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Chapter 5

(Warning: this chapter contains 'limish' samples. Kinda.)


"That's why we need to investigate this quickly."

The chief of police was looking at his visitor intently, trying to determine his 'angle'.

"This is a serious matter, I understand that. But why would you want the help of my officers? Surely this is an internal matter."

"I personally agree with you on that, but the higher-ups want to get some independent experts on the case. Don't worry it won't be coming out of your budget. Who will you send on this case, should you agree to help us, that is?" The foreign ambassador asked hopefully.

"I will ask my best man, Yotsuga, but I can't guarantee that he will go. Tell him everything he needs to know, or it could end in tears. I'll call him here to meet with you."


Back when Ranma was still an innocent.

It was a glorious spring day; with very little wind to take away the sought after warmth from the bright sunshine, the students were reluctant to go inside until they had to.

Ranma was a little tense the next day at school. His task was to find a specific girl and ask her to out on Saturday.

One of the problems was that he was too sure which girl he was supposed to be asking out. Another was that he had never done this sort of thing before, and despite not being terribly interested in girls at this point, he was still a little scared of rejection. Ucchan had told him that he had nothing to worry about there, but the nervousness wouldn't leave him.



"Remember, that's her over there." Ukyo pointed at a tall girl, aged around 16. She had blonde hair that came to her shoulders. She had a grace about her that spoke of years of balance training. Her body was slim, yet well proportioned enough to attract men of all ages.

Factor in her pleasant attitude and you had one of the idols of the school. And she knew it too. Many adolescent fantasies were born the moment her sister, Yoko, played a practical joke on her. It was revenge for the destruction of Yoko's relationship with her boyfriend.

The revenge was a public display of Yumi's underwear.

Whilst she was still in them.

To understand what reaction this had on the male population, you must first understand why the Oshii sisters behaved the way they did. Yumi and Yoko had a rather unusual mother. She had very few inhibitions and strange set of moral values. She had taught her daughters that men weren't the real centres of power in the world, women were.

As some say in America, she wore the pants in that house. And the form fitting PVC suit. Oh, and she carried a whip from time to time, but that's another story altogether.

When the Oshii sisters started to grow into women, their mother thought that they should get used to wearing the underclothes that got men to do whatever they wanted them to. When they were a bit older, she taught them the joy of flirting.

So I'm sure that you can all imagine the effect of the sight of a well toned, 16 year-old cheerleader wearing a set of rather provocative lingerie being on display on a public place.

The males who had witnessed said practical joke certainly remembered it for some time after.

Not that Yumi minded being on display, she was a bit of an exhibitionist. What bothered her was the fact that the pick of the litter, Ranma, had not seen what she had to offer.(1)

A few weeks of increasingly blatant flirting with Ranma had yet yield anything in the way of results. She had been getting frustrated with the lack of progress with him, when Ukyo had mentioned needing to get back at Ranma. A suggestion that had not meant to be taken seriously was that Ukyo ought to bully Ranma into dating.

Yumi had asked Ukyo to set them up and she had agreed on the proviso that she didn't do anything to hurt Ranma. Yumi said "ok, no S & M" with a straight face and a voice filled with sincerity.

Little did Ucchan know the part she would play in the loss of her brother's innocence. It was something that she would never forgive herself for.

Walking up to Yumi, Ranma swallowed nervously.

"Excuse me, but could I talk to Yumi privately for a minute, please?"

"Yeah, sure. We'll catch up with you later." Yumi's friends quickly departed, knowing they'd get the full story later.

"Hello Ranma, how can I help you?"

"Hi, I was wondering if you'd like to go out for a coffee sometime?" Ranma was starting to sweat. "I mean if you don't have a boyfriend or any plans or anything." 'Great, that sounded lame.'

Yumi decided that Ranma was under enough pressure just asking her out, and as such fought the giggle forming at his sub par, yet somehow endearing, chat up technique. "Yes, I would Ranma. I'll have to check when I'm free this weekend, but I'll let you know at lunchtime."

