Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon and Digimon Injustice: Gods Among Us ❯ Chapter 3: Kiawe ( Chapter 4 )

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Having to return to Alola, Kiawe rode on Charizard's back and he felt something disturbing upon arriving. He couldn't find any of the Island Kahunas, so he decided to head for Acerola's library instead.

"Sure it feels the same, but something is very wrong. Okay, maybe, I can get answers from the library," Kiawe said. He calls his Charizard back and he makes his way to Acerola's library and knocks. Acerola opens the door and she's dressed in a librarian outifit. She looked at him intimidated.

"May I help you, Kiawe?" Acerola asked with a hint of fear in her voice.

"I would like to have information on the world governance. History and current events," Kiawe said.

"Why would you wa-" Acerola paused when she realizes something, "Oh! I'm sorry! I forgot the High Councilor was sending his envoys to meet with you today. Kiawe didn't know what she was talking about, but he had to play along.

"High Councilor? Who's that?" Kiawe asked in his thoughts.

"I hope I won't be a bother with the treaty signing negotiations," Acerola said.

"No, you won't. I'm sure you would be helpful with helping me out," Kiawe said.

"I hope you can forgive me, but our resources are severly limited. Ash has been less than willing to reveal his Regime's inner workings," Acerola said, with Kiawe walking in.

"Ash is the High Councilor?! And why would he want to sign a treaty? I knew something wasn't right, but I wasn't expecting this. I came here for answers and that's what I'm going to get," Kiawe said in his thoughts. Acerola looked at him.

"Is there something the matter?" Acerola asked.

Kiawe replied, "No, everything is alright. Just tell me what you know. Recount the events of his ascension." Acerola was confused by his request. "A thorough review might illuminate new strategies for negotiations."

"Of course," Acerola said as she began her story, "Five years ago, the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni deceived Ash Ketchum into killing his girlfriend Serena and destroying Viridian City." Kiawe was shocked to hear Ash killing anyone and Viridian City was destroyed. "Consumed by grief, Ash killed Giovanni.

"No way! Ash killed Giovanni?! It's hard of me to think Ash would do something like this!" Kiawe exclaimed in his thoughts. He spoke out loud. "We all know where we were that day. Keep going."

"Afterward he showed no restraint. Judge, jury and executioner, he, other like-minded Pokémon trainers and DigiDestined quickly reined in the criminal element," Acerola continued.

Kiawe responded, "Which made him quite popular."

"The world was desperate for strong leadership. Ash consolidated his power and created the PokéDigi Earth Government. Democratic institutions were swept away," Acerola concluded. A knock came as Acerola has answered it. It was Mimo.

"Kiawe, the High Councilor's envoys have arrived!" Mimo said.

"Where are they?" Kiawe asked.

"They said they'll be waiting at Wela Volcano," Mimo said. With that said, Kiawe rode on Charizard and headed for Wela Volcano. Upon arriving, Kiawe saw a couple of familiar faces. It was Brock and JP. Brock was wearing a green jacket over a black shirt and wore brown pants. JP was wearing biker jacket and blue jeans.

"Brock, JP. Good to see you. Alola," Kiawe greeted.

"Alola," Brock greeted back. "It's been some time," Brock said.

"And it's my very first time in Alola," JP added.

"Yes, we have much to discuss. The treaty," Kiawe said. Brock handed him the treaty.

"The final draft. Ash is happy that you finally agreed to his terms," Brock said as Kiawe was reading it. When he reached the bottom his expression was disturbed.

"Is there something wrong?" JP asked.

"Is this some kind of a joke?!" Kiawe exclaimed angrily. "Ash is going to weaponize the volcano?!"

"It's what you agree to. It's what we expect!" Brock threatened.

"Be careful who you make threats to!" Kiawe warned.

"We have our orders!" Brock said as JP turned into Beetlemon as Brock jumped at Kiawe. Beetlemon fires his lightning at Brock, intended for Kiawe. He jumps out of the way. Kiawe knocked out Beetlemon as Brock gave Kiawe a punch in the face. Kiawe gave him a punch in the chest.

"You can tell Ash he will not have Wela Volcano!" Kiawe proclaimed.

Fight 1: Kiawe vs Brock (Regime)

Fight Start!

