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Of Princesses and Space Pirates
Chapter 10: When You Can't Run Anymore, Part 2
Ryoko woke with a start, and as her eyesight slowly came into focus, she noticed that the bedroom was dim. As she pushed herself up in bed, a shiver went through her, and surprise etched on her face as a blanket she hadn't covered up with slid down her shoulders. She jumped in surprise, as a voice spoke to her.
"You have a nice rest?"
Turning towards the voice, Ryoko saw Gene standing near the window, the sun outlining his frame as it set. She quirked an eyebrow before speaking. "How long have you been standing there?" When he shrugged his shoulders, not offering any other kind of answer, Ryoko frowned. "Well then why did you cover me up," she demanded.
"You looked cold."
"I'm not going to thank you."
"I didn't expect you to." Ryoko scowled as Gene looked at her, a smile playing on his face. "Why are you being so bitchy?"
"I don't want you touching me," she hissed back, almost immediately.
"You sure about that?" Feeling as heat spread across her cheeks, Ryoko quickly looked away from him, fixing her gaze somewhere else - anywhere else.
"What is that supposed to mean," Ryoko thought, as butterflies danced in her stomach. "I don't like this!" Shifting her weight, she balanced up onto her knees, moving towards the edge of the bed. She stopped as she noticed Gene standing suddenly closer. Narrowing her eyes suspiciously, she looked at him. "What," she asked out loud.
"I said, Jim and Sasami came back already, in case you were wondering," he repeated. As Ryoko moved to get up, he reached forward, stopping her as he grabbed a hold of her arm. "But they're asleep in the other room," he began. "Didn't you hear anything I just said?"
"H-how," she began, her voice breaking slightly. She paused to swallow down the lump that had formed in her throat. Looking down at her arm, she pushed his hand away, and then looked back up at him. "How long have they been back?"
"Not too long." He watched as she stood from the bed. "Where are you going now," he asked with a sigh.
"I should go and check on Sasami," Ryoko replied, as they stood facing each other, only a small space separating them. "I just want to make sure she's alright."
"Don't worry, she is," Gene stated. "Besides, all she needs right now is rest."
"You're probably right," Ryoko replied, shaking her head. "I'm probably the last person she wants to see right now."
"Don't worry," Gene began, taking a step towards Ryoko, closing the space between them. He placed a hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "She won't stay mad at you forever, you know that," he paused, moving his hand from her shoulder and placing it underneath her chin. "Right," he asked, pushing her face upwards.
"Yeah, I-" Ryoko trailed, and she could feel her face growing hot once again as she looked up into Gene's face. His eyes were darkened with desire. "What are you doing," she gasped, her breath quickening as he trailed his other hand down along her spine, resting it in the small of her back. "Gene…!"
"Nothing you don't want me to do," he replied huskily, pulling her body close to his. He nuzzled his face into the side of her neck, and a soft moan involuntarily escaped from her as he planted kisses along her neckline, eventually reaching her ear. "I've wanted you since the moment I saw you," he whispered, nibbling her earlobe.
His statement caught her completely by surprise. Before she had the chance to respond, she felt them moving backwards only momentarily before she felt her back against the bed. Gene hovered above her, and she began to feel dizzy as his scent invaded her senses.
"You're not serious," she stated weakly, her face reddening again. She watched as he pulled off his shirt, and her breath caught in her throat at the sight of his bare chest. This was the first time she was so close to him. She never realized just how muscular he was. And in the light of the setting sun, he also had a rugged, sexy look. A warm sensation filled the center of her being, making her body tingle all over with anticipation. Sitting up, she reached out with her arms, placing her hands behind his neck as she pulled him down towards her. As their lips met, he returned her kiss hungrily, and they once again moved onto the bed. She closed her eyes as Gene's hands explored her body, eventually reaching behind her. She arched her back, leaning into his touch.
"Ryoko," he murmured, as he began struggling with her clothing.
