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In this fic I'm testing this pairing; you can look at them as friends, brother-sister, and romantic pairing… I chose to go with romance for this, though the other choices fit nicely for them too. ENJOY!
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Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst
Rated for: Language, Violence, Implications, and Riddick
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Riddick pulled his body armor off, setting it in the bedroom of his new chambers that once belong to the Lord Marshal and rolled his shoulders. “I never asked for this…” He muttered under his breath and stared into the mirror of his dresser. Riddick frowned softly and walked closer, examining his face and finding a small scar on his left cheek - a gash given to him by someone else he cared for that he lost.
“Jack…” He said, “Kyra…” he said softer, stroking the length of the scar, his eyes glazing over with memory… memory of the face of said girl dying in his arms. “Why didn't you stay on New Mecca…” He groused silently, “Fuck.” Riddick tore his gaze away from the mirror and clenched the dresser tightly, angry at himself for getting emotional. Suddenly, Riddick whirled around, his blades out and ready to strike… someone was in the room with him… curse him for not taking his goggles off as soon as he was alone! Not that it would make a huge difference in a fight anyway…
“You know the advantage of being a Necromonger…” Riddick's back stiffened at the sound of the painfully familiar voice and he slowly turned, his eyes growing wider by the second. “…I'm hard to kill.” The disembodied voice finished before a lithe figure stepped out of the shadows and the face of a tired but still very beautiful young woman smiled at him… it had been two months since he last saw her…
When Kyra had died Riddick had reverted back to the way he was before he met “Jack”… he had become cold, distant, emotionless, and heartless… he lost interest in every day things and fought for the pain that reminded him that he was still alive. He never admitted to himself that he was heartbroken with the girl's death though the animal in him howled mournfully …but he would not - could not, he would not be weak and let his mind be clouded by “nonsense” …however… could he deny her now? Deny the fact that his once cold heart now fluttered with warmth again? Deny that he felt an overwhelming sense of relief? Deny that she had returned for him? He was unsure.
“Kyra?” Riddick uttered under his breath and took three long strides toward her before lifting her up and pressing her against him in a crushing yet - in his own right - affectionate embrace. No tears were shed, no words were spoken; it was just one simple act that spoke volumes about his feelings that really showed Kyra that, despite his very rough exterior, Riddick did care for her. Maybe he could show a bit of weakness now and then… he was allowed that when seeing the person he cared for that he thought was dead alive and well.
“Riddick… can't breathe…” Kyra said, pushing on his shoulder half-heartedly. Riddick let her down immediately and scrutinized her, lifting his goggles up so that he could see her better in the dimness of the room. Kyra looked like she was about to cry but was bravely holding it back, but that's not what caught Riddick's attention… what did was the bandages wrapped around her midsection and over her shoulder, presumably over her heart under her shirt.
“Your wound…?” Riddick trailed off, waiting for her to explain… he had seen her get pierced through the chest and die in his arms… how was she here now?
“I thought I had died too… you were the last thing I remember seeing before I woke up in a big tank of some sort… I think they… they healed me.” Kyra rubbed the offending tears away and faced her old friend again.
“Who is “they”?” Riddick asked impatiently, resisting the urge to hold her against him to make sure she never left his sight again.
“I… I don't know, I think the Necromongers… they must have known how to reattach a soul to a body after “mending the physical shell”… I don't know why.” Kyra tried explaining, repeating something she had heard some time after she had awakened. She crossed the room and sat on the bed, tiredly running a hand through her hair.
“So what now?” Riddick asked, eyeing how vulnerable - though unintentional - Kyra made herself; Riddick braced himself in the archway of the door, both arms stretched, gripping the frame so that he would not go with instinct and do something he was sure to regret. He missed her more than he allowed himself to realize and it tormented him for the past two months… now that she was back, sitting there in his room, he wanted to show her what she had done to him. Part of him acknowledged long ago that she was no longer a “cute kid” but rather a matured woman …but another part still felt protective of her, even from himself… especially from himself.
“Now? I go with you of course.” Kyra answered in a matter-of-fact tone, lifting her head to look at his glistening silver orbs.
