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Chapter 4


Captain Yotsuga was taking a leisurely drive back to the base. He was getting tired of answering questions about his past. On the way out he was beginning to get a headache.

'Those people really should know when to quit.'

Ranma's eye caught a sports headline - Kanto regional kendo results. 'Kendo championships? I wonder how well I'd have done if I stuck with it.'

Arriving back at the base, Shige greeted the captain who saw the smirk on his face, 'uh-oh when Yotsuga's got that look on his face someone's in trouble.' "Captain, you didn't damage my labor too much did you?"

"Oh, no Shige, I think all they need is a good wash down. It might be worth checking the water-tight seals on all the labors."

"Thanks for taking care of them. I know some of the pilots get a bit reckless. I take it you know about one Isao Ohta?"

"Trigger-happy Ohta? Oh yes, Goto told me about him. I get the feeling he'd have made a great combat pilot." Ranma was grateful none of his pilots felt the need to charge in with guns blazing ALL of the time.

"That's good captain. Now what's with that smirk I saw on your face?"

"Well, y'know that book the brass want me to write?"

Shige nodded.

"It seems that the public want my life story as well as my exploits as a cop. My section wants to know as well, in fact I caught two listening in earlier."

"Well Captain, I guess there's good coming out of it. They care about you enough to want to know the whole story about their boss, not like these guys here."

Ranma nodded. "Well, I suppose that's good for you too. They're not hassling their boss about if he's dating, and if not why not. And how they know someone who'd be perfect for him."

"I take it's happened far too often for your liking. At least they're not trying to date you again."

"I'm grateful for small mercies, Shige, I'll see you around. Don't work too hard."

Shige smiled at one of the captain's favourite partings, "see you Captain."


Upstairs, Second Section were talking about one of their favourite topics: Ranma.

"What did you find out?" Ken asked.

"Apparently the Captain's first date was with two girls. Sisters in fact." Kou mentioned with some envy. "Two older women when he was in Junior high. That man's a legend."

"There's something missing though, I mean look how shy he is with women. I don't think he took advantage of them like any of you guys would." Maaya spoke thoughtfully.

"You're right, Maaya."

Everyone in the room turned to the voice.

"Err, hi there Captain. Did the mission go ok?" Mei spoke up. She was one of the quicker witted members of his team.

"Yes it did. Now since I am a hot topic at the moment, I have a proposition for you all. If you _all_ have your paperwork done, then I shall let you sit in on the next note taking session."

"You will Captain?" Ken asked. Serving in Ranma's unit the longest had allowed him to gain some insight into the way he thought. 'What's he plotting?'

"Yes. Now I believe that some of you have work to do. I'll be in my office." He turned to face his subordinates before he left them, "by the way, that date started to go pear shaped soon after Yoko showed up. Dating has never gone well for me."


A few minutes later, Megumi knocked on the door.

"Come in."

"Captain, I was wondering about something."

"Yes?" Ranma's tone was one of indifference.

"Has your luck on dates really been that bad?"

"Yes." Ranma replied without looking up from his desk. "What? Did you think that I'm some kind of love machine?" He asked with a smirk.

"Well, yes." Megumi answered in a small voice.

Ranma looked up, and blinked. "You seem to have the wrong idea about me. Allow me to put you straight: I never put out on the first date. I may be attractive to women for some reason, but I am no womaniser."


"Why don't I sleep around like some playboy?"


There was an uncomfortable silence. It stretched out for five minutes.

"Well, Captain?"

There was a silhouette by the door to the office.

Ranma sighed, "I'm not going to get any peace until the reason's for my being alone are given am I?" Megumi shook her head. "Tell them to meet us in the briefing room in five minutes. Ask Tomino to break out the choccy bickies he's got stashed, or who knows what details I might forget."

"Yes Captain." Megumi rushed to tell the others and prepare her equipment.


"Wha t? The Captain's going to tell us about his sordid past?" Ken asked.

"Cool," Mei added, "I wonder what we can find out about Ucchan."

"What? The Captain knows about my biscuit stash?"

"Toto-chan, what are you talking about?"

Maaya advanced on Toshiro, "what does the Captain mean by choccy bickies? You wouldn't be trying to hide chocolate from us, would you?"

"I have some relatives living abroad and they send me certain goodies. My aunt Erika sends me biscuits and other western snack food. In the last shipment I got some nice chocolate ones." Toshiro backed off from the suddenly crazy looking woman.

