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Disclaimer: I do not own Axis Powers: Hetalia, Artemis Fowl, or Ouran High School Host Club nor do I claim to. All basic ideas for the story were found on fanfiction.net, with the exceptions of A. The OC's Karin Harrison, and if they appear or are mentioned, Tamaki Carson, Garrett Miller, and Ami Summers. B. The plotline in which Artemis (Fowl) is friends with said OC's, C. Karin, Artemis, and the fairies' connection with the nations of Hetalia.
Karin Summer's is a sophomore at an average American High School. Up until 7th grade, her life was fairly normal, until a strange transfer student, the son of one of her mom's old friends happens to be the genius Artemis Fowl. Through her willpower she befriends the mastermind, but in turn gathers attention from the fairies that identify her as one of the few humans with the power to use magic.
As a result Karin gets sucked in to Artemis's adventures with the fairies, including a crackpot scheme to rescue his father from the Russian mafia and a time-traveling mission that led to Artemis disappearing for 10 months [[Different from the cannon story of Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony]]
After proving her trust to the fairies, they decide to let the human in on a little secret. Nearly 6 months after the events of The Time Paradox, the fairies send an odd man to Karin's house, one who claims to be the country of America. Now the first person (Besides their bosses, and Artemis who knew for years) to know the existence of the Nation Characters, as they are called by the fairies, Karin finds her self sucked into more odd, and often hilarious encounters. Along with meeting other Nation Characters from all corners of the globe, she and Artemis seem to get sucked into their arguments with each other, whether they wanted to or not.
One year later, Karin has good relations with the Characters she's met, who often show up at her house unexpectedly, surprising her family. Now, Honda Kiku, (or Japan, to most) has invited her to his house over the long weekend, though things often don't turn out as planned with these people...
((NOTE: This is just for basic understanding. I didn't feel like writing out everything that has happened in my little world, so this is just here so there is less confusion.))
Chapter 1: Round Trips and Illegal Bets
“Karin! Would you hurry up? If you miss the bus, you'll miss your flight!” Called Karin's mom from the kitchen.
“Coming!” shouted Karin right back. She grabbed her backpack, in which was clothes and her cell phone and charger, and ran to the kitchen.
“Here's your ticket, and Trimet pass,” her mom said, handing her 2 pieces of cardstock. She sighed, shaking her head. “A roundtrip to Tokyo. How do your friends afford this stuff I'll never know.”
Karin laughed. “I know. But Kiku offered, and was I going to deny a free trip to Japan? Never!” Karin said as she ran out the door.
“Have a safe trip! And tell Kiku 'Hi'!”
Karin waved at her mom, and raced to the corner, where the hourly bus was just arriving. She handed the driver her pass, and took a seat near the back. She sat back and sighed, excited. Kiku, or Japan, had invited her over to his house for the long weekend. Karin hadn't been to any of the nation's houses, aside from America and Canada's. They usually came over to her house. As a result, she had been overjoyed by the offer. “That'd be wonderful!” she'd told him when he called.
“Excellent. Then I'll email you the ticket, and see you Thursday morning, all right Karin-Chan?”
“Of course! See you then.” Karin had said, running to tell her mom the news.
After the bus ride to the MAXTrain station, she took the Red Line to the Portland International Airport. After spending well over an hour in customs, she finally boarded her plane. Taking the window seat next to an older gentleman in coach (She declined the offer to ride First Class.) she took a look outside the window. The weather was cloudy, as usual for the Pacific Northwest, but she had checked and the weather in Tokyo was supposed to be sunny. She grinned in anticipation. Wait until her friends heard what she did over the weekend!
11 hours later she landed in Tokyo. After getting her passport checked, she found Japan waiting for her outside. “Hello!” Karin greeted him exuberantly.
“Hello, Karin-Chan,” Japan said, amused. Karin seemed so excited she was ready to hug him. “I called a Taxi. It should be here any minute...”
“Good. Thanks for inviting me over, Kiku,” said Karin, using his real name as they were in public. “Oh,” she remembered what her mom had said, “Mom says 'Hi'.”
“Really?” said Kiku, smirking slightly. “Are you sure it wasn't more along the lines of “Don't teach her anything stupid”?”
“Oh, ha ha...” The first time Japan had visited, her mom had ended up yelling at her Uncle for teaching Jake, her 9 year old brother, to call midgets “trolls” instead of “little people”. Needless to say, it gave Japan a slightly wrong first impression of Karin's mom, Camille.
The taxi trip to Japan's house wasn't long, only about 15 minutes. When they got there, however, his house was not empty.
Ni Hao, Japan, Karin!” said Wang Yao, China, as they entered the house.
