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Ladies Room
Part 5
By Trynia Merin
Disclaimer: KISS belongs to themselves, as do the terms of the Elder, and the
likenesses of their makeup and persona. The concept of the Four who are One belongs to Psycho
Circus. Mona, Elliott, Tyler and Jeannie are my own creations, and are my attempt to create a next
generation of KISS. This means no harm to the organization or the band, and represents a tribute to
a rock and roll legend.

Chapter 9
In Jeannie's room, the hours dragged on. Paul struggled to do what he could, almost
getting underfoot. Susan and Nathan moved in and out between Jeannie's room and Ace's where
Shandi and Mona were both in mutual labor. They had listened to her instructions as best they
could. Already most of a day had passed, and they took shifts watching over the girls.

Jeannie let out a low groan as she felt Kelsey holding her hands. "Okay Jeannie, get
ready to squat…"
"Shouldn't she be on a bed?" Paul asked.
"No. This is the way that's best. Now shoo!" Kelsey shouted to Paul.
"Sorry I'm only trying to help," Paul babbled, anxiously.
"Then get out of the way, or stay and listen!" Kelsey snapped at him. Suddenly Susan knocked on the door, her face anxious.
"Shandi's having problems…" she reported.
"Stay here with your sister… you know what to do?"
"I think so…" she nodded, and rushed in to shoo Paul aside. Kelsey rushed out of the room as Paul moved behind Jeannie and struggled to support her. Susan took up the task of coaching, stuffing down her anxious nervousness.
"Okay Jeannie… breathe… breathe…" her sister urged. Paul gently kissed Jeannie's cheek, and stroked her hair out of her face as he helped her to squat again.
"Now… squat. Push…" Susan whispered. Nathan lay asleep to one side, his own turn exhausted.
Kelsey rushed down the hall to Ace's room. Already she saw Ace behind Shandi, who was on one side of the bed, her head and shoulders on Ace's lap. Mona lay on the other side, Peter stroking her hair. Exhausted, Tyler lay asleep as Jennie took over the vigil at Mona's side. Ace assisted Shandi the best he could, with help from Peter. All they could do was stay and try to keep the girls quiet and calm.
"She's almost two minutes apart," Ace said. "Aren't you, kid?"
Tears ran down Shandi's cheeks as she panted and puffed. Kelsey looked sharply at Ace and Peter, saying, "Get them on the floor! They have to squat!"
"Say what?" Peter asked.
"Gravity…" Mona gasped, as Peter sponged sweat off her face.
Wearily her mate rose from the floor, and held her hand. "How is she doing?" he asked his father.
"She's okay kid," Peter nodded. "Are you feeling them more sweetie?"
Mona nodded, and Jennie glanced over to Kelsey who was forcing Ace to help Shandi to the floor. She glanced back at Peter and Tyler. Mona's mate nodded in the direction of the floor, and both men helped her to squat, the sheet wrapped around her.
"Ahhhh!" Shandi groaned. Kelsey gripped her hands tightly, glancing up to Ace.
"Hold her, damn it. C'mon kid, push… push…"
"I can't… it hurts too much," Shandi whimpered.
"Hey, it's okay…" Ace whispered his comfort to her. "I'm here kiddo…"
"Shandi… c'mon…" she urged.
"How long will it take?" Jennie asked, looking up from Mona, who Peter and Tyler supported.
"As long as it does. I have to go check on Jeannie. You guys keep timing contractions. Get the girls to push. If you see any sign of blood and mess let me know…"
"Right!" Ace nodded.
Jennie turned to Shandi, and whispered her ministrations while Tyler held Mona. Peter moved before his daughter in law, gently urging her along. She lay back in Tyler's arms to rest before the next push.
A loud roar shot through the hallway. She heard Paul's voice in her mind, urging her to
stay with Shandi and Mona, "Stay there. I'm sending my thoughts to you…"
"Damn, you scared me for a moment," she thought back. "How is she?"
"Something's wrong. I don't know…" came Paul's response.
"Is she pushing?" Kelsey thought back, moving over to Shandi again. Jennie turned her attention back to her sister in law, urging her along.
"Yes… but she's having some problems. There's pain… and something unlike anything I'm seeing…"
"There's no head… she's dilated… that's what Susan's saying. But all she sees is white…"
"Oh my god…" Kelsey whispered. "I'll be right there…"
Gene heard the loud roar, echoing upstairs. He was tempted to go up and comfort his daughter, but was stopped as Nathan came rushing down the stairs to block him.
"What's going on up there?" Gene asked.
"Something strange is going on with Jeannie. Kelsey's with her now… and so is Paul… and Susan…"
"What about the others?" Gene asked.
"Kelsey says they'll take longer. Jeannie's almost there… but it's incredible Dad…"
"I don't understand," Susan muttered, seeing the strange smooth white surface instead of the crown of a baby's head. Kelsey rushed in at that moment, and knelt down beside Jeannie's sister.
"Wait… this… no wonder…" Kelsey muttered. "I didn't
"What…" Jeannie groaned. "Oh God my hips feel like they're on fire! DAMN!"
"Relax. Relax…" she whispered. "We're almost there Jeannie. Paul, get her up now!"
For the umpteenth time, Paul tilted Jeannie up, supporting her under the arms as she squatted. Susan gripped her hand as Kelsey reached underneath. "It's okay. It's all right. I know
what's going on…" Kelsey reported. "Jeannie… you're almost there. Push…
push… easy now…"
"I AM PUSHING DAMN IT!!!" Jeannie roared again, her eyes blazing crimson.
"The baby," Susan whispered to Kelsey.
"She's part Dragon," Kelsey whispered back. "And you know how Dragons give birth? This child must be a Dragon…"
"They lay…" Susan whispered.
