Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon and Digimon Injustice: Gods Among Us ❯ Chapter 2: Tai and Agumon ( Chapter 3 )

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Misty, Kiawe, Tai, Agumon, Davis, and Veemon all found themselves that they are in Odaiba. But something was very off about the city. They knew something was very different about it.

"Where are we?" Kiawe asked.

"It's Odaiba, mine and Davis's hometown," Tai said.

"But there's something very different about it," Agumon said.

"I feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone or maybe in Star Trek," Davis said.

"A time paradox? Or an alternate Earth?" Kiawe asked.

"It could be either. A different dimension or maybe an event that might have been changed because someone went back in time which made this alternate present," Misty said.

"We gotta figure out which. And soon. If Team Rocket's bomb went off, then we gotta get back and undo it," Kiawe said.

"D.A.T.S. should have picked anything out of the ordinary, right?" Veemon asked.

"It might not exist here. I'm picking up lots of scents and it's driving my nostrils nuts," Agumon said.

"We gotta figure it out and fast. Maybe Izzy might have something at my old school. There could be a clue," Tai said.

"You can do that. I'm going to head back down to Alola to see if the Island Kahunas might have a clue. That way, we can compare notes," Kiawe said.

"Assuming Alola even exists," Davis said.

"It's worth looking into. Davis, you and Veemon are with me, so we can see how much has changed," Misty said.

"And I'll be heading to Izzy's old computer lab to look up some info. Let's go, Agumon," Tai said.

"Right behind you, Tai!" Agumon said. The twosome made it to the school, but they noticed something very odd about it fast. They saw it was the same, but at the same time, it's not. "This is very weird, Tai. I know something is off."

"So, we keep saying," Tai said. He looked to a door that reads Class 4-D. "Now, that's really odd."

"What?" Agumon asked.

"This class is Class 4-D and I took this room," Tai said.

"Yeah, so?" Agumon asked.

"This room is Class 5-A. I know because I took this room when I was in the fifth grade," Tai said. Agumon looked towards a hall when he heard someone screaming.

"Tai, someone's here!" Agumon said. Tai listened as he heard voices.

"Not so tough, are you?" A fmiliar voice asked.

"I am not afraid of you!" Another familiar voice spoke. He screams again.

Another voice spoke, and it was female, "Yes you are. I can see it in your eyes."

"It's no use resisting," another voice said.

"Rika? Clemont? Renamon?" Tai asked.

They went over to the source to the sound. They saw it was Kouki Tsubasa, wearing an orange prisoners outfit. He was being tortured by Clemont who had cybernetic limbs and has his classes replaced by red visors. Rika is wearing a punk girl outfit, but she has piercings on her right eyebrow and her hair is styled in a mohawk as Renamon is wearing an outfit similar to Raven's in Teen Titans.

"This is your last chance to accept the High Councilor's amnesty, Kouta!" Renamon said.

"You mean, re-educated in your little boot camp? Be a puppet just like you?!" Kouki spat.

"The boss is being generous, I wouldn't be. My little sister was counted as one of the casualties in Viridian City five years ago!" Clemont said.

"I had nothing to do with that!" Kouki argued.

"Doesn't matter! You're still on the wrong of the law!" Clemont said.

"So, make it easier for yourself and accept the High Counclior's amnesty and he'll let you live as long as you behave yourself like everyone else. And if you don't you'll end up like Kurata and your little friends!" Rika said.

"Yeah? Tell this to your boss!" Kouki said. He spt in Rika's face. Renamon continued to torture him. Kouki screamed as Agumon fires Pepper Breath, seeing enough. The three Regime members turn around.

"Is this how things work in your world?" Agumon asked, disgusted by their methods.

"Tai?! What are you doing?!" Clemont asked. Renamon stepped up.

"Wait. Something is not right. That is Tai Kamiya and Agumon, but something is different about them," Renamon said.

"Stand down! You're done here!" Tai said.

"Not ours," Rika said.

"Feel his pain, Tai? Not yet!" Renamon said. Renamon placed a paralyzing effect onto Tai and Agumon. The three Regime members went up to the Child of Courage and the Digimon of Courage.

"After we're done with Tsubasa, how about the five of us pay a little visit to the High Councilor and hear what he has to say about your butting in!" Clemont suggested.