"Gene," she began distractedly, opening her eyes once again. She stared up at the ceiling as his fingers pulled unsuccessfully to untie the stings of her corset, and she frowned in annoyance. "Gene, stop," she stated irritably, pushing him off of her. She watched as he sat back on his legs, confusion crossing his face. "I'm not that easy, you know!"
Gene sighed, as a disappointed look crossed his face. "Yeah, I know," he began, as he rolled off of his legs and over onto his back. "Like I said, I'm not going to force you." Sitting up from the bed, she moved towards him, straddling his waist as she sat down.
"Listen, Gene, it's not you," she said, frowning over what he had said. "And if I had concerns about you forcing me to do anything, believe me, I'd already be out of here." She paused, unsure of what to say next. The truth was, too many thoughts were racing through her mind. When she closed her eyes, an image of Tenchi had appeared, and completely ruined the mood for her.
"Why do I have to think of him, of all times," she thought to herself bitterly. "Why now?" Shaking her head slightly, she smirked down at Gene, who was staring up at her, waiting for her to continue. "Well, nothing like the present to erase the past…"
"This thing is tight enough to have to wear. I don't need you pinching me, trying to get it off," she stated out loud. Reaching around behind her, she unhooked the corset from their hidden niches, and wiggled out of the piece of clothing as it slid away from her body. Gene quirked an eyebrow, and a small smile found its' way to his face.
"Hey, are you sure-" His sentence was cut off as Ryoko leaned forward and kissed him. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he pulled her to him once again, and Ryoko laughed as they crashed back down onto the bed once again.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~
When Aisha and Suzuka caught up to Washu and Melfina, the red-haired woman seemed to take in the Temple in awe. She ran her hand along the wall as she walked, and stopped to inspect her surroundings. What was strange to them, however, was how the Temple seemed to light up in Washu's presence - something that had not occurred when they had visited previously. The intricate designs carved into the floors and walls began to light up dim green in color, where the woman had walked, and slowly began to spread throughout the entire building.
"Just like I left it," Washu whispered - more to herself, than the to the other three woman, as they heard it only as an incomprehensive ramble. After completely taking in the environment, Washu turned and looked in Melfina's direction.
"What's the matter, Washu-chan," the woman asked uncertainly.
"Tell me, Melfina," she began slowly. "Where, exactly, were you standing when the dragon insignia appeared on the wall?"
"I was over there… I think," Melfina stated, turning and pointing towards the northern wall.
"It's important that you know for sure," Washu insisted.
"Why is it so important," Aisha demanded, as Melfina began to speak. "She said it was over there."
Releasing a low sigh, Washu turned, and walked to the temple wall Melfina had indicated. "In theory, no one was ever to have stepped foot inside of the Galactic Leyline. It's a… sacred place." She placed her hand against the wall, and a light breeze passed through the room.
"When will you give us a straight answer," Suzuka asked, her voice calm and even as always. "You dance around our questions, avoiding the issues, and I must say it's getting old."
Aisha stepped forward just then, and crossed her arms over her chest. "We're not going to help you, if we don't hear what we want to hear," she threatened. Dropping her arm back down to her side, Washu turned to look at the Ctarl-ctarl woman, and then glanced at Suzuka, who nodded her head in silent agreement.
"The true entrance to the Leyline has nothing to do with sub-ether spaces, or the XGP, or even Melfina and special codes and key words," Washu began, as she narrowed her eyes in annoyance. "It lies here, on this planet; in this very Temple."
"Why make plans for the ship… and for me, then?" Washu looked up at Melfina, who had spoken. She looked paler than usual, and confusion was openly expressed on her face.
"I didn't want anyone to gain entrance to the Leyline," Washu answered. "Like I said previously. I even went as far as to create a key - taken away from this place immediately after it was completed - which would open the way to the Leyline. I had to make sure access to the Leyline was well-guarded."
"Why take all these precautions," Suzuka demanded. "What needs to be so heavily guarded?"