As always when she saw China, Karin put on a smirk. “Do you always break into people's houses when they aren't home? Really China, that's kind of creepy.”
“Now you don't have to be rude, aru!” said China indignantly. “A hello would be much nicer.”
Karin smiled. She may tease and argue with China a lot, but she didn't dislike him. Not by a long shot. “It's nice to see you, anyway.” she said, poking China in the shoulder.
Japan wasn't quite as amused. “What are you doing in my house, anyway?”
“I just wanted to visit aru.” said China, “And I didn't come here alone. Hong Kong came too.” China paused, looking irritated “Unfortunately, someone else decided to tag along too aru.”
Before Japan could ask who else had infiltrated his house, Karin was hugged, almost tackled, by tall someone with a smiley face sticking out of his black hair. “Karin! I haven't seen you in so long! How are you, da ze?”
“Gah! K-Korea!” Karin gasped, completely caught by surprise. She pushed South Korea, Im Yong Soo, off of her so she could breathe. “It's good to see you too!” Karin grinned.
Japan did not. “Korea!” he said, annoyed. “Will you please not attack my guests? What are you all dong here anyway?” Japan, usually polite to the point that Karin made fun of him for it, was irritated that his brothers had shown up without his permission. Hong Kong, who had apparently came in behind Korea, said, “We heard that Karin was coming over, so we decided to come over to see her.”
“Well you could have told me first.” Japan stated, not as angry as before. He turned his back on Korea to look at the others. Bad move.”Gotcha!” yelled Korea, grabbing his brother from behind, his hands on Japan's chest. “Japan's breasts are claimed in the name of me!”
China, Hong Kong, and Karin laughed as Japan protested, cheeks red, and forced Korea off of him. Japan already looked like he had had enough of Korea being there.
By the end of the day China had too.
“That's it, aru!” China yelled after Korea claimed yet again that Confucius had been from Korea. “Ting wo shuo! It's common knowledge that he was Chinese aru!”
By now Hong Kong had enough of Korea, China, and Japan's endless arguing. “Why don't we settle this with a bet?” he suggested. “Japan, do you have any sake?”
Japan looked surprised “Yes, I do actually. Do you think we can settle this with a drinking contest?”
“Yes, actually I do,” stated Hong Kong plainly. “It will be you and China against Korea. If either of you pass out or throw up, you both lose. If Korea does, he loses.” Hong Kong suddenly grinned a very scary grin. “And, for added fun whoever loses gets a punishment.”
“But that's not fair da ze! Why do they get to be on a team?” objected Korea “Karin gets to be on my team!”
Karin looked up from petting Pochi, Japan's dog. “But that's illegal. I'm underage.” Not that she cared much anymore. Having Artemis Fowl as a best friend can do this to you.
Hong Kong wrote down the rules on a piece of paper. He seemed to be intent on making a legal document. “That doesn't matter. Japan and China, if Korea's team loses, what do they have to do as punishment?”
China and Japan talked it over, finally coming up with a solution. “They both have to attend a Japanese high school for an entire year aru!” He said triumphantly. Karin frowned. This could ruin her plans for an internship with Boeing she had been bugging her parents (and Alfred) about. Hong Kong wrote it down, stifling his laughter. “Of course. And if China and Japan lose?” He said, looking at Korea.
Before Karin had time to say anything, Korea came out with, “Both of their breasts belong to me!” Karin giggled, and Hong Kong actually snorted, earning him a glare from China. “Okay, everybody sign the paper.” They all signed it wearily, but determined to win.
Japan poured himself a shot first, and downed it.
7 bottles of sake later, needless to say, everybody was “frunk as ducks!” All except for Hong Kong, who was supervising along with videotaping the scene for blackmail material. He was nearly stuffing his fist in his mouth trying not to laugh.
Karin felt dizzy and everything looked blurry. Nevertheless, she drank another shot. “This ones to communism, and how much it can screw some people up!” She said, winking at China.
“Don't make fun of me aru!” said China, looking depressed as he always did when he had been drinking.
“Don't worry about it. She's just a mean person.” said Japan, all his politeness thrown out the window. He was currently leaning on his older brother for support.
“You should be worrying about how your breasts are going to belong me!” shouted Korea, even louder when drunk.
And with that he fainted.
Hong Kong couldn't help himself. He started cracking up. From Karin cracking jokes that could make France blush, to Japan subtly trying to seduce China, he would have enough blackmail material to blast England's house to bits!
“Shit.” Said Karin. “There goes my scholarship.”
China and Japan looked pleased with themselves.
Karin and Korea were going to Japanese high school.
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Trimet is the type of public transportation in Portland, Oregon. MAXTrain is the train lines. “Ting wo shuo!” means “Listen to me!”.