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Hybrid: Tears (theme 26) [rough draft], a DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon fanfic series by Raberba girl
List of themes by AngieChild, Variation 1 for the 100ThemesChallenge group on DeviantArt

Hiccup, still subdued and ashamed, crawled under Ice Hunt's belly to hide. The dragon considered him for a moment in confusion, but did not move to expose him again.

"Little one?" the king questioned.

"Dragonheart wants to leave the nest for a while, far away without his dam," Ice Hunt explained.

"My name is Liar, not Dragonheart," Hiccup insisted. He yelped when Ice Hunt stepped away and nudged him hard in the king's direction.

Toothless hurried to shield him from view instead, but the king, slightly annoyed now, opened his mouth - for him, it was a soft roar, but it was still loud enough to prompt the boys' instant obedience. Toothless rushed back to hide behind his father, and Hiccup stretched out in a submissive pose again.

"What is your name?" the king demanded.

"...My name is [Hiccup]," Hiccup whispered. He was still too upset with himself to reclaim the name 'Dragonheart,' but it was a backwards sort of stubbornness to cling to a shameful name like 'Liar,' and the Bewilderbeast would not permit it.

The king did, however, accept the compromise of his human name. "What is your desire?"

The way he asked it demanded a deep response, and Hiccup had to think about it for a long time before he was able to answer. The alpha and Ice Hunt both waited patiently.

"...I want to find where I belong."

"You belong here,"
the king assured him, with such love that tears began to run down Hiccup's face. "But you may also belong elsewhere if you wish."

"Alpha, am I dragon or human?"
Hiccup pleaded.

"You are dragon. You are as human as you want to be."

"I am dragon, I am dragon...but maybe, these humans, I am curious."
Hiccup hung his head.

The king comforted him. "You may seek it."

"But Mama says no! She SAYS yes but then Her HEART says
no!" Hiccup cried, suddenly furious. "MAMA IS THE LIAR, NOT ME!!!"

"She is frightened and hurting. She hasn't learned yet. She only lies to herself, not to us."

Hiccup's shoulders sagged.

"Dragonheart may go find this human cub that he likes? Dragonheart must stay here safe?" Ice Hunt asked.

The king considered this. At last he said, "You may not go unless Ice Hunt protects you on the journey. You may not go unless you cover yourself with your human protection. You may not go unless your other half separates from you for a time."

Hiccup's confusion about whatever 'human protection' meant was drowned out when he and Toothless both screamed in unison, a cry of outrage and fear.

"Submit," the king ordered, demanding that they listen. Toothless abruptly fell silent, and Hiccup pressed himself back to the ground. "Listen, little one. This is very much important. You have protection, camouflage. You must use it when you are with dangerous humans."

"What protection?! Human weak no-scales skin is
useless!" Hiccup contemptuously pinched and tugged on a chunk of his own flesh.

The king made a trying-to-be-patient noise. "Not your skin. Listen, Hiccup."

Hiccup froze. It felt very strange for a dragon to address him by his human name, even though it was nothing more than a mental echo of sound.

"You are human," the king said, slowly and deliberately. With his words, Hiccup felt as if everything that made him a dragon was being forced out of him.

His body shook, and he sobbed. Toothless darted to him and cried out, pawing at the ground in distress, too upset to touch him.

"Peace," the king said. "You are always two halves. You are two halves if you are dragon-and-dragon, you are two halves if you are dragon-and-human, you are two halves if you are together or apart." Toothless lay down with his head in Hiccup's lap; Hiccup sat very still, his eyes distant.

He never remembered feeling like this before. The world felt disorienting, too sharp and too blurry at the same time. His head ached. His spine had straightened, and he found himself thinking in Norse.

Hiccup looked down at himself and thought sadly that he had never seen anything as unpleasant as his own human body. He didn't have a good sense of 'ugliness' or 'dirtiness,' so he held out his arms to the king and proclaimed his body to be horrible and useless.

"It is your body, so it is not horrible. It only seems cumbersome because you are here in this very much dragon nest. When you go to a human nest, you will see how good your human body is there."

Hiccup doubtfully looked down at himself again.

"The humans fear your other half, but not you. They see you as one of their own, but not him. In this very good dragon nest, you may be free and together; but in a human nest, you will be safer without your other half at your side." Hiccup's tears continued to fall, and Toothless made a continuous, very soft whine of grief, but they both kept listening. "You have camouflage, Hiccup." There was an impression of intense uniqueness, something very different than what Hiccup thought of as 'camouflage,' but which somehow accomplished the same purpose. "You must use it, or you will be in danger."

"I am confused," Hiccup said in Norse, pressing hard with his thoughts so that the king would still understand him. "Please explain this confusing thing to me."

"Your camouflage is that you are human. You must hide yourself by being human. Do you understand?" The way he said it worked together with the unsettling shift in Hiccup's thinking, and suddenly he did understand.

"That is 'pretend'?! That is...that is lie?!" He was shocked at being told to lie, especially so soon after he'd been chastised for it.

"It feels like 'deception,' because your true name is Dragonheart and you are not comfortable in your human flesh. But it is not a lie. You are human. You are dragon, but you are also human. You must be human to protect yourself in that human nest."

Hiccup was frightened. All desire to see the boy Eret again had fled. He held Toothless tightly and begged, "Please don't make me go away from this good safe home nest, I want to please stay here please, I am dragon, please, very good [Dragonheart] here in this good dragon nest, please don't make me be Hiccup, please don't make me be human, make me dragon, make me--! [Half Of Me! Make me you!]"

Toothless surged up and began to cover him with scent, thickly and thoroughly until Hiccup felt like a dragon again. He curled up with his arms over his head, trembling and strangely exhausted, terrified that the king would send him away.

Yet when the alpha spoke, his words were very gentle. "Your mother is frightened, Dragonheart, but you are, too."

Relief at being called by his dragon name again warred with dismay. Hiccup didn't like the thought that he was afraid of humans the way his mother was. He was a dragon, he was stronger than her, he wasn't supposed to be afraid of anything.

"Dragonheart that I love is still just a baby," Ice Hunt crooned, licking him soothingly. "Someday he will grow up and not be afraid anymore."

"Please let me go away and hide,"
Hiccup begged the king. The Bewilderbeast dismissed him. Hiccup slipped onto Toothless's back, and the pair rushed away.

When Valka awoke hours later, she went over to check on her sleeping sons. Her face wrinkled in disgust when she saw streaks of dirt crusted into the dried saliva all over Hiccup's skin. "What have you been doing, Hiccup?" she muttered. She went to make the necessary preparations, then came back and scooped up her son in her arms.

He awoke instantly. "Mama! No!" he screeched, as if automatically realizing her intentions.

"You're sticky and dirty, and you smell, Hiccup. I've told you not to let Toothless lick you too much. You need a bath," she said firmly, starting to haul him away.



Author's Notes: That...did not end the way I'd planned for it to. o.O It was supposed to be setup for Hiccup returning to Eret's castle, not him freaking out and refusing to be human. This kid is so uncooperative!

Complete: 12/100

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