"The true purpose of the Leyline isn't to grant the wish of whoever can reach its' center," she explained. "I created the Leyline to imprison a very powerful woman."
"Who is she," Aisha asked.
"That, I won't answer," Washu stated firmly, leaving no room for argument. "For the moment, you don't need to know that information." A silence fell between the women, however both Aisha and Suzuka seemed satisfied with what they had heard. Washu turned back towards the wall, and then glanced out the corner of her eye, as she heard the sound of steps coming in her direction.
"Washu-chan, this definitely is the spot," Melfina stated, gaining the red-haired woman's attention. "I stepped over that indention in the ground," she continued, pointing to the darkened space on the ground.
Kneeling down, Washu passed her hand over the area. "The Sphinx Key…" Standing back up, she looked at Melfina. "What did you do, then?"
"I stepped over the spot, and then placed my hand against the wall," Melfina replied. She stepped over to the wall, however hesitated as she brought her hand up, to repeat what she had done almost a year earlier.
"The same reaction won't happen a second time, Melfina," Washu assured her. Taking the woman's hand in hers, she placed it against the wall. Nothing happened. Melfina sighed in relief, as Washu released her hand.
"What does it mean," Melfina asked. As Washu opened her mouth to answer, the spot behind them suddenly lit up, and Melfina screamed in surprise as she backed away. A figure slowly began to form, taking the shape of a hunched-over man.
"What the hell," Aisha exclaimed in surprise.
"Gwen Khan," Suzuka stated, recognizing the figure right away. Haggard and fragile-looking, Gwen was only a shadow of his former self.
"No, not exactly," he spoke, as the light around him faded. Only, it was not his voice speaking at all - it was a woman's voice. Washu's head snapped over in recognition, and a grim smile settled on her face.
"You've grown stronger, I see," she spoke quietly. "I should have given you more credit, I suppose."
Like a puppet, Gwen's body turned jerkily, and as he faced Washu, soulless, blank eyes stared through her. "You're too late, Washu," the voice spoke again. "Where is Tsunami?"
"She won't be coming here anytime soon," Washu spat. "You can count on that!"
"Let's not fight." Suddenly, Gwen's body went limp, and as he fell to the ground, he began to writhe, as if in pain.
Suzuka stepped forward, and her hand went instinctively to her sword. "Washu-"
"Quiet," Washu hissed, cutting her off.
"I will have her, Washu." The same voice that had spoken through Gwen, now floated throughout the room. "I will have my way."
Clenching her jaw as the woman's voice slowly faded away, Washu stepped forward, kneeling down next to the older man. He lay there motionless, his breathing heavy and labored. "Gwen Khan," she stated sharply. "How did you come to be in her presence?"
"She's too powerful, too powerful," he repeated, his eyes still blank.
"I need to know how you reached the Leyline," she yelled. He turned his head, looking up into her face.
"She spoke of you, too," he stated, recognition seeming to enter his gaze as he stared at her. "You must be as powerful as she says. Yes, very powerful." He began gasping for air, and he brought his hands up to his throat, as if trying to pull away some unseen force. "They… will succeed. Indeed… they will… bring…" His voice trailed, and a gurgling sound was heard from his throat, before he became completely still. Slowly, Washu stood back up, and stepped over Gwen's body, towards Melfina. The woman squatted on the ground; her arms were wrapped tightly around her knees, and silent tears fell down her face. She jumped, as Washu placed a hand on her shoulder.
"W-hat's going o-n," Melfina asked - hiccuping as she spoke brokenly. "I don't understand what's going on."
"We need to get back," Washu stated rigidly. "Now." A light once again surrounded the four women, as they transferred back up to the Outlaw Star.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Mihoshi cried out in pain as the shot Ron fired hit the gun in her hand, knocking it away from her. Cradling her injured hand to her chest, tears began to fill her eyes, and she looked towards Ron as he spoke to her.
