Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon and Digimon Injustice: Gods Among Us ❯ Chapter 4: Jessie and James ( Chapter 5 )

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Jessie and James were driving in a stolen Regime vehicle, driving down the streets of Saffron City. They have been on the run more-so than usual. Before they did, they swung by Team Rocket HQ, only to find the place in ruins and they saw the skeletal remains of their Team Rocket colleagues, such as Cassidy, Butch, and so many.

"I don't know what's even weirder. The fact the boss is dead, along with Matori, and pretty much everyone else we know in Team Rocket, or that the twerp is ruling the world with an iron fist!" James said.

"This is an insult to Team Rocket members everywhere! The twerp will pay for what he did!" Jessie hissed. James was the first to realize he and Jessie had been transferred into an alternate dimension.

James sighed, "The only problem is how because he has an army and it's just the two of us. And since we came from Team Rocket, they'll be killing us like they did with the other us!"

"But we can build our own army and take down the Regime! It'll be revenge for Giovanni and Team Rocket! And the best way is to recruit Team Rainbow Rocket to do so!" Jessie said.

"How are going to do that?" James asked.

"I heard some Regime soldiers talking and they said that Team Rainbow Rocket has been a pain on the twerp's little butt since Team Rocket was wiped out, so there's a rumor that they could be around here in this neighborhood," Jessie said. The Team Rocket duo stepped out and they looked around. They came across a poster of a stripper, but has the letter R in rainbow paint.

"Looks like our reputation precedes us," James said.

"It sure does," Jessie agreed. "Someone remembers us!" Goh and Cinderace poke their heads out of hiding and went right towards them.

"Team Rocket!" Goh shouted. They turned to see Goh coming towards them.

"It's the newest twerp!" Jessie said. Goh kept running at them, only for Jessie to give him a kick. "That was for getting us dragged here!"

"It's because of you that we ended up in this messed-up universe! Here crime is history! And so are we!" James added.

"And I fail to see how it's my fault!" Goh wheezed. Cinderace attempted to land a Blaze Kick when Wobbufet came out and landed a Counter on the striker Pokémon and sent it back at Goh.

" Now, to finish you off!" Jessie said. James turned and sees someone coming.

"Jessie, Jessie! Regimers!" James gasped. Jessie was oblivious to the threat, but knowing they wouldn't stand a chance, Jessie grabbed Jessie and ran off to the nearest alley.

"What was that for?! We would have mopped the floor with him!" Jessie said.

"And end up being caught before we could act?" James asked. The Team Rocket members saw it was May, Dawn, Henry Wong, Terreriermon, and Zoe Orimoto. May wore an outfit similar to the feamel Team Aqua grunts, but it was black and white stripped and she wore a black bandana was black and has a skull and crossbones. Dawn wore a white suit with her hair in a bun, Henry wore a similar outfit, but darker, with Terreriermon wearing a leather jacket. Zoe was wearing something close to Kazemon. Blaziken and Piplup were out as well.

"Goh, it's been a while," May said.

"Looks like your wounds healed up nicely," Dawn said.

"Ash will be happy that we caught you at last!" Henry said.

"Yeah, we can finally have some peace," Terriermon said. Zoe forced him up.

"On your feet! Let's go!" Zoe said.

"I don't think so, Zoe!" Goh said, definitely. Henry lands a punch in Goh's face as Blaziken gave a punch on Cinderace. Piplup pecks the striker Pokémon as the Regime members grabbed their prisoner. Jessie and James were watching.

"Wish I had a camera. We would have gotten over ten million hits," James said. They waited for the Regime members to leave. They stepped out as soon as the coast was clear.

Over to The PokéDigi Earth Government base, Ash was going over some tests with Mewtwo. The genetic Pokémon lifted its right foot by instruction.

"Okay, right foot," Ash said. Mewtwo lifted its right foot and he smiled. He turned to Pikachu.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said.

"Yeah, Pikachu, this is going smoother than expected," Ash said. Just then, a beeping his heard, so Ash went to answer it. "Yes?"

"High Councilor! We captured Goh!" May reported. Ash was skeptical to hear it, because he suspected that it might be a duplicate of the Insurgency leader. He wasn't sure until he saw for himself.

"I'm on my way," Ash said.

Jessie and James continued on through Saffron City to see the rumors of Team Rainbow Rocket members.

"Now, just where were we before we-" Jessie was cut off by a familiar sounding voice.

"-pumped full of lead?" The voice spoke. Jessie and James saw it was Meowth. He was different. His torso was wrapped in bandages and he has an eyepatch on his left eye. He was also holding a shotgun at them.

"Meowth?!" Jessie and James exclaimed.

