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Of Princesses and Space Pirates
Chapter 9: No Need for Escapes, Part 1
A small gasp escaped from Sasami as she felt herself and Ryoko falling towards the ground. She tightened her grasp around Ryo-oh-ki as Ryoko's hold tightened around her waist, and her long, cyan-colored hair fanned out behind her like a banner. Closing her eyes, she leaned forward, resting her head against Ryoko's chest.
"Those idiots," Ryoko muttered, her voice reverberating in Sasami's ear. "To think that they thought they could actually capture me. What a joke!"
"Ryoko," Sasami began, pulling back slightly to look up at her. "What are we going to do?"
"First, we need to-" Her sentence cut off and she gasped as the shackles once again began to shock her. "D-damn," she cursed, struggling to get Sasami and Ryo-oh-ki safely to the ground. "Not again!"
"Ryoko," Sasami exclaimed, "I'm slipping!"
Cursing once again, Ryoko tried to get a better grasp on the girl. However, the pain became too much, and Sasami fell from her arms. As Sasami screamed Ryoko's name, the woman gritted her teeth. "Hang on," she exclaimed. "Sasami!" Flipping her body around, and ignoring the shocks, Ryoko extended her hand out towards the flailing girl, speeding her flight to catch up to her. Sasami reached her hand out as well, and as Ryoko grabbed her wrist, she pulled the Juraian girl back towards her. Finally they reached the ground, and as Ryoko landed, it buckled underneath the pressure, caving in around her.
"Ryoko, are you okay," Sasami asked, her voice shaky. She climbed out of the crater, and Ryoko crawled out after her
"Yeah, I'm fine," she replied, breathing heavily. Ryoko turned her head slightly as she heard movement from the Outlaw Star. "We need to get going, Sasami," she stated, standing up. "We don't have much time before they get here."
"They couldn't have gotten very far," Gene's shout was heard. Sasami's eyes widened in concern, and Ryoko frowned.
"There's no time now," she exclaimed. Turning towards the Juraian girl, she pushed Sasami gently. "Get out of here!"
"But Ryoko-"
"I'll hold them back," Ryoko shouted, cutting Sasami off. Her features softened as she caught the look on Sasami's face, and the hard look in her eyes lessened. "Once you get away, I'll come after you."
"I know you will," Sasami replied, nodding her head firmly. Turning on her heel, she began to run away from the ship. "Let's go, Ryo-oh-ki," she called back over her shoulder. The cabbit mewed, and then bounded after the girl. Smiling slightly, Ryoko turned around just as the crew of the Outlaw Star exited the ship.
"It's about time you got here," Ryoko commented, as the Crew stood in front of her. "I was beginning to get a little bored."
"Where's Sasami," Jim demanded. Ryoko glanced over at him, raising an eyebrow.
"I'm not sure," she replied, shrugging nonchalantly. "Maybe I killed her. I don't need that extra baggage anymore."
Ryoko arched her eyebrow even further. "Well, you're no fun," she stated. Nodding her head to the side, she continued, "Sasami went that way. Not that you'll be able to catch up to her, or that I'll even let you pass by me." She looked up in Gene's direction, as she heard the sound of his gun cock.
"Go after her, Jim," he stated, aiming the gun at Ryoko. "And you too, Suzuka. Aisha and I will handle things here." Nodding in agreement, Jim and Suzuka ran off in the direction Ryoko had indicated earlier.
"I think it's best if you just head towards the hotel, Melfina," Gene began. "To meet our contact, in case we're late." Glancing over at her, he winked. "We wouldn't want to make a bad impression."
Offering a smile, Melfina nodded her head in agreement. "I'll see you there, then," she replied. As she ran in the general direction where the hotel was, Gene turned back to look at Ryoko.
"I'm really sick of all this run-around crap," he stated. "You're almost more trouble that you're worth."
Ryoko chuckled, and then gave a small pout. "Oh? You don't feel the same way Melfina does," she asked. "We couldn't have been friends? My feelings are hurt, Gene. I was really hoping to-"
"Just shut up," Gene snapped, cutting her off. He scowled as he watched Ryoko laugh. "I have half the mind to let Aisha knock you out. What's so damn funny?"
"You know, these restraints seem a little flawed, don't you think," she asked. "I was still able to use my powers, even if for a short time. And this last time I used my powers, the shock was a lot weaker."
"Your point being?"
Glancing at Aisha, who had spoken, Ryoko smiled slightly. "Do you want to know a little secret," she asked, dropping her voice to just above a whisper. Widening her smile, she continued before they even had a chance to reply, "Tsunami's brief appearance gave me just the power boost I needed."
"Alright, I've had enough of this," Gene stated, waving his gun slightly, ushering her to start walking. "Now get moving."