"Right," Kelsey nodded. "Help me catch it…"
A last roar echoed as Jeannie clenched and bore down. There came something slipping from deep within, and she felt Kelsey and Susan's hands reaching under to catch her baby. A noise like a gentle slap of a melon against hands sounded under her, and there was instant relief and a dull ache.
"What is it… is it alive?" asked Paul.
"Yes. Jeannie, you are the proud mother off…" Kelsey said before Susan cut her
"An egg?" Susan exclaimed.
"WHAT?" Jeannie gasped.
"Ho… kay… now what?" Paul asked, floored as Susan and Kelsey held a pearly orange object between them in their hands. The surface was curved and shimmery with fluid, opalescent. It was the size of an ostridge egg, the same dimensions, and covered with purple spotting. To his amazement, Paul could swear some of the spots were shaped like stars.
"An EGG? What the hell?" Jeannie asked, flabbergasted.
"You're a Dragon," Kelsey said practically. "I've seen this before. Sometimes Dragons take human form and…"
"Wait a minute, you're telling me she laid an egg instead of a baby?" Paul asked, equally amazed.
"Yes, it appears so," Susan muttered in disbelief.
"Is it alive?" Jeannie asked.
"Yes. I think so…" Kelsey whispered. "But it's not over. Your child… well…"
"How long till it hatches?" Jeannie asked, still in shock.
"Probably a month or two, or even a year. I don't know…" Kelsey sighed. "I'll have to ask Shandi… she knows about Dragons…"
"Now what?" Paul asked.
"Keep it warm…" Kelsey urged them. "Very warm…"
"KELLSEEEEY!" came Shandi's scream from down the hall. Urgently she glanced to Paul, who held out his arms. She shoved the egg into them, and dashed out of the room, leaving three very perplexed people.
"I'll get her on the bed. You take this," Paul urged. Susan shrugged and wrapped the egg in a blanket, feeling its solid weight in her arms. Still she cradled it as gingerly as she would a baby.
Tenderly Paul picked up Jeannie, and lay her down. He gently sponged her off, as Nathan and Gene strode in. Jeannie looked up at them, as Susan brought the blanket over. Slowly she held it to her chest, wrapping her body around it protectively as she buried it between the sheets next to her.
"Gene…you're not gonna believe this. But we're the proud grandfathers of an egg," Paul said, shaking his head with an amused smile.
"I don't know what this is all about Dad, but I know it's alive…" Jeannie whispered as Gene moved over.
"Let me look," Gene urged. He pulled aside the blankets, and smoothed his hand over the shell. It had hardened into smooth pearly surface, orange in color. Strange star shapes graced its shiny sheen. It looked almost metallic or crystalline.
"He's alive in there, Gene. Our grandson," Paul said. "No doubt."
"Dad…" Jeannie looked up at him.
"Man this is weird," Gene muttered. "But it makes a hell of a lot of sense in some bizarre way."
"Kelsey said it's because she's a Dragon, and the child is a dragon," said Susan, scratching her head.
"Well maybe it's the Talisman power, and the fact she's second generation Demon?" Nathan asked.
"Well whatever it is, I'm proud of you, sweetheart," Gene said, taking his daughters hand in his and giving it a kiss. Leaning over he pressed a kiss to her forehead. Paul leaned over and kissed her cheek as well.
"Even if it's an egg?" she asked.
"Well, I've seen stranger shit," Gene shrugged. "So why the hell should I be surprised if my daughter lays an egg?"
"With star shaped spots?" Paul smirked. "Not that dominant, Gene."
Both old friends looked at each other, and couldn't help laugh. Gene smoothed a hand over the shell, and wrapped the blanked around it again. He handed it to Jeannie, who held it close to her warm body on the bed.
Just then, Paul tensed, dark eyes flickering back and forth in the black patch of his star. He slowly rose from the bed, and strode into the center of the room. Gene also stood up, waking over to Paul.
"Gene, I sense someone outside…"
"Shit. You stay here with Jeannie and Susan, I'll look into it…" Gene growled.
He rushed off down the stairs, his son in hot pursuit. Leaving Paul and Susan bracketing Jeannie
and her precious addition. Paul took the egg from Jeannie for a moment, and held it close to his
chest, blanket and all. No matter what the form he knew it was his flesh and blood and he couldn't
wait until it hatched.
"Sha ndi, easy now… easy…" Kelsey whispered, as Ace sponged her face off.
She glanced over at Mona again, who was resting against Tyler's chest. Jennie knelt before her sister in law, her hand reaching between her legs.
"Kelsey, I see the baby's head… or one of them…"
"Good. Now hold it there. Peter… get some hot water!" she shouted. Peter Criss rushed out and returned with the basin, setting it down as Kelsey shouted out instructions.
Gently Jennie reached and helped to pull the head clear, from between Mona's legs. Peter glimpsed blood and mess seeping onto the sheet he had placed down, as Tyler urged her to lay against him. In one movement, the baby came free, slithering into Jennie's hands. "All right!" Peter grinned. Jennie took the baby, and held it up. She gave it a good pat on the back, and they heard the healthy cry, which sounded more like a strangled mew. Peter
wrapped a blanket around it, and she clipped the cord.
"Ohhhh," Mona groaned. "Again…"
"Twins," Peter muttered, pushing the baby into Jennie's hand. "I've got this one covered…"
he leaned over, looking directly into Mona's eyes as he reached between her legs.
Softly Tyler urged her to push one last time as another head crowned. His hands contacted wet slippery warmth that slithered out in a second push. Mona whimpered, gripping her mate's hand tightly.
"Okay I got it!" Peter said with a smile. "Here we go… here we are… hello there kiddo!"
