Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon and Digimon Injustice: Gods Among Us ❯ Chapter 5: Davis and Veemon ( Chapter 6 )

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Goh met up with Misty, Tai, Agumon, Kiawe, Davis, and Veemon in Vermillion City. The Cerise Research Laboratory was under heavy lockdown ever since Ash and Goh had their confrontation there. Goh took out his tools to undo the security grid.

"That must have been some party," Veemon said.

"Ash did all this?" Misty asked.

"He did. Afterwards, me and Chloe both became enemies of the people. And I will not lie, it wasn't a pleasant label to live with," Goh said.

"I still can't belive he lost it that bad! Even after what Team Rocket did!" Davis said.

"Through Ash's own eyes, he destroyed Viridian City," Goh stated.

"I'm not following," Davis said.

"Somehow, Giovanni altered the minds of Ash and Pikachu, so he and Pikachu thought they were battling the Shadow Mewtwo, but it was Serena," Goh explained. Misty, Tai, Agumon, Davis, Veemon, and Kiawe were horrified.

"Serena?" Agumon asked.

"No," Kiawe could only say in disbelief.

"Giovanni linked the trigger to Serena's heartbeat. And when she died, all of Viridian City died with her," Goh explained.

"Ash was vulnerable. Team Rocket took advantage of that vulnerability and used it against him," Misty said.

"His fear got the best of him," Tai said.

"Davis, Veemon, Paul, Trip, Gary, and the rest all died telling that to Ash," Goh said.

"Okay, moving on," Veemon said. The security forcefield deactivates.

"What's with all the security? Ash and his Pokémon already trashed the place," Davis pointed out.

"Would any of you take any chances with me?" Goh asked. They all had to admit he had a point. "I need to crank up the lab's backup generator. Kiawe's with me. Misty, Tai, Davis, Agumon, and Veemon, you'll need to secure the park. The weapon is underneath."

"That's a great plan, but isn't this your show?" Davis asked.

"Splitting up saves time. And you three are the best choices for taking out those automated sentry guns," Goh said.

"Okay, it's time for Operation: Thunder Eagle Lighting Get the Weapon!" Davis said.

"Just move, Davis," Misty deadpanned.

Inside the halls, Agumon, Veemon, and Staryu had taken out the sentry guns in the halls. They were getting close to the park.

"There it is," Agumon said.

"Let's hope it'll be easy," Davis said.

"With our luck, it's never easy," Misty said.

"She's right, Davis. There could be Regime members waiting for us," Tai said. They tiptoed to the park's entrance. Tai and Agumon reached their hands to open them. But a blast came and knocked them both out.

"Tai! Agumon!" Misty cried.

"Vee Shot!" Veemon shouted as he fires Vee Shot at the targets, only to reveal with was Ranamon and Grumblemon. Ranamon was wearing a bikini as Grumblemon was wearing an old timey prison outfit.

"Grumblemon and Ranamon!" Davis growled.

"Time to play, Grumblemon!" Ranamon said.

"Me have fun!" Grumblemon said, charging at Davis and Veemon. Veemon dashed right at the Warrior of Earth. Misty starts fighting Ranamon.

"Vee Headbutt!" Veemon shouted, landing a headbutt on Grumblemon.

"You pay for that!" Grumblemon said as he became Gigasmon. "Me crush you like bugs!"

"Digi-Armor Energize!" Davis shouted as Veemon started to Armor Digivolve.

"Veemon Armor Digivolve to... Flamedramon: the Fire of Courage!" Flamedramon stood before the Beast Warrior of Earth as Gigasmon came charging at him. "Fire Rocket!" He fires his flames at him repeatedly.

"Me get burnt! Me crush you both!" Gigasmon shouted.

Fight 1: Davis Motomiya and Veemon vs Grumblemon/Gigasmon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Gigasmon stomped on the ground as Flamedramon got struck by the earth beneath him. Davis gave Gigasmon a couple of punches, feeling the effect of the pill's power. Flamedramon came at Gigasmon with Flaming Fist and then gave him an smack. Flamedramon and Gigasmon got ready for a clash.

"Puny Armor Digimon no hurt Gigasmon!" Gigasmon stated.

"Puny Armor Digimon yes hurt Gigasmon!" Flamedramon said.

