Peach Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Beating of Sae ❯ Kiley's long day ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

CHAPTER 3 - Kiley's Long Day…
Momo opened her eyes slightly and winced at the brightness of the lights in the room. She sighed and rolled over to bury her head in the pillow under it.
Maybe she could sleep a little mo… suddenly, the previous events shot through her mind. She saw, in a haze, herself dragging Sae out to the rooftop of the hospital and beating the crap out of her. She pressed her head down even further into the pillow. Oh man, oh man, what have I done? she thought dejectedly. Now Toji must think I'm a cheater and some kind of crazy lunatic! Oh God! Will my bad luck never end?!
Tears started welling up in her eyes and she began a muffled cry into the pillow.
Kiley sat on the left of Momo's bed. He saw when she semi-opened her eyes and then turned over and started to cry. She hadn't even noticed that he was there. Then again, he didn't really want her to know or she might stop. He knew that she needed to get it out. She needed to cry. She wouldn't do it in front of anyone so he didn't say a word.
She eventually finished and fell back asleep.
He sighed. Poor Momo, so many things had happened to her lately, he really couldn't blame her for flipping out. He just couldn't believe that she had beaten the crap out of Sae. It was still a shock.
He and Toji had made it to the roof in time to see Momo's foot slam into the side of Sae's head. The loud CRACK reverberated off the walls of the other buildings. Much of her blood was on the floor… and Momo's shoes. Kiley guessed that Momo must have broken Sae's nose because the last time his nose had broken, his mother had thought he was dying; there was so much blood.
Since they were on the roof of the hospital, he had just run down and gotten the first two nurses he had seen. They were shocked to find a girl lying in a puddle of blood on the roof. They really didn't know what to make of it and from the look on their faces, they didn't want to ask either.
Kiley sighed again. The security guards were waiting for Momo to wake up in order to ask what had happened. Kiley had tried to explain that it was nothing major but they had a job to do and weren't going to give up.
He looked at Momo's still form and reached over to touch her hair. She had been asleep for a few hours and he really didn't want to wake her so that she would have to answer questions. He felt bad enough for her as it was. He passed his fingers softly along her cheek and smiled when she moved towards the warmth of his hand. She looked so helpless as she slept.
Kiley frowned and moved his hand back to his lap. He realized Momo had no one to turn to. Everyone at school thought that she was a bitch. The only person who didn't was him… and Toji he supposed. He wasn't sure if even that assumption was correct. He stood up to stretch and gave Momo a small kiss on the cheek before going to Toji's room.
He thought that the security guards would be sitting outside but found that no one was there now. He got on the elevator and walked over to Toji's. He found Toji sitting up in his bed staring off at the window of the room.
Kiley nodded to the old man in the bed across from Toji. The old man smiled and waved back and then began watching TV.
Toji didn't turn when Kiley sat down. They sat like that for a few moments before Toji spoke up.
“Do you love her Kiley?”
Kiley did a double take. “E-excuse me?”
Toji turned to look at him. “You heard. Do you love her?”
Kiley was speechless for the second time that day. He didn't know how he should answer him. “Uh… I…. Uh.”
Toji rolled his eyes. “Oh please, cut the crap. You love her, just admit it.”
Kiley looked at Toji a moment before answering. He leaned back in the chair and raised an eyebrow. “Like you don't?”
Toji jumped slightly at the turn of events. Love… Momo? He looked down at the white bed sheets. He had never really thought of it before, but maybe that's why he was so jealous. He shook his head. Well, it's not like it helped him now even if he did love her. He had basically told her that he never wanted to be with her again, hadn't he? Hadn't he meant it? Had he said it out of anger? Did he really love her?
Kiley watched Toji's silent struggle. He could tell that Toji wanted to say yes but was trying hard to find a way to say no. It was Kiley who rolled his eyes this time. Why couldn't the big idiot admit his feelings? Maybe he didn't have any. Kiley snorted quietly to himself. Sure, fat chance buddy! Momo doesn't even like you you moron, you might as well try to patch things up with her and the fool and pray that the poor girl is happy…… without you…. Kiley sighed. Oh well. It was the least he could do for Momo. He loved her, there was no doubt about it. He would keep loving her too, no matter what.
He looked at Toji and decided to forget his mission for one day. He would come back after he had seen one more person. Sae. He wanted to make sure that she was still alive-he grinned evilly-so that he could laugh in her swollen face. He scratched his head in thought. Maybe that would be mean… he smiled. He… didn't … care.
He stood up and noticed that Toji hadn't looked up yet. He sighed, like he had been doing all day, and went to go find Sae's room.