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***Edna's POV***

The police and ambulance arrived, trying to take care of the situation that happened earlier.

Many of the inmates pleaded on Dr. Marcel's methods on being bad and wrong while I watched Dr. Marcel hauled away by the police.

After all, he DID try to murder Lilli and try to make us into Alfreds. Not to mention what he did to Cindy Gingers.

Me with Lilli, Mother Superior, and Harvey were under the blankets as that medium Lilli told me about, Miranya, was found and released.

"Little girl!" Miranya spoke, looking at her, "Thank goodness you're okay."

"Of course I'm okay, but..." Lilli sadly spoke before we turned our eyes to the medic table.

There, we saw Cindy, on life support being put in the ambulance van.

I wasn't sure what was going to happen to her, but whatever happens, I hope Dr. Marcel gets what's coming to him. Especially after what he did.

I then turned to Harvey whom rubbed his arm as he spoke, "So Edna...here we are again."

He looked a bit more awkwardly to me as he continued, "Just like old times, huh?"

At that moment, I noticed Miranya's eyes widened as she spoke, "The eighth spirit!"

What was she talking about?

Miranya looked at Harvey as she continued, "So that was where he was, but..."

I looked more confused than Gerret, who was actually writing down the reports, asking her, "What are you on about?"

"It's this favor I got from Miss Gingers over there." Miranya explained, "She told me to see if I can find a reincarnated soul within an Imaginary Friend's body. And your rabbit friend was it."

"What?" Harvey spoke with confusion before he spoke, "You can actually see me move and talk?"

"Of course we can." an officer, leading one of the men away, was speaking to him, stunning us, "Besides, Imaginary Friends are illegal in this town don't you know. Not where I use to live."

So it was true: There were other Imaginary Friends besides Harvey that existed!

"I don't understand, I-" I began to speak before the medium held my shoulder.

"Honestly, it was like this for 50 years now in this town." Miranya began explaining, "And at those times, no Imaginary Friend dared to step in this country. It got so bad, that people here, like Dr. Marcel, believed that imaginary friends don't even exist."

"That would explain a lot." Harvey frowned.

She turned to Harvey, continuing, "That reminds me...I heard that 15 years ago, there were eight children. All boys with wild imaginations. Each one had their own unique quirks: one like to use snow & fire, the second was interested in knives & dragons, the third had lots of music & collected spiders, the fourth was interested in Indian mythology while hunting, the fifth liked to tell lies while trying to have some justice in his heart, the sixth was interested in the Arabian Knights stories & medic uses for alcohol..."

She then looked at Cindy whom slowly looked at her with one eye as she continued, "The seventh one, who was the oldest, was a role player with a bit of a temper, and the final one, a child of a Konrad family, loved to do what he pleased while sometimes being careful on what he wished."

That last one sounded like what Harvey would like to do. And I had someone related to me? This was really weird.

"What happened to them?" Lilli asked.

"They died a tragic death," Miranya spoke sadly, "And that was the week before Mrs. Konrad died as well."

Wait, so that meant...when mom and I made Harvey together before she died...I had a brother?! Why didn't dad ever tell me about him?

Now it was my turn to freak out as I spoke, "So wait, Harvey's reincarnated from my brother?! Harvey's actually my brother?!"

"Well when you put it that way, yeah." Miranya spoke.

"Wait, I was a real boy?!" Harvey exclaims in shock.

He pauses for a bit then adds, "Well, that does explain the voices."

Harvey and I looked surprised at one another, looking more stunned before we looked back at Cindy barely trying to lift her open eye in shock.

"The demons...Lepus...Hase...Cherokee...Justitia...Arnab...Oryctolagus...and my Nousagi" Cindy weakly spoke, "Were they...they once human, too?"

Miranya nodded.

"I guess that does explain a lot." she slowly smiled, looking a bit relieved.

Gerret finally arrived, having listened to the entire conversation as he spoke, "Save your strength, Cindy. You'll be needed as a witness to this case if you're still alive."