Both charge at each other and they land a hit. Flamedramon had won the clash. Davis gave Gigasmon a couple of kicks and and gave him a punch in his nose. Davis lifted him off his feet and Flamedramon gave him a kick in his head and down Gigasmon went.

Fight End!

"The super pill really works!" Davis said proudly. Misty and Ranamon continuing their fight as Tai and Agumon had regained their consciousness. Davis and Flamedramon was about to help Misty when Gigasmon came back up with a vengeance. Agumon Digivolved to Greymon when Gigasmon attempted to crush them.

"Look out!" Greymon shouted as he rammed into Gigasmon. Tai went to join his partner.

"Davis, help Misty! We'll teach pebble-brain some manners!" Tai said.

"Right!" Davis said. He and Flamedramon went to help out their friend as Ranamon gave Misty a kick in the belly.

"Stupid brat," Ranamon said. Flamedramon grabbed Ranamon gave her a hurl at a tree.

"Wasn't very nice, mermaid!" Davis stated.

Fight 2: Davis Motomiya and Veemon vs Ranamon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Davis makes the first hit as Ranamon counterattacks by running right at him and elbows him. Flamedramon gave the Warrior of Water a kick and a smack with his tail. Flamedramon then came at her with a Flaming Fist. Flamedramon fires Fire Rocket and she blocks. Ranamon responds with Draining Rain and it rains down at Flamedramon. Davis punched Ranamon in the face and she knees him in the stomach. They got ready for a clash.

"Don't ya'll think I'm pretty?" Ranamon asked.

"Kari's way prettier than you, fishface!" Davis taunted.

Both charge at each other and it was Ranamon who won the clash. Davis gave the Warrior of Water a punch and Flamedramon unleashed Flaming Fist and it wraps up the fight.

Fight End!

"That definitely warmed me up," Flamedramon said, reverting back to Veemon. Tai and Agumon went to rejoin their friends after dealing with Gigasmon.

"What did we miss?" Agumon asked.

"Everything cool?" Tai asked.

"Frosty," Veemon said.

"What about Gigasmon?" Davis asked.

"Out cold," Tai said.

"That's good to know," Misty said.

"For now," Goh said, showing up with Kiawe. "Let's go! It won't be long before Ash knows we're here!"

Over to the PokéDigi Earth Government base, Oikawa was summoned by Ash. Knowing what it is about, he had to play along as best as he could. He hated having to do these things, but given the current circumstances, he had little choice but to go along with them since it'll be useful for the Insurgency. Oikawa has finally met with Ash and Pikachu sitting in the meeting room alone.

"High Councilor," Oikawa greeted.

"Yukio. I'm happy that you came," Ash said.

"Of course. An audience with the High Councilor is never to be taken lightly," Oikawa said. He petted Pikachu's head. "Now, tell me how I may be of assistance to you."

"I have gotten reports of duplicates of my Regime members and an Insurgent. The duplicates are of Misty, Kiawe, Tai Kamiya, and the late Davis Motomiya. They even have an Agumon and a Veemon with them as well," Ash explained. Oikawa pretended to be surprised by this event.

"Duplicates you say," Oikawa said, acting his role.

"Yes. And there is a duplicate of Goh we're currently holding in Odaiba Prison and I have just learned from Ranamon and Grumblemon about the attack on the Cerise Research Laboratory," Ash explained. "I thought it was nothing at first, but I sent Kari, Gatomon, and Lucemon to look into it."

"I had a feeling that this wasn't a social call, but may I presume that is not the reason you called me over here?" Oikawa asked.

"You are right, it's not why you're here," Ash said, taking out a small tablet. "This is data from the duplicate Goh I'm holding at Odaiba prison. I need you to analyze it just so we can track down those duplicates."

"So, you want me to make you some kind of scanner just so you can identify these duplicates?" Oikawa asked.

"Yes. I would have asked either Izzy or Clemont to do it for me, but they're busy at a task I sent them on," Ash said.

"I am honored you would recruit my help. And the data you gave me is helpful. It may take a few weeks to get it done," Oikawa said.

"You'll figure it out. You always do," Ash said.

"I'm glad to be of service," Oikawa said. Ash and Pikachu were taking their leave when Ash stopped. There was one more question he wanted to ask him.