Brock takes out his Geodude and Kiawe takes out Marowak and the Alolan bone keeper Pokémon. Geodude hurls Rock Throw and Marowak got hit, but fought back with Shadow Bone. Geodude rolled at Marowak with Rollout and each hit got stronger, but Marowak responded with Flare Blitz. Kiawe and Brock gave each other a fist fight as well. Kiawe knew something was up with Brock. It like he was fighting someone a tad stronger than he was, but he wasn't going to let that distract him. Both got ready for a clash.

"Alola's fire burns the fiercest!" Kiawe stated.

"Pewter's stones are the strongest!" Brock countered.

Both Brock and Kiawe came at each other and collided. Kiawe won the clash. Marowak gave an Iron Head onto Geodude and Kiawe gave Brock a kick to his legs and pounded his chest and gave him a kick in the same spot. Marowak threw Bonemerang at the rock Pokémon and it struck it repeatedly. Kiawe and Marowak gave him a kick in the stomach, taking him down.

Fight End!

"You can shove your orders up your ass!" Kiawe spat. Beetlemon fires lightning as Kiawe and Marowak dodged. "JP, listen! This doesn't have to go any further than it already has! I just want to talk to Ash!"

"You don't TALK to Ash! You do what he says! And you're going to do what you promised!" Beetlemon spat.

Fight 2: Kiawe vs JP/Beetlemon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Beetlemon came at Kiawe with the first attack and lands a hit onto him. Marowak lunged at Beetlemon with Iron Head and with Shadow Bone as Kiawe gave kick in Beetlemon's back. Beetlemon slams his fists on the ground as static electricity on the ground Kiawe and Marowak were both struck by the electric attack. Marowak threw Bonemerang at the Warrior of Thunder. Both got ready to clash.

"You're under arrest!" Beetlemon threatened.

"Team Skull couldn't beat me! What chance do you have?" Kiawe countered.

Both ran towards each other and their clash ended up in a draw. Kiawe and Marowak gave their opponent a punch and kick to Beetlemon and took him down.

Fight End!

"You two are poor excuses for diplomats," Kiawe said.

Just then, several Regime soldiers, Magmar, and some Meramon coming running in. Among them is Kiawe, but his appearence was different. He had a small beard and wore what looks like armor of a Hawaiian warrior. That's when Kiawe realized he was in an parallel dimension.

"There he is!" One of the soldiers said.

"Okay, parallel world, it is," Kiawe said. Regime Kiawe approached his double and points his finger at him.

"Who do you work for, imposter? Are you an agent of Team Skull, seeking vengeance?! Or are you looking to avenge Viren?!" Regime Kiawe questioned.

"I am Kiawe! The son of Sima and Rango! Future Kahuna of Akala Island and future Guardian of Wela Volcano! And I answer to no one! Unlike you!" Kiawe spat.

"Watch your tongue!" Regime Kiawe hissed. Kiawe glared at his Regime counterpart with anger in his eyes.

"You would trade Alola's pride volcano like it was a trading card over to someone like Ash?!" Kiawe exclaimed acccusingly.

"The treaty is just so Ash can control all of the world's volcanoes and understand our autonomy!" Regime Kiawe said.

"You're putting innocent lives at risk! There are those who live close to volcanoes! You would sacrifice all those lives just for control?!" Kiawe asked.

"There was one thing that Viridian City's destruction has taught me! Sacrifices must be made for the greater good! And if it means erupting a volcano to weed out those who prey on the innocent, then so be it!" Regime Kiawe cruelly spat. Kiawe was appalled by his counterpart's cruelty.

"So, that's how it is, huh? It's either his way or no way, right? I will not let this stand! It was bad enough that Ash has his will forced onto you, but using volcanoes as potential weapons is unforgivable! You have become no better than Guzma of Team Skull!" Kiawe stated. Regime Kiawe sneered at his double.

"I grow tired of this! Take him!" Regime Kiawe ordered. The Regime solders, Magmar, and Meramon went to attack him, but Kiawe and Madowak had overpowered them all. Regime Kiawe unleashed his Marowak and they gave each other a fist fight as the two Marowal clashed their bones.

"I was going to help you out, but I have changed my mind!" Kiawe stated.

Fight 3: Kiawe vs Kiawe (Regime)

Fight Start!