He then turned to us, looking seriously as he spoke, "As for you and Lilli, Edna...despite you all right, I think it's best that I put you two in the Witness Protection Program. After all, Dr. Marcel could STILL come after you if he finds a way out."

We both began looking worried, but knew there was no other choice. I guess it was goodbye to...

"Fortunately for you two," Gerret started grinning for once, "you'll both have the same family where I'll put you in."

Lilli and I smiled a bit. We were going to be sisters, despite it a foster home.

"And me, Gerret?" Mother Superior asked, "What is to become of me?"

"We have a place for you, Mother Superior," he explained, "and it'd be good for you in the eyes of your Lord."

"Oh thank you," Mother Superior smiled, hugging him for a moment.

Gerret finally turned back to us, looking seriously, "There's a place where you, Lilli, AND Harvey will reside in."

He gave us a map with an address card, continuing, "It's in America and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to welcome you there."

Harvey gasped, looking amazed, "Oh my gosh! Edna...we...we're going to-"

"Yeah, Harvey." I smiled, hugging him, "We'll finally have a home...together."

"But what about Miss Cindy?" Lilli asked.

We forgot about her until we realized.

"Hey, don't worry about me." Cindy smiled, as if knowing her fate, "I'll be fine, really. Just do me a favor, though."

"What's that?" the confused bunny of mine asked.

"Don't destroy my restrictions," she said with a sad smile, tears streaming down.

"What?" he asked, "Why do you-?"

"You're in love with one, aren't you?" Lilli asked.

The adult groaning nodded softly, "Yes."

Lilli began realizing as she nodded, "Yeah, I guess so. What about you, Harvey?"

He looked down a little, looking reluctant before sighing, "Fine...I promise."

"Thank...you..." she spoke quietly.

Cindy smiled before finally lying still, closing her eyes one last time.

We heard the heart monitor go flat afterward. Cindy was gone for good.

"Oh damn!" Gerret frowned when he saw what happened.

Before he could near her, the medics left with the dead human.

After a few moments, Mother Superior made her prayer to the Lord to keep Cindy's soul safe while Lilli, Harvey, Miranya, Gerret, and I watched the van leave with dead body.

I may never have known the full story between her and one of the restrictions, but I knew enough to know that she didn't deserve this.

"I suppose I'll have to charge Dr. Marcel with murder now." Gerret spoke solemly.

"What do you think happened to him?" Lilli spoke with tears in her eyes.

"All I know is this: Wherever she was, at least Cindy and that special one are together now." Miranya firmly spoke.

I only shuddered, being reminded of the deaths my dad, to Alfred who use to be my friend, even my mom.

However, Harvey only realized something, as if knowing something.

"Edna, Lilli, you know..." he began, trying to figure what to say, "there may be a chance that they may get reincarnated as Imaginary Friends."

"Let...let's just go." Lilli spoke.

I nodded in agreement as I turned to Gerret, asking, "So...when does our flight leave?"

Miranya, meanwhile, was looking upward, earplugs of a sort on her ears before talking above. I guess she and the now dead Cindy were talking.

But it didn't matter anymore. Harvey, Lilli, and I were going to be a family...together.

***Harvey's POV***

I waited in the box Edna and Lilli put me in for a long time, feeling it bounce around a bit.

How much longer was this gonna take?, I thought as I finally heard it stop.

Just then, screams from somewhere, somewhere I don't know where I am were heard. Whatever happened, it probably was an accident or something.

After a few minutes, I felt the box open up with Lilli and Edna pulling me out.

"We're here!" Edna spoke.

"Here where?" I asked, "And what the heck is that screaming?"

"It's probably coming from inside the house." Lilli spoke, pointing to the house.

I looked at the house itself. The building was a mixture of red, yellow, and orange, being very tall, having a strange windmill, and such.

If it turns out we ended up on a murder scene, I'm leaving!

"Hello!" Edna spoke, knocking on the door, "Anyone there?"

"BYE BYE!!" An annoying voice spoke out.

Whoever it was, it sounded more annoying than Alfred.

At that moment, the door was opened up before we saw someone looking at us.

It was a tall rabbit, a gray one with a mustache wearing a tuxedo coat and monocle, looking like as if he had seen a ghost or something, shivering a bit.

