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Chapter 3


Megumi made sure her notes were clear. "So you decided to be a giant robot pilot?"

"I vowed that I'd be one even if I had to build it myself," Ranma's tone and posture was one of defiance to the nay-sayers.

Megumi giggled, "When you pose like that, captain you look so heroic."

"Bah!" Ranma snorted in disgust.

"What happened next?" Megumi quickly composed herself.

"My mom divorced my dad and adopted Ucchan. That was a mixed blessing, the divorce. I lost out on the chance to be one of the best martial artists in the world. But I wouldn't be the nice guy that I am today, I'd probably be some obnoxious jerk who had trouble expressing his feelings and generally being sub-par to anything other then fighting."

"Hmm, an even better body?" Megumi started to drift off into the realm of naughty thoughts again.

"Hey! Stop that!" Ranma could see the look in her eyes. "I'm not a piece of meat damn it!"

"Sorry, captain. What about your schooling?"

"Until junior high, not much. I gave serious study time to maths and science, I learnt a bit of English. Studied kendo with my mom, cooking with her and Ucchan."

"What happened at junior high?" 'This could be good.'

"Some important events happened."

"Like what ?"

"The labor revolution. My giant robots had arrived. And (thegirlstartedtoschaseafterme)." Ranma mumbled the last part.

"I'm sorry captain, I didn't quite catch that last bit."

"That's when the girls started to chase after me," Ranma hung his head in defeat.

Megumi laughed.

"If you think that's funny, wait until you hear this little tale. I had been convinced to go on this date."

"What? So you do date?" 'Maybe I can interview some of his old girlfriends.'

"A lot less than I used to. I had been bullied into it by both Ucchan and my mom. Ucchan was upset with me, for good reason, so she dropped the bombshell that the girls were interested in me to my mom as revenge. Anyway, the girl in question was nice enough, she was pretty and polite. But when I was on my first date, not just with her, but this was the first time I'd ever been on a date. I was just getting over my nervousness when her sister showed up..."


Back to when Ranma was a young man and was living under the same roof as Ucchan.

"So Ranma, how are your preparations for the kendo tournament coming along?" Yumi asked, trying to get the small talk going.

"Quite well, I guess. I really would like to spend the time looking at the labor pilot test."

"Oh, don't you like being captain of the kendo club?"

"It's not that. I like the responsibility, and the exercise I get from participating. It keeps me in good shape. But it does mean that I can't spend as much time on my studies now." Ranma looked a bit sad.

"Why do they mean so much to you, Ranma?"

"I promised my mom and Ucchan that I'd be a giant robot pilot, even if I had to build myself. And I always keep my promises."

"Hey there, sis!" a voice called out to the pair at the table.

"It's my sister, Yoko," 'She's right on time.'

"Are you going to introduce me to your date, Yumi?"

"Ranma, this is my sister, Yoko. Yoko this is Ranma.

"Hi," Ranma did a double take. "Let guess, twin sister, right?"

"Yep. Hey, I remember you, you're captain of the kendo club".

"Yes, that's me. Are you going to cheer on my team?"

"Oh yes, we'll both be there to cheer you on."

"That's nice to hear," Ranma missed the slip, not being as aware as would become legend.

Yumi looked at Yoko, she nodded.

"Do you think that it's important to share, Ranma?" Yoko asked as she sat next to him.

"Yeah, I do. Why?"

"Well, we have a theory that some things are best shared," Yoko started to stroke Ranma's arm.

"L-like what?" Ranma gulped. 'What's with all these girls? Why are they looking at me like that?'

"Oh certain things," Yumi moved next to her date, trapping him.

"R-really. What was that you wanted to share?" 'Why do I have a bed feeling about this?'

"Oh, just ......"

A telephone started ringing.


Back to the present, now in progress.

"Special vehicles, Second section. Captain Yotsuga here."

"Ok, Honda, we'll get going."

Ranma hit a few buttons on the phone to alert his unit.

"What was that?"

"That's just the alarm for us to scramble. We're going out on a mission. Sorry about this." Ranma smiled, 'saved by the bell.'

"But the story...." Megumi trailed off.

"I'll have to fill you in another time."

"Injustice!" Came a shout from behind the door,

"Shh! You idiot, now he knows we were listening in." Maaya had a throbbing vein in her forehead.

Ranma walked over to the door. "Yes, I'm sure that you can taste that injustice. Why aren't you getting ready to leave?"

"Heh heh. Err, sorry captain. we're just getting ready to go now." Maaya dragged Kou away to the vehicles.

"What's the emergency?" Kou asked making his to the carrier.

"Section one called us in to help out a ship. They spotted it when they were dealing with a couple of rogue labors. Tell Hayashi, Uraki and Tomino to mind the fort whilst we go help out."

"Yes sir." Maaya saluted and ran off to tell the others.


To be continued.

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What happened to Ucchan?
What to make of the Tendo's?
Ranma showing respect to Kuno?
Just what would have happened with those twin sisters?

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