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Chapter 6: Drunk and Lies

***Gerret's POV***

It had passed dusk for a while now. I know she was stuck on dealing with the second demon, but did she had to take so damn long to do so?

Waiting at the sign post that led to the asylum, town, and Moor Lake respectively, I continued to wait. Sometimes, I wish this town had better reception so I can use my phone to call Cindy at least.

After all, she did somewhat explain to me a few days ago about her own secret she was struggling to keep.

However, I fear for her: Not only was this forbidden due to both being mortal & demon respectively, not to mention she was a human and he a rabbit, but if the doctor were to find out that she fell fully in love with this New-something she called him, I fear that he may use the dolls to restrict her from following her own wishes.

I then noticed her, glaring, "You're late. Where have you been all this time?"

She prepared to speak before I spoke, 'Save it. Save it."

The girl groaned, looking down as I continued, "There's a time for words and a time for action."

I looked back at the asylum path, continuing, "And there's a third time. The time for sitting at the police station and filling out forms. And that time has come."

She only shook her head a bit as I noticed, "What now?"

I groaned a bit, realizing, "Augh, don't say anything. You want your girlfriend, oh what's her name...oh, uh Edna, right?"

She nodded as I sighed more, "I could tell right away that that girl meant overtime, but if she's still alive, I'll probably have to take care of this, too. Although I think it's much more likely that Dr. Marcel has already found her and used a woodchipper to turn her to pig feed. If that's the case, I'll find that out too. So don't worry about your little girlfriend anymore."

I sighed more, looking seriously, "Ah, why do I always have to be so damn compassionate? It's a curse."

I shrugged before pointing, "Oh well. You wait here while I investigate a few things. I'll watch the path to the institution. Maybe I'll learn something that way. If I discover anything, I'll give you a signal. I'll make an owl call, hoot hoot or something like that. You won't miss it."

Finally, I began to depart as I continued, "Wait here for me. I'm sure it'll only take a few hours."

With that, I departed. When I approached the bridge, I quickly hid myself in the bushes, watching the van park near where the path to the asylum was. Two of the workers went to the waters of the stream, trying to find something. I would have gone on to the asylum, but one, I did not know what was going on in there, two, if I went now, Lilli would be even more worried, and three, I doubt Cindy would have gone willingly to the asylum that night anyway.

Damn, why did my job have to be so complicated?

***Harvey's POV***

It was a long and exhausting journey from the convent to where Lilli was. There, I spotted her trying to look at the map she planned to go to.

With worry, I spoke, "You're not planning on running into the moor after dark, are you?"

She looked up, noticing me as I continued, "Don't you know how dangerous that is?"

"You must not hang around dangerous places." my voice box told her.

"There are so many other nice places for children to visit. The agriculture museum, for example." I tried to reassure her, "Or the job information center at the employment office."

She glanced at me, acting like I wasn't funny to her after all. Since when have I tried to be funny about going to safe places?

Lilli, however, stubbornly risked trying to look at the map, causing her to be jolted once more while causing the map to roll away.

"You must not hang around dangerous places." my voice box told her.

"He-he-he-he-he." I chuckled a bit before realizing, "Uh...oh uh, I...I'm sorry. I certainly didn't want to startle you. We're friends, after all. And friends don't play pranks on each other."

I finally left her side, glancing back a bit as she tried to reach for the map, which rolled away into town.

I chuckled a bit, departing from her. But it was strange, though...the more restrictions she was able to pass, the more I started feeling like...

No, I shouldn't go back. If I did, I would be insane and hurt people again like I did Alfred and his father.

But Alfred is a stupid nerd...and his father is son of a...

Whoa! What was I thinking?! I almost lost myself for a moment! Got to stay focus. This is happening after what happened to the first two restriction blocks. What were their names after? Lepus and...something?

For now, I would have to try to track down Cindy as well. She couldn't be far in town, though.

However, as I searched, no sign of Cindy was found. Maybe the same restrictions, minus the new one, I had hypnotized on her, were still around.

Just then, my eye sensed something before I turned to the forest Lilli was. She was trying to disobey the sign.

Quickly, I went to her as I told her, "But Lilli! Didn't you read the sign? You're not supposed to feed the boars, the forest ranger said so."

"You must not contradict adults." my voice box told her.

"But luckily you know that yourself." I said to her.

The girl was about to speak but I exclaimed, "Ah ah ah! Don't interrupt me. It's not nice to interrupt me."

As soon as I was starting to depart, I heard a yelp and glanced as she twirled like a tornado. That was some trick she had, though.

