Peach Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Beating of Sae ❯ Kiley's Brother is an Ass... ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 13 - Kiley's Brother is an Ass…
Ryo walked into his little brother's room without knocking. It was late at night and he figured that Kiley would be sleeping already.
He was wrong.
Kiley was propped up on his bed with a stack of papers in his hand and a pencil that was methodically tapping at his bottom lip. He looked up when the door opened and an eyebrow arched. “Yeah? Have you ever heard of knocking?”
Ryo sighed. “I figured you were sleeping.”
“Well I'm not, now get out.” He scowled at his older brother and then looked back down to his paperwork. He hadn't been able to sleep more than a couple of hours so had sat up to do his homework. Without his textbooks, which he had stupidly forgotten at school again, he wasn't getting very far, though. He was considering calling Momo's cell phone and having her help him since they had some of the same classes, but didn't want to wake her up so late at night.
He already felt bad enough for everything that he had said to her that day, he didn't want to mess up her sleep, if she was getting any. Kiley hoped she was, because he sure as hell wasn't going to sleep that night. He put down his papers when his brother continued to stand at his door and looked at the older boy.
If he didn't know any better, Kiley would swear he was looking into a mirror that showed the future. His brother looked almost exactly like he did. The only difference was the experience in the eyes and a slightly different haircut. Kiley had just decided to let his hair grow out a bit and his brother had decided to keep it short, but until Kiley's hair did grow, they were almost identical.
Kiley looked at his brother now and Ryo did exactly what he thought he would, he sneered. There was another difference. While Kiley was nice to almost everyone all the time, Ryo was nice when it was a convenience to him.
“Who do you think you are, you little punk? I can come and go as I please, especially in here. What, are you going to have a girl in here?” He began to laugh obnoxiously. “Please, you with a girl in here? My little virgin brother? Yeah, sure.”
Kiley rolled his eyes. He was used to this. All his life his brother had made him feel unwelcome in his own home, and it was only because their mother had lavished so much attention on the baby (as mothers tend to do when a new little one is around). Ryo never forgot how his mother and father couldn't go to his school soccer grand tournament, the most important day in his little life, because Kiley had gotten into one of the lower cupboards and they couldn't find him for hours. Since that day, Ryo had taken every opportunity to make Kiley's life miserable.
“Yeah, look, whatever, what were you trying to sneak in here for anyway? Take it so you can get out already,” Kiley grumbled, looking back down at his papers.
He heard Ryo shuffling through his closet, probably to borrow some clothes, and then the door closed with a derisive click.
God, I hate him.
* * *
“Moshi-moshi,” came the male voice on the receiver. It sounded like Kiley, but Momo couldn't be sure so she asked for him.
“He's taking a shower, but he should be done soon.”
“Oh, um, o-okay. I'll call back.” Momo was a little disappointed but at the same time curious as to who this person was. Kiley had always answered his cel phone so she had no idea who this could be. “Uh, who's this by the way?”
“Who me?” the male voice questioned.
Is it my imagination or did it just get deeper? Momo thought. “Um…yes.”
“I'm Kiley's older brother, Ryo.”
Momo stopped for a moment. Kiley had a brother? In all the time she'd known him, she never knew he had any siblings. “Oh, ah, well, hello Ryo. I'm, uh, Momo. Sorry to ask, it's just that, er, he's usually the one to pick up his phone. If you could…er, um…tell him that I called, I would appreciate it, uh.” She turned pink when she realized that she had already said that she would call back. Jeez, why am I blushing? It's a simple mistake, he's not going to laugh at you or anything.
“No prob. I'll tell him.” He chuckled. “I have to go, nice talking to you.”
Before Momo could open her mouth, he had hung up.
She put down the receiver thinking that while he had a nice voice, he sure was rather rude. She picked up the manga (Para Kiss) she had been reading and sat down to wait.
Five minutes later, her cell phone rang. It was Kiley.
“Hey, Momo. Sorry I couldn't get the phone, I saw that you called. What's up?”
“Saw that I called? Didn't your brother tell you I called?”
“My… my brother?” There was silence on his end for a bit and then she heard Kiley sigh. His voice was a bit strange when he spoke again. “No. He didn't tell me anything.”
“Oh, well, he must've forgotten, then,” she suggested helpfully.
“No. He didn't forget, trust me.” He paused and then his voice went back to normal. “So, what's going on?”
“Um, well, I wanted to say sorry, for today at school.”
“What are you talking about, Momo?”
“Well, I dunno, I mean, I know we're doing this all for show but I still wanted to apologize cuz today was really bad. I called you some awful things, you know.” She bit her lip lightly.
“I'll be right over, Momo. We need to talk and I don't want to do it from here, okay?”
“No buts. I want to see…er come over to talk.”
Momo blushed. “Al… all right, Kiley.”
They both hung up at the same time. Momo sucked in a breath and sat back on her bed, the manga falling out of her lap and onto the sheets.
* * *
“Where you goin', little brother?” Ryo asked in a mocking tone.
“Nowhere that you'd like to be,” Kiley answered back while grabbing his jacket and keys.
“Hey, respect your elders, you little jerk!” his brother yelled as Kiley left the house and slammed the door.
God, I hate him!