"Thanks, I -" The bell rang. "Had better get going to class. I'll see you at lunchtime, Yumi." Ranma ran off to his first lesson relieved that she hadn't turned him down.

Yumi walked to her lesson with a smile on her face. She may have been free for the weekend, but she didn't want to seem that she'd waiting for him to ask her out for the past few weeks.

"So then sis, how are going to get Ranma in the sack?" Yoko asked, appearing from behind a corner.

"I take it you heard everything?"

"Yes. Do you want to double team him?" Yoko could be as blunt as a wardrobe in the company of her family.

"Did you see how nervous he was? We could scare him off women forever."

Yoko gave that opinion some serious thought. "That would be a huge injustice. No, you're right. We had better take it slowly."

'I want him first, anyway.' Yumi thought deviously. "We need to plan this properly. I get the feeling he could be the greatest lover we've ever taken."


Quietl y, Ukyo sat with her friends and observed Ranma become the talk of the playground. Now this wasn't terribly unusual; as one of the more well known students, he was frequently the subject of speculation, gossip and fantasy.

"So, it finally happened: Ranma getting a clue about a girl and asking her out." Ryoko mentioned to her friends.

"It's about time, I know." Ukyo lamented.

"How do you think he'll do on the date, Ucchan?" Reika asked.

"Well, we know that Yumi is rather forward, and Ranchan is a bit shy, so we may have to give him some advice." Ukyo shifted slightly. "The wild card to watch out for is Yoko."

"You're worried about her trying to break them up because of some sisterly squabble?" Ryoko asked.

Ukyo nodded.

Ranma walked up to his sister and friends. "Hey Ucchan, can I sit with you and your friends?"

"Of course, Ranchan. How's it going with Yumi?"

"We're going out for coffee on Saturday afternoon. I'm meeting her at the place down the road at 2." Ranma stated excitedly.

"Careful Ranchan, you don't want to seem too eager, or you'll make a fool of your self."

"I'm just really happy at the moment, Ucchan. I'm still nervous, though. Asking her out went well, but what do I actually do on the date?"

Ukyo looked at her brother and then her friends. This was going to take awhile.

"It's a little hard to explain, Ranchan."


By the time Saturday afternoon came around, Ranma was no longer excited but a huge bag of nerves. He had heard how some dates had gone badly from his friends. Nodoka's fussing over him hadn't helped.

Dressed in a pair of semi formal black slacks and a long-sleeved blue-grey shirt, Ranma checked his appearance in the mirror.

"Don't worry son, it will be fine if you believe it will."

"I know." Ranma took a deep breath.

"Hey Ranchan, why don't you roll the sleeves up on your shirt to show her your manly arms?" Ucchan suggested, walking by. Many of the girls at school wanted to be held in Ranma's arms, at least that is what Ukyo was lead to believe.

"Yes, that's a good idea. Right let's check you've got everything. Wallet with cash, keys, gift of chocolates. Are you ready, Ranma?"

Ranma nodded as he checked his pockets for the items. "As ready as I'll ever be."


Ranm a walked into the coffee shop where Yumi was waiting. 'Crap, I'm late.' Checking his watch with the clock on the wall, 'that's odd, I make it just before 2.'

"Ranma!" Yumi called out.

"Oh hi, Yumi. I didn't keep you waiting did I?"

"No, I just got here. Take a seat." Yumi ushered her date into his seat.

Yumi ordered some tea and cakes for the two of them. She was in the middle of getting the small talk going by asking about the upcoming Kendo tournament, when her sister arrived.

"Hey there, sis!" a voice called out to the pair at the table.

"It's my sister, Yoko," 'She's right on time.'

"Are you going to introduce me to your date, Yumi?"

"Ranma, this is my sister, Yoko. Yoko this is Ranma.

"Hi," Ranma did a double take. "Let guess, twin sister, right?"

"Yep. Hey, I remember you, you're captain of the kendo club."

"Yeah, that's me. Are you going to cheer on my team?"

"Oh yes, we'll both be there to cheer you on." Yoko mentioned slyly.

"That's nice to hear," Ranma missed the slip, not being as aware as would become legend.