"Uh-uh, not so fast," Ryoko chided, waving a finger in the air. "Just give me a second to show you what I mean." Frowning warily, Gene watched as Ryoko raised her hands to the collar at her neck. With golden eyes flashing mischievously, Ryoko gave a small grunt as she began to pull at the restraint. As electricity crackled, Gene and Aisha could only stare in bewilderment as Ryoko effortlessly pulled the collar away. As she did so, the chains around her wrists and ankles began falling away.
"S-shit," Gene cursed, stammering as his aim faltered. Ryoko smiled, and placed her hands on her hips.
"Are you surprised," she asked. "I am too, actually. But at least we get to have some real fun, now."
Gene quickly raised the gun in her direction once again, and as his finger squeezed the trigger, Ryoko threw a beam sword at him, knocking the gun away. Gritting her teeth, she phased out of the spot she stood, reappearing next to Aisha. The cat-woman didn't have time to react to the fist speeding towards her, and pain exploded at her jaw as she felt herself flying back. With vicious laughter, Ryoko flew after her.
"Oh my, she's really pissed off," a woman spoke, as two cloaked figures stood at either side of her. The trio had been watching the heated exchange from a distance, and now, they watched as Ryoko attacked her would-be captors relentlessly. "My," the woman continued, shaking her head slightly, "what a temper. But it is my fault she's so mad, afterall." Throwing her head back, she began to laugh.
"Shouldn't we go after the others," one of her companions questioned in an even tone. "In case the Princess retaliates?"
"I don't think that will happen, gentlemen," she stated confidently, her laughter subsiding. The second figure shook his head, pulling back the hood that hid his features. Concern was expressed openly on his handsome face, and as he began to speak, the woman held up her hand, silencing him. "I already know what you're going to say," she began, moving her hand thoughtfully to her chin, "And you're right. We probably should stop things from getting too out of hand."
"It's agreed," the first figure spoke once again. The words were barely out of his mouth before he began running in the direction Sasami had gone earlier. Throwing a brief glance back in Ryoko's direction, the second man pulled his hood back into place, and followed behind the other man. A small smile crossed the woman's face as she looked back down towards Ryoko and the others. Shaking her head slightly, she began to walk slowly towards them.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Sasami came to a stop, placing her hands on her knees as she bent forward. She took in deep breaths of air as she tried to catch her breath, and she could feel sweat trickling down the back of her neck, sending shivers through her body. Taking in one last breath, she straightened herself, and cast a glance in the direction she had run from.
"Mreow," Ryo-oh-ki exclaimed, as she caught up with the Juraian girl, stopping abruptly. Her chest moved rapidly as she panted, and she raised her ears into the air to listen to her surroundings.
"I know, Ryo-chan," Sasami replied, breathing slightly raggedly. "We can't stop for long. But I need to rest." Her body stiffened as Ryo-oh-ki suddenly began to growl, and turning around fully, she saw Jim and Suzuka running after her. Her eyes widened in disbelief, and she took off running once again, however Ryo-oh-ki stayed behind.
"Sasami, wait," she heard Jim call after her. Ryo-oh-ki's growl deepened, and as Jim and Suzuka drew closer, she leapt at them. Quickly ducking, Jim continued on as Ryo-oh-ki sailed past him, biting down onto Suzuka's sword. Slowing down for only a second, Jim looked back at Suzuka.
"Keep going after her, Jim," she instructed. "I'll catch up." She watched as he nodded his head and continued to follow after Sasami, then turned her attention back down at Ryo-oh-ki. The cabbit still had a firm grip on her sword, causing Suzuka to frown slightly. "I'm sorry to do this to you," she apologized. Swinging out her sword, her sword technique sent the cabbit flying through the air. Closing her eyes, she turned to follow after Jim. However, she stopped suddenly as she heard a noise behind her. Tightening her grip on the hilt of her sword, she slowly turned around to see a cloaked figure. It was a man, she could tell, by his broad shoulders, and she narrowed her eyes slightly as he took a step forward.
"I'm sure that the Princess Sasami wouldn't appreciate you mistreating her friends," he spoke. Moving his arm, he pulled Ryo-oh-ki from the folds of his cape. She shook visibly, however was unharmed physically.
"And just who are you," Suzuka demanded. He walked over towards where a stack of crates lay, placing the cabbit down gently. Suzuaka watched him silently, as he walked to stand back where he had been standing before.
"What are you intentions for the Princess," he asked, ignoring her question.
"If you won't answer my question, I don't have any intention of answering yours," she retorted. She turned once again, intending to leave. However rapid, yet light, footsteps caught her attention, and spinning around, she brought her sword up just as the man took a swing at her with the sword he had suddenly in his hand. Their weapons met, and they pushed away from each other, jumping apart.
"Impressive," he stated simply. Suzuka watched as he reached a hand up, pushing back his hood. Strange markings covered his face, and his shock of red hair blew in the light breeze. Suzuka's eyes narrowed as she studied him, and she raised her sword in front of her defensively.
"Who are you," she demanded.