Mona fainted from the pain, hearing another mewling cry as Peter lifted the child and gave it a healthy slap on the backside. He wrapped the blanket around it that Kelsey tossed to him. Kelsey reached up and brought out the remains of afterbirth safely.
"KELSEEEY!" Shandi screamed again.
"we'll take it from here," Peter urged her. Into his arms Jennie passed the other baby, wrapped and wailing while she helped sponge Mona off. Carefully Tyler lifted his mate and lay her on the bed.
Ace glanced over at Peter clutching two yowling mewing bundles. He passed one over to Tyler, and gently lay the other on Mona's chest. She felt the tears come as Ace pushed hair from her face, gray eyes anxious.
"Say hello to your kids, Mom," Peter said softly, pulling aside the blanket. A golden mass of fuzz met her gaze first, in a crinkled red and white face, which was crying healthily. The other bundle squirmed and lifted its hands, gurgling with a fuzzy red head in Tyler's arms.
"Hey there," Ace cackled, reaching out a hand to the one bundle. "A Space cat!"
"You're not kidding," Peter muttered, looking at the silvery patches on the faces of the blond baby. They were human all right, with the strange mottled markings in silvery gray and white, resembling his and Tyler's. The other, the red head had black patches that were predominantly Cat. Both had a light fuzz all over their little bodies, eyes opening to peer at their new parents.
"Ohhh…" Mona began to cry, as they put the babies into her arms. For a moment, she held them close.
Ace turned anxiously back to Shandi, who was groaning in pain. Kelsey's face wrinkled in panic, pale with fear.
"What's wrong?" Ace asked.
"I don't know… I…" Kelsey shook her head.
"Leo and Catherine," Tyler said to Peter. "that's what I'm thinking…"
"You're sure," Peter said as they sat in the sitting room of the guesthouse. Mona had been moved to the guesthouse shortly after the birth of the twins. Now she rested, leaving Peter holding the boy, and Tyler the girl.
Wrapped in blankets the babies slept for now. Peter gently rocked the boy, which had fuzzy red hair and silvery markings on its whitish gray face. Tyler held his daughter, her own hair a blond swirl of down framing a sweet kitten face.
"Mona and I talked about it. We didn't expect a girl and a boy, although Paul knew the sexes. We didn't want to know…"
"Adds to the fun," Peter agreed, watching proudly as his grandson opened his mouth and yawned, shaking a tiny fist. Slowly the girl blinked and peered up into her father's face with wide green eyes, deep and penetrating.
"Space Kittens," Tyler chuckled. "That's what Ace called his grandkids. Can you believe it?"
"Yeah, that's him for you," Peter laughed. "But I'm proud of you son. You and that wife of yours. Two beautiful babies."
"May I hold one?" Jennie asked.
"Sure. Say hi to your aunt, kiddo," Peter said with a smile, passing the boy kitten to her. She took it gingerly, cradling the head and shoulders as Peter showed her how.
"I hope Shandi is all right… I hated to leave them there," Tyler muttered, rocking Catharine.
"I'll run over and see if they're okay," Peter muttered.
"No, let me," Jennie said, handing the kitten back to her father. "You guys stay here… in case…"
Jennie crossed the courtyard to return to the main house. Overhead she saw the batlike shape of the Demon slowly circling. Nathan paced the yard, toting a laser rifle she remembered from the flier. It was mainly disassembled now for spare parts, stripped to the bare bones in the pit of the dry swimming pool.
"Any word?" she asked, rushing to Nathan.
"Nothing," he shook his head. "Kelsey's been at it for a long time. Won't let us in.
Says we'll only get in the way. How are the others?"
"Peter and Tyler are playing Grandpa and Dad," she laughed. "They're cute. Ace called them Space Cats. You know… since Ace and Peter…"
"Yeah. Well does that make Jeannie's… egg a Star Demon?" Nathan asked with an amused smile. She strode in past him to the main house.
"I'll be back…" she said. Susan was just trotting down the stairs when Jennie entered the main sitting area. Both friends regarded each other tensely.
"How…" Jennie began to ask.
"Touch and go," Susan answered with a sigh. "Shandi's still in labor. Kelsey's asked for more hot water. And Paul's up there trying to use some mind link thingy to ease the pain."
"I wonder what's wrong? Maybe it's because she's so young…"
"Yeah… but I hope she'll pull through…" Susan added, looking very scared. Jennie sat down next to her and took her hands in her own, giving them a reassuring squeeze as they waited.
"C'mon kid… almost there," Ace whispered to Shandi. As anxious as he was to see his grandchildren, he knew they were safe with Peter and Tyler. Right now, he felt as if Shandi needed him more in her moment of crisis.
"It hurts so much," she sobbed.
"I know…" Kelsey whispered. Paul crouched nearby, resting a hand against Shandi's forehead. Purple chikara surged over his temples and down his arm to sooth her labor. He drew pain into himself, struggling to lessen it as much as he could. Even so, he felt each contraction along with her.
"The baby is alive… but something stops it…" Kelsey muttered.
"Damn…" Ace muttered. "What could be wrong?"
"Breach birth?" Paul asked.
"No…" Kelsey muttered. "Something else."
"We have to do something," Ace muttered. "But what? Maybe if I teleport…"
"Are you freaking nuts?" Paul demanded. "That shock might kill her!"
"This might well. I think the baby is so large, and is growing so fast… it might hurt her," Kelsey muttered. "After all…"
"The baby is growing," Paul muttered, face contorting into pain along with Shandi. "We have to get it out now!"
"My baby growing? Too fast… how?"
"Ace… you gotta slow time down. You have to stop this baby from growing fast…."
"Well if the baby is still growing then why was Jeannie's and the other births normal?" Ace asked. "Unless.. there's a chikara imbalance…"
"Celestial… I need celestial," Shandi whimpered.
