Petite Princess Yucie Fan Fiction ❯ My Life As A Princess ❯ Something to be Mentioned ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As she ran she heard him shout her name and he continued to repeat it till she finally stopped on the bridge, out of breath. Slowly he too came to a stop as she leaned on the railing breathing deeply. With a chest heaving and heart racing, her mind was having trouble processing all that had just happened. What was it that had so frightened her? She wasn’t scared of ghosts and she certainly wasn’t afraid of bugs. So what had it been? Was it the eerie feeling to the house or was it just the quick skipping of her heart every time he got to close. Every time he went to reach for her hand, to help her up a step or to warn her of the dangerous weak points in every abandoned house, her heart would skip a beat. Nothing that she seemed to do ever stopped him from causing her to blush. She would think of anything else but his smile and his eyes flickering over towards her constantly watching her movements, making sure that she was alright that she was safe. The way he was so open in showing her just how much he loved her made her even more flustered. Never had she had anyone that important in her life. Never had anyone ever seen her as more that just a child. Yet here she was, breathing deeply on a bridge in the pouring rain while he waited patiently at the bridges edge.

There was such a beautiful word as ‘yet’ but how could such a word actually happen to her. A eighteen year old trapped inside a thirteen year olds body. Perhaps her luck was changing and for the better. At least that’s what she hoped. She was still growing but it was going by so slow. This was one of her biggest problems and she rare ever got to talk to anyone about this, so it stayed inside her, brewing till one day it’s course would bubble over and then what?

“Yucie, are you alright. I told you it was haunted. You silly goose you never listen.” he came up laughing at himself and trying his best to get her to as well but something was a miss.

He looked at her trembling form and for a moment he felt shattered. She was just leaning against the bridge not moving or talking. Just standing there, like a statue or something. He walked over towards her, the uneasiness not going away.

“Yucie, what is it?” he asked pulling her gentle but forcefully away from the bridge’s railing.

She looked up at him her eyes showing no emotion or even focusing on anything. Just staring.

“Yucie.” he snapped his fingers in front of her, the effect was immediate.

“Arc? What, what are we doing outside in the rain?” she asked looking up into his green eyes.

“You ran out don’t you remember?” he asked looking very worried.

She thought a moment but couldn’t remember anything.

“No, I don’t. the last thing I remember was you grabbing onto my hand and then…” her words drifted as her mind tried to force her to remember something but there was nothing.

He tilted his chin slightly, a move which told Yucie that he was indeed very worried about her, but said nothing.

“Perhaps we should go and get something to eat. You must be starving.”

“Yes, I am a bit hungry, but what about the ghost and my mysterious prize for going in?” she asked looking up and all back to normal.

He smiled and bent to kiss her. Not on the forehead as usual but a real kiss that took her breath away. It was sweet and gentle but in a way she had wanted it to go deeper. If he wasn’t kissing her on the head than she was getting kisses on her lips. They had always been sweet and gentle but never anything deeper. When he pulled back she had wanted to laugh but instead decided not to ruin the moment.

“You know it’s usually the princess giving her knight a kiss as a prize and not the other way around.” she teased.

“Your right, perhaps it is my fair princess who should be giving the kisses and not myself all the time.” he said looking at her expectantly.

She grinned.

“If my brave prince wishes for a kiss he must earn it.” she said grin still in place.

He raised an eye brow a move she thought was hilarious for his usually calm face.

“What would my lady wish of me so I may gain this favor?” he asked with a bow.

She thought for a moment and then snapped her fingers as she thought of the perfect thing.