Pilot Candidate Fan Fiction ❯ Finding Love in War for Life ❯ Pilot Reviled ( Chapter 2 )

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A young girl walked out into the room and stood next to Jess.

" Goddess Pilots. This is the new repairer and pilot. Jess and Tiffany. She is the new pilot." Azuma said as he introduced the new repair and pilot.

" Tiffany these are you follow Goddess Pilots. Gareas Elidd, Yu Hikura, Ernest Coure, and Rioroute Vilgyna. Jess there are the other repairers you will be working with. Leena Fujimura, Kazuhi Hikura, Tune Youg, and Phleira Deed." Jess looked over to the repairers and gave them a slight shy smiles. Tiffany just stood there looking at her new team mates with no expression on her face. Her cold stair matched that of Yu's.

//: Man looks like another Yu only this one is a girl. Great just want we all needed a girl that doesn't do much talking, but a whole lot of cold eyes and quite all the time.:// Rioroute thought. Ernest tried not to over hear Rioroute's thoughts, but when the boy was broadcasting his thoughts and louder then when he normally talks. When he normally talks it sounds like he is yelling into a bullhorn. Ernest lightly elbowed him. As Azuma walked out the room with the two girls following him to the office of Mr. Maxwell the head of GIS. ( Did they say who was the head of GIS in the show because I don't remember)

" Ouch. What was that for Ernest?" asked Rioroute as he rubbed his arm that Ernest elbowed him.

" What you thought was wrong." Ernest said.

" Hey you said that you never read any ones thoughts." Rioroute said.

" I didn't read your thoughts. You were thinking so loud that I over heard your thought." the blonde said to the younger Pilot.

" Well excuse me." Rioroute said as he walked away. Gareas walked up to Ernest.

" What did he say?" asked the green haired pilot asked.

" He made a comment about her being like Yu because of her face being emotionless." The telepath said.

" Well he has a point, but she is cute." Gareas as he closed his eyes and gave Ernest a big anime smile. Ernest closed his eyes and sighed as he wait for Leena to hear that.

" Gareas! I know you didn't just say that! She can't be more that 15 and you are going to say something like that! I can't believe you!" Leena yelled at Gareas. All the remaining pilots and repairers sweat dropped. They all knew that Leena had it bad for Gareas, but he didn't seem to be inserted in her. They all thought he had something for Ernest only to find out that he only cared for Ernest as a brother type thing.

" Leena calm down." Phil said as she tried to stop her friend and fellow repair from tearing Gareas into pieces. Leena sighed and backed away from Gareas.

" Ok fine, but if he does anything stupid I will kill him." Leena said as she turned and walked out of the room. Most likely to find some poor unfortunate soul to take her anger out on.

" Maybe one of us should go so she doesn't try and kill anyone." Phil said.

" I will." Tune squeaked up and walked out the door.

" I think that Rio has a point. She does kinda act like Yu does only colder." Phil said as she watched the door shut behind Tune.

~ With Tiffany and Jess~

They walked into the office of Maxwell. A tall red haired man sat behind a desk filling out what seem to be paper work on Teenla.

" Maxwell. I have here the new pilot and repairer sir." Azuma said as he stood aside so that Maxwell could see the young girls. Jess shifted uneasily from foot to foot under Maxwell stair as for Tiffany didn't move a muscle. She met his stair with one of her cold and emotionless stair of her own. //: hmmm. I hope that crow is right about her abilities to pilot. Well I will have to observe her actions in battle with victim.:// Maxwell thought as he looked at Tiffany.

" Alright Azuma. You and the girls are dismissed." Maxwell said as he when back to filling out forms. Azuma nodded and walked out with the girls following behind him once again. As they exited the office Ernest and Phil walked up to them.

" We have been assigned to show you to your rooms." Phil said with one of her happy smiles that seems to never leave her face. Tiffany and Jess nodded and followed the pilot and repairer. Phil showed Jess to her room in the repairer hallway, which was a three hallways away from the pilots rooms. After they were shown to their rooms Jess and Tiffany walked back to the hanger to see Azuma off.

" You two show them what you have been training for. Alright?" Azuma said more then asked. Tiffany and Jess nodded. Azuma gave them each a hug.

" Tiffany I am so proud of you." he said when he hugged her. Tiffany sighed.

" Dad you should you wouldn't do this. God this is so humiliating." Tiffany said when Azuma let go.

" I know, but I am just so proud." he said.

" Yeah. Yeah. I know, well you better be off or else you will never leave." She said the last part to her self so Azuma didn't here. Once he was gone Jess turned to Tiffany.

" So I guess this is going to be our new home." Jess said as she also sighed as they walked down the hallway.

" Yeah." Tiffany said as she walked next to Jess. They wanted to get familiar with everything on GIS, plus Jess wanted to see what was difference in the GOA equipment and GIS.

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