Peach Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Beating of Sae ❯ Monday...oh boy, here we go again... ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 5 - Monday, Here We Go Again…
Momo peeked around the corner carefully. No one in sight. She sighed. At least she wouldn't have to face anyone for a few more minutes. She had decided to skip her first class to avoid any confrontations with Sae's friends, who she just happened to have in that class. She ducked back into the bathroom and sat down in a stall with the door closed. She had painted a crude sign that said
“OUT OF ORDER” and stuck it to the front of the stall just in case. She picked up her feet in case anyone happened to come in and mulled over what had happened to her over the weekend. After a few minutes she began to cry softly, hoping again that no one would come in to hear her.
She hadn't wanted to go to school that day but her mother had insisted. Granted, she hadn't told her mother anything that had happened last Friday or she might have been a little more sympathetic, but if she did that then she'd have to go into details about the whole situation and she didn't want to do any such thing. It was bad enough she had gotten emails and phone calls over the weekend from some of Sae's lackeys threatening bodily harm for what she did to Sae, she didn't want confrontations at school in front of the teachers.
The bathroom door opened with a swish and Momo heard light footsteps. She held her breath and hoped with all her heart that the person would go away. She heard the person pause and then make their way
over to the stalls.
“Momo?” the person called out softly.
She opened her eyes wide. What the hell? How does anyone know I'm here?
“Momo, are you in here?” a little louder and little deeper… it was… a guy??
Momo swallowed the lump in her throat and whispered, “Kiley?”
Kiley smiled. So, she was hiding in here. He knew it. He looked behind him and decided to lock the bathroom door just in case. He didn't want to get caught in the girls' bathroom and especially not with Momo. He had gotten her into enough trouble as it was, he didn't want to cause her any more. He walked over to the last stall on the right and smiled as he saw the sign. He knocked on
the door. “Momo, that you?” he asked redundantly.
Momo held her breath. Well, I already answered him once, might as well do it again. “Yeah, in here.”
“What'cha doing in there?” He paused a moment then turned red. “Uh, I'm sorry, were you using the toilet?” I didn't even think of that. I'm such a dork!
Momo smiled for the first time in a while and lowered her feet to the floor. She wiped her tears away with the back of her hand and stopped herself before she could open the lock on the bathroom door. Tears ran down again leaving hot trails down her cheeks. “Go away Kiley… please.”
Kiley could hear her crying although she was trying to hide it. He shook his head sadly and pressed a hand up to the door. “Come on Momo, please open up,” he said softly, trying to coax her into at least unlocking the door. Hearing her cry was making his heart break. All he wanted to do was take
her into his arms and hold her.
Momo shook her head (although he couldn't see it) and said through sniffles, “No Kiley…<sniff> please go…<sniff> away. I really don't want… <sniff, sniff> to see anyone right now. I didn't even want to come… <hiccup> to school today but my mom made me. <sniff> I don't ever feel like coming back here again to tell the… <hiccup> truth.”
Kiley bit his lip in thought. How was he going to convince her to open the door? An idea came to him. Aha! He got onto his hands and knees on the floor and stuck his head under the stall door. What he saw was Momo sitting with her head in her hands, which were propped up on her knees and…panties… white… Momo panties. He turned bright red again and began to sputter an apology.
Momo looked up when she heard something, it sounded like a dull ringing. She could hear people walking outside the bathroom door. She could hear many people. Her eyes widened. “Oh no! The bell must have rung!” She wrenched the door open without once looking down but ended up bonking Kiley on the head with the door and her foot. She finally did look down and saw Kiley half in the stall with a giant grin on his face and nearly drooling. Her face turned red and she began to pound on his head with her foot. “You moron!! What the hell were you thinking of? I'm going to kill you, you pervert!”
Knock, knock. “I wonder why the bathroom is closed,” came the voice from the other side of the
door. “Hello” knock, knock “ Hello, anyone in there?”
Momo stopped mid kick and snatched the semi-unconscious Kiley from the floor and stuffed him on top of the toilet.
He finally snapped out of it and stood up rubbing his head while watching her snap the lock on the stall door and climb up on the toilet with him.
There wasn't much room for them both up there so they tried pressing their hands/backs/butts up to the walls but to no avail. The people were going to figure out a way to open the door soon so they had to hurry.
“Either one of us has to get off or…” Momo started but didn't finish because at that time the door could be heard unlocking from the outside. “Oh no! They must have found a janitor!” she whispered fiercely into his ear.
Kiley made a decision right then and there. He wrapped his arms around Momo and positioned them so that they would both fit on the toilet. Of course it put them in a hugging position with Momo's head pressed
up against his chest but they fit without falling off.
Momo turned redder than usual and tried to push away from him.
“Shhh… this is the only way Momo, we don't fit any other way. It's just for a minute, I swear I…”
He never finished because her hand clamped over his mouth just seconds before the door opened and girls entered.
“That was weird. There's no one in here,” one voice said.
“Maybe they're hiding in the stalls?” the other piped up helpfully.
“I'll find out if there's anyone here,” came the third voice, a bit deeper than the rest but
clearly Mrs. Kidiochi, one of the janitors.
Momo's eyes widened and Kiley moved her hand away to breath better. They both looked down at the floor and saw Mrs. Kidiochi's shadow passing by the stalls and one by one opening them up. She stopped at the last stall and tried the door.
Momo began to shake. This is great! This is just great! I'm going to be caught with Kiley in here by Mrs. Kidiochi and a bunch of other girls, who will undoubtedly be Sae's lackeys and I'll be the biggest joke of the school! My life is over!
