Peach Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Beating of Sae ❯ Ryo really sucks... ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 14 - Ryo really sucks…
Ryo's eyes widened slightly as the girl at the door bowed her head in greeting. Blonde hair, dark skin, curvy and long legs.
“And you are?” he asked, throwing a hint of seduction in his voice.
“Oh, I'm sorry,” she said blushing.
He recognized her voice from the day before on the phone. “Wait, you're Kiley's friend…um…Momo, right?”
Momo blinked. “Er…yes, but…how did you remember my name? I only said it once.”
He smiled. “I always remember a lady's name.”
She blushed again and he opened the door to let her in. “Kiley's not here right now, but you can wait in the living room till he comes back.”
“Oh, thank you.” She walked inside and he watche as she went. He memorized the way she moved and the sway of her hair and hips. She knew how to dress, he gave her that. She was wearing tall black boots with a pleated black and white checkered skirt and a long sleeved white shirt that hugged her form.
“That's a nice outfit,” he said softly as he closed the door and followed her into the living room.
Momo turned and blushed yet again before sitting down gingerly on a chair.
“Want a soda or something else to drink?”
“Um…yes…thank you…” she stuttered. For some reason, the room was getting rather hot. Something deep inside of Momo screamed to be careful. Something about the glint in his eyes didn't sit well with her but she brushed it aside and figured it was just that Kiley looked a lot like his brother.
The front door opened a moment after Ryo left for the kitchen and Kiley stomped up the stairs with a sideways glance to the living room. A second later he came back down the stairs while this time staring into the living room.
Momo was sitting there, face flushed pink and she looked up as she felt eyes on her. “Oh! Kiley!” she smiled and his heart lurched.
“, how long have you been here?”
“Only a few minutes, why?”
Kiley looked around the room warily. “Ryo's here, did he… say or do anything to you?” he asked, walking closer to her.
“Um, no. Why would you ask that?” she pondered, curious as to what Kiley could be implying by his words.
“Just wondering.” He looked behind himself again and stretched out his hand to her.
She stared at it a moment and could almost feel the heat of his skin. “Come on, let's get out of here.”
“But…” she said, even as she was reaching out to touch him. When their fingers connected, she swallowed hard as did he, neither of them really noticing the reaction of the other. She shook her head, “You just got here and he's getting me something to drink… wouldn't it be kind of rude?”
“Rude is not something the Ryo considers, he'll think you were being coy, he doesn't even know that I'm here. Come on, let's go.”
“Where are we going?” she asked as he pulled her out of the house and closed the door with a soft click.
“Anywhere but here.” Kiley seemed almost distracted. His brow was furrowed in concentration and he was pulling her along at such a pace that she could hardly keep up. She tugged back a bit and he finally slowed when they were about a block from his house.
“Kiley…what's wrong?” Momo was concerned, Kiley never looked or acted like this if he could help it. It finally hit her that anything to do with his brother made him scowl or say something negative. She wondered just what exactly went on between them to make him feel this way. She remembered their conversation the night before when he'd come over. He had mentioned something about her not being able to trust Ryo and to be careful around him. They also talked about the day at school and how hard it was on both of them. The night had ended with her crying on his shoulder and then him tucking her into bed before leaving.
“I'll tell you later, let's go to your place to get a drink or somewhere where we won't be bothered by people from school who could ruin the plan. I really don't want to see anyone we go to school with, especially as crappy as today went…”
She nodded slightly. She remembered how that day had gone. They'd had some tests and were under stress from that, not to mention people coming up to them and asking if they were having a “lover's spat”. It had been a trying day to say the least.
“Well, we could go to my house, I guess.”
He nodded and began to walk toward her house. When he noticed that she didn't follow, he turned back. “What's wrong?”
“What did your brother do to you to make you dislike him so much?” she asked softly. Her hair caught in the breeze and wafted a few strands across her eyes. She moved them away and waited for him to speak.
“He…it wasn't really to me so much as to a girl I knew long ago.” He turned away and took a deep breath. “Look could we… could we just go and I'll tell you the whole story when we get there?”
She nodded then said, “All right,” and followed as he walked.
When they were almost to her house, she stopped short and tugged on his shoulder.
“Yeah, what's up, Momo?”
“Don't `what's up” me, Kiley.” She put her hands on her hips. “We've been walking in silence for a while now and it's driving me crazy. We're almost to my house, why don't you just tell me what he did to you.”
Kiley turned his face away and chewed on his bottom lip in thought. “It's…kinda complicated.” He scratched the back of his head nervously. “Can we… get into your house before I explain. I want to sit down and I don't want to be outside where anyone can pass by and see us.”
She sighed in frustration but nodded and they continued-in silence again- to her house. Momo's mother wasn't home from work yet so Momo made them some sandwiches and they headed up to her room. She propped herself up against her counter and Kiley against the foot of her bed.
“Okay, so talk,” Momo said after swallowing a bite of her sandwich.
Kiley chewed in silence for a time before taking a drink and finally speaking. “There was this girl that I knew back in junior high. She was older than me by a year and I liked her.” He stopped talking and Momo raised an eyebrow in question.
“Oh, yes, that explains it all…” she tilted her head and urged him on. “Come on, Kiley, tell me the story. You said you would.”
He thought about it a moment and then sighed sadly. “Okay, fine.” He took a deep breath and continued. “I liked her, which meant that my brother, being a few years older than me and always competing with me for everything, liked her as well. To this day he can't tell me one reason why he liked her, he just `says' he liked her and that's that. But anyway, to make a long story short, he… after I told her how I felt… she confessed that she thought I was cute. We made a date to go to a movie and I got sick the day before, I was burning up a fever and I was throwing up. I tried calling her but she didn't answer her phone and when someone finally did, they told me she'd gone out with Kiley already…”
He looked away from Momo as he finished and mumbled, “We used to look like twins when we were younger…we weren't that different in heights and he liked to have my hairstyle for that reason. He loved getting me in trouble by pretending that he was me.”
“What happened with the girl?” Momo asked quietly. She didn't like where this was going. The mood was getting more foreboding by the minute and the sadness in Kiley's eyes and voice weren't encouraging.
“From… from what I gathered later on… he took her to the movies and pretended that he was me… and I'm still not sure exactly what he did with her, but she couldn't even look at me anymore after that. Every time I tried to talk to her she'd burst into tears and run away. Her friends started treating me like garbage and after a while, they stopped talking to me all together and she changed schools. I think… I think it was because of what Ryo did to her.”
“That's horrible, Kiley. Did… did you ever confront Ryo about it?”
“Oh yeah. I confronted him, and he beat my ass for it.” He laughed bitterly. “Afterwards he told my parents that I'd started a fight after school and that he'd found me like that. Being their prized first son, they believed him. I was grounded. By that time though, I didn't really care and decided to hate my brother ever since.” He looked at her and then back down at his sandwich. “So…now you know just how cruel of a person he is.”
Momo put a hand up to her mouth in shock. “My god, I can't believe anyone could be so cruel to his sibling. I thought brothers and sisters were supposed to love and take care of each other.” She put down her sandwich and pulled Kiley into a hug.
He was so shocked that he resisted at first but was quickly recovered and hugged her back. He took in her perfume. A scent she loved to wear and gripped onto her shirt as if she would disappear. “I'm so sorry, Kiley. I promise that I'll try to never be alone with him if I can help it.”
Kiley smiled and hugged tighter. “Don't worry, Momo. I won't let him hurt you if I can help it.” He's never going to lay so much as a finger on her without me breaking it.