photos of Dr. Marcel, I was doing investigation on him. So it's clear whose side I'm truly on." Gerrett told me seriously.

Well, that does make sense. But still doesn't explain why Edna has trouble trusting him. Could it be something in her past which explains why?

Before I could speak about anything else, he interrupted, "Ah-ah-ah. Before you ask me any questions, let me quickly tell you one more thing about the hypnosis. This Harvey hypnosis is the doctor's devilish invention. He apparently uses this stuffed rabbit to force his will on you. If we want to get out of here, then you're going to have to fight the behavioral rules he's installed inside you. You can also take on the other behavioral blocks just like you did the one stopping you from playing with fire, but it means you'll have to put yourselves back in a trance. The first challenge will be leaving the school grounds."

It was then I realized with horror that I was given something else: a restriction from escaping!

He noticed the look too as he asked, "Mother Superior has forbidden you from doing this and because of the behavioral block, you're incapable of being disobedient. The solution is to once again fight the block while you're in a trance. We have to tackle the problem at its source."

Well, that does make sense. But that would mean hypnotizing myself again and putting me under, facing something as terrifying as the snowman!

Yes, I had to do so again, even if I didn't want to.

Then, I remembered something, preparing to ask him about Dr. Marcel.

However, before a word could get out of me, the man spoke, "Let me finish. As I said: Dr. Marcel is a much bigger fish. The police has been after him for a while. He suspected of using illegal therapy methods that rob children of their childhood. And the hypnosis he subjected you to confims this suspicion."

I prepared to ask for the police, wanting to ask if we should get some backup or something like that, saying, "Call-"

However, like everyone, I was interrupted once more, "Call the police? Ha! Lilli, I AM the police. I can help you and get you to safety. We just have to get off the school grounds somehow. I think the best way is to follow in your friend, Edna's footsteps, but first, I want to answer any questions you have. So?"

I was concerned about two things: why Edna doesn't trust him and the students. I was about to speak...

"You wondered why Edna does not trust me," Gerrett sighs, interrupting me making me frustrated. "The truth is, before she ended up here, the girl once trusted someone from where she was once held...and that someone betrayed her and locked her inside a church. The details over what happened are still complicated...but it involves a reverend and the same traitor being killed."

I became more worried, realizing what that meant. But I would never do that to her if I was in that position...would I?

He paused, waiting a bit for me to ask any questions. However, I said nothing. I mean he pretty much explained everything. Plus I keep getting interrupted anyway.

"No questions?" he asked.

"No." I said, shaking my head quickly.

"How disappointing." he spoke, shrugging, "Oh well, okay. Let's go to the tree swing."

I remembered about the students and prepared to ask, but Gerret interrupted me again.

"As for your fellow students...I am clueless as you are." Gerret said with a shrug. "They seem to disappear in thin air. There has been signs of weird little creatures painting stuff pink but that's about it."

So he can see them too? So I wasn't the only one then.

With that, the two of us headed off to where the tree swing was.

"There IS one other person I'm concerned about." He spoke to me as we made our way to where the swing once was, "It's about someone. Someone who has a forbidden crush on..."

He stopped a bit, starting to realize before darting off, "Cindy!"

He ran as quickly as he could while I tried to keep up futilely, trying to catch up to him.

NOW I had one new question on my mind...Who was Cindy?

I arrived to where the swing once was finally, but Gerret was nowhere in sight. I even had a new question to ask him. How disappointing.

Then, I noticed a hole on the gate fence, preparing to leave. However, I yelped from the electric jolt, forgetting until now about the contradicting adults restriction.

Then, just like that...Harvey appeared. His red eyes glowing a bit, the weird calm and eerie face he made. There was something disturbing about that.

"Hello Clarice." The blue bunny spoke creepily.

I blinked a bit in confusion. Who is Clarice?

Harvey clears his throat and chuckles, "Sorry, I couldn't resist using that gag."

"Weirdo." I spoke to myself.

"Anyway, you're not trying to leave the school grounds, are you?" he asked me. "You know that Mother Superior has forbidden it. And you do know..."

His voice box played that same restriction once more, stating, "You must not contradict adults."

I gulped as he continued, "It's possible to have lots of fun without defying the rules set by adults. We could sort your marbles according to colors or come up with a counting rhyme for folding laundry."

That would be fun...except I don't got marbles and we aren't allowed to do our own laundry. Mother Superior has no need for childish things...and the workers do the laundry.

Of course, after their disappearance, Doris does most of it and between you and me, she does a bad job.

Also, no matter how tempting the suggestions were, I HAD to get through to find Edna. She's my only friend besides Capu and Gerret after all.

Sadly, there was one thing I KNEW what had to be done...and I was running low on options: Take and use the ball of wool from Embroidery Class and then use it on Harvey since Harvey would probably just stop me from trying to reach the string on his belly anyway.

I went to the treasure chest, taking it out and showing it to the rabbit, whom noticed.

"What do you have there? Can I see it?" he asked me.

I nodded, showing it to him as he gasped, grinning, "WHOOO! A ball of wool! Yippee! But that's...that's..."

His voice box played as he and I looked like we were starting to hypnotize one another.

"Woooogie." his voice box spoke.

"Ooooooogie!" I groaned.

"Woooogie!" the voice continued before a flash of white happened.

In a flash of white, I reappeared in a strange new part of the mental world.

There, I saw the second demon I needed to defeat. And to be frank, I hate spiders as much as a normal person would, so figuring out how to get through to him was easy.

Remembering what Mother Superior's explanation on the embroidery had said, I made my plan and quickly did the deed, causing the giant Mother Superior to arrive to us and snatch the spider.

After watching Mother Superior cuddle with the spider, I grinned a bit, noticing she wasn't so tough after all. However, as I was departing back to the real world, I thought I heard a squish noise.

When I awoke, I found myself able to change my behavioral blocks, but only one at a time, sadly. This was my chance to find her.

Quickly, I hurried to the gate, going through and hoping to find my friend, wherever she was.

***Spider Harvey's POV***

Zere she was...the girl whom defeated ze first restriction. She had appeared out of nowhere and now, it vas my turn to take her on.

Ze snowman had failed, but I vould not fall so easily for her trickery.

When she came close to me, I hissed to her, saying, "Didn't anyone tell you zat you're not allowed to leave the school grounds? You must not contradict adults. But since you're such a good girl, you already knooooow zat."

She nodded, such a good child. Perhaps all hope vasn't lost yet.

However, I spoke too soon as I saw ze human snatch a rib, then dunk it into ze tar before placing it on my head.

I felt ridiculous. Vhat was zis going to prove anyvay?

"SHAAAAAAGGIIIIIIIE!!" I heard the gigantic voice.

I realized too late as I vas snatched while she continued, "SHAAAAAAGGIIIIIIIE!!"

As she grabbed and tried to cuddle me, squeezing me in a too tight manner, only two things vere in my mind before I saw darkness: Who ze hell vas Shaggie? And why did I have a feeling I'll die from her?

***Harvey's POV***

I had recently awoke from the trance I was in, noticing Lilli gone.

Seems she found a way to contradict adults now, which didn't look good.

Lilli MAY try to not only thwart the good doctor's plan of making more hypno toys like me, but she MAY try to harm the doctor if left alone. Or even Cindy.

Earlier, I had waited and listened, only following Lilli if she was trying to get through her restrictions. My red eyes glow whenever that happens like whenever Lilli gets shocked.

Anyhow, I made my way through the gate, following the girl and passing by the strange potato gnome painting pink paint on a chopped stump for odd reason.

Lilli HAD to be brought to her senses and I had to keep her safe after all.

(End of Chapter 5)