Mei moved in a classic pincer action to trap the hapless carrier driver, "I'm shocked, Toto-chan. I thought you liked us, but now I find you've been hiding chocolate biscuits from us, nice ones at that."

"Oi, leave the poor man alone." Ranma came out of his office. "I'm sorry about that Tomino."

"But Captain, chocolate. he was keeping it from us..." Maaya's voice trailed off under the glare she was getting from her commanding officer.

"I fail to see your so-called point. Do I force any of you to share your goodies with me?"

"I wish, Captain. You'd like what I have to offer." Mei looked around the room with a sinking feeling. "I just said that out loud, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did." Ranma started to massage his temples. 'She still has a crush on me.' "Captain Goto never had this problem. I will state this once again for the record: I am not going to date any of my subordinates or colleagues in the police force. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Captain." Mei was blushing bright red. 'God, I'm gonna be hearing about this for some time.'

"Good, I'm glad that I have made my point without having to go into teacher mode. Now, why aren't you all in the briefing room waiting with baited breath?"

The room emptied very quickly except for Toshiro who saw the gesture from Ranma to stay behind for a word.

"Tomino, it was not my intention to put you in that situation. I'm sorry." Ranma bowed to Toshiro.

"That's ok, Captain. I should have realised that you would've known about the stash."

"That's part of my job, knowing what goes on here. Now, I believe that your girlfriend wanted to take a trip with you to Hokkaido some time next month?"

"Y-yes Captain." 'He's good.'

"Well, we've been invited to the snow festival. I think your skills are need there. I'm afraid she'll have to find her own accommodation, but she's quite welcome to travel with us."

"Thank you Captain."

"Don't mention it. Now where are those biscuits?"


In the briefing room the audience were getting restless.

"I knew it was too good to be true."

"Ken, you're a right cynic, you know that?" Kou was still relatively idealistic and just thought that Ranma was a bit of a joker.

"You don't know the Captain like I do. He's a sharp guy, maybe too sharp. But I still get the feeling he's toying with us all."

"That's silly, Ken." Mei jumped to the defence of her captain.

"Ken, what evidence do you have to support that theory?" Maaya didn't subscribe to Ken's conspiracy theories.

"Well, I don't have any hard evidence as yet, but...." Ken trailed off as Ranma and Toshiro entered the room.

"Yes Ken, whatever could you mean?" Ranma had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. "It's not like I'm a political mastermind, or anything."

Sitting down, he made himself comfortable. "Right, pay attention, there will be a test later. You all know that I am currently single and that I have never married. For some reason, you all want to know why. Well it all started back in when I was in junior high...."


Back in the day:

Ranma was waiting for Ukyo to finish her home ec. class, when he was accosted by his home room teacher.

"There you are, Ranma-kun. I've been looking for you." Kei Yamada was an attractive young teacher in her early 20's. With curly, chestnut coloured hair that came down to her mid-back when she let it down. Her body was in excellent condition, well toned from yoga, and properly curved in a classic hour-glass figure.

"H-hello sensei." Ranma felt nervous around his beautiful teacher. "What can I do for you?"

She knew exactly the effect she had of most of her male students and colleagues and she ignored it for the most part. But something was different with Ranma. Sure, there were other attractive male students in the school that had caught her eye. Even some of the other faculty members, but there was just something about Ranma and it wasn't the taboo nature of a potential relationship between the two of them. She had seen the looks he was getting from some of the female students to confirm that fact.

"I wanted to talk with you about your grades in history."

"Uhm, ok." Ranma knew that history was one of his weaker subjects. "I'm meeting Ucchan for dinner right now, but I'm free after kendo practice."

"That's ok for me too. I'll see you in my room - I mean our homeroom then." 'Crap, I can't believe I just said that.'

Ranma almost caught the slip, but was distracted by Ukyo running up to them with some cookies she'd baked.

"Here Ranchan, try one of these."

Ranma didn't need telling twice when it came to Ucchan's cooking. It didn't touch the sides.

"That was great, Ucchan. I don't think you can make anything taste bad."

"Ranchan, you're being a suck up. If you wanted another, you should have asked." Ukyo teased her brother.

'Food seems to be part of the solution to gaining the boy's trust.' Kei thought.

"I'm not Ucchan. You're a great cook." Ranma was deadly serious. "It's not just flattery."

"I know Ranchan, I'm just teasing you." 'He's so cute like that, no wonder all my friends want to know about him.' "Your really need to lighten up, or you'll get an ulcer."