"Oh dear God, it's Michael Caine!" I yelled out, making a comparison here.

"Oh, very funny." The rabbit spoke with a British accent and speaking dryly to boot.

"Whoa!" Lilli spoke, "A giant rabbit! Even as tall as that NPC guy."

"Yeesh, what the heck did you see? A ghost?" Edna spoke to the rabbit who was obviously an Imaginary Friend.

"It's a long story," he explained, "But um, he is the reason."

We looked, noticing a yellow creature, screaming, "I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK!!" while lying near a spiky yellowish guy with a unibrow, who looked like trouble and was obviously NOT pleased.

The first yellow guy seemed retarded like Alfred, that stinkin' weasel. The other looked like a troublemaker. I bet he made so much trouble, he got off scott free.

"So what's with those two?" I asked.

"Madam Foster had Master Cheese be Master Bendy as his roommate after we learned that Louise had to give up her Imaginary Friend." The rabbit explained, "Had it not been for her, who knows what could've happened."

"Uh yeah," Edna spoke before showing something, "Anyway, we were told that this was a place that could take us."

The old rabbit looked carefully at us, then at me before he spoke, "I'm sure we can find a place for this rabbit. However, for you two-"

"Hey! Aren't those the kids that were staying here?" A voice spoke out.

We looked as we saw a woman, a red haired wearing a T-shirt from a TV show with jacket hoodie approaching us.

"Grandma said that they were coming weeks ago after all." the gal spoke.

"Miss Francis!" the rabbit protested, "They are not Imaginary Friends like the blue one!"

"I know that! And I keep telling you it's Frankie." the girl called Frankie spoke, looking annoyed, "But grandma said that we should at least give these two a chance. We did with Mac since he visits Foster's every day, Herriman."

The rabbit groaned a bit, looking a bit peeved as he sighed, "Very well. I can't refuse Madam Foster's request anyhow."

As we entered, we saw many wacky creatures of a sort, including a bird-tree-airplane thing that lays Easter Eggs, a purple minotaur who thought I was adorable, a tall red guy who likes helping, and an annoying ghost-looking guy I would probably have fun with, maybe pick on him.

I smiled a bit. It looked like Lilli, Edna, and I were going to fit right in this place.

"So what is the name of this place anyway?" Edna smiled.

"Yeah, it looks pretty cool." I spoke.

"We'll get you settled down and have you guys go through the rules, but trust me, you'll love it here...at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends."

***Lilli's POV***

Months had passed since we settled in Foster's. We had a great time living here.

There were so many Imaginary Friends that one could witness. Some even creepy, but nice like one clown I saw.

And best of all, I had Edna and Harvey by my side.

Currently, I was helping Frankie, my new step sister, with the chores with Harvey watching before we heard the door rang.

"Yes! My pizza's here!" Harvey smiled.

"I don't know if candy on pizza's considered a good thing." I protested.

You see, the more I stayed with them, the more confident and less shy I became. Edna was feeling like her old self. And Harvey was just Harvey, just the way we like him. I guess being in a foster home really did wonders for us.

We opened the door with Harvey looking around, not noticing who it was.

"Well this sucks!" He frowned, "He never showed up with my pizza."

However, I gasped, noticing as I spoke, "Uh Harvey?"


I pointed as he looked, then yelped as he noticed as well.

"Gah!" he yelped as he saw them too, each one passing by us as if ignoring us, "It's the demon mes! They're back for revenge!!"

Harvey almost fainted before I caught him, speaking, "If they were, why do they have suitcases?"

Frankie arrived, noticing the newcomers as well. However, she only smiled to them. Maybe Edna and I should've warned the people in Foster's about these demons.

"Oh good," the red hair girl smiled, "you must be the Imaginary Friends from outside America. Trust me, I think you'll fit right in until a kid comes to adopt you."

"Yeah. Our creators had to give us up." the familiar genie with his bottle dangling on his pants spoke, looking somewhat saddened.

"Kids growing up, two of our creators dead from cancer sadly, one accidentally run over." Justitia sighed, "It's like we were cursed, even before our creators created us."

