Peach Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Beating of Sae ❯ Friday... one of the longest days of the year... ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

CHAPTER 4 - Friday, the Longest Day of the Year…
After finding out from the nurses in the front desk where Sae was located, Kiley made his way to the elevator.
Room 231W she had said. So, lucky weasel got a window seat huh? he thought as he punched the button marked 2. What should have been relaxing and soothing music in the elevator sounded more like music from a bad porno. Kiley looked up at the speaker and made a face. Oh boy...
He stepped out when the doors dinged open and looked at the little plaque on the wall. 200-215 left, read the top one. He turned left and was about to start moving when something soft and hard at the same time ran into him at full speed.
Both of them went crashing to the floor and Kiley heard a smooth, female "Owww" from the small/hard thing. He shook his head and looked over to see a small non-Japanese looking girl on her butt on the floor in front of him along with a few papers. She had long red hair and silver eyes and was dressed like one of the candy-stripers. He got up quickly and apologized profusely as he helped her up and then helped pick up her papers.
She smiled sheepishly and said, "Oh, that's okay, it was my fault, I'm always in a hurry... never pay attention to where I'm going." She bowed in the Japanese style and called out, "I'm sorry!" in rather good Japanese as she walked off.
Kiley stood looking at her go and scratched his head. She was cute... ah, well… Momo's cuter. He turned and continued to Sae's room. When he got to 231, the door was half closed so he knocked lightly before entering. The room was dim and the blinds were shut. He saw that there was no one on the first bed near the door and Sae was sleeping, if not peacefully at least comfortably in the other bed near the window. He walked over and grabbed the chair next to her bed to sit down on.
He looked at Sae closely a moment and saw the swelling on her face, under the bandages, that had originally been her nose. "Yup, broken like I thought," he whispered. He shook his head at her.
"You only got what was coming to you, you know. You shouldn't have been so mean to her. She never did a thing to you." He smirked sadly. "Be careful who you piss off next time Sae... it coulda been worse..."
"How?" came the muffled sounding reply from the bed. Sae hadn't opened her eyes but knew that it
was Kiley sitting next to her. "Gwell, how?" she asked again after a moment of silence from him.
She was begining to get mad. How dare he come to her telling her she should be careful who she pissed off. She could do whatever she wanted! Momo was the bad one! Didn't he know that she was the victim here? Wasn't it plain enough for the idiot to see? She was the one to get beat up, not Momo.
Then again, why would Kiley even think of listening to her, the tanned whore had everyone under her spell… well, not everyone. There was still Toji. Sae vowed that Momo would never have Toji… ever. She didn't care what happened, Momo was never going to get the guy she wanted, she would make sure of that. She tried to smile but it hurt her face and the bandages weren't allowing for much movement anyway.
Kiley shook his head and stood to go. "It just could have Sae. Momo's a really nice girl and what you've done to her has been nothing short of cruel. You got what you deserve." He sighed and stood at the doorway. "In fact, if it was up to me, you would've gotten worse." He smiled wickedly and walked out into the hall as he heard a pissed off half-shriek come from Sae's swollen lips. He knew she was madder'n a wet cat covered in dog drool. He also knew he might just pay for that comment when she was fully recovered and out of the hospital, which would be that Monday from what the nurse had told him when he asked.
The weekend had just started and as he made his way back to Momo's room he knew that it would be a very long one, and a very long week for that matter, for Momo. He hoped that she would be strong enough to take what he knew the kids at school would shell out when they found out what had happened. He shook his head again. If they found out from Sae, then Momo would have "held her out the window in a rage" or "tried to kill her for telling her to get away from her boyfriend Toji."
He sighed sadly and stepped into the porno-music elevator. Before the doors closed, he resolved to do everything he could to help Momo out. He just hoped he was in time to stop the rumors from spreading that she had tried to kill Sae. He just knew though that Sae would have the word out before he stepped out of the elevator on the floor below.
He didn't know how right he was until Monday at school.