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Eskimon Sun
By StarbearerTM
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. I don't own KISS, or its members or their mentioned family members herein, and this story means no harm. It's a work of a devoted fan for the enjoyment of other KISS Army soldiers. Some of the ideas in this book come from Christine Criss (forever_a_kissgirl@yahoo.com) whose character appears in this story.
"What caused them to flip out?" asked Shannon. "And I hate to ask but WHY is it your fault? Unless you did something you shouldn't have…"
"Oh come on," Shandi said defensively. "Like YOU wouldn't have another lover besides Gene?"
"She's right. What's good for men should hold true for women," said Cinnamon as she walked in, to check on Shandi and mainly to figure out what had set Ace off against Peter. Tamara could tell from the curious look in her eyes that Cinnamon was very interested in Peter's welfare. She knew her friend also liked Peter Criss as well as Gene Simmons.
"She has a point. Men don't get the equality concept when it comes to women having open relationships if they can. If a man expects to be able to be having multiple sex partners, why shouldn't his lady friends if she wants to?" Tamara snorted. Although she didn't exactly care for the thought of Paul or other men she had loved having an open relationship, she advocated things
being in the open. IT was the brutal honesty that sometimes got her into trouble. Sometimes she
admitted TOO much.
"There's a difference," said Shannon sternly, but not unkindly as she stroked Shandi's back. "I'm
honest and up front with Gene regarding who I'd be with. I've always been that way with any lover
I've had. If I DO feel like having an open relationship I let them know…"
"But even if Ace was ignoring me and the baby?" asked Shandi, folding her arms across her chest and
pouting. "It's NOT fair. It's like he's caring MORE about his computers than me…"
"Didn't you guys say that he was trying to invent machines to help us survive? Hello… he
SHOULD be working hard…" Cinnamon started. "Not to pick on you… it sucks that he was
ignoring you… but still… how MUCH was he ignoring you?"
"Not coming to bed at all sometimes, and falling asleep in the lab," Shandi sniffled.
"He did say he'd take care of the baby like it was his own, didn't he?" Shannon asked, sitting down next to Shandi. Tamara felt the weight of Kiara in her arms, and the eyes open wide as the baby glanced from her mother back to Tamara again, an unsettled look on its face. While it didn't cry, Kiara still seemed rather silent for a normal baby.
"Yes but…" Shandi trailed off. "I know I assumed he was the dad, but later on, I overheard Ace saying to Peter that the baby wasn't mine… but he wanted to be a daddy to it. He could have told me…"
"You mean you don't remember who the father was?" Tamara asked, an eyebrow raised. "I thought you were not in a long term relationship… and that you were using birth control… I knew you wanted a baby, but I thought you'd remember the daddy you wanted…"
"I mean I remember knowing, but I also remember I was OUT. And the baby WAS born quicker because of some time spell… right Shannon?" asked Shandi, looking confused and lost as if she were only 12 instead of 17
"Yes, that's right…"
"What the hell?" asked Cinnamon. "Wait a minute here… spells?"
"It's a long story," said Shannon with a sigh.
"But what about Peter?" asked Shandi. "I don't want him in trouble cause of me!"
"I saw him being taken to the bungalow," said Shannon. "And Ace is in his room…"
"Oh god, I'm so confused. I'm so MAD at Ace… and I want both," Shandi sniffled. Shannon sighed and shook her head.
"Then you should have ASKED," she scolded. Shandi began to pout angrily as Shannon distanced herself, and Cinnamon shrugged.
"Well, shit happens," Cinnamon said. "I mean hell it IS the end of the world…"
"It's ok Hunny," Tamara said as she moved over and put her arm around Shandi, still holding Kiara in her other arm. She hugged the teenager to her, giving her a soft kiss on the top of her head as Shandi tried not to cry. Shannon sighed, and Tamara sensed the emotions of irritation towards her friend, and confusion from Cinnamon. Shandi's misery poured into her, and she could swear she felt a deep warm glow pass from her to her friend.
"Thanks," Shandi sniffled.
"Look we're NOT dissing you," said Shannon irritated. "I just mean… you should have been honest…"
"I was MAD, ok?" Shandi snapped.