"Oh god she's delusional!" Paul groaned.
"I'm here baby. Just calm down…" Ace urged.
"I don't know what to do," Kelsey shook her head. "The baby just won't come out…"
"A c section," Paul muttered. "that's the only way."
"Or else…" Ace whispered. "One more way… easy kid… this will hurt for a minute…"
Ace's hands passed over her belly, feeling the sting of silver chikara. He reached out with his power, bending space and time. Paul's eyes widened when he realized what Ace was doing, urging him to stop.
"You're nuts…" Paul cried.
"It's the only way," Ace urged him. "Now shut the hell up and let me do this!"
Silver energy crackled from Ace around Shandi. She screamed, sobbed, and then let out a low moan more painful than any other sound she had made before. Holding out his hands, Ace raised them above her belly and gently waved. It was a tight chikara focus, one of the most delicate things he
had ever shifted in space-time.
Shandi's eyes rolled back and she went limp against Ace. Kelsey suddenly gasped when the silver radiance faded, energy sparkling into silver flashes like the signature of Ace's teleport. Except she heard a cry and felt a squirming mass in her arms.
"Oh… oh…" Paul gasped. Reaching within she removed the afterbirth, passing the life to Ace.
Shandi blinked, feeling the horrible pain subsiding. She felt Ace lifting her and laying her down on the bed as Kelsey sponged her down. Something was placed into her arms, and she glanced anxiously around.
"My baby…" she cried.
"Is fine," Paul smiled. "Say hello to your little girl…"
Tenderly Ace cradled something in his arms, a wrapped bundle in a silvery space blanket. He wrapped Shandi's arm around the warm mass, and pulled the blanket aside for her to look at her daughter. Small fingers reached out to wrap around hers, and she felt her eyes grow moist at the blue ones peering questioningly into hers.
"Hey… say hi to mom,' Ace cackled, helping her to support the new arrival.
"Ohhhh she's so… so…" Shandi began to cry. "Perfect…"

"An egg?" Ace cackled. "You've got to be shitting me!"
"No lie," Paul said, as they moved away to let Kelsey and Shandi talk quietly for a moment. Kelsey was helping Shandi to hold the baby, and the proper way to have it nurse. Discreetly Paul pulled Ace into the hallway.
"The baby… well Kelsey said something about it being a Demon… or Dragon child. That sometimes in her world humans and dragons can cross breed. And sometimes if the offspring is more Dragon then human, the woman… the mom lays an egg. Especially if the mother is part Dragon herself."
"Holy crap," Ace laughed. "Talk about the Gene pool!"
"Ace," Paul rolled his eyes. "C'mon!"
"Gene's genes are dominant as hell!" Ace continued to laugh. "Shit, this is good, this is too good!
"I'm gonna have to yank you down to earth Ace if you keep this up," Paul warned him. "Remember that egg… that kid is part my blood too, man."
"Does it have star spots on it?" Ace cackled, holding his sides.
"Well… yeah…" Paul looked back at him sheepishly. "But what about your Space cats?"
"Uh… good point," Ace gasped, catching his breath. "That's right man. It's out there… really out there…"
"Peter's genes are more dominant then yours then," Paul joked back at him. "So no more cracks about gene pools and I won't make any more cracks about outer space cats."
"Ace, come over here and look at our baby," Shandi said.
"Our baby?" Ace asked, moving over. "Uh kid… I hate to disappoint you…"
"Say hi… to Ace," Shandi whispered, and pushed the baby into his arms. He held it carefully next to his silver and black halter, rocking it in his arms. Lifting up the baby, he began to make funny faces. With some interest, the little girl peered back at him quizzically.
"Kelsey, Shandi, about Jeannie's egg," Paul asked, as Ace held Shandi's new daughter.
"Yeah, Kelsey filled me in. I was curious too. But not at all surprised."
"What will it be like… and will it be ok?" Paul asked.
"In our world it's been known to happen. Dragons taking human form. Many of them are powerful mages, who can shape shift and walk among humans. Only certain species of dragon though can
do this. Well Gene… Demon is really a dragon human. And Jeannie is part Dragon. So it's no
surprise her laying an egg."
"Oh… but that does mean the kid… my grandson is going to be a Demon… Dragon?"
"Most likely. But the Star spots on the shell, which proves it also carries, a good amount of your blood too, Paul. I have never heard of a Stellar Dragon before. This child is going to be unique…"
"Like yours?" Paul nodded.
"Yes," Shandi blushed. Ace continued to rock and sway the baby, who gurgled with delight. Already it was beginning to lose the ruddiness in its complexion. Wrapping the silvery blanket around it, Ace brought it back to the bed and sat down next to Shandi.
"You're a natural," Kelsey muttered at him. "Not all men care to take such an active role in rearing children."
"Hey, I have a daughter," Ace grinned. "Mona. I did change a few diapers here and there."
"Well this is weird," Paul muttered. "I mean I'm a grandfather, and I look like I'm 25…"
"Stranger shit has happened," Kelsey said. "At least that's what Gene would say… is that the right colloquialism?"
"Works pretty well," Paul muttered. "Better go check on Jeannie…"
"She'll probably recover faster than the others," Kelsey muttered. "Dragons have been known to fight within hours of dropping their eggs."
"Well Jeannie's also a girl," Paul muttered. He glanced back to Shandi who slipped into her own reality with Ace and the baby. He was being very paternal for the kid, Paul noticed. But
just as well, because there was no telling how long Kelsey and Shandi would be stranded here.
"Thanks Shandi, for the info," Paul called out. "Later…"
"I hope Gene gets back soon," Kelsey muttered.