"Not going to happen!" Agumon said, being able to move again. He pushes them back. "And don't any of you touch Tai!"

"I don't care who you are! You're both under arrest!" Rika threatened.

Fight 1: Tai Kamiya and Agumon vs Rika Nonoka and Renamon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Renamon makes the first move by showiering Agumon with Diamond Storm. Agumon blocks with his arms and he swipes his claw at the fox-like Digimon. Rika came at him, but Agumon kicks her hard as Tai has regained the ability to move. Tai joins the fray and gave Rika a punch on the face. Renamon came at Agumon with her Spin Kick and he rolled on his back only to get back up. Agumon fires Pepper Breath at her as Tai gave Rika a kick and an uppercut. Agumon and Renamon got ready for a clash.

"You're inferior to me in every way!" Renamon said.

"You're not the first one to say that to me!" Agumon said.

Both ran towards each other and they clashed. Agumon won the clash and he gave the finishing blow to enamon as Tai and Rika kept fighting. Rika grabbed Tai and slapped him repeatedly. Tai broke the slap and gave her a kick in the gut and she was taken down at last.

Fight End!

"We won't be having any more lip from them," Agumon said. Both Tai and Agumon glared at the cyborg.

"Now, who's this High Councilor? The one who turned you into a second-rate thug?" Tai asked.

"I'll show you second-rate!" Clemont said.

"Talk! You! Now!" Tai demanded.

"So, start talking!" Agumon added.

"Okay, let's talk about the mess of trouble the both of you are in!" Clemont said, his hand turning into a Mega Buster and blasted them both. Clemont took out a Pokéball and he lets his Luxray out to fight. "And how We're going to knock those heads of yours sideways!"

Fight 2: Tai Kamiya and Agumon vs Clemont (Regime)

Fight Start!

Luxray comes at Agumon with Thunder Fang, but he fires Pepper Breath at Luxray as Tai came at Clemont and punches him in the face. Clemont replied with a punch in the gut and a kick in the stomach. Agumon Digivolves to Greymon and he rammed into Luxray. Luxray comes at Greymon with great force as Clemont grabbed a desk and used it to slam it onto Tai. Clemont walks over to Tai, but he grabbed Clemont and noogies him, before he punched him in the face three times.

"Come to papa, lion boy!" Greymon said, charging at Luxray, but it came at Greymon with Thunder Fang and lands a bite. Tai and Clemont got ready for a clash.

"You're coming with me!" Clemont threatened.

"You'll have to take me first!" Tai countered. They both charged at each other and landed a hit. Tai won the clash as Greymon lifted Luxray up and tossed it right on Clemont, knocking them both out. Greymon reverted back to Agumon.

Fight End!

"Our heads are still on straight," Agumon said.

"You got that right, buddy. And good fighting," Tai said. Agumon beamed as they went to help Kouki.

"Scum! Nothing but scum!" Kouki said. Agumon undid the restraints to get Kouta loose. "Get away from me!"

"Hey, how about showing us some gratitude! We just saved your sorry life, not that you deserve it! But you didn't deserve to be tortured like that either!" Tai said.

"Besides, we're not with them!" Agumon added.

"It don't matter because they got your scent! And like the dogs they are, they'll run back to their master and tell them all about you. And when they catch you, they'll try to break you and force you to accept their amnesty," Kouki said.

"Who are they working for?" Tai asked.

"Who's the one guy who can keep guys like them in line? Maybe a certain Pokémon trainer and a certain yellow Pokémon?" Kouki asked, giving them a hint. Tai and Agumon blinked twice.

"What do you mean?" Agumon asked. Before Kouta could answer, Tai gets transmission from Misty.

"Tai! Tai, can you hear me?" Misty asked. Tai answered it.

"Misty? What's wrong?" Tai asked.

"Davis, Veemon, and I just saw Devimon and he was attacking some people! And we need your help!" Misty said.

"On our way!" Tai said. "Okay, Kouki, how about after we're done with Devimon, the three of us have alittle tri-" Tai and Agumon saw Kouta was gone. "Perfect."

"We can worry about that later, Tai, becuase Devimon is attacking people!" Agumon said.

"You're right, Agumon. We gotta stop him before he does some real damage," Tai said.