“No.” Riddick retorted simply, crossing his arms and gave her a stare that challenged her to argue with him. The look was meant to keep her from doing exactly that - arguing with him - however… Kyra was no longer Jack… The naïve little child that followed Riddick around like a lost puppy and did his bidding was replaced by a rebellious “bad-ass” in her own right… that being the case, Riddick saw the fire that first attracted him to her flare up immediately.
Kyra's jaw dropped and she felt rage and confusion weld inside her, “NO?? Why the hell not!? Haven't I proven myself useful to you already?” She yelled, standing to her feet.
“You'll be safe here.” Riddick answered, his cheek twitching in irritation. No matter how much he cared, the girl just didn't get it…
“Bullshit! Aren't I good enough to be by your side?!” Riddick said nothing but his face was turning red by the second but whether it was from anger, frustration or embarrassment she was unsure, “I've spent half my life trying to follow in your steps-”
“THAT'S EXACTLY WHY NOT!” Riddick suddenly shouted, pointing an accusing finger at her, his eyes shining in an angry glare. Kyra had taken a step back in surprise, and even though she was glaring right back, she was fighting back tears. After a heavy pause Kyra tried opening her mouth to argue but Riddick slammed his fist on the nearby dresser, “Enough! Stay here and… I don't know, get some rest.” He barked crossly, turning to leave.
“Where are you going?” Kyra asked, unable to hold back the anger in her voice.
“'Gunna look for someone to kill. Stay here.” Riddick grumbled; his tone a little smoother now that he cooled down a fraction as he stalked out and slammed the door behind him.
“Ugh!” Kyra threw a pillow at the door as it shut and fell back upon the bed angrily. Riddick walked out of his chambers and to the hallway overlooking a large hall where people were gathered, carrying on their daily activities.
Riddick ran a hand over his head in irritation, trying to collect his thoughts. He placed his hands back down on the balcony and stared down at the large hall, watching the people scurry around busily. He didn't understand it; ever since he first met the girl on that planet in the Tangier system with those night creatures, he's felt some close connection with her. At first he flagged it off as indigestion, then as some warped brother-sister thing but now… now he wasn't so sure…
Riddick wondered briefly what it was that affected him so; he wondered what it would be like to have a companion almost as skilled as he was by his side, a partner, a constant… but it was only a brief moment before he banished the thought, running his hand down his face in frustration. Since he could remember Riddick was always on his own, he was always comfortable with that, even leaving “Jack” and Imam on New Mecca so that he could go off alone again - never mind that, that was only part of the real reason he left them - so why was he having second thoughts now?
Maybe… just maybe, the reason the idea of being alone all the time bothered him now was because he had felt what it was like to be with others, even to “have friends” even if that itself was short-lived… maybe it was because he felt some sort of connection with Kyra… something he never really felt with the opposite sex before, besides the obvious physical connection. Something nagged at him now, an annoying voice at the back of his mind telling him that he should give her a chance… after all, he already lost more than once… was he really willing to loose her again?
Riddick growled and gripped the balcony railing a little harder, hearing his knuckles pop with satisfaction. `This might very well be the dumbest thing I've ever done.' Riddick thought before turning and heading back to his chambers. Riddick found Kyra still there, sitting on his bed and staring at her knife in contemplation… Riddick felt as if that knight twisted in his gut - was she thinking of killing herself?
He knew then with a sense of relief, when she turned to look at him and their eyes met that that was not the case. Kyra was startled for a moment when Riddick suddenly appeared at the door to the room and turned to look at him; she was glad that he no longer looked upset but rather, she had known him long enough to be able to see that his body language said “I'm sorry” even if he did not say it out loud.
Riddick was also able to notice much the same from Kyra, that she held an apologetic look in her eyes and felt relief once again. Kyra stood, sheathing her blade and walked a bit closer to the ex-convict, glancing directly into the eyes that haunted her dreams ever since she first saw them on that Godforsaken planet. After realizing that neither of them were upset anymore and that they had reached a mutual reconciliation once again, Kyra smirked and broke the silence.