Both Kiawes and Marowak came at each other with their fists and kicks as the Marowak gave each other with Shadow Bone. Regime Kiawe's Marowak landed a Iron Head onto Kiawe's Marowak, so Kiawe's Marowak fought back with Iron Head as Regime Kiawe came at Kiawe with a tackle and punched him in the gut. Regime Kiawe's Marowak threw Bonemerang at Kiawe's Marowak, but dodges by jumping and came down with Shadow Bone. Kaiwe came at his Regime counterpart with a torch and swunged it at him, but Regime Kiawe knocks it out of his hands. They both got ready for a clash.

"What would you have me do?!" Regime Kaiwe asked.

"Yield! That's what you should do!" Kiawe responded.

The both of them charges at each other and they collided with each other. Kiawe won the clash and gave Regime Kiawe a kick in the gut and an uppercut on the chin. Kiawe's Marowak gave Regime Kiawe's Marowak a Shadow Bone and earned a knockout. Kiawe gave his Regime self one last hit, bringing him down.

Fight End!

"Now, let's discuss a revised foreign policy," Kaiwe said. Just then, several more Regime soldiers and some Salandit, along with Mallow and Lana came alalong. Mallow wore a two piece leopard skin suit as Lana wore a pirate captain's coat and a large hat.

"Kiawe! What happened?!" Mallow exclaimed.

"Mallow, Lana?! Not you too!" Kiawe exclaimed in horror.

"I'm seeing two Kiawes!" Lana gasped.

"Kill him!" Regime Kiawe commanded.

"You heard him! Do it!" Mallow ordered. She, Lana, and the Regime solders all went after him as time freezes before they could get to him. Kiawe was confused by what was going on.

"Now what?" Kiawe asked. Just then, Piedmon came in with a laugh.

"That's what I like about you humans. Always acting before you start thinking!" Piedmon said. Kiawe growled.

"Piedmon! What are you doing here?!" Kiawe exclaimed with anger.

"Funny you should ask. A little birdy told me that there was some conflict and chaos going on, so I thought I come and have a look. And to my surprise, I see you!" Piedmon said.

"Yoh did more than that! You brought us here!" Kiawe accused.

"Who me? No, no, no, little human. It wasn't me, but I know who did," Piedmon said.

"Tell me who!" Kiawe hissed. Piedmon was getting peeved at Kiawe's attitude.

"You think you can tell me what to do?" Piedmon asked.

"I just did and you're going to do it!" Kiawe yelled.

Fight 4: Kiawe vs Piedmon (Parallel)

Fight Start!

Piedmon begins with Trump Sword and Marowak blocks with Bonemerang. Kiawe and Marowak charged towards him as Piedmon gave them both a smack with his hands.

"That must have hurt!" Piedmon taunted.

"Not as much it'll hurt you!" Kiawe hissed.

Kiawe and Marowak gave the clownish Dark Master a series of punches and kicks. Piedmon used Clown Trick on them, but Marowak came at Piedmon with Flare Blitz and then with Shadow Bone. Kiawe gave him some kicks as Pidemon coutered with some slaps across the face. They get ready for a clash.

"Ready to scream?" Piedmon asked.

"You first!" Kiawe said.

THe both of them clashed into each other and Kiawe wins the clash. Marowak and Kiawe lands the finishing blow onto Piedmon. Kiawe could tell something was up with him.

Fight End!

"You're weak, Piedmon. What happened to you?" Kiawe asked.

"Ash's rule has eliminated choas and conflict, and left me powerless. I was enjoying his suffering at first, but as I kept on watching, I soon realized how bad it was for me," Piedmon said.

"If you didn't bring us here, then who did?" Kiawe asked.

"Those who would put an end to Ash's rule over the world. The Insurgency," Piedmon explained.

"Insurgency? You mean, trainers and DigiDestined?" Kiawe asked, surprised.

"Yes and no. There are only three members left. Their numbers have dwindled greatly," Piedmon said. Kiawe had a saddened look on his face.

"You mean, he killed them? And the only ones left are the ones who joined up with him?" Kiawe asked.

"Yes. Along with a small band of villains whose loyalty were bought," Piedmon said.

"I gotta get to my friends right now," Kiawe said.

"They're with the Insurgents right now. And I can send you right towards them if that's what you want," Piedmon said.

Over to the Insurgency base, Misty, Tai, Agumon, Davis, and Veemon were looking over a small pill. Misty had just swallowed one as Tai has. Davis was about to swallow one as Kiawe had entered, surprising everyone.

"How did you get here?" Misty asked.

"Piedmon," Kiawe simply answered. Tai was about to speak when Kiawe cut him off. "Not our Piedmon."