"I know the reputation of the officers who pilot the Galaxy Police vessel, Yagami," he began. "I know that your partner is the smart one, the one I should worry about; which is why I shot her, and not you." As his words sunk in, Mihoshi fell down to her knees, and her shoulders began to shake with silent sobs. She looked over towards Kiyone, whose eyes were closed and her breathing shallow.
"I don't know who you are, but you won't escape alive." Ron looked over at Valeria, who had spoken. She was kneeling next to Duuz, who lay motionless on the ground. "You've already assaulted both a Galaxy Police officer and a Special Forces officer, and if they die, you'll be facing the death sentence for sure," she continued, as she slowly stood up. "Give yourself up now, and perhaps-"
"I'm not working alone," Ron cut her off. "So I'll take my chances." He raised his gun once again, and as he let off a shot, Tenchi charged Ron, slashing at the gun with tenchiken lit in his hands. Ron's shot went awry, catching Valeria in the shoulder instead.
"Valeria," Tenchi exclaimed, as he heard her cry out in pain. Turning his attention away from Ron momentarily, Tenchi didn't notice as Ron threw aside his now-useless weapon, and began to advance towards him.
"I'm fine," Valeria replied, her voice straining through her pain. Her eyes widened as she saw Ron approaching from behind. "Watch your back!"
Tenchi quickly turned, but was too slow as Ron's fist met his chin. The teenaged boy flew back, and as he hit the ground, tenchiken bounced from his hand. He grimaced in pain as he rolled onto his side. His eyes widened as Ron was upon him once again, and he felt the air rush from his lungs as the man kicked him in the stomach.
"You should be more concerned for yourself, boy."
Scrambling to his feet, Tenchi recklessly ran at Ron, swinging a balled fist through the air. Ron easily evaded it, laughing to himself at how sloppy the boy's fighting style was, as he charged at him over and again. Shaking his head, Ron spun around, and his leg flew through the air as the heel of his boot met Tenchi's temple.
"Tenchi!" Ayeka's shrill cry reached his ears as he slumped to the ground with a sickening thud. A nauseating dizziness filled his sight as his vision blurred, and he tried to regain his bearings.
"He's too strong, too quick," he thought. As he heard Ron approaching him, he struggled to stand - only to get kicked in the face. "A-ayeka," he stammered, as he felt blood dripping from his nose.
"This is boring," Ron spoke. Bending down, he grabbed a fistful of Tenchi's shirt, and effortlessly pulled him up from the ground.
"Azaka, Kamidake," Ayeka shouted suddenly. "Protect Lord Tenchi!" To Ron's surprise, the wooden guardians moved away from the Princess, and suddenly appeared on either side of him. An invisible force began applying pressure around him, and he unwillingly released the injured boy.
"What the hell is this," Ron demanded, as some sort of force field surrounded him.
"Be quiet!" As Ayeka yelled, electricity began to encircle the bubble that surrounded Ron, and he grunted in pain. Looking at him, she narrowed her eyes. "You've hurt my friends; people that I care about," she exclaimed, causing the electricity to shock the man once again. This time, he fell to his knees. "Why have you done this?" When she didn't receive an answer, tiny, wooden blocks began to surround her, and the bubble around Ron shrunk in size. "Answer me now," she screamed, as the electrical shock intensified.
Ron remained quiet, and as he looked up at Ayeka, his eyes flitted over behind her, and a smile found its' way to his face. "I don't think I'm going to have to," he replied.
"You-" Her sentence was cut off, as what looked like an energy beam, zipped past her and implanted itself into one of her guardians. A gasp escaped her as the energy burst through the red "eye" of the log, and it began to disintegrate. "Kamidake!" she screamed. To her horror, a second energy beam burst through Azaka, destroying it as well. She could only watch as the bubble around Ron disappeared, releasing him so that he knelt on the ground. Turning around, she watched as a second man approached her, and her eyes widened in recognition. "You," she exclaimed.