“So… how do I get eyes like that?” Kyra asked, watching Riddick approach her; this simple question, over the times they had known each other - even if it wasn't that long a time - had turned into a tradition of a sort: she would ask the question and he would answer the same way… even if it wasn't completely true.
Riddick's lips curved into an alluring smirk before both his palms slammed at either side of her head, caging her between the wall and his body. An eyebrow arched in pleasant surprise when she didn't even flinch, “first, you gotta to kill a few people.” Riddick began, leaning down to breathe in her scent, resisting the urge to pin her, nudging her head to the side a little to expose her neck instead, brushing her long hair out of the way.
Kyra smiled slightly, “Did that…” she responded quietly, staying as still as possible as she willingly let him move her the way he wanted to… she couldn't refuse him, she never could.
“Then you gotta get sent to a slam-”
“Where they tell you you'll never see daylight again?” Kyra offered, glancing down at his lips as he smirked again.
“Mm Hm. Then…” he continued, pursing his lips and debating whether or not to bite or just kiss her neck. Kyra shivered at the feel of his breath on her heated skin, anxiously waiting on what he would do. “Dig up a doctor,” he went on, “and pay him 20 menthol-kools to do a surgical shine-job on your eyeballs…”
“So you can see who's sneaking up on you in the dark?” Kyra asked rhetorically as she turned to look dead into said brilliantly shining eyes; again Riddick was surprised… Kyra trusted him that much? To drop her guard and show no fear? Even when he had her trapped? Bad idea…
“Exactly.” He responded with a toothy grin. “Oh yeah… Kyra…”
“I still haven't paid you back for cutting my face when we met at Crematoria…” He said, leaning forward suggestively. Kyra blew hair out of her line of vision and smiled slyly at him.
“You gunna go for the sweet-spot?” She asked teasingly, watching transfixed as a droplet of sweat ran down the finely chiseled jaw-line of Riddick's handsome face. Was he holding back from doing something? The thought excited and scared her at the same time… an intoxicating feeling.
“Maybe.” He answered, hoping his sense of control was stronger than his other senses… however, before anything else could be said or done Riddick suddenly stopped smiling and tilted his head to the side curiously, hearing faint footsteps when anyone else wouldn't be able to… someone was trying to sneak up on them…
“Look out!” Kyra screamed, spotting a shadowy figure throwing a grenade at them; with faster than normal reflexes Riddick ducked instinctually, taking Kyra down with him and shielding her with his body as the room rocked from the explosion of the grenade.
“Looks like someone doesn't want me lead'n the Necro's any more…” Riddick deduced as he pulled Kyra to her feat and scanned the area. Before either could snap into action the attacker had fled back into the shadows, presumably running down the hall in a futile attempt to escape. “This isn't the first time… I'm getting sick of this… I'll be back… wait for me here.” Riddick said, pushing away from her and slipping into the shadows.
Kyra huffed in irritation, why did he always get to have all the fun? Elsewhere, Riddick was on his would-be assassin's trail, blending in with the darkness as the man dropped his guard, believing himself safe now that he was far away enough from the Lord Marshal's chambers. The man sat on a bench and sighed in frustration, cursing to himself for failing….
Without warning the man felt a cold blade press against his throat and slice into him… then he saw a figure materialize into his target… “Didn't know who you were fucking with, did you?” Riddick asked sarcastically as the man dropped to the floor in a puddle of his own blood. Riddick wiped his knife and slid it back into its scabbard; he was going to fix this problem once and for all. Now that he knew Kyra was alive maybe he had another chance to live… but first he had to give up his title… and he knew exactly who to give it to.
Vaako sat in the council room with a bored expression plastered all over his face, listening to the other officers discuss political actions to take and the like. It seemed like it would be another boring day - much as it was with their new Lord Marshall who didn't destroy planets like their previous leader - until said leader burst into the room, starling everyone there who stumbled over themselves to stand at attention in their Lord's presence.
“L-Lord Marshall! What can we do f-”
“Quite!” Riddick snapped, walking directly to his second in command and pausing in front of him.
