Peach Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Beating of Sae ❯ Momo's Crappy Day... ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

BY: Oriana X. Myst
I don't own Peach Girl, but Miwa Ueda is a kick-ass artist and writer!! Yah that girl rocks!! Okay, just to let you know, this story takes place after the second graphic novel, so I put in the last couple of lines and stuff and then my story takes off from there.  This story of course, has no bearing on the actual Peach Girl storyline, so there are no spoilers at all, except for when we get to Chapter 13 or so, so just be warned, by that time, you should have read at least up to Peach Girl GN #9 (Change of Hearts #1) .   But even then, it's no big deal. 
So, that's about it actually, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me:   
Chapter 1 - Momo's Crappy Day…
Momo turned red at Toji's words.  Toji looked down and slammed his hand down on the counter top. 
"I just don't know anymore," he began.   "I have no idea what you're thinking."
Momo could do nothing but look at him.  Half in anger, half in shame. 
Toji continued after a brief pause.  "I don't think… I can go on."
Momo stopped breathing.  Time seemed to slow down.  She stared at Toji as he finally looked up and said the one sentence she had not been prepared for. 
"I think it's best we break up."
Tears began forming in Momo's eyes.  Kiley stood with his mouth wide open in shock and Sae was grinning from ear to ear like a cat that just caught a mouse. 
***Hear I go!!***
Momo backed up a bit from the hospital bed, too shocked to do anything else.  She couldn't believe it.  He had really said it hadn't he?  He told her he wanted to break up.  He wanted to break up.  How… how…. How… could this… she stuttered in her mind.   She didn't know what to do or what to say.  She stood in shocked silence, the tears welling up even more. 
Toji turned away again when he saw Momo about to cry.  Inside everything was screaming at him.  Everything was calling him a fool.  His mind, his heart, there was nowhere he could turn that the picture of Momo's face in such pain was not there.  He half didn't believe that he had said it.  He knew he had, and at the moment it had felt like he should.  But now…
Momo hiccupped, a tear beginning to roll down her cheek.  NO!  her mind screamed. NO! I AM NOT GOING TO CRY!!! NOT IN FRONT OF TOJI; NOT IN FRONT OF KILEY; AND MOST DEFINITELY NOT IN FRONT OF THAT… THAT…. 
She turned slowly and saw with halfhearted shock that Sae was grinning from ear to ear as if she had just won the World Olympics.  
Momo really could not believe what was happening to her.  After all that had just been said, after all she had gone through to finally spill out everything that she had wanted to say, Sae had once again come in and ruined everything for her. Every time she tried, every time she got close enough to her goal, there was Sae ruining it.  It was too much, she was tired of it, tired of everything that had happened.  Ever since Sae found out she liked Toji, Momo's life had been a living hell. 
She couldn't take it anymore.  Everything, every little thing that she had had been taken away by that conniving little bitch. Everything! No matter where she went or what she did, there was Sae, destroying it.  Enjoying every minute of her torture.  Momo had come to the end of the line.  This was it.  She really could not take it anymore.  Never had she felt such hatred for another human being… no… Sae was not even worthy enough to be called human.  She was a worm… lower even.
Momo looked up again at Sae and saw the same smug expression she had seen the day that Sae had kissed Toji.  That was the final straw.  Not anymore! NOT… ANY… MORE!!!   >SNAP<
For a moment it looked as if Momo had stopped breathing.  She had looked toward Sae and stopped moving, her eyes getting darker as each second ticked by.  Kiley couldn't stand to see the pain in Momo's eyes.  He loved her, there was no doubt, but he'd rather see her happy with the guy that she loved instead of sad without him.  That would be happiness for him.
He looked at Toji who was staring at the bed sheets.  His anger stirred.  All he wanted to do was hit him.  How can he be so stupid? He wondered to himself.  Can't he see that Momo really loves him? 
He turned back to Momo and thought he saw a flash of anger in her gaze.  He looked closer, concentrating fully on her eyes.  Kiley knew that when Momo was angry, it was time to duck; but he also knew that it was not really hate that she put behind her swings… and kicks… she was just being Momo. 
