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Chapter 8: The Asylum

***Lilli's POV***

Though I was instructed by Gerret to follow his orders, my determination for Edna was greater. Quickly while I had my chance, I approached the back door.

The hamster from before stole the key and I used the owl whistle to sic him. However, he dropped the key to the bushes.

Slowly, I tried to grab for the keys, though fell down into a hole instead. Why do these things happen to me anyway?!

It felt like I fell for hours, or at least was knocked out for an hour.

When I awoke, I found myself in a sewer. This was probably the shortcut to enter.

I hopped on a raft nearby, rowing to the door leading inside. When I tried to use the key, the same phantom from before jumped up, scaring me.

"Well, who do we have here? A little girl. Just stay where you are, okay?" he spoke firmly.

I really needed to get to Edna, so I quickly hopped back on the raft, causing him to follow me slowly. When I approached the ladder, I saw him coming behind.

"Hey! Stop!" he shouted, "Hey! Come back!"

I quickly climbed the ladder. However, the phantom grabbed my leg.

"Not so fast!" he snapped.

I yelped a bit in fear, struggling to reach the other side. As I did, I noticed a floating X, snatching it and eating it.

Quickly, I grabbed the other side and climbed upward.

"NOOOOOOO!!" the phantom shouted as he fell downward with a crash heard.

At least I was safe, for now.

I struggled to get the doors to unlock, but they wouldn't budge. I would have to try to find another way through.

Using the card o the console platform, I placed one nearby one of the furnaces, which opened a pathway.

This was pretty smart of them, I guess.

As I climbed around a bit, snatching a piece of cheese, I met a dirty guy named Mr. Frock. He apparently likes being dirty. Also, I saw a man in bee costume on the roof, pondering something.

Must be something important.

Anyhow, despite all odds, I used the cheese to make the second furnace open another passageway. This time, this one led me through a closet facility.

Struggling, I reached for the chair leg which broke off and rolled out the door. Hoo boy, I hope Harvey didn't see it.

When I came out, quickly snatching the sharp object and hiding it, I jolted a bit as he appeared, having some sort of string attached to him for odd reason.

"But Lilli," he began, "What are you doing there? Don't you remember?"

"You must not use sharp objects." his voice box replied.

How did that weird bunny kept following me around? It's like he's a ghost or something!

"Just don't touch it, okay?" he spoke normally to me, "See ya around."

As he began to depart, I saw him pulled by the string before he left.

This was freaking me out and I was having enough. Too bad I couldn't lose control.

At that moment, I looked back, noticing Harvey lying on the floor before he was pulled back a bit.

Huh? What was going on?

As I tried to reach for him, he kept moving away more and more.

All of a sudden, I was grabbed by the neck by the Phantom whom was holding a glaring Harvey.

He shook me a bit as I struggled, stating things I couldn't understand.

All I could do, however, was pull the now seen string on Harvey's belly, hypnotizing myself.

There was only one thing to do in this situation anyway: Try to use sharp objects by beating the next restriction.

***Dragon Harvey's POV***

So there she was, the girl whom was turning into a barbarian warrioress, appearing near where the cage was locked.

Heh, she didn't look so tough, I thought as I saw her try to lift my tail on the ground.

I only laughed cruelly with a smirk on my face, "Wahahahahaha! What's going on brave warrioress? Too weak? Whahahahahaha!"

The girl came close to me as I smirked, "Well, you're very brave to come so close to me. Can't you see my teeth, my spikes, and my sharp claws? Didn't anyone ever tell you to stay away from sharp objects? That would be a tragic error."

Lilli began coming closer. However, I slammed my hand down, almost catching her.

I grinned, beginning to laugh at the girl running away, "Muahahahahaha! That's right, run away! I'll get you next time."

Acting like that made me feel like I should be in a film. What is it? The one with those small guys? A Hob...what?

Afterward, I watched as Lilli snatched one feather. What was she going to do with a dumb feather?

I got my answer as I was being tickled, laughing, "He...hehehehehehe...Stop that! He-he-he-he!!"

However, as she kept tickling me, my tail moved around more and more.

Then, I saw her coming close to me, slamming my paw down.

Just then, I noticed blood, gasping, "Gulp."

