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CEO in the Host Club
Chapter 9: 2 Psychos
Seto was woken by Haruhi who told him they had arrived. Seto noticed that it was dark out so they must have traveled all night. They walked towards the house before them and entered the house. Kyoya led and arrived then to their rooms. Seto quickly entered his room and fell on bed and went back to sleep. The next morning he arrived in the kitchen to see Haruhi had already woken up.
He quickly went over to make him a cup of coffee.
"Oh good morning Kaiba-san." Haruhi said as Seto just grunted in response as he waited for his coffee.
Once Seto coffee was done. He quickly poured him a glass and took a sip. Seto sighed contently as he drunk half of his magor coffee. Not long after Seto finished his second mug of coffee the host club began to fill down the stairs waiting for breakfast to be serve. Once they are their breakfast Kyoya told them they had clients down at beach waiting for them.
As the day dragged on Seto heard a sicken familiar voice.
"Bakura! Look its the priest!" Marik shouted.
"Shit I can see him!" Bakura said as they began to walk over to him.
"What are you psychos doing here?" seto asked as they stood in front of Seto.
"Oh and here we thought we were friends." Marik said feign hurt.
"Pharoh and his chosen one invited us here." Bakura said.
"So this means all of the losers are here." Seto groaned as he glared at the two psychos before him.