"So do I," Paul nodded as they walked out of the room, and left Ace and Shandi alone.
"Have you picked a name yet?" Ace asked her.
"Well, I was thinking of naming her Kiara," said Shandi.
"Pretty name. Any reason?" Ace asked, stroking the baby's cheek with one long finger. To his surprise he felt the baby start to chew and suck on his finger eagerly.
"My mother's name was Kiara," Shandi said.
"Sounds cool to me," Ace nodded. "Hey, that' not lunch kid!"
As they reached Jeannie's room, Paul felt Kelsey's hand on his arm. "What?" he asked.
"Paul, I just was thinking, well Jeannie is probably going to have a very rough time ahead of her…"
"Why? Post partum depression?" he asked.
"What's that?"
"Baby blues you mean? Like she's gonna be depressed?"
"No. I mean she's going to be under some very powerful instincts. Sometimes… well Shandi was telling me that dragon people… especially those that are human with dragon instincts… especially females that are brooding. Well they get a little insane sometimes."
"She wouldn't harm the egg would she?"
"No. But she might get to be extremely moody and protective at this stage. Shandi said some species of dragon, the father and mother both take turns watching the eggs. Other species, well the male runs off and leaves the female alone and certain instincts make her more edgy and ready to defend the child. Or in cases if the mate is killed, the female digs deeper into her draconian instincts to survive."
"Is Jeannie the former or latter?"
"Well if the male, the father or dominant male sticks around and shares in the parental duties, the effects of the brooding will be less severe for the mother. But if no male is present, then she might withdraw totally into the blood fever. She'll assume she's mate less. She won't recognize anyone or anything, just her child. She might even attack you or the others…"
"Even Gene?"
"Not Gene, because he's family. But he's so worried about those three youths… he's told me he's scared that they'll attack us at any time. That's why he's been on patrol so
much… he and his son…"
"Well, I'll just make sure that Jeannie has someone around her," Paul nodded. "I can do my mind probing anywhere."
"Be careful Paul…"
"This is my grandson. I'm responsible for it," he nodded. "I may not be a Dragon, but this kid is part Star Child."
He knocked at the door, but heard a low growl. Slowly he opened it, seeing Jeannie curled around the egg tightly, blankets shredded oddly around her into a strange circular shape on the floor. He heard the low growling continue into a strange crooning noise. Primal instincts crackled into his mind when he probed gently.
"Shit," Kelsey muttered. "It's already happening…"
"What do I do. I have to tell Gene…"
"Stay with her Paul. I'll go find him. Don't leave her alone. She needs a mate…"
"I got you," Paul nodded, and moved into the room. Kelsey shut the door behind him, and sighed. She prayed this would work.
"Jeannie?" Paul asked, moving over and crouching over her. "You all right…"
A snarl made him jump back, as she turned her head at him. Eyes flared crimson for a moment, her hand upraised to strike if he came too close. Paul moved back a little bit, his dark eyes fixing into hers as he said softly, "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to make sure the kid's okay…"
Suddenly the light in Jeannie's eyes faded and she shook her head. Fear filled the moist green pools, and she peered back in shame as she said, "Paul… I… don't know what
came over me. I just… it was as if I slipped away…"
"Kelsey said it was some sort of Dragon thing. For some reason you're slipping into it because you're brooding…"
"Damn, sometimes I wish I never took the power," Jeannie groaned. Paul lay an arm across her shoulder, and reached out to touch the egg. She let him, lifting it up in its wraps so he could hold it for a change. He ran a finger over the warm surface.
"Are you doing all right?" he asked her again. "Why don't we sit up on the bed here…"
"I did this… shit," Jeannie groaned, noticing the nest she had made on the floor.
"I guess so," Paul nodded with a slight laugh, helping her to stand. "Can I hold him…"
"Hold him close," she whispered. "He must stay warm…"
Paul felt her pull aside the blanket, so his bare chest contacted the smooth shell. He carefully wrapped his arms around the egg, while Jeannie turned it. He set it on his lap, hugging it there as if it were a baby. Strange chikara shimmering within, signaling the life that continued to gestate inside.
"I can hear its heartbeat," Jeannie said. She lay alongside of Paul, urging him to lie down next to her on the bed.
"Want me to sit it for a while?" Paul asked.
"No… just stay here with me," she whispered. "Keep us both warm…"
"I can do that," Paul smiled. She sighed and lay alongside him, bracketing the egg between their bodies. Paul slipped his arm under her neck, and she rested her head on his shoulder. For a moment, he shivered as her dragon booted leg slipped over his, and he twined his leg around it to pull them close side by side.
"Mmm," she murmured, stroking a hand up and down his chest. "Thank you for staying. But
shouldn't u be out patrolling with Dad?"
"He can handle it. Right now, someone's gotta make sure you're ok…" Paul nodded,
and grabbed the sheet that still lay intact to one side. He tossed it over them all, and pulled it
up to both their necks, making a soft place for the egg between her and him. In his arms, they were
so warm and breathing it made a tingle shiver all over Paul. He didn't see her as a little girl, but
as a woman, he had come to know so many years ago.
Jeannie gently pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, and stroked his hair. Sighing, Paul stroked her own hair aside, and realized how hard it was to resist going any further then now. All these years he had remembered the Dragon Woman he had shared a memorable encore with, only to find she was from his own future. Softly she continued to kiss his cheeks and then lightly ran her tongue over his lips and he moaned softly. Between his legs she stroked hers, causing Paul to gasp. He couldn't help himself as he pulled her closer; egg still nestled between them as he caught her lips in a kiss.
"Mmm, Paul," she moaned.