"Ryo-oh-ki, go and find the Princess," he stated, causing the cabbit to look at him. Mewing in agreement, she bounded off without protest. He turned back towards Suzuka, flashing her a mysterious smile before he charged at her.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Ryoko laughed as Aisha went sailing through the air once again. The cat-woman grunted in pain as she hit the ground hard, rolling to a stop. With shaky arms, she pushed herself up to a sitting position, and looked up towards Ryoko. Her sight was fuzzy, blurred from the blood that seeped into her eye from the wound on her forehead.
Standing up, Aisha balled her fists tightly, digging her nails into the palms of her hands. "I'm a mighty Ctarl-ctarl," she growled angrily. "I won't be beaten by you!" With a scream, she charged towards Ryoko, however the woman phased out of harm's way, sinking down through the ground and out of sight. Frowning, she glanced towards the ship, as Gene came running towards her. "Where the hell have you been," she demanded angrily.
"I had to get my weapon," he retorted. "Or did you forget she knocked it out of my hand?"
"You were hiding, coward!"
"The hell I was," he yelled back angrily. "For a Ctarl-ctarl, you sure were getting your ass handed to you, and I wasn't about to jump in there without some sort of defense!"
"Yeah, whatever," she replied heatedly, crossing her arms in front of her.
"Where did she go, anyway," Gene asked, glancing around. Aisha didn't have the chance to answer, as the ground began to shake, throwing them both off-balance. Together, they watched as Ryoko rose up from the ground, their eyes widening in horror, as she appeared to be sitting on… something. It was a bulky, white form of a monster with red, beady eyes and its' black, gaping mouth hung open, revealing dangerous-looking teeth. The scream it released sent chills down their spines, and even the fearless Ctarl-ctarl woman took a cautious step back. As it rose from the ground completely, it took a step, sinking its' razor-sharp claws into the ground.
"I think it's time for you to learn the other reason I am so feared throughout the universe," Ryoko spoke, smiling tauntingly. "They call me the demon summoner, and this guy here is the reason why," she continued, stroking its' head almost lovingly. "It obeys my every whim. Should I give you a demonstration?" The demon moved with her words, and Aisha's hair stood on end.
"Well, there's really no use in trying to run from that thing," Aisha spoke grimly. Crouching down towards the ground, she fell slightly onto all fours. A low growl escaped her throat, as she charged at the ominous creature. Becoming airborne, she jumped up at the demon, only to be caught by its' monstrous hand. It began to squeeze her tightly within its' grasp, and she screamed in pain. Gritting her teeth, she clawed at its' hand, and then bit down hard on it - all in an attempt to escape.
"That's useless," Ryoko laughed from her perch atop its' head. She was momentarily distracted from her mirth as she spotted Gene running towards the creature, shooting off rounds from his projectile. "Idiot," she grunted. Standing, she called down to the red-haired man, "That's useless, too, Gene! Your weapons aren't going to work."
Aisha had all but become still, her energy nearly spent in her struggle. "Gene," she whimpered in a pained voice. The creature let out another shrill, and Aisha screamed in agony once again as its' grip tightened around her some more.
"Dammit," Gene cursed. "Let her go. Now!" He raised his gun up towards Ryoko as she laughed, however paused as her scream floated down towards him. He watched in surprise as she stood atop the creature, holding her sides in pain. The demon stopped, dropping Aisha from its' grasp in its' confusion. Quickly holstering his weapon, Gene ran to catch Aisha, jumping up and grabbing her right before she hit the ground. The impact sent them both to the ground. "Aisha," he asked, looking down at her. She slowly looked at him, and he smiled slightly. "You're pretty heavy, y'know."
Aisha laughed lightly, closing her eyes slowly. "Idiot," she murmured, before losing consciousness. Gingerly pulling himself away from Aisha, Gene stood up, sending a curious glance up towards Ryoko. Her screams had ceased, and she hovered in the air, seemingly talking with the demon. It was then that he noticed a figure standing beside him from the corner of his eye.
"Hey," he began, turning to the red-haired woman suddenly beside him. "What are you doing here? I thought we were meeting at the hotel?"
She shook her head, an amused smile playing on her features. "I'm here because I knew this is what Ryoko would do. And now I have to clean up her mess, because she's lost control of the demon, now. Then again, I guess it is my fault."
Gene frowned, looking at her strangely. "What do you-"
Ryoko's scream cut off his sentence, and he looked up just in time to see the demon swing at her, slapping her out of the air. She descended to the ground, crashing into it painfully by their feet. The demon then began to thrash around chaotically, releasing its' chilling cry. The red-haired woman calmly raised her hand, as it turned its' attention down towards them. Energy gathered in her palm as the demon poised to attack, and she released it, erasing the creature from existence.
"How did you do that," Gene asked, his mouth gaping in disbelief. The woman simply smiled, before kneeling down next to Ryoko.
"You've been causing trouble again, Ryoko," she stated. The space pirate groaned in pain, slowly opening her eyes. As her gaze focused on the woman speaking to her, her eyes widened in recognition.
To Be Continued
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