Finally, I darted back to the village, trying to find Cindy before passing the bar. To my notice, Lilli was inside, about to touch an alcoholic drink, of all things!

Quickly, I darted inside as she jolted, saying, "But Lilli! What's that for? That's not good for little children."

"You must not touch alcohol!" my voice box told her.

"And milk is much better for your teeth anyway." I said, showing my teeth, chuckling, "He-he-he. Look at my funny chompers."

My teeth shone a bit as I continued, "They're cute, aren't they?"

After nodding, I saw the wool ball she held, gasping, "WHOO! The ball of wool. Can I see it again?"

Lilli nodded, showing me the ball of wool. At that moment, both of us felt like we were about to be hypnotize once more.

"Woooogie." my voice box went.

"Ooooogie." went Lilli.


Finally, everything flashed white before us.

***Miranya's POV***

So there I was, sitting on near the campfire in the graveyard where the abandoned church was, trying to communicate with the dead.

Ever since the priest was killed by an unknown assailiant, not much has been going on and the church was practically abandoned until someone could find time to fix it up.

However, it is helping me communicate with the spirits. Maybe Mattis Konrad too, I bet.

As I was trying to speak, I heard a squeak while asking one spirit, "What? I...wait."

I looked up, glancing, "No, this isn't Aunt Gordula. My name is Miranya. Miranya the Medium. How many more times do I have to tell you? What? But that's...One moment. Please stay on the line."

I then turned back to the girl, the girl in bow as I spoke, "Sorry, little girl. This could take a moment. It's that bartender Maxmixo again. A real pain in the ass. So dead and yet so talkative."

I began to ponder, "Come to think of it, the spirits are very unsettled today. They're all talking over each other. If only I had earplugs."

Just then, I thought I heard someone, looking up, "What was that? Now listen to me, my dear lady. I'm not a greeting cards courier! I'm sure that...Maxmixo, would you please shut up for a moment? There are others who...who? No, I don't know anyone called Priscilla."

Then, I felt her tapping me, speaking, "Hmmm? What? Oh, hi little girl. What do you have there?"

I took what seemed to be strange items as I asked, "Are those...ear plugs? Fabulous! Thank you. It's exactly what I need right now."

I stuffed one, trying to get it to fit in my ear, frowning a bit.

"Hmmm, no these are too big." I said, tossing the big ones aside.

Then, I found two perfect ones, placing them on my ears. Finally, I can talk to them in peace.

"So..." I began before looking up, "Hello? Can anyone hear me? Aaaah. Much better. Yes, loud and clear. Who wants to be first? Maxmixo? I could have guessed that."

After a moment, I looked at the girl, asking, "Could you possibly do me another favor?"

She nodded as I continued, "It's about Maxmixo, the previous bartender at the village bar. He's worried about his legacy. The Volcano Berserker. He'd always hoped that this drink would make him immortal some day. We'd both know that his plan failed, but now he literally took the recipe to his grave and he so wanted to leave it to prosterity. It's very simple: The cocktail only has 3 ingredients. Wine gum, artemesia, and a chili pepper. Did you get that?"

She nodded a bit, writing something on the menu down.

"Thank you, Lilli," I spoke to her since I was told by a spirit that a girl in a bow named Lilli did something though I don't know what.

"Maybe the great Maxmixo can finally find peace...and me too." I smiled, sighing a bit of relief.

For a while, I was able to talk to spirits calmly and deal with their problems. Some which included children for odd reason.

Then, the same girl from before was seen in the fire as I noticed, asking, "Oops? Is that you, little girl? What are you doing in limbo?"

I gasped a bit, realizing, "Don't tell me you're..."

She nodded as I became worried, "Oh dear. You poor little thing. I hope you remembered to get someone to put coins for the ferryman on your eyes."

"Uh uh!" she said, shaking her head.

"That's just terrible! It's hard to pass through limbo without any pocket change. And unfortunately, there's only one way to bring worldly goods into the spirit realm or with you in a trance. You place them on the eyes."

With that, she vanished as I continued talking with the dead. At one point, I was talking to a ghost of someone who claimed to be this Cindy's real boyfriend, but I didn't buy that part.

The way he spoke angrily about her, insulting her and stating she murdered him on purpose...he seemed like trouble all right.

All of a sudden, I felt myself grabbed, put in a sack and dragged from the graves. Tonight just wasn't my night after all...

***Lilli's POV***

After Gerret had left before I could reveal Edna's Hideout location, Harvey appeared, scaring me.

He seemed like he was starting to pull some form of pranks a bit. Despite me stubbornly looking at the map, the stupid restraining bolt jolted me.

