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CEO in the Host Club
Ch.5:The Visit Part 2

The host Club stared at Mokuba for a minute hoping to get an answer. "Sorry about that Seto must had a bad day so Joey going to go see what wrong?" Mokuba explained.

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Joe y entered the room momentarily after Seto. Once he was inside he was pulled into a hug. "Bad day again, Seto?" Joey asked as Seto just grunted in respone. "We can not stay up here all day and cuddle Seto, we have guest. Seto Groaned as he thought it was some of Joey's friends. "fine, lets get this over with." Seto said as he let go of Joey and startred to walk down the stairs.

When they arrived into the Living room, Seto froze in surprise as he saw his brother teaching the Host club how to play Duel Monsters. "What are you guys do here!" Seto yelled glaring daggers at the Host club. "Big brother, no need too be rude I was just teaching them how to play Duel mosters." Mokuba told him as he looked at his brother.

"Mokuba-" Seto started, looking at his kid brother. "Don't you Mokuba me, Seto your friends came all this way to see you so do not be rude!" Mokuba yelled at his brother. Seto snorted and crossed his arms before taking the open seat next to Joey. Joey smiled slightly and ran his hand through Seto's brown locks, calming him down slightly.

"Fine." Seto spat as he glared Host Club one last time before turning away from them Kyoya smirked as he saw the younger Kaiba had the older one whipped. Mokuba continued to teach the Host Club the Basic of duel monsters while. Joey pulled Seto's head into his lap and began to thread his fingers inside of his brown locks.

Seto eyes closed as he felt Joey's warm, comforting hand through his hair. Haruhi noticed the Exchanged between the two but didn't say a word. Joey glanced over at the clock and noticed it would be dinner time soon. "Do you guys want to stay over for dinner?" Joey asked them as Seto instantly stood erect staring at Joey suprised.

Tamaki shook his head and replied "Sorry, we can't stay in fact it is time for us to leave." Mokuba pouted slightly before saying "You guys can come back any time." Seto quickly glared at the Host Club saying they weren't welcomed back but the ingnored him. "I will lead them out." Seto said as he lead the Host Club to the front door.

Once they were out of ear shot Seto turned to glare at the host club. "I don't give a damn about what my brother said you are not allowed to get in a ten mile radius of my house without my knowledge cause your starting to make me angry." Seto growled at them. Kyoya simply nodded his head as the Host Club left the Mansion.