"Easy, fighting won't help. Why don't you just go and talk to Ace and get this all out, and say you're sorry?" suggested Tamara. "You're not totally at fault, and Peter DID consent to have sex with you, didn't he? Takes two to tango."
"Yep, she's right," Cinnamon nodded. "Where is Peter again? And would they mind if he had visitors… or is he off limits?"
"He's in the bungalow… Nathan or Jennie can show you the way," Shannon said as she sat on Shandi's other side, and rested a hand on her friend's shoulder to show she still was partly on her friend's side.
"See you later Tammi," said Cinnamon as she strode out. "I'm gonna check on the cat man… see if he's ok."
"I want to see him…" Shandi sniffled.
"Maybe you should wait till they both cool off?" Tamara suggested, feeling hostility drifting through her mind. She flinched, feeling a torrent of emotions flooding through her, and it made her heart and head ache.
"Are you ok?" asked Paul as he stood at the door. With a cry, Shannon leapt off the bed and grabbed the source of the voice, her knife just under his chin.
"Paul! Shannon let him go!" Tamara gasped.
"Shit, you scared me!" Shannon gasped as she released him, and Paul gave a chuckle, looking at the apology in her eyes. She flushed red, and backed away.
"We're all edgy," said Paul. He strode over to Tamara and Shandi, and sat next to Tamara, so she was sandwiched between Shandi and the Star Child.
"Paul… what's happening to me…" Tamara whispered. "I feel… I feel so strange!"
"I'm going to have to teach you how to control your powers," said Paul.
"But you said I could transmute things…" Tamara said, her eyes glistening with tears as she soaked up the emotions around her like a sponge. "Instead I'm a freaking Deanna Troi!"
"I'm going to work with you… and we'll have to divert that empathy into your physical powers…" said Paul as he clasped her hand, and she felt some of the feelings dampening to levels she could control.
"Shandi, I need a word with you…" came Gene's voice as he stood in the doorway. "Is she ok to talk, doll?"
"She's calming down, Gene," said Shannon as she felt Gene resting his hand on her shoulder.
"You need to make a decision, little girl," said Gene as he strode into the room and Shandi glanced up at him in irritation.
"Where do you get off telling me what to do?" she asked.
"Because I'm in charge," Gene answered without question, raising an eyebrow under the shifting mask of black.
"Who died and made you king?" asked Shandi, shivering with anger. "I mean we like didn't elect you... and I mean you ARE Gene, but still…"
"Natural selection," said Gene. "Look, someone has to take charge of this outfit."
"Then start leading Gene…" Paul snapped irritably. "If you appointed yourself…"
"Did you guys discuss it?" Tamara asked simply.
"Well since I usually make the decisions, me and Paul…" Gene trailed off.
"They elected people in my community," Tamara said slowly.
"She's got a point, lover," Shannon said as she looked up at Gene.
"Considering most of my family is here… and that I'm used to making band decisions," Gene said slowly. "And well, Ace and peter DID run with it… and nobody objected, not even you Paul…"
"True, but maybe we SHOULD give people a choice, especially since it's your idea to get the people from the hotel closer," Paul folded his arms across his hairy muscular chest.
"Look, sometimes we don't have time for this…" Gene sighed. "I'm all for democracy, but the whole freaking world is on the edge of destruction. Sometimes you have to take charge and get the job done right!"
"Well, yeah," said Shannon. "And I'm sure since you guys agreed he would call the shots, and you didn't object… and look, someone has to decide what to do about Ace and Peter…"
"I didn't elect you," Shandi snapped.
"True doll face, but we DID save your ass," Gene grumbled.
"Gene, please, calm down!" Tamara pleaded, moving between Shandi and Gene. "She's been under a lot of stress. What ARE you thinking of doing?"
"Namely that you apologize, Queenie," said Gene as he pointed to Shandi. "And decide who you want to be with. Ace or Peter. And if both, you NEED to have it in the open. I don't CARE which one you choose, but if you screw with the band and cause something to screw up."
"Ace IGNORED ME!" Shandi snapped at Gene. He bristled in anger, but Shannon grabbed Gene's arm and tugged it to get his attention.