When he left, I tried retrieving the map, though it kept rolling away, entering a prison cell. I groaned a bit in frustration.

I would have to find a way to retrieve the map by any means possible, even if it means drinking alcohol for the first time to get in trouble, just to get in prison.

So I went around town, assisting the bartender in searching for the legendary Volcano Berserker, said to be the most deadly alcoholic drink ever.

As I did, I not only learned a bit more about the situation from an officer, but also assisted a medium with communicating with the spirits.

I then learned about Maxmixo and his drink, going to the woods and, by anti restricting myself, getting the items I needed.

When the drink was finished, I prepared to take it, knowing that Harvey would show up before I jolted.

Then, he appeared as I made my work, using the ball of wool and hypnotizing myself into the mental world.

When I awoke, I noticed myself in a strange place different from the mental world of the convent where dogs played poker, a gold miner was digging, a quack doctor resided, and many of those potato gnomes were communicating with Miranya through the fire. This place feels like something out of the old west or something.

After grabbing a jar of mayo, I went around the town, searching for the demon. I mean I had to break the restriction, despite never drinking alcohol before.

Well, not unless the wine in church during Sunday worships count.

Anyway, I came to a doctor, whom was informing me about if I had any diseases. However, I was not sick at the time, so I couldn't take whatever was Alcofix.

But then, I had an idea. I knew what to do with the jar of mayo.

At the sun dial, I met a vulture there while making the jar turn rancid by turning the sundial, switching the sun, shockingly, despite it suppose to be night.

For a carnivore who was talking, he pretty much talked too much and I probably wasn't listening too much, except for the sick part.

I looked around, realizing no one else was around before drinking and gulping down the jar. Then, I noticed spots on myself, giggling a bit mischievously.

Finally, I returned to the doctor, showing my condition before he gave me a napkin to blow my nose. Then, he congratulated me for being overqualified and gave me the entire bottle, believing he wasn't sure if it could cure me.

When I looked inside, I heard the familiar voice box speaking, "You must not touch alcohol."

Huh? That bottle just talked?! So that's where the anti alcohol demon was. Now I just had to get him out.

I went back to the pub, putting the bottle on a bucket of cold ice. Maybe he needed to cool down or something.

However, the third demon, a genie in fact, came out, shivering and sneezing. I offered him my napkin, despite it used.

When he gained spots, however, he ducked back into the bottle, drinking.

Quickly, I drank the alcohol down with him inside. However, I did wish he was one of those wish granting genies instead.

When I came out of the trance, I could now drink alcohol, taking a swig at the Volcano Berserker before I headed off.

I entered the police station, taking the breath test and got put into prison. Finally, I could get the map.

When I was inside, I saw the map move before out came a hamster, which quickly departed.

I sighed a bit, then took the map, looking at it. But this map, the map I was trying to take, I already knew where it was already.

Now I started regretting taking alcohol and get in trouble for nothing.

The officer and I started briefly chatting and when I was offered a way out, before I could say yes, Harvey appeared.

I groaned a bit, sighing as I used the wool on us once more, causing me to be hypnotized in the mental world.

The next demon is probably one I probably wouldn't want to mess with.

***Genie Harvey's POV***

The bottle was shone by the potato gnome salesman whom did not discover what he had truly found.

Evidentally, waiting on the girl seemed kind of boring. After all, she wouldn't dare try to make herself sick just to try the devil's stuff in the bottle, where I had my bed chambers located at.

As I lied on my bed with pillows, I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for her. I mean she is only a child and she'd never take any alcohol in the first place.

If she were older and sexier, however, that would be a different story. Why, I'll bet even my counterpart has his lust already set on someone whom was in the same condition as her.

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard voices outside the corked bottle home. Sounds like the salesman found himself a customer.

As he talked, I heard the voice of Lilli, who was constantly interrupted so much. Looks like Lilli found me.

As I listened, I tried to hear what both were saying, despite Lilli never getting a chance to talk.

Eventually, I felt the bottle rumble a little, causing me to almost fall from my bed and in to the devil stuff liquid.

Trust me, being a genie in a bottle isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I looked up as I saw Lilli's eye, stating with the same restriction voice, "You must not touch alcohol."

Afterward, I climbed back to the bed, noticing my good blue pants wet from the pool. This was becoming annoying, I thought as I fixed the pants on my chubby belly.

Just then, as I was about to discard my pants to dry them off, I felt something cold, chilly. I then saw my home surrounded in ice, starting to shiver in fear. Worst of all, with my pants wet, I started feeling very cold.

This HAD to be Lilli's doing.

