Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ machines do have hearts ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 2 machines do have hearts

yawnnnnnn..........gene awoke with a pain in his neck since he didnt have a pillow. oh your awake now gene we can go see jim. hi can we see jim hawking? oh yes you must be mr and mrs starwind. what? oh your not married that kid jim said you were. melfina giggles.hes in room 201. ok thanks gene said.hey gene? yeah? why do you care for me the way you do? huh what do you mean? i mean why do you kiss me and love being with me? cause i like you melfina. melfina grabs genes wrist. your pulse is getting faster.
why is that? is this an iterrigation?melfina giggles no im just wondering. lets go see jim. ok gene said. (i cant say that i love her...)

hey jim whats up
gene mel thanks for coming.hey dont mention it buddy. after a few minuits of talking mel goes out to the balcony of jims room. um jim. yeah? can i tell you somthing? sure what. if you tell melfina ill shove my foot up your ass. OK OK gene i wont tell. i love melfina and i think she was asking about it while we were on out way here. but i cant tell her. why not. one because i start getting sick and two shes an android. can androids love? i dont know mel is different then others so mabe.melfinas on the balcony right now if your gonna tell her do it now. but..i DO IT! ok ok jim

gene walks to the balcony. um melfina?. yes? um i got somthing i gotta say.....what? um i uh uh i uh ( oh god im gonna throw up)
gene runs to the bathroom and starts puking. gene gets out of the bathroom and sits down. are you ok gene? yes. what were you going to tell me? (damn it not again)
gene mumbles ( i love you melfina) what? gene mumbles again a little louder( i love you mel) um gene i cant here you. I LOVE YOU MELFINA!!!! gene shouts some nurses come in to see what the shouting was about. there i said it gene puts his hand over his mouth. melfina smiles while blushing. dont worry mel he was just nervouse about telling you....hes a cherry. I AM NOT A CHERRY gene shouts from the restroom sevrel vomiting sounds follow afterwards. do you love him melfina?.....yes i do...
( wow so machines do have hearts..........)