Planet Ladder Fan Fiction ❯ Father ❯ Chapter 1

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A/N: Am I really posting this? Really? It's short and pointless! Sweatdrop... Oh well. It's just a lil' one-minute kind of thing I came up with after trying to imagine Seeu pacing back and forth in one of those steril, white hospital rooms, and failing miserably. 'That woman', of course, refers to Bambi-chan. Oh yeah, and Planet Ladder ain't mine.

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It was a very hot day, that day. It was the kind of day that made even the hardest-working people want to crawl inside and sleep until sunset. The light beat down mercilessly, making the air writher and dance. The streets were empty except for one man, though he didn't seem to feel the heat. Something would have been seriously wrong if he had.

It was the lack of noise that bothered him the most, actually. He thought he might sense little sounds at the edges of his hearing every once in a while, from inside the building attached to the porch on which he sat, though he wasn't sure. He wasn't sure how well he really wanted to hear them, either. They sounded pained.

He was experiencing a new and disturbing desire. He wished there was someone here, to be with him. He might have even settle for that woman, as long as she didn't talk, but she was inside helping. (He had been informed in quite clear terms that a man had no place being in that house just now). He didn't really want someone there to talk to, anyway; he'd never been much good at talking in the best of times. He just wanted someone to be there, to silently share in his nervousness.

Specifically, he wanted her to be out here, instead of in there. He wished they hadn't decided to have a child.

He was so tense that his back ached. He shifted possitions, but it didn't really help.

He was really begining to think that what he wanted was to not hear those sounds. It surpirsed him how much he couldn't stand the thought of her hurting. And it was made worse by the fact that there was something, something he couldn't quite remember, telling him that bad things happened at times like this. But it was on the other side of the veil, long long ago with the chicken-person and the research and all the other half-remembered things. Sometimes he wished he could remember, and other times he thought that maybe the chicken was right, that he might be happier not knowing. Maybe someday...

And then, so suddenly that he nearly jumped, that women came barging out of the house looking uncharacteristicly emotional. She grabbed his arm to drag him inside, and he was so eager to go there anyway that he didn't even care.

The first thing he noticed was Kaguya looked near tears. "Are you..." he started, and then she looked up at him and he realized that they were tears of joy. She handed something up to him, saying, "Look! A little boy..."

All he could do was stare, wide-eyed. He was really... ugly. But at the same time, he was absolutly beautiful. He was going to have red hair. He really wanted to cry, or laugh, but in front of all these people all he could do was hold him close, and be thankful they'd decided to have a child.
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