Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Gift of the Rose ❯ Beginning Reformation ( Chapter 3 )

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[A/N: `~' These things mean spirits are talking, at least in this chapter]

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Gift of the Rose

~(Chapter 3: Beginning Reformation)~

I had been thinking about it for a while. Gene Starwind, my former assassination target, was responsible for killing off the rest of the Anten seven and Hazanko. I was a bit nervous, you see. I was batting around a decision…this man almost killed me, but only because I was trying to do him in. On the other hand, because he was able to destroy them, I have a new chance of starting my life over without the bloodshed and violence. I think I should thank him, but I was trying to kill him, I don't think he would care about my apology or my gratitude. Still, I just felt the need to do this…almost a sign of closure to all the pain and sorrow I caused as one of the seven.

"Kemi…Mata…" I thought, " Why can't you be here to help me make the decisions?"

I had shut my eyes, so tears didn't escape them…their deaths still pained me with good reason.

~Hanmyo-chan? ~

My eyes flew open. That voice…I had heard it too many times before

…It had to be…but he was dead…how…?

~Hanmyo. Do what your heart tells you to do…~

"Mata…?" Fresh tears stung my eyes.

~ Mata is right, Hanmyo…are you going to waste your time with indecisiveness? We were just your cats, you know…~

~Oi, Kemi, do you have to be so curt? Hanmyo-chan, if you feel you must apologize to get closure, then do it, so you can begin your search for what you want most~

"Mata…Kemi, how did you know that I was planning to-?"

~We know what is in your heart~

~ We regretted the fact that you were made into an assassin under Hazanko's rule, and we didn't try to stop it…~

~Because we knew you were pure of heart, even though Hazanko tried to destroy that part of you…we were only glad that we were given custody of you…~

"How can you say that I am pure of heart? After all that I did-we did, as assassins, how can I be?"

~Because cold-blooded assassins do not weep over their targets. ~

" I had no idea you two saw me crying…"

~Please Hanmyo, trust in yourself…remember that we love you, even if we never said it in our lives. ~

Then their voices were gone. I shook off my tears and looked towards the sky.

"Thank you…for everything…" I whispered to the clouds.

I stepped back into the repair shop, and eventually found the owner. I asked him if he knew anywhere I could get a small job. He saw me and recognized me from all those months ago…

"Oh Hanmyo, is it? You were one hell of a pilot once, were you not?"

I fidgeted a bit before I nodded in response.

"You need a job? Well, I can give you a small errand I need you to run for me. My cousin runs a repair hangar like I do, but it is on Sentinel 3, so I was hoping I could find a competent pilot to deliver the parts he needs without pocketing any of them before my cousin gets to them. Can you do that for me? The job pays well, if you do well for this one, I shall pay you with 500 Wong to start with."

I nodded confidently. And said if there was anything else I could do for him while I was there on Sentinel 3.

"Yeah, you might. Stop by Gene's place, somewhere around there and tell him I said hello and that I am still waiting for a little compensation for the repair bill I didn't give him all those months ago."

"Gene Starwind?"

I fidgeted a little more, knowing that I was the one who forced him to this space station, but I responded with nothing except a nod. This was going to be odd, but in a way, maybe this will work out perfectly. I can get the chance to apologize to him for all the trouble I caused. I was willing to forget that we tried to kill each other and that he had almost succeeded. Then I will try to earn enough money to get a ship to begin my search.

"Hanmyo…I say, Hanmyo!"

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, what did you want to tell me?"

" I said maybe you should go pick up some supplies to start off towards Sentinel 3."

"Oh right. But I have no money."

"Nonsense, you are working for me at the moment, just put it on my tab."

"Oh ok, thank you sir!"

"Yes, yes, that's good and all, but hurry, my cousin needs those parts in as soon as possible!"


I set off for the store, excited and worried all at once. My new life has made an interesting twist. I wonder what this will lead to…

But I smile within myself…I am getting closer to setting off to find Jim. I suppose I should have paid more attention as I set off for the store, because with all the excitement building up in me, I didn't notice the door until I ran into it…


Ah well, at least it didn't break…

After I picked up some food and a blanket and then I returned to the hangar. I received a few instructions on what to do if anything went wrong and then I was off for Sentinel 3.

*Well…at least now I am off to do at least one of the things on my list…apologize to Gene Starwind and then…then I am off to find Jim… *

I pulled out the flower from my sleeve and set it beside me again as I took off as a sort of protection insurance…