"How would YOU feel if you caught me with Paul? You'd be pissed and hurt… and I know I'd be confused."
"She's young for God's sake," Paul sighed in disgust. "A young mother. Give her a break!"
"Fine. But if you're gonna be a parent you TAKE responsibility and you put your kid first, you hear?" Gene said angrily.
"I DO!" Shandi cried. "Ace promised to be a daddy, but he's ignoring me!"
"This isn't a fantasy, kid," Gene growled.
"Please don't do this," Tamara begged, and Paul noticed that a blue mist was sparkling from Shandi's fingers.
"You… arrogant son of a bitch!" Shandi cried as she raised her hand and a sparkle of energy surged toward Gene. Shannon grabbed her friend's hand as it exploded harmlessly in Gene's face.
"Son of a… mother f…" Gene cursed, as he rubbed his face. "That was uncalled for!"
"Simmer down all of you!" Paul shouted, his eyes blazing purple. "Or I SWEAR to God I'll use my powers to do it for you! We do NOT need this People!"
"Like I SAID, if you're going to be an adult, ACT like one!" Gene growled angrily. "You screw, you take responsibility! GOT me?"
"Gene please…" Tamara said, as she held Kiara in her arms, and Paul waved her away. Gene heaved in and out, temporarily blinded as Shandi gasped in disbelief at her fingers, and Shannon pulled her away from Gene, swallowing hard at the fury in Gene's eyes. Paul forced himself before Gene, grabbing the Demon by the arms and shoving his face right before Gene's. Kiara started to scream and cry, despite Tamara's efforts to quiet the baby.
"She's young, and scared, Gene!" Paul snapped. "Get a grip on yourself man! We can't let this rip us apart. Unless you want to do a few rounds with me yourself?"
"Maybe you need a time out?" Shannon said angrily. "Gene, she's my friend and I won't have you yelling at her dammit. Or else you're sleeping on the sofa!"
"I cannot let you endanger the baby," Tamara said as energy surged around her and Kiara, forming small orbiting spheres of light that resembled electrons orbiting an atomic nucleus. Shandi's hands misted blue at her sides, and she bit her lip as Shannon held her back from attacking Gene.
"Please, gimmie my baby," Shandi panicked as she rushed over to Tamara. Gene and Paul locked eyes, their chikara surging as their eyes flickered, and Tamara enfolded Shandi in her protective circling orbits of light. Shannon shook her head and mumbled a curse.
"Men," she sniffed. "Maybe a WOMAN should be in charge…"
"I agree," said Raina as she strode into the room, and pushed Gene and Paul apart. "What the hell is going on here?"
"Where were YOU?" Gene growled.
"I was in contact with some scientists who just HAPPENED to be on board a space station," said Raina angrily. "And that's WHY Ace wasn't around you, Shandi. He was trying to get a fix on the station and clarify the communicator so it could pick up the signal he saw on the radar."
"What?" Gene asked, blinking as his power faded. Paul's did as well, and so did Tamara's. Shandi held her baby, her lip quivering in anger.
"I was in the process of telling them what happened, when all hell broke loose here," said Raina, brushing back her hair.
"Astronauts in a space station?" Tamara asked.
"Yes. The freedom space station. Ace was asking them if they had any working space craft and if we should try to get a rocket up to them…" said Raina.
"You mean there are other humans alive?" asked Shannon. "Why didn't we know?"
"They thought the earth was dead," said Raina.
"Why didn't I sense them?" Paul asked.
"Because maybe they were too far away? Or else the cloud blocks your probes somehow?" suggested Raina.
"They're asking how many of us are alive… and if we want them to come down and help us out…"
"We should send up a rocket to them," said Gene slowly. "And find out what the hell they know."
"Ace could teleport to them," said Shandi slowly. Gene glanced over at her.
"Maybe THAT'S an answer to your problem?" asked Tamara. "I mean Shannon said a time out. If Ace goes on a trip, maybe he can take Shandi and Kiara with him up there, and at least get them out of the way while he and Peter cool down."
"I don't want that baby leaving here… if she's what the Elder say that she is," Paul said.
"She's MY baby, Star child," said Shandi defensively.
