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The Main Franchise Bit

By FelineDragon14

Disclaimer: I do not own Tenchu, the Tony Hawk series, True Crime, or anything else that Activison deals with in their styles of gaming, I also don't own Neversoft. (Based off of the hip-hop chairs bit in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.)

(In an undisclosed area in Los Angeles)

Nick Kang:(Driving into the area Talking on his police M-Comm.) I heard something from this area behind the Dips & Flips building area I see nothing here but eight chairs.

(Just then we see a portal emerge with three people in it come out)

Rikimaru: Stupid portal I don't need another portal incident like earlier.

Ayame: Great, now you involve us in your portal travels.

Tesshu: That's the last time I take a portal with you guys, even though I haven't been involved with your time adventures.

Nick Kang: What the hell?

Everyone except Nick Kang: (Sweatdrops)

Nick Kang: What are you? Illegal aliens?

Rikimaru: No just from not around here.

Ayame: Say you? You know where we are?

Tesshu: I don't know myself I don't keep making accidental portals from final bosses and then jump into them unlike this time in which you dragged us along.

Rikimaru: Tesshu you wanted to come along I told you no but you wanted to see how it was.

Tesshu: I thought it would take us to RAW so we could kill that traitor bastard Randy Orton, and that jealous ass Christian the crybaby.

Rikimaru: Man you some kinda foul.

Tesshu: The hell? What was that bastard?

(While Tesshu and Rikimaru argue, Ayame and Nick Kang talk about them.)

Nick Kang: So do they always act like this?

Ayame: Not always, they act like this when fight over caltrops, rice balls, shirukens, and healing potions.

Nick Kang: Oh.

Ayame: Say you never said where were.

Nick Kang: You're in Los Angeles in the year 2004.

Ayame: What!? We traveled that far into the future.

Nick Kang: Yep.

(Just then a figure appears in front them)

???: Welcome lackeys of Activision to the cross company challenge.

Nick Kang: who are you any way?

???: The one and only Eric "A-Face" Sparrow.

Everyone but Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: (Sweatdropped)

(In the T.H.U.G. world in New Jersey.)

Ace Rasta: (Sneezes) I could have sworn that Eric dude was back. (The character I created in Tony Hawk Under Ground)

(Back in Los Angeles)

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: Ok, so me and people at Activision have come up with the idea to a crossover all of our properties to make this challenge, called hip-hop chairs evolution, and to the winner a gamecube.

Rikimaru: Didn't the winner get a PS2 in the clip?

Nick Kang: You're from a time that didn't have all that stuff how in the hell could you have known about that clip?

Rikimaru: During my first trip to New York in the 21st century after I defeated that bastard who I can't remember the name of, but released a disease that only rich people could get I checked out the good parts of New York, and found a PS2 with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 in it I checked out the Hip-Hop Chairs bit, and the winner had got a PS2.

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: That's true like in Skatestreet a certain someone partnered with the Neversoft president in Tony Hawk 2, and did a bit to advertise Spiderman. I know this because I played Tony Hawk 2. The prize to prove I am evil, is that you just get a Gamecube and Madden with it. (I am not dissing Gamecube or anything except Madden.)

Nick Kang: You are evil aren't you.

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: Being the biggest franchise that Activision has got it allows me to be evil at times.

Everyone but Eric "A-Face" Sparrow(Again): (Sweatdropped)

Ayame: You still have no idea of saying something original do you?

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: Nope, but any way behold my lackeys.

(Three figures come up behind him)

Lackey 1: Just be thankful I was there way before he was a legend. My name is Pitfall Harry. (A/N: We will just call him Harry here on out.)

Random Fanboy: Pitfall 2 sucked.

Harry: (Beats up Random Fanboy) So do you ass

Lackey 2: Hello Nick my name is General Kim.

Nick Kang: Well I guess it's dim sum time on your ass.

Kim: Bring it bitch. (Does the Rock's bring it taunt, and Nick starts to fight with Kim.)

Lackey 3: Any way my name is irrelevant but its Spike Dudley. (Gets killed, now who didn't see that was coming.)

Tesshu: (The person who killed Spike Dudley) Bastard this is what you get for being so damn evil. (20 Shirukens had lied on the ground.)

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: Oh well he was a paperweight any way, behold the alternate lackey known as Officer Dick.

Dick: Hey I'm back.

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: Now we get the hip-hop chair battle started.

(Music plays they move around the chairs, and Nick, and Kim have stopped fighting.)

Ayame: I can't believe Rikimaru tricked us into a musical chair parody.

Tesshu: At least the portal we had didn't send us to the E.T. game world. (If you don't know what I mean then shame on you.)

Nick Kang: Very true.

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: You will lose this match, and have no Gamecube.

(Music stops, Eric "A-Face" Sparrow is out)

Officer Dick: I can't believe I got out first.

Rikimaru: You're just a poser any way so who cares.

Ayame: How do you know about that?

Rikimaru: A few weeks ago...(Gets interrupted)

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: Rikimaru I know that your knowledge of the game is good but don't spout out the facts like someone who is a fanboy of the Tony Hawk games.

Rikimaru: What was that for?

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: I don't know.

(Music starts again)

Ayane: I wonder how long this is going to last.

Nick Kang: Well there are seven people left.

(A/N: Note to make this less tedious to me I'm skipping to the last two people in there, which will be Eric "A-Face" Sparrow, and Rikimaru)

Nick Kang: I wonder why he did that?

Hiro: I've been working on this fic for a long time months and I need to get this done.

Ayame: Oh.

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: So you ready to lose Rikimaru?

Rikimaru: Idiot. With my l33t ninja skills I will make sure you lose.

(Couple seconds later)

Rikimaru: I told you I have l33t ninja skills ass.

Eric "A-Face" Sparrow: Shut up. (Hands him the gamecube with Madden in it.)

Rikimaru: (Kicks Eric's lights out) That was leaving my character in a jail in Moscow bastard.

Nick Kang: Now what?

Rikimaru: Let's go buy some better games for the system.

Ayame: Let's go then.

End: One-shot.