I lifted my paw, then started wincing as I screamed, "AHHHH! The pain! You dang brat! Look what you did! Don't just stand there! DO something!"

I struggled as I screamed and cried, "Help me! I'm bleeding to death!"

It was hurting. Hurting so bad, I started feeling immense agony. I was bleeding and there was no one to help me!

As I cried and struggled, I thought for a moment that I saw a vision of a sort. Eight children whom were about to die before...

At that moment, I felt the thorn removed before I sniffed and sighed, looking at Lilli.

"Thanks. That was close. I..." I began.

Just then, to my shock, not only did I find out I was still bleeding, but also saw Lilli holding a sharp object in her hand.

"Uh oh." I began realizing too late.

And as I was melting and dying, I thought I saw Lilli smiling while waving bye to me.

For all I know, as I was dying, is this: When I die, I hope the wizard AND last new restriction deal with her.

***Ruben's POV***

So my plan was simple: use the rabbit to lure the girl. Simple enough.

However, she continued thwarting me, letting me fall to the ground. I would have to use one of my shortcuts to make it to her.

Using the rabbit, I lured her to the edge, then grabbed her, glaring at her.

She reminded me of Edna as a child and I hate that!

I laughed cruelly, "Surprised to see me again?"

She yelped a bit as she struggled while I grinned under the paper bag, "Yes, keep kicking. You won't escape me again. And now hold still until I've decided what to do with you."

As I pondered, I watched her pull the string on the rabbit, making that stupid "woogie" sound.

After a few minutes, I noticed the kid jolting, then using a sharp object, hitting where my face was.

"AAAAARGH!! MY EYE! Damn you, you disobedient brat! DAAAAAAAAMN!!" I shouted as I dropped both, departing from the room.

This brat was going to be the end of us all. I just had a feeling that I know this.

***Adrian's POV***

Things were pretty quiet since Dr. Marcel's accident in the asylum. Well, all except the fact that I was a dungeon master of Hoth Motigor while three of the inmates were playing as characters in their character sheets.

Then, I heard a voice before I noticed someone.

"My goodness! Who do we have here, then?" I said, looking at her.

It was a little girl. A girl from the outside world.

"Another player!" Petra exclaimed. And look, some familiar friends came back!

"Yippee," Peter said in a bored tone like he usually would.

"Don't pay any attention to him. Peter just sees black all the time."

"He was born that way."

"He-he-he. That's true. Petter suffers from color blindness."

"Droggeljug!" my knight spoke.

I grinned a bit, understanding him as I exclaimed, "Well said, loyal friend. We all have our crosses to bear."

"Oh yeah?" Peter frowned, "Do you all wake up every morning knowing that one day you'll lie dead at the foot of a traffic light?"

"Not exactly. But Droggeljug, for instance, mixes up his blues and greens."

"You can't really compare the two." he frowned.

"Your girlfriend Petra mixes up her yellows and greens."

"She's not my girlfriend." he boredly exclaimed.

"And we, King Adrian, mix up our reds and yellows."

Petra then looked at the newcomer, speaking, "You should've been there when we played the board game "Sorry". Peter almost choked to death."

"I wanted to end my misery." he sighed.

"Afterwards we decided never to play a board game again. Only fantasy role-playing games instead." I explained to her.

"You decided that." Peter rhetorted.

"And what did we just say?"

"It's so exciting!" Petra smiled her usual smile, "We're a group of adventurers in the legendary world of Hoth Motigor. Oh please! Why don't you join us."

"Droggeljug!" Droggeljug spoke a bit to her.

However, I glanced at the newcomer, speaking, "Not so fast. If the fair maiden wishes to join us in battle, she must first prove herself worthy. She must complete a task that puts her heroic valor to the test."

"Just tell her to order a pizza already so we can get on with it." Peter frowned.

I hate it when Peter ruins the mood.

"Ahem. So be it. She shall order us pizza." I ordered.

As she jolted and took the lit candle nearby us, the girl tried speaking before Petra spoke out, "I want broccoli on the pizza, but no tomatoes please."

"Droggeljug!" my knight spoke.

"Ooooh. No broccoli?"


"Bananas aren't bad either, but I could just die for broccoli."

Finally, Peter spoke dryly, "Oh yes! Please do! For that I'd even happily have bananas on a pizza."

"You only eat blueberries anyway." Petra pointed out.