"That's right! I heard some wild rumors about a pair of jokers were dressed up like the late Jessie and James from Team Rocket. What ya got is the look and the nerve! What ya yahoos don't got is the right!" Meowth said, holding the shotgun at them.

"Meowth, it's us! We are Jessie and James!" James said.

"We can prove it too!" Jessie said. She was about to prove it when Meowth fires a warning shot.

"That was a warning shot! Next one won't be a warning!" Meowth stated.

"Hold it right-" Jessie hissed as Meowth prepared to fire. She gets behind Wobbufet as he fires. Wobbufet uses Counter and the shotgun shells struck the sign behind them. Jessie took the shotgun out of his paws. "Got it! You shouldn't be playing with firearms, because someone would get hurt with one of those."

"Have we calmed down?" James asked.

"It's really you. I thought I was seeing ghosts, because you two are dead. Ash killed ya both!" Meowth said.

"We're not from your world. We came here because we heard some rumors about Team Rainbow Rocket here in Saffron City!" Jessie said.

"Yeah! You're legends to Team Rainbow Rocket and they would wanna meet ya! Come on!" Meowth said, leading them to the secret location of Team Rainbow Rocket.

Over to a undisclosed location, the DigiDestined and the Regime soldiers stood on opposite sides. Tommy Himi wore a pair of headphones with his outfit as Koji wore a white suit and Koichi wore a black suit. They all bowed their heads in respect for Ash and Misty.

Inside, May and Dawn were done preparing for Ash's arrival.

"Ready for visitors, Goh?" Dawn asked.

"Need a comb?" May asked.

Ash and Misty entered as May and Dawn stepped to opposite sides.

"Here they are," Dawn said.

Ash looked right at Goh, but Ash saw something wrong. He looked right at his aura and saw it wasn't his Goh.

"Good work, you two. Now that he's been captured, we can fin-" Misty said before Ash interrupted.

"It's not him!" Ash said.

The female Regime members looked at the High Councilor with a surprised expression on each of their faces.

"What?!" May exclaimed.

"His aura does match Goh's, but it's different! It's all wrong!" Ash said. Pikachu sniffed Goh, but he growls. Ash approaches Goh. "You're one of those duplicates. Tell me why you're here!" Goh knew he was really living a real-life nightmare.

Over to the secret base of Team Rainbow Rocket, they all cheered for Jessie and James.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Jessie addressed the members of Team Rainbow Rocket. "Dearest members of Team Rainbow Rocket, we are happy to hear that you all went through so much to keep the memory of the glorious Giovanni alive, and in being thorns on Ash's side!" Team Rainbow Rocket all cheered. "You all know the truth! It was Ash who killed all those people in Viridian City, and then he killed Giovanni and then, he tried to kill us!"


"I admire the work you done in Giovanni's name! Disturbances, distractions, just about anything to get under his skin! But let's start thinking bigger!" Jessie said. Jessie took out the pill. "Meowth tells us that Ash made this little pill and he gives it to his thugs. And then, the Insurgents got hold of them. Now we got them too! A bus could fall on us, we wouldn't be hurt!" She flipped the pill and she swallows it. James took one and he does the same thing. Team Rainbow Rocket all cheered on. Jessie raised her hands and they quiet down. "From now on, we'll be more than a nuisance! The barking Growlithe will be the rampaging Onix! Screech, Explosion! And Team Rocket, will be kings!"

Just when Team Rainbow Rocket were all cheering the wall on stage is destroyed as several Regime soldiers came out and opened fire on them. One soldier fires at Jessie and the bullets does nothing to her.

"What the?!" The soldier exclaimed.

"That would have killed me! I love this pill!" Jessie said. She gave the soldier a pummeling as Tracey and Gladion enters through. Tracey wore a red shirt and has black shorts as Gladion wore a jacket similar to his own. Tracey grabbed Jessie by her top. Meowth presses a Pokéball button on a device.

"Back from the grave? Should have kept that suit buried!" Tracey said.

"It's fashionable!" Jessie said, giving him a kick in the gut.

"I'm going to enjoy seeing you die again!" Tracey said.

"Oh, you would, huh? Well, you won't be seeing it!" Jessie stated.

Fight 1: Jessie vs Tracey (Regime)

Fight Start!

Tracey makes the first hit as Jessie came at him and gave him a kick. Jessie then, smacks the Pokémon Watcher a smack with her long hair and then delivered an uppercut on the chin. Jessie calls out Seviper as Tracey lets out Venonat. Venonat used Supersonic and Seviper ends up being confused. Venonat uses Psychic and on Seviper and slams the fang snake Pokémon on the ground. Jessie and Tracey got ready for a clash.

"Be ready to suffer!" Tracey called out.

"After you!" Jessie countered.

They ran towards each other for the clash and it was Jessie wins the clash. Jessie has gave Tracey the finishing blow.