"Jeannie… we have to be careful…"
"I know…" she whispered. Hot warmth surged through her to him and into the egg as she rotated it. It was nestled in the hollow between her breasts and Paul's chest, smooth and warm. All reasons why this was wrong, why he shouldn't were thrown aside as Paul let her tease his lips apart and wrap her tongue around his. Hormones and desire won out over caution, and Paul trapped her legs in his again.
"I never stopped thinking about you, all these years," Paul whispered against her dark lips. "I know this is wrong… but I can't help myself… please stop me…"
"I don't want to," Jeannie whispered back. "I want you so badly…"
"But you're my best friend's daughter… I didn't want to… and you were in love with my son… and still are…"
"I know. But I can't help how I feel, Paul. Ever since I was a child, I had dreams about being with you. It's silly…. Just a childhood crush. But when I saw you in the past…"
"Ohh Jeannie, it's okay…" Paul whispered. "I know it's crazy, but I can't help it either…"
Gently she plunged her tongue between his red lips, savoring his moist mouth. Her dark nails buried in his onyx curls, lips moving in an intricate dance when his tongue slipped around hers. Between her legs he stroked his thigh, and felt her groan as she was suddenly sent into a swift climax against him.
"I still love you, after all this time," Paul whispered. He heard no answer, for Jeannie had fallen fast asleep in his arms.
"Perfect," Paul sighed, and tried to settle into sleep himself.
************************************************************** *
Gene was pensive when he landed, and strode up to his son Nathan. A look of concern passed between them and silent acknowledgement. From the guesthouse, Peter Criss strode up and
looked to Gene.
"Any sighting?" he asked.
"Nothing," Gene snorted. "Two days and I've seen nothing. Paul's sensed nothing. And yet I could swear that someone was watching us… am I going freaking crazy?"
"I can smell trouble just brewing," Peter snorted. "So can Tyler. That's what worries me…"
"Nick, is Jeannie…"
"She's sleeping. Paul's with her… he hasn't left her side since last night… and Susan's helping Ace with Shandi… and Kelsey…"
"There you are!" Kelsey shouted as she rushed out to Gene. "I've been worried sick! Where the hell have you been?"
"Patrolling doll," he said, folding his arms across his chest. "Now stop worrying!"
"Easy for you to say damn it," Kelsey snorted. "I hate this running off. Why don't you let some of us take off with you for a change…"
"Because you're the only one here who knows about midwifing, and well," Peter said.
"If you start with that 'man's work' nonsense again… I'll remind you that I'm a
warrior!" Kelsey began.
"How the hell can we forget," Peter rolled his eyes. "Shit… with you reminding us every freaking…"
"Peter, can it," Gene said. "Let me handle this…"
"Whatever," Peter rolled his eyes. "I'm going out to take a sniff…"
"Careful, Peter," Nathan said.
"You bet…" Peter nodded, and suddenly there was a shift in green chikara that crackled over him. Flesh and bones reunited as he dropped to all fours and a massive Black Panther with green eyes and white facial markings stretched its back in his place. Launching himself on back legs, Peter rose gracefully over the garden wall into the air.
"You see, Gene, you're not the only one who can fight," Kelsey protested. "You haven't been back to see your grandkid! What's going on here?"
"Those little shits are out there, plotting against us, in case you don't know!" Gene growled. "I have to make sure they don't try anything smart… especially when my grandson is just laying around, and I've got a houseful of children!"
"You don't have to be the big bad Demon," Nathan put in. "Let some of us help take up the fight…"
"I protect what's mine," Gene snarled, in a warning tone. "This is not something I'm going to debate about, son…"
"I know Dad, I just worry that you're overdoing it…" Nathan protested.
"Well don't," Gene warned.
"We can't help it," Kelsey snapped. "Stop being so damn stubborn! What is going on here…"
"I don't' see why I'm being interrogated left right and center!" Gene yelled. "I'm capable of handling this! We all are! We're not old farts anymore!"
"Which is why you have to be careful!" Kelsey protested. "If you start getting arrogant and thinking you can do anything, that's when a warrior is most vulnerable! My Demon taught me…"
"Well I'm not your Demon all right, lady?" Gene growled. "Sorry but I'm not! Got it?"
"Yes," Kelsey lowered her eyes, stifling off her tears. "Every fucking day I'm reminded of it, thank you very much…"
Angrily she ran away, pushing past Gene and running into the house. Nathan glared at his father, shaking his head, "Nice going dad!"
"Shit. I'm not her Demon," he muttered again. "I didn't mean to hurt her feelings but…"
"Well, she knows that. But are you going to stand here talking to me or go talk to her?" Nathan shot back.
"Well what can I say?"
"Tell her you're sorry, maybe?" Nathan asked. He turned and strode toward the guesthouse where Tyler and his family resided. Sighing, Gene turned to look at the house thoughtfully.
********************************************************* ********
Nathan wandered into the guesthouse, and found Jennie, with Mona and Tyler. Mona held her daughter against her chest while Tyler cradled their son. Both looked up at the sound of Nathan entering.
"How's it going?"
"Pretty well," Jennie looked up and led him inside. "Anything new?"
"Gene came back… and Peter…"
"We know," Jennie nodded. "He figured it was his turn to patrol… is Gene ok?"
"As well as he can be. I'm worried… he's so obsessed with finding Sean and Darryl…" Nathan sighed. "How are you guys holding up?"
"Sleep sure helps," Mona smiled. "I feel so tired still though…"
Jennie held out her arms to take the girl from her, and sat down as Nathan took a place near Tyler. Both young men regarded each other with concern. "I know it's stupid, but are you worried too about our dads?" Nathan asked.
"I am, sort of yes," said Jennie. "Aren't you, Ty?"
"I admit I am, too," he nodded. "Especially Gene."
"Why?" Mona asked.