Wordlessly, he lashed out with his hand, backhanding her roughly across the face. A satisfied smile crossed his face, as he watched her fall to the ground. Looking away from her, towards Ron, he asked, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine, Harry," Ron replied, standing shakily. "Though I have to say, this is more trouble than it's worth." He watched Harry, as he knelt down next to Ayeka. "Harry, what are you doing?"
"You shouldn't have messed with the MacDougall brothers, girl," Harry spoke to Ayeka, ignoring his brother and leaning down as he hovered over the Juraian princess. Ayeka brought her hands up in defense, and a sort of force field projected from her hands. Harry jerked back slightly, surprised from her actions.
"Don't underestimate me," Ayeka warned, glaring up at her attacker. "Even without my guardians, I'm still powerful enough to protect myself." She watched warily as he lifted his arms above his head, and her eyes widened in surprise as he conjured a beam sword.
"Ms. Ayeka," Mihoshi exclaimed, as Harry proceeded to penetrate her shield with his sword. She scrambled to her feet, and as she ran past Ron, he reached out and grabbed her, pinning her arms to her side. "Let me go!"
Panic began to fill Ayeka's eyes, as slowly, Harry was able to penetrate her shield. Sweat began to bead along her forehead, and a gasp escaped her as finally, he succeeded in his task. As he fully penetrated her barrier, both her shield and his sword dissipated. Before she had a chance to say anything, she felt his hands wrap firmly around her throat. "N-no," she choked out, reaching up and futilely trying to pull his hands away. "S-stop!"
"No one gets in my way," Harry screamed, a crazed looked entering his gaze. A sadistic smile crossed his face, as he squeezed his hands tighter around her neck. "No one crosses the MacDougalls!"
"Ayeka," Mihoshi screamed, struggling against Ron's firm grasp. Tears began to fill her eyes, as she watched the color drain from Ayeka's face. "Princess Ayeka!"
"Harry, that's enough," Ron spoke quietly. However, it was enough to get his attention. Looking down at Ayeka, Harry saw that her eyes were closed, and he watched, transfixed, as her hands limply fell away from his. He slowly stood up, turning towards his brother as he spoke again. "Did you find the Sphinx Key, Harry?"
"I found it, Ron," he replied, sounding like a completely different person. "We've succeed."
Ron released Mihoshi, and she rushed forward, dropping down next to Ayeka. "Oh, no, no," she cried, pulling the still woman into her arms, and hugging her tightly.
"Then we should get back," Ron stated, unmoved by Mihoshi's emotional display. "Let's go."
"I knew we would succeed," Harry said, walking past Mihoshi as if she were a speck of dirt on the ground. "Our Mistress will be very pleased."
Mihoshi watched through blurred vision as the two brothers exited the room. Unsure of she were doing, she gently lay Ayeka down on the ground, and hastily stood up. Running over to the spot where her gun lay forgotten, she scooped it up from the ground, and ran out after the two men. She stumbled at first along the way, but regained her bearings as the two came into view. "Freeze," she screamed, raising her weapon into the air, and causing them to stop. "Under GXP code MJ6567, I'm authorized to shoot to kill. Place your hands in the air, and get down on the ground now, or I will shoot!"
There was a moment of silence, as Ron and Harry turned to face Mihoshi, before Harry spoke. "I thought I made myself pretty clear," he began in a low voice, narrowing his eyes in her direction. "But I guess you need to be told personally."
Mihoshi only blinked, and Harry was gone. A terrible, panicky feeling filled her stomach, only moments before she felt herself being grabbed from behind. Before she could stop the assault, she was being pushed against a wall, and her head was getting pounded against the unforgiving surface. Her vision swam before her eyes, and as she slumped against the wall, a searing pain shot through her shoulder. As she screamed out in pain, she felt Harry's hot breath against her cheek.
"Next time we meet, officer, you won't be so lucky," he threatened. He removed his beam sword from her shoulder, stepping over her body as she curled up on the ground. Mihoshi listened as the sound of the brothers' footsteps grew distant, and closed her eyes as she slipped into unconsciousness.
To Be Continued…