Over to Misty, Davis, and Veemon, the three of them were fighting Devimon who is now wearing a battle helmet with his horns sticking out on the sides.

"Vee Headbutt!" Veemon shouted as Devimon grabbed Veemon and three him to Davis.

"I simply don't know how you came back from the dead, Davis Motomiya, but I can assure you that your visit will be short-lived! Prepare to die again!" Devimon said, reaching his hand out to grab them both, but Greymon fires Nova Blast at him.

"Not on my watch, Devimon!" Tai said.

"Misty, Davis Motomiya, Veemon, and now Tai Kamiya and Agumon. This keeps getting more interesting!" Devimon said, calling out his Black Gears. Greymon dodges them from left to right. The Black Gears kept coming right at him. Greymon fires his Nova Blast at the gears and he manages to destroy one of them.

"I can help you out with that!" Tai said, holding out his Digivice. The light from the Digivice shines and destroys another Black Gear. The remaining Black Gears comes right at them both, but Greymon fires his Nova Blast and destroys his gears.

"So, Devimon, what's with the new look? Also, ruling over Infinity Mountain not enough for you?" Greymon asked.

"The PokéDigi Earth Government shares its views with mine, so an alliance was logial. So, for now, I tolerate humans. Even the DigiDestined!" Devimon said.

"So my counterpart and Greymon's has joined your side!' Tai sneered.

"As did all who wish to live," Devimon said.

Fight 3: Tai Kamiya and Agumon vs Devimon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Greymon made the first move, but Devimon swipes his claw, using his Touch of Evil. Greymon gave the fallen angel Digimon a couple of punches and he picked him up and threw him on the ground. Greymon swings his tail and fires Nova Blast as Devimon blocks with his wings and he swipes at Greymon with his tail. He fires fireballs repeatedly at Devimon and he gets hit. The dinosaur Digimon rams into Devimon with his horns again as Devimon swipes at Greymon and they prepare for a clash.

"Prepare for oblivion!" Devimon said.

"No thank you!" Greymon said as the two of them charged into each other. Greymon lost the clash, so Devimon grabs Greymon and he screams as dark energy roams his body and he fell on the gorund, but Greymon gave Devimon an uppercut and finishes Devimon with a Nova Blast.

Fight End!

"Looks like we're resisting arrest again!" Greymon said. Tai went up to Misty.

"Misty, you okay?" Tai asked, helping her up. Misty blinked twice and her face is blank.

"Tai..." Misty could only say. She pointed to a figure coming towards them. Tai turned to see it was himself, but he was different. He wore an outfit similar to his own but it was darker and he had a much darker expression. His Greymon had an even darker expression. Greymon was horried to see himself like that.

"Someone call me?" Regime Tai asked.

"Just as I thought! You're me! Evil me!" Tai exclaimed.

"I'm not evil. I came along because I heard there was a disturbance, and here it is. I never expected this," Regime Tai said.

"Neither did I at first! And what I don't get is why you would side with someone like Devimon!" Tai exclaimed.

"I'm with him! Why Devimon of all Digimon?!" Greymon exclaimed.

"It's easy, it's because he made the right choice in siding with us! The PokéDigi Earth Government is a welcoming committee to those who share the desire to protect the weak!" Regime Greymon said.

"That's a joke!" Greymon said.

"What about you, Tai! Are there other DigiDestined on your side like Rika here in your world?! Even Kari?" Tai asked.

"The DigiDestined is still about order! Kari went aboard along with the rest of us!" Regime Tai said, giving his counterpart an evil expression.

"So, the DigiDestined are reduced to nothing but petty thugs just like Devimon!" Tai said. "I'm sure that your parents are proud of the decisions that you made!"

"Sanctimony is easy when you know what-" Regime Tai was cut off.

"Save it! Greymon, do you have a problem kicking your own tail?" Tai asked.

"Not in the slightest, Tai!" Greymon replied.

Fight 4: Tai Kamiya and Agumon vs Tai Kamiya and Agumon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Both Greymon charged into each other as the two Tais tackled into each other. Tai gave his Regime counterpart a punch in the face, but Regime Tai kicked Tai off and gave him repeated kicks. Both Greymon fired Nova Blast and the two fireballs were evenly matched. Regime Greymon tosses Greymon on the ground and bit him on the arm. Tai and his Regime double punches each other and Regime Tai gave Tai a kick in the shin, bringing him to his knee. Regime Greymon slashes one of Greymon's legs with his foot claws and ends up like Tai. Misty and Davis were at a loss to what was going on.