Kiley wrapped his arms even tighter around Momo and watched as the shadow of Mrs. Kidiochi bent over and got closer to the floor to look underneath. He knew what Momo was thinking, she would be completely ashamed if anyone saw them in this situation, things were going bad enough as it was. He
really hoped this wouldn't blow up in their faces. He had just wanted to help, not harm but somehow he didn't think this situation would turn out too good.
"Oh, my back isn't what it used to be," they heard her mutter. Her hand reached the floor and Momo almost screamed. Instead she clutched Kiley's shirt in a death grip and stuck her head in his chest while closing her eyes.
After what seemed like an eternity (2 minutes), Mrs. Kidiochi decided, it seemed, that it wasn't worth the trouble of a bad back so she stood up and said cheerfully, "No, no one here. Everything's okay girls. Go about your business."
Momo opened her eyes and blinked a few times in shock. What the... what just happened? I thought we were caught for sure!
"How in the hell?" she heard Kiley whisper near her ear. She almost didn't hear him because of all the talking in the bathroom. She raised her finger to his lips to silence him. Apparently he got the hint because he nodded, but not before Momo felt his lips brush her finger with an extremely soft kiss. She blushed beet red again and pulled her finger down and held it to her chest. What
was that? she wondered crazily. Her heart began to hammer in her chest. Did he just... did I just.. but... but... I he... uh... Without realizing it she unwrapped her arms and pushed away from him.
Kiley was barely in time to catch her before she went crashing to the floor. He grabbed her by her arms and pulled her back toward safety.
She opened her mouth to say something but finally remembered the situation and mouthed, “Thank you,” to him.
He smiled crookedly and shook his head. Picking up his hand, he swirled it in a circle next to his ear to indicate that she was crazy.
Her cheeks puffed up in mock anger and she scowled at him.
The girls finally left and they waited a few more minutes for the bell to sound again, just to be safe. When it did they both let out a breath.
“Phew, that was close. I'm really glad that Mrs. Kidiochi has a bad back or we might have gotten caught,” Momo said as she hopped back onto the floor.
“Yeah, guess so,” Kiley answered back while smiling in his mind. I don't think it was so bad, got to hold the girl I love… although it wasn't the situation that I wanted to hold her in but… oh well. He sighed and hung his head.
Momo tilted her head to the side and looked at Kiley. “What's wrong Kiley?”
Kiley shook his head. “Nothing, don't worry about it.” He picked up his head and grinned devilishly. “By the way Momo,” he began while unlocking the stall. “I like your panties, they're really pretty.”
Momo's eyes widened ten times their normal size and flames danced at the bottom. “KILEY!!!!! I'm gonna-” Her vow of vengeance was cut off as the door opened again and Mrs. Kidiochi walked in.
Momo and Kiley stopped breathing. Kiley had one hand on the stall door and was half outside of it and Momo had her hand raised to strike him. They turned as one toward the door and both turned white as sheets.
Mrs. Kidiochi looked at them a moment before bursting out laughing. “Oh, hoho, you two should see the looks on your faces. Why you'd think that you'd been caught with your pants around your ankles… so to speak, I mean.”
Kiley looked at Momo who was hanging on the stall wall for support and he finally let go of his death grip on the door.
The old woman smiled. “Oh, do hurry up and get out of here you two, I know you were hiding in that stall, I'm not an idiot.” She winked. “Your secret's safe with me. I was young once too you know.” She shooed them out of the bathroom and told them to be careful where they hid next time. Before closing the door, they heard her mumble, “Ah, young love.”
They stood looking at each other for a beat before waving tightly and running to their next class.
Fourth class, History.
Momo walked into the classroom and a hush seemed to fall over it. She noticed briefly that the teacher had not yet arrived and went straight to her seat, which just happened to be in the center of the room.
Kiley had this class with Momo but sat on the far left so he couldn't get close enough to talk to her. The whispers began as soon as she sat down.
“Look, there's Momo the slut…”
“Isn't she the one who tried to kill Sae?”
“I bet she's gonna try for all the guys in the school, the playboy.”
“Poor Sae, she's still in the hospital from what I hear… got a broken leg.”
“Really? I heard that she had a broken arm… at least, that's what I heard from Chiani who knows Sae personally…”
“Maybe your both right, but maybe she's just got a broken head like you guys seem to have. You morons,” Kiley whispered to the group of girls and guys that were talking nearest to him. “Can't you ever think for yourselves, do you have to believe everything that everyone tells you?”
Momo glanced back briefly and saw the anger in Kiley's eyes. She turned back quickly and bit her lip to hold back a smile. Thank you Kiley
The teacher walked in at that moment so whatever anyone was going to tell him was going to be said later.
When class had ended, Momo waited for everyone to leave first before she got up. Three letters fell on her desk as people shuffled by and she picked them up and clenched them in their fists.
A hand touched her shoulder lightly. She turned, tears stinging her eyes and saw Kiley reaching out a hand for the papers. “Come on Momo, I'll throw those away for you.”
She looked at him a moment and then took a deep breath. “Thanks Kiley,” she said in a small voice. “Thanks a lot.”
Kiley shrugged. “What is this pumpkin for?”
Momo shook her head as he took the papers and walked over to the trashcan. No Kiley… you're not a pumpkin… you're not a pumpkin to me.
He turned and motioned for her to follow him to lunch.
She smiled slightly and nodded, feeling a little more hopeful than she had lately. Maybe the day wasn't going to be that bad after all.