Yumi looked at Yoko, she nodded.

"Do you think that it's important to share, Ranma?" Yoko asked as she sat next to him.

"Yeah, I do. Why?"

"Well, we have a theory that some things are best shared," Yoko started to stroke Ranma's arm.

"L-like what?" Ranma gulped. 'What's with these girls? Why are they looking at me like that?'

"Oh certain things," Yumi moved next to her date, trapping him.

Ranma was eyeing up the nearest exit, you would have to be blind not to see that he was looking for a way out.

Yumi realised that Ranma was getting skittish and that the date was going to end in disaster if it continued on this track. "Well Ranma, would you like to go for a walk with me?"

Seeing a chance to escape an uncomfortable situation, Ranma took it. "Yeah, I think I could do with some fresh air."

Yoko looked at Ranma. 'He is really that shy. Well, I hope it doesn't take too long for him to come round to realise the joy of sex.' "Well, I had better get going, Yumi, I'll see you later, ok?"

"Yeah, see you later, Yoko. Come on Ranma let's walk through the park, it's a nice day."

"Yeah, it is." Ranma had calmed down considerably.


Walking through the park, Yumi decided to put plan 'B' into action. Yelping in pain, she feigned injury on her ankle and fell against Ranma.

"Are you aright, Yumi?" Ranma asked when he caught her.

"I'll be alright. Gahh!" 'Heh, he's falling for it.'

"Hang on, let me help you." Ranma swept Yumi in his arms and carried her off to the shade of a nearby tree.

"R-ranma," Yumi sobbed, "can you hold me?"

"Y-yeah. Like this?" Ranma gently held Yumi against his chest. 'Her hair smells nice.'

"Hmm," Yumi snuggled into Ranma's chest. 'Oh, yeah, nice and slow. Like taming a wild horse.'

"Yumi, is something wrong?"


Holding his date at arms length, Ranma looked her in the eye. "Yumi, please tell me if there's something wrong. I keep worrying that I've offended you. If there's anything that I can do for you, please tell me."

"It's nothing. I just trod awkwardly and I got scared that I hurt myself like Yoko. She broke her ankles ice-skating and had to stop being a cheerleader."

"So you're worried that you were going to have to miss the tournament?"


"I have some experience with injuries, I can take a look if you like."

"Please, if it's not too much trouble." 'Hmm, maybe I should flash him my panties.'

Ranma's inspection of Yumi's ankle was calm, clinical and very professional. In fact, one might have forgotten that he was a 14 year-old male. "You should be ok, if you rest up for a bit. It's these shoes, they're not very practical."

"Ranma, can you hold me again?" Yumi flashed him a slightly wounded look, one calculated to make feel guilty if he refused her.

"Uhh, ok." Ranma gently held his date under the shade of the tree.

Yumi positioned herself against Ranma's body, making sure that he was well aware of gender and that she liked him.

"You seem tense, Ranma."

"I-I'm not used to having pretty girls in my arms." Ranma's honesty would get him in trouble one of these days.

"You think I'm pretty?" Yumi started to fish for compliments.

"Yes, I think you're very pretty."

"Are you enjoying our date?"


"Why is that?" 'You didn't look up my skirt.'

"Well, I don't want to sound like a complete pervert or anything, but I'm enjoying just holding you in my arms. I was really worried that something bad would happen, like on TV or something," Ranma smiled.

Yumi laughed, "I know what you mean. This is the best date I've been on for a while." She snuggled up to Ranma's chest and closed her eyes. Soon she was snoozing lightly.

Ranma started to become anxious again, only this time he was worried that he was a boring date. Shaking her gently to wake her up, "Yumi, wake up, please. If I'm boring you, I'm sorry."

Yumi awoke saw that she was in Ranma's arms and smiled. She moved in for the kiss, but he backed off. "What, we're still clothed?"

"Y-yeah, we're in the park, remember?"

"You are a bold one, on a first date. In public no less." Yumi looked again, to her dismay, she saw that they hadn't been fooling around.