Both of us looked stunned and shocked with Edna, arriving to us, also surprise with worry.

"Well don't worry," Frankie reassured them, "You'll be fine in Foster's. Now you better get you to your rooms so you can stay for a while 'til a new child takes you home."

However, the old pedophile rabbit, New-something that he was called according to Cindy, looked back at us for a moment. As if remembering something.

"Huh. That's weird. There's only 7 of you here." the girl continued, looking confused, "Where's the eighth one that's suppose to be here?"

"Eighth?" we spoke before looking at the empty area, noticing a shadow where the placemat was.

After a few moments, we noticed someone peeking, looking a bit worried. It was a ginger colored rabbit, an Imaginary Friend like Harvey in the others. However, there was something familiar about her.

Her hairstyle was in a ponytail, she wore glasses, was wearing clothing that I saw the human who saved me wore before she died, and green eyes.

"Hey, it's okay," Edna spoke, looking at her, "We won't bite...much."

The blue creature, Bloo I think he was, approached as he noticed, frowning, "Ick. Just what we DON'T need: more rabbits. It was bad enough with Herriman and now Harvey, but we don't need a toga girl, dumb terrorist guy, an old guy that's stingy like Herriman, a rag doll or even a girl rabbit who's sidekick material living in Foster's!"

Her eye twitched, as if starting to slowly lose control with New-something starting to growl a bit toward Bloo.

Sometimes, Bloo can be a pain in the neck.

"What did you call me?!" she growled, "A sidekick!?"

Bloo only rolled his eyes as he scoffed, "Well that's what you are. I mean the snowman, spider, and dragon maybe I can handle, but 5 more rabbits!? Do you know how much waste of space that will be?!"

"And this is coming from the same guy who tried to get his creator Mac to stay in the stupidest ways possible," I spoke dryly to him.

"Oh come on! I thought I was losing Mac at the time!" Bloo shouted to me.

"Come on, Bloo. At least give her a chance." Edna tried to speak to him, "Those Harveys...they may be another story."

"So, what? They're your brothers, Harv?" Bloo frowned to our rabbit.

"It's a long story," Harvey glared at him, "And you'll probably fall asleep if I try to explain to your pea brain mind anyway."

Bloo then fell asleep, making the others sigh.

"What a simpleton." Harvey remarks to himself.

Finally, Frankie pulled the female rabbit inside, speaking, "Hey don't worry. And just ignore Bloo. He's harmless...mostly."

"Thanks," the girl sighed a bit.

"You must be Cindy Gingers, right?" she asked.

The three of us looked stunned at the name we heard. That was the name of Dr. Marcel's former assistant who died!

Was she really reincarnated as an Imaginary Friend like Harvey?

Frankie hears Bloo snoring, making him her sighs as she grabs a trash can and drops it to the ground hard.

This woke Bloo up as he screams "GAH! I SWEAR THE GUY WAS DEAD WHEN I GOT THERE!!"

"What guy?" I asked.

Bloo yelped a bit nervously, "Uh nothing. Nothing you need to know about."

"And yeah, that's my name," she spoke, fixing her glasses, "At least that's what my creator named me."

"Just go to your rooms when you have a chance," Frankie sighed, departing the room, "I gotta tell Mr. H we got some new ones."

As soon as Frankie left, Bloo only departed, shrugging, "Well I gotta go watch TV."

When both were gone, the three of us looked at the 7 demons and rabbit girl, reincarnated from being restriction blocks AND a human possibly.

What would they do when we were left alone?

"Is there something wrong with our faces?" Justitia asked, lifting up the blindfold and looking with his crossed eyes a bit.

"Why do you act like we met before?" The wendigo asked in confusion.

"Look, does it matter anymore?" The dragon scoffed, "I'm hungry and I need to eat. Let's just put our things in our rooms and get it over with."

It was then I noticed something odd from the six of them, minus the unmelting snowman, possibly not melting due to his creator making it so: Their eyes were not red, demonic, and without pupils like when I encountered them!

