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CEO in the Host Club
Ch.6: Dragon vs. Shadow King

Seto stormed into the host club disturbing the guest inside.
"Get out!" Seto growled at the girls who was staring at him surprised.
The guest got out of their seats and hurried out of the room. Kyoya raised an eyebrow at Seto.
"Is there any reason why you came here, Mr. Kaiba?" Kyoya asked, calmly as he twalked towards him and sat down onto pme pf the yellow couches while the rest of the host club hid behind him.
Seto looked at Kyoya before taking a seat on the opposite couch of the Host Club.
"Well Mr. Ootroi, I thought we had an agreement, if you and your... conpanions stayed away from me and my family I wouldn't run your business into the ground." Kaiba said in a all businesss tone as he locked eyes with Kyoya.
"I did understand that Mr. Kaiba but I also said if you didn't join the Host club I would have to take certain measures." Kyoya said, calmly.
"It's a war bwtween blue eyes dragon CEO Seto Kaiba and our Shadow King Kyoya Ootori." Tamaki said as he and the twins were shaking at the battle that was happening between the two teents.
"I had never agreed to join your host club so then for I have no ties to your club but you on the other broke your end of the agreement." Kaiba said coldly.
"I didn't break our deal, in fact you threatened me not trying to seek an agreement." Kyoya said giving Seto one of his dark smiles.
Kaiba clenched his hand digging his nails into the palms of his hands. Haruhi sighed and decide to step in.
"Kaiba, Kyoya-senpai, why don'y you guys come to a proporsition, Kaiba will come Thurdays and Fridays to be a host and all the rest of the time we all leave Kaiba alone while he not being a host." Haruhi suggested.
Both Kyoya and Kaiba gave her a cold stare she couldn't help but flinch slightly.
"Well that's fine with me." Seto said turning his attention back to the youngest Ootori.
"Alright then I will draw up the paper work and give it to you in a hour to review." Kyoya said as Tamaki handed Kyoya his laptop and began to work.
The rest of the Host club drawn the covers to let their guest back in and continued to entertain their guest. Once an hour passed the Host Club was closing Kyoya and Kaiba stepped from behind the blinds to shake hands as they reached an agreement. Seto quickly left the host club room to return home.
"So Kyoya does this mean we have a new host?" Tamaki asked him.
Kyoya turned and gave his signature Shadow King smile before he opened his black notebook and began to write something inside.