Ranma was doing a credible koi impression. 'She wanted me to be a pervert?'

"I'm sorry Ranma, I'm just teasing you. I'm glad you've been a perfect gentleman today."

Yumi got up and started stretching, "Some of the others at school would have been all over me. You treated me with respect and dignity." She bent down and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you Ranma, I would say this date has been a success. It looks like it might start raining soon, would you be so kind as to walk me home?"

Ranma nodded, and stood up. "Is it far?"

Yumi gently held onto Ranma's arm, "15 minutes walk."

The couple strolled to Yumi's house under darkening skies, arriving just as it started to rain.

"Come in Ranma, at least until the rain stops."

"Ok, but only 'til it stops raining." Ranma allowed himself to be lead inside the Oshii residence.

"Take a seat and make yourself comfortable, Ranma, I'll make some tea."


In the kitchen, Yumi was preparing to go to plan 'C' to achieve her goal of some "sweet Ranma lovin'". She was getting the tea things ready when her mother entered.

"So then, Yumi how did the date go? I notice you've not changed your clothes."

"He was the perfect gentleman." Yumi smiled.

Mrs Oshii raised an eyebrow. "But I thought you wanted this boy?"

"He held me in his arms, mom. He said the date was good because he 'got to hold a pretty girl in his arms.' I even fell asleep there." Yumi filled up the kettle. "He's here if you want a look."

Mrs Oshii left to inspect her daughter's escort.


'Oooh, he is a handsome devil.' "Hello there, I'm Mrs Oshii, Yumi's mother."

"H-hello, I'm Ranma Yotsuga," Ranma turned and bowed from the waist.

"So how did your date go?"

"Ok, I guess. We just walked in the park, but Yumi tripped, her ankle's fine, though." 'I best not mention she fell asleep in my arms or she'll think I did something perverted to her daughter.'

"Oh. Anyway I have work to do, so I'll leave you two alone." Mrs Oshii winked and left.

'What did she mean by that?' Ranma was not left much time to ponder that as Yumi arrived with the tea.

Yumi handed Ranma a cup of tea. "Here you go."


Yumi nervously fiddled with a small bottle concealed in her left hand, gently squeezing the dropper in the top.

Yoko appeared looking bored. "I see you're back. Is that tea fresh?"

"Yes, I just made it." Yumi was thankful for her sister's distraction as she put a few drops of a liquid in Ranma's tea.

Ranma sipped his tea, oblivious to what was planned for him. Yoko quickly retrieved a cup for herself and poured some tea.

The sisters started to make small talk with Ranma waiting for the concentrated dose of potion to take effect.

After a few minutes, Ranma loosened the collar on his shirt. "Whoa, I just felt a bit funny there. Does your tea taste ok?"

"Yes, why?" Yoko asked.

"I-I can't explain it properly, it feels like I've been drinking sake. My head is all fuzzy," Ranma's eyes started to glaze over.

"I think you should lie down Ranma," Yumi's acting was good.

The sisters manoeuvred Ranma to Yumi's room where his shirt was quickly removed.

Yoko smiled, "I knew it was a good idea to get those pharmacology and hypnosis books."

"Yeah, it's time for the hypnotic suggestion. Ranma when you awaken, you'll remember nothing about what went on in my room, all that happened on the date is we walked through the park, you walked me home and you stayed until the rain stopped."

"Nothing happened," Ranma slurred.

"That's a good boy. Now take off your clothes," Yumi commanded.

Ranma mechanically shed the rest his clothing, not realising that what he was doing.

Yoko was impressed at Ranma's equipment. "What now, Yumi?"

"Ranma take my panties off using your teeth."

Ranma complied as if nothing was wrong. Mind you, in his state, he could have been on fire and not be too bothered.

Yoko was getting jealous at this and decided she wanted some sweet Ranma lovin'. Undressing quickly, she revealed a body comparable to that of her sister's. Crawling towards Ranma, she called out to the boy. "Ranma, lie on your back now. That's good. Yumi, you sit on his face, I'll take care of this."

