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Hybrid: Expectations (theme 33) [rough draft], a DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon fanfic series by Raberba girl
List of themes by AngieChild, Variation 1 for the 100ThemesChallenge group on DeviantArt

A/N: Takes place right after Innocence.


Valka couldn't sleep for a while after that. She kept her back pressed against Cloudjumper and her arms wrapped around her complaining son as she watched the Night Furies. Ice Hunt soon left and took to the air again, but Valka stared at little Toothless, cuddling up to his friend like a puppy. As if he didn't have a reputation for being one of the deadliest and most feared dragons on the face of the earth.

"Did you know that I used to have nightmares about you?" she murmured as she stroked the hatchling's head. Toothless purred and pressed into her touch. "It was a Night Fury who killed my father...struck and left him dead so quickly that no one saw anything except a black blur...." The boys were half-asleep now, Toothless exhaling a mildly fishy smell with each breath, Hiccup drooling a bit on the dragon's black scales.

Cloudjumper made a quiet croak and started to preen his partner's hair, which felt soothing. Valka let herself be comforted as she looked at the little black dragon's jaws resting next to her baby's face, paws curled right up against Hiccup with only a layer of clothing between claws and soft flesh....

'Stop it, Valka,' she scolded herself. 'There's a full-grown dragon repeatedly putting his fangs right next to your head, and you're not in the least worried about that, are you?' She sighed and forced herself to kiss Toothless on the forehead. He opened his eyes for a moment and regarded her, then closed them again and buried his snout in Hiccup's hair. "I love you, you sweet, dangerous little thing," she murmured. "Oooh, nothing so deadly has any right to look so endearing...."

In the end, she was only able to get to sleep after it occurred to her that if one of the most dangerous dragons in the world adored her son and would do anything to protect him, then Hiccup was probably safer at this Night Fury's side than he would be anywhere else.

When Valka awakened in the early morning light, Toothless was still asleep and Hiccup was drawing pictures of him. Ice Hunt lay in one of the entryways, resting his head on his paws. He fixed his eyes on Valka as soon as she sat up. After they shared a long look, she got to her feet, and he immediately rose and trotted over to her, nosing at her in mild concern.

"I'm all right, Fisher," she said softly, stroking him in a deliberate sort of way. "I wouldn't have expected Night Furies to be so beautiful, but you are. And kind, and diligent, and protective...I know I can trust you, love. It will just take my instincts some time to agree."

Hiccup came over and made a cheeping sound, reaching up to poke at Ice Hunt's mouth. The dragon obligingly started gagging.

"No, Hiccup, oh my goodness--! And now that I'm not distracted by a blind panic, no you are not allowed to eat the fish they cough up!"

"Hungry, Mama!"

"Then wait for ME to feed you!" She made a frustrated sound. "I'm teaching you how to cook today, we obviously can't wait until you're older!"

"Cook? [Fish??]"

It took a day for Valka to stop flinching and cringing and anxiously focusing on the Night Furies whenever they got too close to her child. It took a few more days for her feelings to ease even after she'd gotten her physical reactions under control.

Eventually, the term "Night Fury" lost its jolt, and Valka was able to recognize emotionally rather than just intellectually that nothing had changed: friends were still friends, no matter what their breed. The deadliest dragons on earth were just as capable of being as sweet, bratty, curious, or annoyed as any other breed, or any human.

The next time Hiccup trilled "I love you" to his Night Fury companion in both Dragonese and Norse, Valka found herself scratching Toothless under the chin and echoing the sentiment without a second thought.


Author's Notes: I don't...really like the name "Icefisher"...and I think it's difficult to say...I like "Ice Hunt," but I don't know if two-year-old Hiccup would be able to translate it for Valka before she comes up with her own name for Tooth's dad.... *thinks some more*

I had every intention of working on a prize/kiriban/etc. fic yesterday. Ended up writing and posting a completely random one-shot about Hiccup adopting an albino Night Fury hatchling instead. *facepalm*

Next vignette (which I still haven't finished...) should finally move into the next stage of the Hybridverse! I'm temporarily tired of all these Valka/Hiccup/Furies vignettes.

I fell behind on replying to reviews again; sorry! Thank you so much if you did review! :D I'll answer more of them later today!

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