"We know. Meet NOT our Goh and Chloe," Davis said as Goh and Chloe had entered in the meeting room.

"I was wondering how I was going to get you here," Goh said. Kiawe saw Davis swallow a pill.

"Headache?" Kiawe asked.

"Trying to prevent one," Davis replied.

"It's an endurability enhancer. PokéDigiX98," Goh said.

"How can one little pill do that?" Kiawe asked.

"Combined powers of Pokémon and Digimon. It grants superhuman endurance to anyone who swallows one," Goh explained.

"Goh can explain the rest if you're having trouble sleeping," Davis said.

"He 'borrowed' the recipe from Ash. And he gives it to his guys," Veemon said.

"I already met some of our evil twins," Kiawe said.

"They're not evil. Most of them are following Ash out of fear or they feel that he's right and lost all perspective," Goh said.

"And those who are doing it out of their own free will had loved ones in Viridian City five years ago," Chloe said.

"So, you and Chloe are the only ones left?" Misty asked.

"No, Piedmon said there are three left," Kiawe pointed out. And out came the mystery man, it was revealed to be Yukio Oikawa.

"And he would be right," Oikawa said.

"Oikawa?!" Tai exclaimed.

"How are you even alive?!" Veemon exclaimed.

"He's with me and Chloe," Goh said as Oikawa sat down.

"Unlike the Oikawa you know, I was never tainted by darkness. The Digimon Emperor in our dimension was forced upon by a Digimon, not possessing a human," Oikawa said. "Ash doesn't suspect that his father's best friend is funding the Insurgency."

"Oikawa's involvement is a secret. Anybody critical against Ash all vanish. Government officials, activists, reporters," Chloe said.

"Since we're all here, tell us why you brought us here," Misty said.

"And why you didn't bother asking for permission before doing it!" Davis said.

"We were kinda busy!" Veemon added.

"The nuclear bomb. It didn't go off. Somehow, it was your transfer that prevented it," Oikawa stated.

"How do you know about that?" Agumon asked.

"We've been monitoring your world for quite some time. You four specifically; six if you are counting the Digimon," Oikawa said.

"I have a weapon we can use against Ash. It's an anti-aura ray," Goh said.

"An anti-aura weapon?" Agumon asked, surprised.

"You mean you dragged us here to kill him?! If you brought us here to do that, then you're no better than he is!" Tai said.

"I didn't say it was going to kill him. It will only weaken him and nothing else," Goh said.

"The weapon is located at my dad's old lab. And it requires your DNA to unlock it," Chloe said.

Over to the PokéDigi Earth Government base, High Councilor Ash is doing some experimenting with Mewtwo. Mewtwo had been captured earlier today to be used against a great threat. Mewtwo is wearing a collar around its neck. Ash is wearing a red and blue bodysuit with a red cape. Pikachu is by his side as always.

"The collar design is perfect. I'm glad that Clemont has designed it," Ash said.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

Just then, Misty walks in, wearing a huge black dress, exposing her belly. She also has her hair down. Misty serves as Ash's second-in-command to the Regime.

"The collar's working perfectly, Ash. Clemont is a genius," Misty said. "The re-education wasn't going to effect it." Ash didn't respond. Misty sat next to him. "Ash, there is something I wanna ask you, if it's okay with you."

"It's fine, Misty. Ask," Ash said.

"What I wanted to know is, are you okay with this? With us? I don't want you to think I'm trying to replace Serena, because I know I'm not her and I never will be. She's everything I'm not, so-" Misty spoke when gave her a kiss on the lips. Ash parted lips with her.

"Of course, Misty. You've been there for me since Serena died. She would want me to be happy," Ash said. Misty smiled.

"I'm glad. I just got word from Tai. He's-" Misty said, before Ash cut her off.

"On his way in? Let's hope for good news," Ash said. Tai and Agumon both walked in.

"High Counclior," Tai and Agumon greeted.

"Love the outfit, Misty," Tai complimented her. She blushes. Tai sets his attention to Ash. "We have a problem! I saw someone out there who looks a lot like Misty." Ash and Misty were shocked to hear this news.

"You sure?" Ash asked.

"Yes. And there was also someone who looks like me and he has an Agumon with him. And someone else who looks like Davis Motomiya and he has a Veemon," Tai reported. Ash's expression turned sour.

"Find them! And any others who might be out there! Give the order! Arrest on Sight!" Ash commanded. "I want to know everything!"