"Yes, I like blueberries. But in this life, you never get what you want anyway." he sighed.

However, I frowned, clearing my throat, "Ahem! Upon the order of the king, blueberries will be banned from the pizza. Instead, knowest that tomatoes will grace the pizza dough from now on."

"But...I don't like tomatoes!" Petra spoke in protest.

She prepared to ask, "You-"

"Droggeljug!" my knight interrupted.

"Yeah, you heard him. Bringest thou the pizza first, THEN thou may join us in play." I explained.

Petra nodded, "It's really easy. All you need are dice, pencils, paper..."

"And don't forget to bring a tendency for humiliating yourself." Peter sighed.

"Droggeljug!" Droggeljug spoke.

Petra then noticed the girl looking oddly at him as Petra asked, "You're probably wondering why Droggi has a green pillow on his head, right?"

She nodded as he noticed, "Droggeljug?"

I then noticed as well, gasping, "My goodness, she's right! What on earth are you wearing?! You're embarrassing me in front of my new subject."


Petra only giggled, "He-he-he. Yes, it IS a little strange."

"Wait until you've heard the explanation." Peter glanced.

"Today should have been blue pillow day." Petra grinned.

"Droggeljug." he sighed, tossing the pillow away and placing on a blue pillow on his head.

The girl, I think her name's Lilli was it, went to grab the green pillow, then came back as she began asking, "Uh-"

"Droggeljug, I believe our guest is searching for the tyrant known as Dr. Marcel. Deliver her thy news?" I realized.

He spoke in his own language, which the three of us understood and what translated to us was this:

After Edna escaped and paralyzed him, he went out searching for her, losing whatever sanity he had from our home.

"Don't forget to mention the helicopter." Petra grinned.

"Droggeljug!" he spoke, which to me meant 'yep and he recently left 1 week ago'.

Finally, I finished with a smile, "...and was never seen again. Bravo. Well told, loyal friend. Since then, these lands have returned to the wise rule of a magnamimous king."

"We can do whatever we want!" Petra grinned.

"Does that mean I can finally sleep now?" Peter asked.

"NO!" I protested.

After all, the night was young and we STILL have to finish the game for tonight.

Afterward, I watched the girl leave us to continue our role play. And nothing will stop us from the quest I was given.

***Beeman's POV***

Ever since Edna's escape, things have been going a bit hectic. And it wasn't just this new obsession that Miss Gingers was having whenever she wanted advice from me.

Recently, ever since the doctor left, I have been pondering about many things. Why does it feel like we're not really free at all?

Just then, I heard a voice before I turned. There, nearby me was a girl in bow. It was probably one of the students from the convent.

"Hello stranger." I replied, "Before you say anything, please take a deep breath."

She did so as I continued, "And? Is that what freedom smells like?"

She breathed out while I spoke, "Or is it just regular air, consisting of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, soot from the asylum's new chimney and a touch of diesel oil from the garage?"

I only sighed a bit as I fixed my glasses, "I don't want to seem melodramatic, but I'm somewhat skeptical about this so-called freedom. Ever since Dr. Marcel started neglecting his duties as head of the asylum, it's us, the patients that carry the burden of creating our own boundaries. And before I'm able to measure up to this freedom, I do have to ask myself a few things. Maybe there ARE such things as good boundaries. And even in an ideal case, can I really decide where my own freedom starts and stops? It so happens that no one is preventing me from leaving the asylum. Does that mean I'm free? Can I just fly away? Spread my wings and leap from the asylum roof? The urge is there. Just like any bee, I long to buzz across the fields of flowers collecting honey."

And it was true that I wanted to go out into the world as what I am. However, there was a problem.

"But I'm still fighting it. Something about this freedom stinks." I explained to her.

Yes, Dr. Marcel had been neglectful, but to be honest: he MAY be neglecting on purpose, just to make it look like we have this freedom, but we actually don't.

I mean he already experimented on a woman who was hired to be his assistant and was falling in love with something she could not be with physically.

Finally, the girl gave me a scented candle as I sniffed it a bit, looking at it.

"Hmmm. That smells good." I said to her, "But even if the illusion is almost perfect, it's only artificial flavors and chemical esters. An almost perfect illusion, but not real. Like with everything here in the asylum, it's only a half-hearted attempt to trick us into thinking we're free. And now that no one is stopping us from leaving the asylum, it provides us with a welcome excuse to refuse to leave."