"Because our dads are suddenly twenty or thirty years younger," Tyler answered. "And because of that they are probably going to get a little crazy with it. We have to make sure they don't do anything stupid…"
"Wait, you're talking about our dads!" Mona protested. "They have all the memories of their lifetimes… I mean they aren't senile!"
"But Kelsey and I were talking," Nathan broke in. "And she's worried that they might get some false bravado. Because they're younger their powers are at full peak, and they might take risks they shouldn't…"
"Oh no, I would hate to be parents to our parents!" Jennie groaned. "Dad will hate that!"
"We just keep our eyes and ears open then," Tyler nodded. "And make sure we all keep in close communication…"
************************************************* **********
Kelsey curled up on the sofa, sobbing. She had only snatched small bits of sleep in the last two days, and her nerves were worn to shreds. Lately it had been hard to dream of her Demon, and her life in Astron Tellar seemed like a dream. Would she ever return there again?
"Kelsey, are you in here?" came Gene's voice.
"Go away!" she shouted. "Leave me alone!"
"Kelsey, don't be like this…" Gene answered, and she heard the stomp of his
dragon boots as he entered the living room.
"Just don't say anything, leave me alone," she sobbed into the pillow bitterly. Weight
shifted as Gene sat down next to her and she flinched at the touch of a spiked glove on her
shoulder. Rudely she pushed him away as he tried to hug her.
"Kelsey, I'm sorry… all right? I had no right to snap at you. I've just been on edge and…"
"Do you know how much it hurts not knowing if you can go back home?" she sobbed, turning to him with red swollen eyes. They were filled with tears.
"I know Kelsey, I just… shit, would you look at me… please…"
"Just leave me. Spare me the indignity of your pity…"
"Kelsey, that's not why I'm here," Gene sighed. "I'm very touched how you worry, but I don't want you to…"
"Why not?" she asked. "Do I mean so little to you that I have to be silenced like a slave?"
"No, not unless you want to be my love slave…"
Anger exploded in her, and she turned to raise her hand to punch him. With lightening speed Gene seized her wrist and held it fast, inches from his face. "Let me go!" she screamed. "Damn you…"
"I was only joking. Look, this is truly my day to apologize…" Gene sighed. "I admit I was an asshole out there…"
"If that is a pejorative term, then you fit it," she snarled. "Let me go…"
"No. Not till I apologize for being one," he said calmly.
"Spare me…" she began, but he caught hold of her fist in his other hand, and gently pinned her under him as she struggled and kicked in anger. Her angry cry was silenced with soft lips pressing firmly to hers, his tongue stifling her sobs as it worked its way into her mouth. At first she pushed against him and resisted, and hated herself for letting her own body respond this way.
"I don't pity you at all," Gene whispered, as he parted from her. "I want to apologize. I want to hear what you have to say. And it's very sweet of you to be so concerned. You helped bring my grandchild into this world, and for that, I'll be grateful. And you've made a lonely man very happy…"
"How sorry are you?" Kelsey asked.
"Very sorry," Gene whispered, sweeping her up into his arms. "And now I want to make a lonely woman very happy, and very comfortable…"
"Ohhhhh this isn't fair," she sobbed, as his lips met hers again. Like a baby she cried into his armored shoulder as he carried her up to his room.
"No it isn't," he growled, bringing her into his master bedroom, and closing the door behind them. He set her down on the bed, and locked the door carefully.
"Now, we shouldn't be disturbed. And I've got a stiff proposition, baby…"
"Err, well luckily I do have an opening for you," she laughed, getting his meaning.
Brown eyes sparkled with a lusty health she had not seen since her Demon. He pushed her down on the
bed, straddling her hips as he traced her lips and neck with his tongue. Fingers grabbed her KISS
rhinestone T-shirt and tugged it up out of her pants. She lifted her arms, letting him peel off each
garment and bathe her body in hot strokes of his tongue. Stopping at her breasts, he feasted upon
each in turn. She moaned at the feel of his tongue in her navel and his slow unfastening of those
leggings that he called bluejeans. ****************************************************************
Paul surfaced from sleep, reaching for Jeannie. He wished he had gone further, but in some ways he was glad they didn't. When he opened his eyes, he realized her place in the bed was empty! Anxiously he reached and found the egg safely nestled against his chest, his arm wrapped around it protectively. But where was Jeannie?
Perhaps she had gone to the bathroom, Paul reasoned. Grumbling he stretched and lay the egg aside, raising his hands above his head. Her kisses were still sweet on his lips, and he was hungry for more.
"Jeannie? Baby, are you in there?" he asked. "Don't be shy now…"
Silence. He heard a loud scream from down the hall and realized it was Kelsey when a flood of passion surged in his senses. Flushing he dampened that rush of sexual energy off and focused his probes on locating Jeannie.
He could not sense her mind anywhere. Where was she? He realized he was still holding the egg in one arm. Panic rose in his mind when he reached the span of his probes farther. Reaching past he touched the minds of Nathan and Susan, both asleep. Peter was out over the city, on patrol. Jennie and Tyler were in the guesthouse with Mona and the kittens. Ace and Shandi were down the hall, with the new life of Kiara flickering.
Where was Jeannie?
"Shit," he cursed. "What the hell…"
Images flooded his mind, when he scanned the room yet again. Her chikara crackled faintly, and he moved about to follow the trail. Still carrying the egg, he headed downstairs, following her elusive wisps of chikara.
They led out the front door, to the entry of the perimeter. Panic again seized Paul and he reached out with his thoughts to Peter, "PETER! HEAR ME! Jeannie's gone!"
"Say what?" came the confused mess of Peter's response.
"Jeannie, she's split! Do you know where she is?"