He blinked a few times trying to decipher what he saw.  Suddenly, it hit him.  He couldn't believe it.  What he saw was not anger… it was hatred.  Pure… unwavering… hatred.  He had never in his whole life seen someone hate another person so much.  It radiated about the room like thunder. 
Toji must have sensed that something was about to happen because he finally looked at Momo.  He saw that she was standing as she was before except for the fact that her fists were now clenched and her knuckles were turning white.  He sat up a little in the bed and was about to say something to her when she raised her hand high and back handed Sae across the face so hard that it sent her flying into the wall.
Sae hit it with a THUD and fell on the floor putting a hand up to her face in shock.  She stared up at Momo and then took her hand away from her face when she noticed a small warm flow.  Her cheek had been cut with the force of Momo's slap.  "I… I don't…." she looked up at Momo again, getting to her feet slowly.  "I don't believe it! How could you hit me!?"
Momo didn't answer.  Her tears had dried with the heat in her face and she didn't seem to have heard a word Sae had said. 
Kiley was in shock at what had just occurred.  Momo had actually gone and done it.  She had finally hit Sae.  He finally snapped out of it and grinned from ear to ear.  "Alright Momo!" He threw his fist up in the air but stopped halfway when he saw that Momo was looking at him. 
He took a step back from her, for the first time really fearing her wrath.  She finally looked back at Sae and took a threatening step toward her. 
Sae actually looked scared.  It was amazing to Kiley that Sae would ever really be scared of Momo.  She had never feared her before, but now she looked like a cornered mouse. 
Toji, eyes wide, began to reach for Momo's hand to stop her advance on Sae. 
It was too late. 
Momo had closed in on her and was now dragging a kicking and screaming Sae by her hair out the door. 
The other patients looked on for a moment in shocked silence and then an old man who was across from Toji spoke up.  "You know son," he told Toji.  "I think maybe you should have listened to what that poor girl had to say.  I don't think she was lying." He stopped for a moment and looked over at Kiley.  He pointed at him.  "Think about it, just for a second before you do anything.  If he already had her wrapped around his finger like you think, why would he come here to help her get back with you?  You said that that other girl… Sae wasn't it? You said she had nothing to gain by lying to you, but what does this young man here have to gain by helping you get the girl?" He paused for a moment to let his words sink in.  "She would not drag her so called "love interest" over to this hospital just so that you could see them together, that would be pointless."
Toji looked at him a moment considering his words and then at Kiley.  "Did you kiss her, and not the other way around?" he whispered the question.
Kiley sighed and rolled his eyes.  "You moron.  Yes.  I kissed her.  I like her, I'm not going to sit here and lie to you,"  LIAR, his mind piped in. You love her!   "But you are one dumb guy." He continued without answering his mind back.  He shook his head and decided to lie a bit.  "Do you want to know why Momo was so happy every time she was around me?  She was talking about you." Pah.  "She usually always talked about you and about how she was going through these emotions because of you.  Are you that blind?  She loves you." Ouch.  Saying that… hurt.  "Couldn't you see that when she was threatening to jump out the window? Even I saw it from the other building…" Unfortunately, added his mind again.  He turned to leave the room in search of Momo but stopped at the doorway.  "If she liked me, why would she be willing to kill herself over you?" You're killin' me man. 
Toji could do nothing but stare as Kiley left the room.  "Can it be true?  Could Sae have been lying the whole time?" he mumbled out loud.
The old man spoke up again, this time looking at Toji with a stern face.  "Young man."
Toji turned to look at him. 
"That girl, the one who was dragged out of here… I just thought you should know that she was smiling the whole time while the other girl's tears were falling.  You had your face turned so you couldn't see it.  But she was smiling." 
Toji pushed the sheets aside and stood up slowly, his operation feeling as if it really had been ripped when he had saved Momo.
He walked out of the room and shuffled down the hallway trying to figure out where she had gone.  He didn't know what he would say or do when he found her, but sitting on his ass didn't help anyone anyway.