Afterward, I shook her hand as I continued, "Right you are, stranger. I'm just running away from my responsibilities. The responsibility to myself, to accept the deal that the world out there has offered me. I thank you. I've made up my mind. I can't just sit around here doing nothing anymore. I should buzz across fields of flowers and collect honey."

I got up as I waved, "Toodleloo, asylum. Hey-ho, freedom!"

Finally, after discarding my scarf, I got up before I jumped, hoping that my flying lessons in this costume would pay off.

Of course, I think until I landed and all went black...

***Miranya's POV***

I found myself in the asylum earlier. However, I was trapped in a strange room with so much yarn and thread with needles.

This looked like the place that the Key Master that I spoke with one time resided.

Worst of all, I was forced to make these rabbits.

At that moment, I heard a voice before I looked up.

To my notice, it was Lilli, alive or dead, I couldn't tell.

"Yikes!" I yelped, "What are you doing here? Are you actually...dead?"

She shook her head before I sighed, "Too bad. I could use a little entertainment, but the doctor told me not to talk to other people. At least not the living ones. Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

After a few moments, I heard another voice before I noticed, "Yikes! A ghost! How sweet. Finally, someone to talk to."

I went close the window, trying to plead, "You have to help me. Dr. Marcel is wrongfully keeping me here in the asylum."

She looked stunned as I continued, "Isn't there anything that you and your ghost buddies can do about it? Curse him? Deprive him of his sleep? Drag him into the 7th circle of hell and torture him for all eternity with red-hot needles?"

I became more worried as I continued, "Oh come on! I've done so much for you. I've performed obscure rituals, sacrificed chickens, danced naked, although when I think about it, I'm not sure if it was really a ghost that asked me to do that. Oh, I don't feel so well. Could you please take off your head while we're talking?"

She groaned before I realized, "Oh man, you're not very talkative. Can't you help me at all?"

The ghost finally spoke, "Uh-huh."

"Great." I grinned. "Look at this."

I then showed the badly made rabbit to her, explaining in fear, "The doctor is forcing me to knit these stuffed rabbits. No idea what he needs them for, but I'm not very good at it. Maybe you could lend me a hand."

It was then I realized, "Wait, I'll push some of the fabric through the hatch."

I did just that while I heard the noise of the fabric being taken. I guess they really are going to help after all.

And if not, so help me, I hope Dr. Marcel gets cursed!

***Petra's POV***

We continued our role playing, trying to figure out what the next strategy would be.

All of a sudden, the same girl that was getting our pizza arrived, the pizza in hand as we saw what we liked.

"Aaaah. The pizza. Well then." Adrian spoke as we glanced, Mmmm, superb. Superb."

"Great! I wish I were as good on the phone as you." I smiled.

"Droggeljug." my friend spoke.

"And Peter is satisfied too."

"Satisfied? How can I be satisfied in such a world in which the only moments worth living for are those when the pizza arrives with the right toppings?" Peter moped a bit.

However, I reassure her, "That means "yes"."

"We owe you one." Adrian grinned.

"Peter almost starved to death." I pointed to him.

"It's not that bad. I've already lost all hope of dying honorably, anyway." Peter sighed.

"Droggeljug!" he glanced.

"Well said." he grinned, "Now that the food is taken care of, let us begin the game."

I looked at the blond girl in bow, asking, "Don't you want to play too, sweetie? You'll see, it will be incredibly fun!"

"If you take pleasure in such excessive self-degradation." he frowned.

"That and a dice cup."

"Droggeljug!" Droggeljug exclaimed.

Lilli, I think her name was, nodded.

"Soooo be it." the king exclaimed, "Then follow us into the world of Hoth Motigor."

Oh, this was exciting, I thought.

As we ate our favorite toppings, we role played being in a campfire, being talked by a mysterious traveler, fallen asleep, and finally fighting the goblins.

However, something was wrong with Lilligrim aka Lilli when she screamed.

My mind was on other things, though as she left, screaming in fear.

All I asked was, "Do we get XPs now?"

Wow, from how that girl reacted, she thought she saw a ghost or something!

(End of Chapter 8)