Instead, I saw their eyes as they truly were: black spider eyes, the genie's green, Justitia's violet, the wendigo hazel, the dragon gray, and New-something's eyes pure blue. It was like they were once monsters, but no longer or something.

And most shocking of all, when we noticed them, they didn't even sound like they were monsters anymore. They sounded more human.

"Uh I thought I saw...nevermind." I spoke, looking away.

It seemed like the wizard glanced a bit at us, as if knowing something.

Finally, as the others began departing, I saw Cindy kissing his cheek, speaking, "Meet you at the bedroom."

He blushed a bit as he watched her follow the other former demons. Then, he looked at us. As if he wanted to say something.

"If you want to know," he began, "it's because of Miranya's guidance that we have a new chance...a new start together."

"Wait, you guys remember?!" Harvey asked in shock.

"Sadly, only I remember of my past." he spoke calmly, looking down a bit, "When my brothers and Cindy were given new bodies, they had to lose their memories of who they were."


"Miranya explained that only one of us, when reincarnated, would remember the events that happened. I guess it's fortunate, though. The others lived their lives, I was able to befriend Cindy in this new form of hers, truly starting over with her on our relationship, and had a new chance at this life."

Finally, I spoke, "You're not still bitter about all that happened back home, are you?"

He only shook his head, speaking, "No. In fact, I guess I should thank you."

"For what?"

"For our freedom...to be who we want. I mean it took Cindy dying months ago, but we were free."

Finally, he moved away as he continued, "Thank you, Lilli, for everything. See you at dinnertime, but for now, I have to take care of one last detail."

"Let's hope it's not something bad, NPC." Edna spoke a bit.

"Please...call me Nousagi." he smiled before he left.

I looked confused a bit. How the heck will either of us remember? And him, remembering?

And why was Cindy reincarnated as an imaginary friend?

I guess that would be a story for another time.

"You know, Edna and Lilli," Harvey spoke seriously, "I think it's gonna be a bit awkward from here on in."

"Just be glad Dr. Marcel's put away for good. And all that guilt we had, all that trouble we went through...we're all moving forward." Edna grinned.

"Yeah, Edna." I spoke, still having the memory of my student's death fresh in my mind.

"Girls! Harvey! Dinner's about ready!" Frankie's voice in the dining room spoke.

"So much for my candy pizza." Harvey shrugged.

"How will they cook gum drops at 400 degrees without melting anyway?" Edna chuckled a bit. "Anyway, let's go, Lilli."

I smiled at the two, my adopted sister and her imaginary friend, the three of us living in the care of Madam Foster and her granddaughter, us being the adopted grandkids.

Finally, I followed Edna as well, believing to be well off and better off living in this place.

And I couldn't be happier...

***Normal POV***

An explosion was heard, blowing up a prison cell, killing the officers near the wall.

As the alarms sounded off, a figure entered the building, glaring as the figure spoke, "Psst! Hurry before more show up!"

The doctor, Marcel, whom was about to be sentenced to execution, looked stunned at the figure whom broke in, retrieving him by the wheelchair.

As the alarms continued, the doctor looked more surprised at what was happening: He was getting assistance on escaping.

When the two were far enough away from the prison, the doctor turned his head, looking confused a bit.

"Why did you break me out of prison when you clearly know that I was to be executed?" He frowned.

"Because," the figure, a short female in fact, "we BOTH have something we want. There is a gang I have organized in America and you're just perfect to help us."

"America, huh?" He pondered, glancing a bit with his good eye, "Very interesting."

"After all, doctor, there are others that could use your services as well."

"Is Edna there? In America, I mean?"

"Yes, as of my special one. Both in the same house and same town. And the only way to get to them is with your assistance."

The wheelchair was pushed down the hill slowly as the doctor chuckled with delight. Perhaps with this escape, he would have his great second chance.

"I like the way you think." He smirked cruelly, "By the way, what name do I call my rescuer?"

The figure, a pink looking creature with pigtails, only giggled a bit mischievously before smirking, "Just call me Berry."

Coming Soon...Harvey's New Crush, A New Imaginary Life, & The Anti-Foster's Organization