Quickly opening the bottle, I turned my legs to smoke and came out with the girl yelping, noticing me. I began to shiver, holding my arms as I groaned.

"Brrrr!! A-a-are you co-co-completely nuts?!" I asked her.

Shivering, I began to sneeze and sniff, "Brrr! You could e-e-easily get si-sick in this c-c-cold, which d-d-does...AH-CHOOO!! Which doesn't mean t-that I'm sick. A-and I don't n-n-need th-th-this alcoholic...Ah-choo...devil's s-stuff...either."

I sniffled, my nostrils running a bit. I had to be right. After all, colds like this shouldn't have alcohol.

At that moment, the girl offered me a tissue as I took it, saying, "Oh. T-t-thanks."

I blew my nose on the tissues, though yelped from the extra gunk that was on it.

"UGH! WAAAH!! What's that?" I shouted, showing the tissue.

Just then, I started gaining spots on me, shivering with my teeth gritting and feeling worse than before. What had the girl done!?

I ducked back into the lamp, shouting in worry, "Quick, the medicine!"

With that, with smoke turned back to legs, I snatched whatever I could hold on my hands, gulping down the Alcofix. It was suppose to be bad, but I didn't care. I didn't want to die!

I groaned a bit wearily, starting to feel intense as I grinned stupidly, "Finally."

As I flopped back to my bed, not realizing my pants still wet from being accidentally dipped to the alcohol, I started grinning, imagining a sexy woman in my drunken state. The beauty of her face, the big apples on her chest, the nice hips and round butt...

As I imagined what I was planning to do, I spoke while hiccuping and somewhat singing, "Soooo...yum...finally...taaaaasty...soooo niiiiice...soooo niiiiice..."

So I'm a bit shallow when it comes to older women close to my physical age. Big deal. If anything, I bet my counterpart probably got lucky with a hottie anyhow.

Just then, I felt the bottle wobble as I noticed Lilli taking it, asking, "Whaa? Whatcha doin'?"

Just then, she began to drink the stuff, with me in it!

I realized in horror, struggling to stay in the bottle before I was swallowed whole, shouting, "Aw naaaaaaw..."

***Officer's POV***

It was night. The other officers had gone home and I was stuck doing night watch. I mean the nights were usually boring.

Just then, I heard a voice as I yelped, "WAH! What?"

I looked from my desk, noticing a girl, sighing, "Oh. Ugh. Just a little girl. What are you doing out here in the middle of the night? Aren't you worried that the loonies will catch you?"

She shook her head as I continued, "Well, you should be. So hurry! Get back to bed or did you want to make a complaint?"

She nodded as I sighed, "Hoo boy, hoo boy. This had to happen someday and who do you want to make a complaint about, if I may ask?"

She made a noise, preparing to point to the photo of the doctor as I realized, "You don't mean Dr. Marcel, do you?"

She nodded as I quickly hushed her, "SHHH! Keep it down. The doctor is a very influential man. We all know he's got a few things to answer for, but you still have to be very careful with accusations like that. Unless you have evidence, I really can't help you."

After a while, while I heard some 'WAGGA WAGGA WAGGA!!' noise from another building that sounded loud, I saw her back before I noticed, "You again? Do you want to make another complaint?"

She nodded as I sighed, "Hoo boy, hoo boy. This had to happen someday and who do you want to make a complaint about, if I may ask?"

I then saw her pointing to herself, realizing, "You don't mean yourself, do you?"

She nodded as I chuckled, "Ha-ha-ha, puh-lease. What terrible things could a little girl like you have done? Children your age can't even be charged with a crime. The only reason to lock up a young kid like you would be to sober you up. But I'm sure a girl who looks well behaved as you already knows to stay away from alcohol, right?"

She nodded as I continued, "You see? Of course, if you insist, you can take a voluntary alcohol test anyway. The machine is over there against the wall. But I can't arrest you if you haven't gone and drunk nothing."

Then, I watched as the tester beeped.

Holy cow, I thought as I watched.

"What's this? You're as drunk as a skunk." I glanced I pointed to the cell.

"Come on. Off to the drunk tank with you!" I said, opening the cell and letting the girl enter.

Once I closed it, I continued, "Let this be a lesson to you. Drinking at your age. Tsk, tsk, tsk."

After a few minutes, I heard her groan, "What's the matter? You've already had enough of the filtered air? You should have thought of that before reaching for the bottle!"

She sighed sadly as I spoke, "Oh come on, don't be so sad. That's exactly the kind of behavior that once made me release Edmund the Slasher. You can't even imagine how much trouble I got into for that. It took me weeks until little Melanie's parents spoke to me again."