"Better go talk to him, Shandi. He's asking for you," said Raina. "He wanted to take you with him before I heard the fight break out."
"He did?" Shandi sniffled, wiping her eyes. "God!"
She rushed out of the room, carrying her baby as she called his name. Paul sighed and shook his head as he glanced at Raina, a million questions in his eyes. "That's possible but do we dare send the child away?" Gene asked. "I mean I'm a skeptic but I don't think a space station is a safe place for a baby."
"Ace can more than handle any problems… and after that fracas I saw, Shandi's going to need his help teaching her the use of her new powers…" said Raina. "And I'm going to be here keeping an eye on things on the ground."
"What about us?" asked Tamara slowly. "And Peter?"
"Well we can keep Peter here, if Ace leaves," said Gene slowly.
"I won't abandon my friends Paul," said Tamara. "They need me… every minute I spend here I could be helping them."
"Now wait doll, you can do just as much good in a better lab here…" Gene said.
"You can't let me abandon them, they are your fans!" Tamara said as she felt a crackle of energy surge between her fingers, and suddenly a lump of lead dropped to the floor.
"You better learn to use your powers first, Atomic Girl," Gene chuckled. "I think you've got a handful there, Paul. She's a regular nuclear lover."
"Shut up Gene," Paul mumbled. "I can't believe you'd let Ace take the hope for our future!"
"She'll be fine. And safe from the mutants," Raina said. "And it's only for a short time. Besides we have your children to protect as well… and Ace and Peter both need some time apart."
"Maybe we all need a vacation. I mean you've been pretty pissy Paul," Gene commented, concern and irritation twisting his mask a bit. "If your woman's so worried about the settlers, even though we're so close, and they COULD move here."
"I want to go, but Paul," Tamara whispered into Paul's ear.
"I'm going with you, sweetheart," Paul said as he slid his arm around Tamara's shoulders. "But you promise me one thing Gene. Don't let anything happen to my… our grand kid… or any of the children."
"Is it true Dad?" asked Elliot as he leaned in the door. "You want to go away?"
"Ell, I need to," Paul said softly as he looked at his son. "I'm needed elsewhere. Eric and Bruce will need help… and after spending time there… Tamara's right. One of us should be there. And you're more than capable of filling in for me."
"I know… but I miss you," Elliot sadly pointed out. "I only just came back to life, Dad."
"Kid, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do…" said Gene with a sigh. "And well… Elliot has the same powers you do… so I guess we'll be ok. And well… someone has to convince those idiots to come here… and you're the freaking spokesperson."
"All right, it's settled," said Paul. He saw a glint in Gene's eyes that made him unsettled. Tamara took Paul's hand, and Elliot glanced at his father in sad agreement. Even though Gene had forgotten most of what Paul had blocked from his mind, there must still be a shade of instinctual suspicion of Paul around Jeannie. Never mind that Paul seemed very satisfied with his new paramour.
Peter was when the small group gathered in the courtyard. Ace for some reason was also not present as the occupants of the compound came to watch the Star Child leave with his Atomic consort. Tears ran down Jeannie's face, as she held her egg close in a sling to her body, and Elliot stood at her side, his arm around her shoulders. Shandi was still with Ace, hopefully talking to him. Tyler held one of his twins while Mona held the other, and everyone else looked on. Nathan and Raina were loading a large H2 that they had adapted from Gene's vehicles. Boxes of food, medicines and other necessities were piled in. Gene had insisted that Tamara and Paul not risk flying; for fear that the mutants may attack them.
"That's everything they'll need but the freaking kitchen sink," Nathan laughed.
"Good," Gene nodded as he stood with Shannon at his side. Cinnamon was in with Peter, making certain he was all right. Paul sensed the lack of consciousness of Ace or Peter and sighed to himself. Or else Ace was purposely blocking his psychic probes. Tamara glanced around at all the people she barely knew. Cinnamon strode out of the hut and glanced at them.
"He's sleeping," she said. Walking over to Tamara she gave her a hug, rocking back and forth.
"I have to go with him."
"I'm glad you are, but I'll miss you. I'll try to bring Peter to visit," she whispered.
"You sure you don't want to come?" asked Tamara sadly.