"I know, Ucchan. But it's just that I saw _Him_ yesterday. He was trying all sorts of tricks to get Mom to forgive him, you wouldn't believe the tricks he tried."

"Oh Ranchan, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Ucchan hugged her brother tightly. 'That bastard. I won't let him hurt Ranchan.'

"Who?" Kei asked, not being privy to all of the information about Ranma's home life.

"Ranchan's biological father. Our mom divorced him years ago after what he did to Ranchan."

Kei's face darkened. "Don't worry, Ranma I won't let him get to you on school grounds." 'I hope he didn't do what I think he did.' Kei Yamada's plans to seduce Ranma were shelved as her moral compass found its bearing once again.

Ranma was lead outside by Ukyo. "Thanks Ucchan. I needed that."

"That's ok Ranchan. I know that you're honest, but you're too honest sometimes. It'll get you in trouble some day."

"You're not saying that I should start lying, are you?" Ranma was shocked by his sister's comments.

"No, silly. But there are times when not saying anything is better then saying the truth."

"Oh. But what about if I kept something bad I did secret?"

"What do you mean?"

"Ucchan, there's something I have to tell you." Ranma was hesitant about hurting his sister's feelings.

"What is it Ranchan?"

"You know that secret okonomiyaki sauce you made when we were kids?"

"Yes?" 'Why do I get the feeling that I'm not going like this.'

"Well, Icouldn'twaittotasteitbutIspiltitandtriedtoreplaceit." Ranma blurted out.

"Ranchan, could you say that again slowly?"

"I couldn't wait to taste it, but I spilt the jar." Ranma looked at his feet, "and I tried to replace it but I couldn't remember how it was made."

"So the secret sauce I have isn't the secret sauce I made?" Ukyo's left eyebrow was starting to twitch.

"I'm so sorry Ucchan." Ranma's voice was quite like that of a scolded child.

Ukyo turned to her brother, "that's ok Ranchan."

"You really mean it?"

"Yeah, sure. I mean we were kids back then and accidents happen all the time." 'I'll get you for this Ranchan.' "I forgive you. But you still need to be punished."

"What? Why? If I hadn't told you until you opened it then what would you have done?"

"Probably something very unpleasant. Now what did Yamada-sensei want with you?"

"Just that she'd help me with my history grades. Why?"

"Just wondering." 'God, he's still so innocent about girls. I'll have to keep an eye on him.' Turning to look her brother in the eye, Ukyo asked him, "Ranchan, you _do_ like girls don't you?"

"Wh-wh-what?" Ranma spluttered

"Do you like girls or boys? It's a simple question."

"What brought this on?" Ranma started to panic, 'what's gotten into Ucchan?'

"It's, well, the girls and mom were wondering, seeing as how you don't seem to show much interest in girls, whether or not you're gay." Ukyo had trouble phrasing her point.

"What?" Ranma was stunned. "No Ucchan - I like girls. It's just that, well, I haven't found one that I think of in that way."

"That's a relief, Ranchan. Mom was worried about you. Something about your manliness going to waste."

"Mom's got some weird ideas about manliness. Wait a minute. You said something about the girls wondering about me?"

"Sure, Ranchan. Lots of the girls like you. In fact, you'd be surprised about the things they ask me."

"What do they ask you?"

"I can't tell you, they promised me to secrecy." 'Best not swell his head too much.'

"Oh. Have you ever regretted being my friend or mom adopting you?"

"When it comes to you Ranchan, I regret nothing. Now let's go get something to eat."

"You're on Ucchan."

'That's a good sign,' Kei thought from the shadows. 'I was worried that he liked boys. It wouldn't do for such a fine specimen of manliness to go to waste.'


Later, after finishing his kendo practice, Ranma made his way to Kei Yamada's homeroom.

"Ah, right on time, Ranma-kun. Now we can begin."

Ranma sat at a desk and began to look at the history mock exam he'd been given.

Moving in closer to Ranma, Kei spoke softly to give her take on the events in question.

It was all perfectly innocent to Ranma. Which was exactly how Kei planned it.

'Slowly girl, slowly. Let's get his grades up before we get him to properly express his gratitude.' Kei smiled.

"What's up, sensei?"

"Nothing Ranma, I was just reminded of something trivial."


And so the tutoring sessions went on for the next fortnight, Kei's subtle contact becoming more friendly and frequent.

Then the midterms took place. Ranma scored in the top five of his class.

