Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ the man with the black hair ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
chapter 1: the man with the long black hair

gene and melfina were walking home. you really dance well gene. uh thanks. gene said with a smile. well here we are.. hey the doors busted in. stand back. gene jumped in the door with his caster loaded. Oh my god JIM! jim was holding his stomach where blood was dripping. Jim what happend?! the-the ma-n with the black hair. in you roo--m then jim passed out cold.damn it. mel get him to the hospital. ok. gene dashed up to his room where a man with black hair was waiting.hi gene hows it goin. you bastard whyed you come in here and injure jim?! the man awsered with silence. AWSER ME DAMN YOU!!!!! gene shot his caster and the man pulled out a sword with some symbols on it. the man held his sword out and the caster was deflected back at gene. WHAT THE HELL!? gene ducked as the impack blew up the hall. gene ran toword the man and cut him with his knife. the man bled but showed no signs of pain or injury for that matter. hehehe well now i know what your made of till we meet again....gene starwind. and the man vanished into the darkeness of the night. where the hell did you go! ah screw it gotta go help jim.

as gene got to the hospital melfina was waiting in the waiting room. wheres jim gene asked? hes in there melfina pointed to the emergency room. i hope hes alright... dont worry melfina if anyone can get through this he can. i hope so. melfina yawned.wow its late. and with that melfina fell on genes shoulder and began sleeping. gene started to think( wow i remember the first time she did this. ) gene began stroking her hair as he fell asleep to.

To Be Continued