Yoko started to kiss the pig-tailed boy's washboard stomach. Working her way down, she noticed 'Little Ranma' started to stir. She smiled.


"Wait a minute, Captain. Are you saying that your first sexual experience was actually date-rape?" Mei was stunned at this.

"Yes." Ranma's reply was in a sad voice.

"That explains why you seem a bit twitchy around aggressive women," Maaya said thoughtfully.

"You'd think that wouldn't you? But I didn't know about what happened until later," Ranma said in a dismissive tone. "But when I found out I kind of freaked out..."


"So then, Miss Oshii, how have you been enjoying your time with Ranma?" Kei Yamada questioned the student.

'You're just bitter because I can date him without getting into trouble,' Yumi thought smugly. "Very much so, why do you ask?"

"Well," moving in closer to the girl, "I hear that Ranma might not be willingly putting out."

"What are you suggesting?"

"That maybe you're doing something to Ranma. I asked him how the dates went and he was a little vague on some of the details. Namely what happened when he got to your house."

"What does that have to do with you? I mean it's not like he's your son or lover is he?"

"No, he's my student and I have to look out for him. What did you do to him to make him so out of it the next day?"

Ranma was walking up the corridor when he heard his girlfriend and teacher talking.

"My sister and I are having mind-blowing sex with Ranma," Yumi smirked.

'We are? But I would remember if we did that, wouldn't I?' Ranma ducked out of sight.

"WHAT!?!" Ms Yamada screamed. "How could you take advantage of Ranma like that?"

"It sounds like you're jealous, Yamada-SENSEI." Yumi placed the emphasis on the teacher's role.

Ranma turned away slowly having decided that he had to be alone with his thoughts. He saw Ucchan and signalled to her that he'd catch up with her later.


A knocking sound interrupted the story.

"Excuse, Captain Yotsuga?"

"Yeah, in here. What can I help you with?"

"The chief wants to see you. Something about a mission."

"Ok. Sorry folks, I'll have to finish this one another time. Try not to trash the place while I'm gone," smirked Ranma.

"Not again!" Megumi wailed.

Maaya smiled, "he's incredibly lucky when it comes to things like this."


"Ahh, good afternoon, Captain. This is the Chinese ambassador, Terrance Chang."

Ranma bowed to the man, "I'm Captain Ranma Yotsuga. Special Vehicles, second section. What can I do for you?"

"We need your help in an investigation back on the mainland."

"I'm not sure that we are the best to help you with it. If it's a commercial model malfunction, then the manufacturer would be the ones to consult. If it is a military labor, the it is quite clearly an internal matter." Ranma paused for a moment. "Last time I was in China, your Labor Crime Unit was just being formed. Why can't they handle it? Wouldn't bringing us in cause them a huge loss of face?"

"You are quite right, Captain, the Labor Crime Unit should be handling it. The government, however, wants to get help on this one. And as the neighbour with the most experience on labor incidents, we thought that you could help us out."

"Is Beijing concerned about internal corruption again? That's the only reason I can think of right now for bringing us in. I will say this again - if it is a military labor problem, then the military should handle it. I don't want any of my team exposed to official secrets that might cause them trouble."

"Captain Yotsuga, I can see why many of the labor units around the world look up to you. There are some concerns from the LCU about just what this problem entails, and quite frankly, they are at a loss to explain it."

"So you want independent verification on some of the bizarre goings on? Well, I guess that if Tokyo can spare us for a week or two, then we can help. But I'm holding you responsible for if any of my team are imprisoned because of any classified information or hurt because of information you give or don't give me. Understand?"

The ambassador nodded.

"Well then, I'll get my team together. Who's paying for this little excursion?"

"We are," replied Chang.

"It's nice to hear that Special Vehicles aren't being billed for once," Ranma smiled at the two older men in the room.


To be continued.

(1) This is what many of the girls referred to Ranma as (or any other boy from the school that they thought might be worth dating), especially the older girls. It is worth pointing out that Ranma's current school is a special case in that it has both junior and senior high school students. It is a bit like the school Sorata teaches at in 'Mouse.'


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