"Damned if I know! I just got back. Better wake everyone up…"
Paul reached out again with his thoughts, sweeping the whole compound in a purple wave. Chikara crackled from around the halo of curly darkness. Each mind heard his wakeup call, loud and
*******************************************************< br> "Ummm," Ace groaned, shuddering awake. He heard the cry of a baby, and shook Shandi next to him.
"I can hear you loud and clear Paul," she cursed.
"Turn it down man, you're scaring the baby…" Ace grumbled in his thoughts, picking up the baby and struggling to hold it as Kiara howled and grabbed his hair.
"I'll take her," Shandi offered, and he handed her the baby. Grumbling Ace threw on his
costume hastily, tossing his robe to Shandi.
"What's going on?" Ace demanded, storming out of his room. He had just dropped off to sleep when it seemed the rude telepathic awakening had hit. In reality, he had a full eight hours, although it felt like only five minutes.
Shandi rushed after him, cradling Kiara close to her. She struggled into Ace's robe, and followed him down the hall. From the end, Gene grumbled and opened his door, Kelsey next to him. Both of them looked like bears awaking from hibernation.
"This had better be good, damn it," Gene growled.
"I'm sure it's a real emergency," she said, rubbing her eyes. Gene took her hand and led her out with him, following Ace. Susan and Nathan were already emerging from their rooms,
bleary eyed as well. They all gathered in the main sitting room. Mona and Jennie held the
kittens, near a concerned Tyler and Peter.
Paul paced back and forth, still holding the egg against his chest, wrapped in a blanket. Everyone noticed the few purple blotchy spots, which now resembled five pointed stars on its surface. Susan held out her arms and offered to take the egg from him.
"Thanks, 'he muttered.
"Is the baby ok?" Gene asked, rubbing his eyes.
"Yes," Paul sighed. "But Jeannie's not. She's gone."
"Gone, what do you mean gone?" Gene growled.
"I mean split, vamoose," said Paul. "I don't know what happened…"

"Why would she leave?" Mona asked.
"That's not like Jeannie at all," Susan muttered.
"Kelsey, is that something to do with that blood fever?" demanded Paul of Kelsey.
"I don't know. This is weird! Shandi."
"It doesn't make sense," said Shandi, shaking her head. "I just don't get why she'd leave, and not take her child…"
"She left it with me," Paul murmured. "I sat with her, just like you said. It makes no sense…"
"Unless Jeannie felt she had some unfinished business," Tyler muttered, and then trailed off.
"Say what?" Peter asked.
"What exactly do you mean by that?" Gene demanded.
"Well maybe she's pissed about Sean?" Tyler ventured. "How he betrayed us. And now she's had the kid, she's left it where it's safe…"
"But to go without telling us… why?" Mona asked.
"We have to find her, before she does something stupid," Paul groaned. "Especially if she's not in her right mind…"
"But Jeannie… she's…" Susan protested.
"Blood fever. An attempt to protect her child," Shandi muttered. "She left her child here with us where it's safe and can be cared for. If she doesn't succeed."
"This is nuts, completely nuts!" Gene growled.
"I know," Paul said with a sigh. "I wish I could have known she'd just leave…"
"Uh, this is a stretch," Mona said. "But didn't you say that Jeannie almost had a brush with Blackwell…"
"She did, but what has this to do with…" Paul asked.
"Blackwell, that would make sense," Kelsey muttered. "Even those who have been rescued from him still have difficulty expelling the blackness. One of the things the Elder did with the four of us was to purge our souls of any damage inflicted. Jeannie's probably thinking she might be able to convince Darryl and Sean to leave Vanessa…"
"Oh shit," Gene growled. "I have to go save my little girl…"
"We both do," said Paul.
"Correction, all four of us do," said Peter. "Right Ace?"
"But the kids…" said Ace.
"Yes, that's a problem," Gene grumbled. "Shandi and Mona… their powers are gonna be sapped giving birth…"
"We can take care of them," Kelsey offered. "I swear I'll protect them with my life."
"I'll be here," said Tyler, nodding. "Nobody will hurt my wife or kids as long as I breathe…"
"Amen to that," Jennie nodded, moving over to her brother.
"And we've got the weapons from the future," Susan said, looking to Nathan. "Say the word and we'll kick their asses."
"Good going. But you have to stay safe," Gene nodded. "I don't want anything else to happen."
"It won't, Dad," said Nathan. "Go out there and find Jeannie…"
"Tyler, I'm leaving you in charge here," said Gene, looking to him.
"Gene, just get outta here and find your kid," she said. Susan nodded, holding the egg
in her arms carefully. Shandi rushed to Ace, hugging him close as she still held her own baby.
"Be careful," Jennie said to her father. He hugged her and gave her a kiss, and turned to Mona and Tyler. She felt his kiss as well, and a hug was given to Tyler. Ace hugged his daughter tightly, and squeezed Tyler's hand.
"Take care of the space cats, ok?"
Shandi hugged Ace close, pressing a kiss to his darkened lips as he leaned over. She slipped something into his hand, and whispered into his ear. He grinned, and gave her the thumbs up. Gene hugged his daughter and son, and turned back to Kelsey. Sweeping her up in one arm, he kissed her soundly.
"Mona, get on the terminal. Open the perimeter," Ace told her. "And remember, you've got all those modern toys to help defend this place…"
"All right," Gene said, turning to his three friends. "Are we ready to kick ass, and find Jeannie?"
"Damn straight," Peter nodded.
"You got it," Ace gave the thumbs up.
"Let's do it," Paul nodded. "Ace?"
With but a flick of his thumb, Ace tripped the trigger within his mind. All four vanished in a haze of silver sparklers. Leaving the others far behind. Everyone regarded each other soberly, and settled down to wait yet again for KISS to return.
*************************************************************** *************