Fight End!

"For once Team Rocket wins one!" Jessie said. Over to James, he took knocked out a soldier with a bare fist as Gladion and Umbreon killed a Team Rainbow Rocket member. He glared at James and comes right at him.

"Umbreon! Dark Pulse!" Gladion ordered. Umbreon fires Dark Pulse at James, but Maranie came out fires Pin Missle at Umbreon and they dodged from left to right. Gladion and Umbreon reaches James.

"So, the male blonde twerp joins up with Ash! Did he give you a reason to fight at his side?" James asked.

"Only that monsters like you are dead! I was part of the attack on Team Rocket after their failed attempt at revenge!" Gladion stated. "They got what they deserved out of it!"

"And you'll get what you deserve for what you did to Team Rocket!" James said.

"You'll fail to avenge them!" Gladion said.

"I don't think so. There are some that are losers compared to me!" James said.

"You're a hero where you're from?" Gladion asked.

"No. Heroes inspire hope in their young minds, while I bash them out of their skulls!" James said.

Fight 2: James vs Gladion (Regime)

Fight Start!

James lets out Carnivine and fires Bullet Seed, landing the first hit. Gladion drew out some blades and lunged at James. He grabs him by the arm and he gave him a toss to the side. Gladion and Umbreon came at James and Carnivine as James and Carnivine countered with a punch and a bite on the spot and got ready to clash.

"You're going down!" James said.

"Not before you are dead!" Gladion countered.

They charged at each other and Gladion won the clash. Gladion gave James a series of punches, but he countered and he gave James the finishing kick as Gladion and Umbreon were taken down.

Fight End!

"I'll have to tell Lusamine there's been a death in the family," James said.

Goh, Misty, Tai, Agumon, Davis, Veemon, and Kiawe had all arrived and assisted Team Rainbow Rocket. Veemon Armor Digivolved to Flamedramon and fires Fire Rocket at them as Agumon fires Pepper Breath. Tracey gets back up and he grabs Gladion.

"We're out numbered! Let's get going!" Tracey said. Gladion calls out Silvally and retreated.

The Regime soldiers all been rounded up. Goh, Misty, Tai, Agumon, Kiawe, Davis, and Veemon went up to Meowth.

"You can turn that off now, Meowth," Goh said.

"Thanks for showing up when you did, Goh," Meowth said, turning off signal. Team Rocket saw Goh along with the others.

"Hello, losers. Good of you to show up when no one wanted you!" Jessie gloated.

"Team Rocket?!" Misty asked as Agumon brought down Jessie and Veemon brought down James.

"What are you, doing, Meowth?" Goh asked.

"They could be a great help to us," Meowth said.

"Team Rocket came along on our field trip," Davis said.

"And I'm going to guess they didn't come alone. Where's Goh?" Kiawe asked.

"Right here!" Jessie said, gesturing to the Insurgent leader. "I mean, how did you get away from Ash's twerpy goons?"

"Goh's been captured?" Misty asked.

"Then, we gotta rescue him," Tai said.

"To save your Goh, we need to complete our mission," Goh said.

"Mission? I like a good mission," Meowth said.

"No. The Regime now knows you're alive, so they'll be coming after you. So, you'll have to be laying low," Goh said.

"Hey, what about us?!" Jessie yelled.

"Shut up or I'll cuff you and leave you for the police!" Goh said.

"Why save us from them?" James asked.

"Because of you, Team Rainbow Rocket has been targeted and you two are too dangerous to be let loose!" Goh said. He calls out Cinderace and takes them both. "More of them will be here soon! I'll meet you in Vermillion City!" Goh pushes Jessie and James forcefully.

"I don't like you!" Jessie said.

Back at D.A.T.S., the location of the missing trainers, DigiDestined and Digimon was found.

"So, you found them! A parallel dimension," Serena said.

"So, how are going to get there?" Ash asked.

"We don't. We pull them here," Izzy said.

"No risk in an away team. Good," Commander Samson said.

"Still the same problem. How are we going to do it?" Kudamon asked.

"With this," Clemont said, displaying a treadmill. "I invented a cosmic treadmill. One of us will run right on it at a good speed. We'll have to hold that speed to pull them all back at once."

"We got some work to do," Izzy said.

Over to Oikawa in the Regime's Odaibah. He was looking up to the moon.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Oikawa asked. Kouta Tsubasa came walking behind him.

"What? The moon? Or it's light shining on your skin?" Kouta asked.

"I'm pleased you wanted to meet," Oikawa said. "You finally ready to join our little club?"

"Business is bad, but being hunted is worse," Kouta said.

"After so many refusals, why now?" Oikawa asked. Kouta looked at Oikawa was an expression that screams revenge.

"They made it personal," Kouta said.