“Lord Mar-”
“Riddick.” Riddick corrected, never having liked the new title he was given.
“…Riddick… how may I be of service?” Vaako asked formally, eyeing the bigger man cautiously.

“I'm stepping off the throne… it's yours, you can have it.” Riddick said simply. Vaako's jaw dropped along with everyone else's in the room.
“M-Milord?” A purifier hesitantly questioned, afraid of getting his head sliced off like the other few who dared talk back to their new Lord Marshall.
“I never asked for this.” Riddick explained, “I never wanted to lead a fucking military or religion or whatever the fuck this is… so you can have it and do as you see fit.” Riddick declared; he was aware that it took more to giving up a throne but right now he just didn't care.
Vaako stared at him incredulously, “But-”
“You wanted this right? Then take it!” Riddick yelled. “I'm leaving so you can take your people to the under-whatever.” He said, not bothering to remember the correct term, turning his back and walking away, feeling like he's said enough.
“You're certain?” Vaako asked, still baffled at the sudden turn of events; this was completely alien to them - never before had a Lord Marshall stepped down and given the throne to someone else so easily… but then, why would he turn this opportunity down?
“”Never have been more in my life.” Riddick answered without hesitation. Astonished eyes stared at him as Riddick crossed the halls, “I'll get my stuff, take a flier and leave.” He announced, then turned one last time to the whole room, “Everyone here is a witness… Vaako is your new leader.” He said in a booming voice before he turned once more and left the room, heading back to where “Jack” was waiting for him. “Kyra.” Riddick said as he entered the room, finding her sprawled lazily on the bed. “Grab your stuff we're leaving.”
“Riddick.” Said former-convict turned to the door and saw the new Lord Marshall standing there. “You don't have to leave immediately…” said Vaako, showing more kindness than either of them had ever seen. “Stay for the night, rest, then leave in the morning…” That was when he had spotted Kyra, he jerked in surprise and eyes widened a fraction. “I was told the priests had found and mended someone… I didn't know they were talking about you…” He admitted.
“Why are you doing this for me?” Riddick asked, ignoring Vaako's last comment.
“I respect a good warrior.” Vaako answered simply then turned and left without a second glance.
“Well… that's nice of him…” Kyra drawled sarcastically. Riddick rubbed the back of his neck and let himself slump against the nearby wall, sliding down it and sighing inwardly. “'You okay?” Kyra asked, getting up from her spot to sit next to him. “You took the brunt of the attack back there…”
“I'm fine…” Riddick answered but frown slightly, he was okay but he then realized his leg felt strange. Riddick examining his leg critically, he placed both hands on his right leg, feeling that it was dislodged and twisted it sharply, “Ugn...” Riddick grunted, successfully popping his leg back into place, wincing when his hand grazed a deep gash on that leg - where did that come from?
“Why didn't you tell me you were hurt?” Kyra snapped, sitting up on her knees, grabbing part of her tee-shirt and tearing a strip off to dress his wound.
“I don't need it.” Riddick pushed her hand away and shook his head, closing his eyes and resting against the wall relatively comfortably.

“You know…” Riddick opened his eyes again and glanced at her. “You never answered my question…”
“Which question was that?” Riddick knew exactly which question that was… it was the argument they had hours earlier.
“If I could go with you, stay with you…” Kyra trailed off when he turned to look at her and gave her a stern gaze. Kyra's eyes fell upon his wound once more and then back to him, “are you sure you don't want me to bandage you up?” She asked, her question coming off sounding like a whisper at the end as Riddick moved in a little closer to her.
“I'm sure… besides… you're my bandage.” Riddick answered before closing the gap and sealing her fate with him with a kiss… if that didn't answer her question then he knew a couple other things he could do to convince her… let it never be said he didn't know how to answer a question.
The End...
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End A/N: I hope everyone enjoyed this! I hope Riddick wasn't completely out of character D: I'm not a murdering ass-hole so I'm not quite sure how to write one XD I need more experience… who would like to be my practice? j/k lol