Outlaw Star Fan Fiction ❯ Outlaw star II ❯ an unbreakable love ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 9 an unbreakable love

the outlaw star took off into space. gene was by melfina. come on melfina wake up. this is my fault.. DAMN IT!
DAMN IT! DAMN IT! melfina began to open her eyes. melfina! your awake! i feel weird gene. try to walk. (melfina trips)
(gene catches her) melfina do you think it worked? i dont know we can take an x-ray when we get to sentinal. i was worried about you mel. ( is he crying?) ( he is) im sorry i did that to you i didnt know the sword would stab you. its ok gene i wanted to become human. BUT MELFINA what if it didnt work what i caused your pain for nothing huh? that would be fine with me. melfina.... gene fell asleep and so did melfina after talking for an hour. hey you two love birds were in sentinal. alright! lets get you an x-ray.. ok gene. the gang went to the hospital. i dont belive it! what is it doctor. she-she-shes a human no longer an adroid no trace of it! huh? wow. they all went to starwind and hawking to talk. wow mel so yuor human now.yeah i guess so... i wont be able to pilot the outlaw star like i could before. its ok. we can fly the outlaw star manually..gene walked into melfinas room.

gene about what i said. oh... yeah......dont be mad at me. im not im not.! just kind of shocking.... but im human now im finally normal! um melfina.? yes gene. (oh god gonna throw up again) will you marry me melfina? (melfina gasps) and looks at the ring gene is holding out to her. gene i--I GENE YES ILL MARRY YOU!!!!!!!!!!! wow jim thats what ya call an unbreakable love. i guess so........