She groaned before I sighed, "Oh...I'm just too soft-hearted. I'll let you go."

She smiled as I continued, "But you have to promise me never to get in trouble again. Can you do that?"

However, as I saw her nodding, she looked like she jolted before turning back to the cell.

Seems like she has something to think about for a while.

After a few more minutes, while a yelp with jolt sound was heard, the girl turned back to me, sighing as I said, "Oh come on. Don't be so sad. I'll let you go, but you have to promise me never to get into trouble again. Can you do that?"

She nodded as I glanced, "So you promise? No more trouble, okay?"

The girl nodded as I continued, "And you're not fibbing?"

She shook her head before I sighed, "Well okay, then. I guess I'll just have to believe you then."

The door finally started opening as I spoke, "Welcome to freedom."

Finally, as she was about to leave, I told her, "Let this be a lesson to you. As long as it's still dark outside, you should REALLY stay indoors. It's much too dangerous out there at night!"

"Huh?" she asked.

"It's best just to stay at home."

Finally, I continued with my police business of night watching. Guess things got a little bit exciting for me tonight.

***Justitia's POV***

Fixing my sword and keeping the scales up, I flipped my ears a bit, trying to keep them held up when Lilli appeared.

The girl prepared to spoke before I said, interrupting her, "Hi, Lilli. Don't tell me you want to get out."

She nodded as I glanced under my blindfold, "I thought so, but you'd hardly be sitting in there if you knew how to behave properly, right?"

The girl prepared to protest before I glared, "Be quiet! You weren't about to contradict me, were you?"

She nodded, simply only saying, "Uh-huh."

As I spoke next, I began speaking in Harvey's voice, saying, "Well I can't object to that. Contradictions are great!"

I started smiling as I started chuckling, "Sometimes I start contradicting at breakfast: for example, 3 slices of toast."

I began drooling at the thought, grinning, "Yuuuum. Delicious toast! Oh, nom nom."

Just the thought of that nice meal was enough to make me drool. I couldn't help it.

Edna would've wanted some too. More than 2 pieces of toast, delicious.

Wait, why am I talking about food? Just what was going on with me?

Quickly, I started going back to my demonic voice, trying to regain my dignity as much as a toga wearing rabbit could as I stated, "Um...but...But that would be a lie. And we all know..."

I glared from my blindfold as my voice box voice spoke off, "You must not lie."

I fixed my sword, continuing in the demonic voice, "Lies are evil!"

She shook her head as I glanced, "What? Of course lying is evil."

What a dumb girl. Santa hates liars! Heck, I remember when Edna has to lie to avoid trouble. Ohhh, that stupid Alfred. Always a nerd. Why...

Gah! Almost lost focus! I got to stay focus! So far, three restrictions blocks fell to Lilli, I won't let the same mistake happen to me!

It was just like her to try and trick me. She's trying to outsmart me from...

I then realized something, "Wait, I'll show you on this blackboard."

I quickly grabbed the blackboard, showing it to the girl in her cell.

I pointed to the board, speaking, "Take a close look at this board. It shows some of the basic principles of our legal system. For example, that lying is evil."

She shook her head, saying, "No."

"What do you mean 'no'? Of course lying is evil."

As I continued, my voice somewhat shifted to both demonic and Harvey voice as I pointed to the laws, "It can easily be deduced from the 4 top principles. God is good and true, but the devil is evil and has great wisdom. God is truth because he is full of wisdom too. But the devil lies with all of his evil. That's why lies are always evil."

I gave her the chalk, continuing in two different voices that shifted, "You can construct the chain of logic leading to this conclusion yourself. It only takes 3 small steps to get the results. You can try it yourself."

I then watched her struggling to try to make sense of the legal system.

She considered the Good Truth and Truth Wisdom combined to make some Good Wisdom.

I began nodding, "Uh-huh, uh-huh. Yes. That's logical."

She then constructed and combined Evil Wisdom with Lie Evil, equaling it to Lie Wisdom, which pretty much made sense.

"Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Yes. Alright." I nodded.

She then began combining the two conclusions she made as I nodded, "Alright!"

I then looked at the full answer, then gasped, realizing what she wrote down, "Lies are...What?! Lies are good?!"

I began to worry, starting to back away from the blackboard, struggling, "But-but that can't be true! Erm...everything seems to fit, but...but that's..."

After a few moments, I sighed sadly, then placed the scales down, taking my sword.

I can't take this anymore. I must correct this injustice!

And with that, I prepared myself, thinking one final thought as I stabbed myself while falling to the ground and dying. Lilli: How could you?

(End of Chapter 6)