When he had a free period he went to Yamada-sensei to tell her.

"Thanks for the help, I couldn't have gotten the grade I did without your help." He finished with a bow.

"That's quite alright, Ranma-kun. It's part of my job to help out my students when they need it."

"But still, is there anything I can do to repay you?"

"Now that you mention it, I could use your help with a secret project." 'It had best be kept secret, or I'll be in the shit.'

"If I can. What can you tell me?" Ranma was still oblivious to his homeroom teacher's somewhat perverted nature.

"Well, I don't have time to tell you about it today. I should be able to discuss it with you in a day or two."

"Ok, sensei. Let me know when I can help."


Ranma entered his home after kendo practice whistling a pleasant little tune. "I'm home!" He called out to his family.

Nodoka called out her reply. "Ranma I'd like to have a word with you about something."

"Oh? What's that?" Ranma asked, entering the sitting room.

"Ukyo tells me that the girls at school have shown an interest in you."

"Y-yeah, she mention something about it a couple of weeks back. What about it?"

"Well son, I think it's about time that you started dating." Nodoka calmly sipped her tea.

"Oh." Ranma looked down. "If you really think that I can fit it in with my studies, then I suppose that I could. But I don't know who to ask out. And what if she said no?" Ranma started to look nervous.

"I don't think that would be a problem, Ranchan." Ukyo answered. Sitting down she gave her reasoning. "Lots of the girls have asked me if you're seeing anyone. When I told them no, they asked me for permission to date you as your older sister." (1)

"But, why me?" Ranma was perplexed.

"Because you're a handsome scholar and captain of the kendo team, son." Nodoka answered. "Our neighbours are surprised that you've not brought any girls home yet." She added looking at him sideways.

"Mom!" Ranma started to get flustered.

Ucchan giggled behind her hand.

Ranma noticed this. "Laugh it up Ucchan, why don't you?"

"Sorry Ranchan, but it does raise a valid question, why haven't you gone out with any girls from school?"

"Because I'm not ready for a relationship yet." Ranma replied honestly. "Besides, some of the boys at school keep trying to peep on the girls and they're not too popular. Before you start laughing Ucchan, I caught some of them trying to steal your gym shorts."

Ukyo became serious very quickly. "Which ones?"

"I don't know their names, but Ucchan, I can assure you that I made them regret trying anything perverted with you or any of the other girls in school."

"Ranma, I'm impressed that you defended your sister's honour like that, but I'm not suggesting that you do anything like that."

Ranma visibly relaxed at that.

"Just pick a nice girl and ask them out on a date to a coffee shop. We'll take it from there."

"Do I have to?" Ranma's heart was not really in the argument as he had started to get those wonderful teenage hormonal urges.

"How about this: if you take her on a date, I'll talk to the people at Shinohara Heavy Industries about a tour of the Hachioji plant."

"Ok, mom, you twisted my arm. But I don't know many of the girls at school. Ucchan, do you have any suggestions?"

Ukyo smiled. "Why yes, Ranchan. As a matter of fact, I do. She's a little bit older then you, but if you don't mind that, I can introduce you to her."

Ranma suddenly had a bad feeling. "What's her name?"

"Yumi Oshii. She's a cheerleader."

"Isn't she a senior?"

"Yes." 'It'll get her off my back about dating him.' A thought occurred to her. "How did you know that, Ranchan? You barely know any girls at school."

"I know OF her because some of the lads at school talk about her. She's meant to be quite attractive. But I couldn't tell her apart from anybody else in the cheerleading squad."

Ukyo turned to her mother. "She's one of the best looking people in school, mom. And she's been pestering me about a date with Ranchan for some time."

"Oh, well then it's settled. Ranma you will ask this Yumi girl out on a date for Saturday, I'll see about a tour of the factory. Ukyo, you'll have to entertain yourself this weekend."

"No problem, mom. I'll manage." 'I'll keep an eye on Ranchan, that should be entertaining.'

"Wait a minute, Ucchan. Is she the girl that's been coming up and talking to me?"

"Yes, Ranchan." Ukyo pinched the bridge of her nose. "You mean to say that you've not known the name of the girl that's been flirting with you for the past two weeks?"

"Heh, heh," Ranma rubbed to back of his head, grinning sheepishly.


To be continued

(1) It was never made clear about the age order for Ranma's year, at least not to me, so I thought I'd take this liberty. It's not by much anyway, only a few months, but it was obvious enough that one of them is adopted.

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