Pilot Candidate Fan Fiction ❯ Finding Love in War for Life ❯ Getting the New Pilot to Talk ( Chapter 3 )

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After Tiffany and Jess walked around they both headed to the lunch room.

"So Jess, find anything useful to tell Clay when you see him again?" Tiffany asked Jess as she sat down next to Jess at a table that was located in the remote corner of the lunch room.

"Yes, a few things really. What about you? I think the guys think that you are some kinda ice bitch or something." she said as she looked at Tiffany with a troubled look on her face.

"Cool, nothing that I didn't already know, and I don't care what they think." Tiffany said as she began to eat.

"Come on Tiffany. You never seem to really make friends other then me." she said as gave Tiffany that look that she know all to well from Jess. The look that Tiffany's mother always gave her because the way she seem to never want to make any friends.

"Jess, you know the reason I don't like to make friends. Its better just to work with them and not talk to them unless you have to." Tiffany said in a monotone voice.

"Come on Tiffany." Jess began to pled.

"Don't even try." Tiffany say give Jess unyielding look. The one she give every one when her mind was made up and was not going to change. Jess got the message because she began to eat and not say anything else. Its not like Tiffany didn't want to make friends, but once they found out what she could do they always stayed away from her. It always killed her inside. She hated being different. She didn't look any different from all the other girls. Her chocolate hair and eyes didn't stand out among the thousands of people back on her colony. She are very beautiful and she knew that. She had most of the candidates at G.O.A. looking her way. The only real friend she had was Jess. She meet Jess when they were little kids.

~ Flash Back~

Tiffany was sitting under a tree on a warm beautiful sunny day board and messing with her powers when Jess saw her. When Tiffany seen Jess was there she stopped what she was doing and looked like a deer caught in headlights as Jess walked over to her.

"How did you do that?" she asked looking a little bemused at what was going on.

"I don't know. I just do. I have always been able to do it," Tiffany said as she were a little astonished that someone didn't call her a freak or weird. "Why are you not calling me weird like ever one else does?"

"Why, would I do something that like?" Jess asked.

"Because every one else who knows what I can do they call me names like freak and weirdo." Tiffany said.

"Why would I do that. I think its cool. It makes you stand out." Jess said. Tiffany smiled.

"Thanks. I'm Tiffany Hijikata." Tiffany said.

"I'm Jess Hill" she said with a smile.

~ End Flash Back~

Since then they have been friends. Tiffany were so deep in her thoughts that she didn't know that a bottle of ketchup was floating next to her.

"Tiffany you might want to snap out of it." Jess said looking at her. Tiffany broke away from her thoughts and looked at Jess.

"What," She said. Jess pointed to Tiffany's left side. Tiffany looked and seen what the problem was. "Thanks." she placed the ketchup back on the table and then looked around to see if any one had seen that. To her relief no one had. After lunch Tiffany and Jess when their own way. Jess went to hang out with the other repairers to learn where she will be doing her work and all that other stuff. So Tiffany just began walking around not have any actual destination. After a moment or two Tiffany heard someone run in the hall, but paid it no mind till the person stopped run and began walking next to her. She looked out the side of her eye only to see a tall sandy haired teen. He had on black sweat pants with an orange mussel shirt with a matching orange bandana. He looked about 16 or so. She didn't say anything just kept walking.

"So what are you doing?" he asked. Tiffany said nothing.

//: God he can't be that dumb enough not to see that I'm working:// she thought. When he didn't get an answer he tried again.

"So how do you like it here so far." He asked. She didn't say anything.

"Say something here." He said. She stop to look at him.

"I don't like to talk." She said dully. He looked shocked that she had spoken.

"Why not?" he asked idiotically.

"I have my reason and the reason I don't want to discuses with anyone." she said as she began to walk again. Rioroute stood there for a minute and began to follow her once again. She sigh and stopped.

"Is there some bizarre reason why you seem to be following me?" she asked.

"Yeah." He said.

"Which is?" she asked him as she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Just wanted to get to know the newest member of the team." He said with his trade mark smile. she roll your eyes at him.

"Whats the point to get to know anyone." she said more then asked.

"There are a lot of reasons." He said as they both heard someone run down the hall.

"Rioroute, there you are I have been looking all over for you," Phil said as she came to a stop in front of Tiffany and Rioroute, "We need you two."

"Why do you need us." Rioroute asked idiotically.

"Because we need to get the new pilot and repairer up to date of what we do in battle and we need a few gene pigs namely you Rioroute." Phil said as she looked crossly at Rioroute. //: Well she is right he would be perfect at being a gene pig.:// Tiffany thought as she follow Phil and she walked away. Once all three of them got there Tiffany seen that all the other pilots and the repairers where there. Once Tiffany and Jess where taught the drill Rioroute tried to get Tiffany to talk again.

"Do you think that you will be ready for battle?" he asked as he walked over to Tiffany and Jess. Tiffany looked at him.

"Can I ask you something?" Tiffany asked unenthusiastically.

"Sure, anything." He said give his best smile. All the pilots and repairers looked at Tiffany in disbelief that she talked and to someone like Rioroute no less.

"Why is your goal in life something as meaningless as getting me to talk? What could possibly be so interesting?" she asked him as you looked him right in the eyes.

"Its not my life goal to get you to talk. Its just that I want to get to know you. Why is that wrong?" he asked.

"I thought I gave you my reasons when you tried to talk to me in the hall a little while ago." She said as turned, walked to the door, and walked out the room leavening the repairers and fellow pilots with bewildered looks on their faces. Rioroute was the first to get over the shock. He turned to Jess and asked.

"What is with her?"

"Nothing, its just the way she is." She answered.

"Ok, why is she like that?"

"She has her reasons and I don't think you should push her. She will come around. She really is the nicest and sweetest once you get passed that wall she has built around her." Jess said before following after Tiffany.

"Nicest and sweetest? That will be the day." Rioroute said as he put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

"Rioroute you shouldn't say things like that." Ernest said as he and the other pilots walked up to Rioroute.

"So, you heard her she doesn't want friends." Rioroute said as he opened his eyes.

"But, Jess said she had her reasons, what ever they are. Her and her repairer seem close." Galew said.

"Yeah, I guess." Rioroute said.

"When is our next trip to G.O.A for that ceremony for the new candidates?" asked Yu.

"Next week." Ernest started.

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