"You can't hope to survive this," Regime Tai said.

"Don't be so sure!" Tai countered as he gave his Regime self a punch in the belly and he gave him a toss on his back. He gets back up and he delivered a punch onto him. Greymon and his Regime double blocked horns as they stare into each other. Regime Greymon swung his fists on his head and gave him a hook in his snout. Greymon gave his Regime counterpart a bite on the arm before he gave him a throw on the ground.

Both Tais and Greymon gave their evil twins a few more punches in the gut. They then threw their Regime duplicates against the wall as the Regime Greymon reverts back to an Agumon. Greymon reverts back to Agumon as well.

Fight End!

"That was surreal," Tai said. Misty, Davis, and Veemon joined Tai and Agumon, looking at their Regime counterparts.

"And very disturbing. I thought I was going crazy because I was literally seeing double," Misty said.

"Same here. And all that evil they were giving off was hard for the eyes," Davis said.

"Same here. The last time I saw Agumon like this was when he was controlled by the Digimon Emperor. And that was not a pretty thing to see," Veemon said.

"The ony difference is, he's actually in control of his actions and Tai was in those shoes," Agumon said. Sirens are heard.

"The fuzz!" Davis exclaimed. The group of five ran for it before the authorites could arrive. Leading them is Matt, TK, Kari, Cody, Yolei, Joe, Izzy, Sora, Mimi, Ken, and their Digimon partners. Ken was wearing his Digimon Emperor outfit, Matt was wearing a blue jacket and has one pierced ear as TK was wearing a Jack the Ripper outfit, but it was mostly yellow and the hat was green. Kari was wearing a Xena-style armor, Yolei was dressed as a female Jedi and her hair was in a ponytail. Izzy was wearing a mad scientist lab coat and his hair was messy. Joe wore wore a pair similar to his old pair of glasses and he wore the same lab coat as Izzy. Sora was wearing a red leather body suit as Mimi was wearing green armor, showing her midriff. Cody was wearing samurai armor. They saw Tai and Agumon unconscious. They both regaind consciousness.

"Tai, what happened?" Kari asked. Tai saw his sister.

"We had a run-in with someone who looks like Misty and Me. And there was another Agumon," Regime Tai said. "And one of them looked like Davis Motomiya." The Regime DigiDestined were shocked.

"You sure you didn't hit your head too hard, Tai?" Sora asked

"No. Devimon saw them too. Ask him," Regime Tai said.

"It's true. The High Councilor must know about this right away," Devimon said.

The Regime DigiDestined knew he was right and had to report it to The High Councilor about their encounter.

Over to Misty, Tai, Agumon, Davis, and Veemon, the sound of sirens were still filling the air.

"Running from the cops. Aren't there any good guys here?" Davis asked. They made a stop when they found Goh and his Cinderace. What was different from the Goh they know, is that his clothes were wragged. He had a scar on his right eye and he had a scar on his left cheek. His expression was cold and emotionless. His Cinderace was sharing Goh's expression.

"I think we just found one," Misty said.

Back to the other world, D.A.T.S. was working on finding Goh, Cinderace, Misty, Kiawe, Tai, Agumon, Davis, and Veemon. Mikki and Megumi was going over the eergy found in Vridian City. Clemont, and Izzy were helping out as well. Ash was very concerned about them. Serena was beside him.

"Anything yet?" Commander Samson asked.

"No. The energy we found doesn't match anything we have in our database," Clemont ssaid.

"It's like looking for a needle in a really big haystack," Tentomon said.

"Even if we could vibrate at the same frequency as the energy and follow them, we wouldn't know if they went anywhere dangerous," Izzy said.

"Or that they went anywhere at all. You're right, Izzy, it's too risky," Clemont said.

"I hope they're okay," Ash said. Serena places her hand on his, making him blush.

"They'll be okay. I know it," Serena said kindly. Ash smiled warmly.

"You're right. We'll find them. We have to," Ash said.

Everyone was working around the clock to bring their friends back home safe and sound.