"I'm needed here," she whispered. "Besides, someone has to comfort the Cat man…"
"True," Tamara nodded, wiping away a tear. She saw Shandi standing there, but she wasn't holding her baby. Tears were in her eyes, but she ran up and hugged Tamara.
"Thank you," she whispered.
"You and Ace?" she asked, and felt the answer as Shandi nodded.
"I'm going with him," she whispered. Paul frowned, and shook his head. Tamara glanced at him as if to remind him it wasn't their child or their choice.
"Paul… please take care," said Jeannie as she hugged him, and he stroked the egg tenderly.
"You take care of my son, and grandson," he smiled as he kissed her forehead. Turning to Elliot he hugged him tightly. Both father and son rocked and slapped one another on the back. Elliot kissed Tamara's hand, and Jeannie leaned close to whisper to her.
"Take care of Paul," she whispered to Tamara, who nodded.
"And take care of the new lives you have now in your charge," she heard Elliot's voice chime in her mind. Tamara's eyes widened and she felt her knees weaken.
"I can't be…" she whispered. Elliot nodded with a sly smile and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
Paul raised an eyebrow, and then hugged Tamara close to his hip. She felt weak and held close to him, wondering if he knew or not. Of course he had to. But maybe Elliot meant the people, which they were going back to help.
Paul saw Elliot hand him a small velvet box. A faint musical hum came from it, and Paul smiled as he slipped it into his jacket. He saw the wedding ring on Jeannie's finger, and smiled as his son raised his finger, showing a gold band. Tamara chuckled and Paul laughed. He knew she had forged it for them both.
"Take care, and don't be strangers," Gene said as he slapped Paul on the back, and leaned down to kiss Tamara's cheek. "You take care of him, sweet cheeks."
"I will," Tamara nodded as she looked up at Gene. Shannon and Shandi hugged her goodbye, and Paul squeezed her hand as he looked at everyone standing around them. Nathan moved over to the door of the courtyard. Slowly he drew back the bolt, and opened the outer door. It was for the best, he told himself. Everyone needed time away, just like in that Chicago song long ago. Even friends like him and Gene. Especially now that the tension threatened to tear KISS and their community apart with bickering.
"Goodbye, and see you later, people," Paul said slowly as he raised his hand, and a shower of rose petals rained down on them all. Taking Tamara's hand he led her over and opened the passenger door of Gene's now modified H2. She climbed in with his help, as he closed the door. Then he ran around and leapt into the driver's seat. He pulled her seatbelt into place, and clicked it as he smiled warmly at her. She saw him click his own belt into place. A shimmering rip opened in the blurring chameleon force field.
Paul turned the key in the ignition and fired the Hummer into life. Ace had replicated gasoline for their short trip. The massive engine lurched and rumbled as Paul pulled out, beeping the horn. Everyone shouted and cheered, as Gene breathed a fire flash, and Shandi lifted her hand to set off a series of sparkling flashes that made everyone jump. She grinned and glanced at Shannon who shook her head, giggling.
Paul and Tamara roared off, peering in the rear view mirror as the field closed behind them, and the waving group faded from sight. A tear welled up in her eye and she glanced at him, seeing the serious look on his face.
"Paul?" she asked slowly.
"Yes love?" he asked.
"What did Elliot mean about… the lives I've taken into my charge? He meant the people right?"
"Not just that, but two new additions," said Paul as he reached out and stroked his hand over her belly.
Tamara's eyes widened and she gasped,"No way… uh uh!”
Paul nodded with a knowing look, and leaned over to kiss her softly. He gripped her hand and whispered, "Twin stars. From what I know about astronomy, stars naturally happen in pairs."
"Holy… you mean that I… you and me… oh my…" Tamara breathed.
"I love you, and I want this," Paul whispered as he smiled at her. "And it will be okay."
"Our own?" Tamara murmured as she rubbed her belly. One night had given Paul a miracle. It was enough to get his own son back, and a grandson. But it was another thing to add two new star babies to the fold. There was yet another reason to rejoice, and yet another reason for him to fight to make the world livable for all. Tamara felt his thoughts moving into hers, and he mirrored the flashing sparks of two new lives that she bore inside. So tiny, but yet strong.