"Yukio. This other world these duplicates came from. Do you think there's a Serena in the world they came from?" Ash asked. Oikawa knew what to say about that.

"There was only one Serena for you, Ash. There's no telling how different that one will be," Oikawa answered. Ash had to accept that.

"You're right. I just wanted to know," Ash said.

"Pika," Pikachu said, still feeling saddened by Serena's death at their hands.

"Thanks," Ash said.

"Anytime. Anytime," Oikawa said, holding the tablet in his hand. He knew he sparred the other world from Ash's wrath... for now.

Goh, Misty, Tai, Agumon, Kiawe, Davis, and Veemon are riding in the elevator down to the underground vault to the weapon. They reached the place they were looking for and exited from it. The place looked totalled.

"Look at this place. It's even messier than Davis's room," Veemon said.

"How were you able to hide anything in here from Ash? He seems pretty thorough," Kiawe said.

"The walls are injected with a lead polymer, so Ash wouldn't be able to find what we're looking for," Goh said.

"Sure went through a lot of trouble just to hide anything from Ash," Tai said.

"Between this and the DNA," Agumon said.

"Taking on Ash and his Regime wasn't a move I could make alone. So I put the weapon in a vault that can only be opened by simultaneously sampling the DNA of Ash's closest allies," Goh said. He accessed the computer close to him.

"Our counterparts," Misty said.

"With my Davis Motomiya dead and the rest backing Ash's insanity, I needed you. Your matching DNA," Goh said. He went to the wall and found the spot he was looking for. "Agumon, Veemon, here!" Agumon and Veemon aimed for the spot Goh was looking at and the wall crumbled. A rock lands on the floor. "This is the one."

"A rock? You're going to throw a rock at Ash?" Davis asked with sarcasm. Goh accessed the computer again and it activates doors on the ground and a metal table raises up. There are hand scanners for him, Misty, Kiawe, Tai, and Davis.

"Hands on the scanners," Goh instructed. They all placed their hands on the scanners. "Computer, begin recognition scan." The computer complies and scans each of their DNA. The rock cracks. Goh uncovers it and revealed it to be a silver briefcase. Goh opens it to see a crimson crystal and a ray gun. "This is it." He shuts the briefcase. "We got what we came for. Let's move." They were about to leave when they heard some rumbling. Knowing it was the Regime, Goh hid the briefcase in an area where he hoped they wouldn't see it. It was Kari, Nefertimon, and Lucemon who had entered the underground vault. Tai and Davis were disgusted to see Kari, one of the kindest and sweetest girl siding with a murdering dictator. Lucemon wore an outfit similar to his own, but has red where the black is, and black where the white is. Nefertimon wore black gloves instead of green.

"Kari?!" Tai exclaimed.

"Drop your guard at your peril!" Lucemon said. He flew at Misty as Veemon fires Vee Shot at Nefertimon. She reverts back to Gatomon who is wearing a pair of black gloves instead of green.

"I don't get you, Kari. Tai I get, but you! I didn't want to believe you would join up with Ash! Ash and the Regime he made just to push everybody around!" Davis said.

"Ash made me see that being too nice for own good gets you nothing but pain. It takes aggression to rule over all," Kari cruelly said.

"You're not Kari Kamiya! Just a witch who looks like her!" Davis spat.

"Our Davis was just as foolish!" Kari said.

"And probably just as handsome!" Davis said.

Fight 3: Davis Motomiya and Veemon vs Kari Kamiya and Gatomon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Gatomon began with Lightning Paw and Kari began by punching Davis, but he countered with a charge and Veemon came at Vee Headbutt. Veemon gave Gatomon a kick as Gatomon smacks at Veemon with her tail as Kari gave Davis a kick in the groin. He countered with a punch and an uppercut. Veemon gave a Veemon Headbutt at Gatomon. Davis and Kari got ready for a clash.

"Were you so foolish with your Kari?" Kari asked.

"People said I get weird with her around!" Davis said.

They charged at each other and landed a hit. Davis had lost the clash, but Kari is pushed back as Veemon gave Gatomon a punch and kick on the cat-like Digimon. Davis gave his crush's evil twin a punch in the face and Veemon does the same thing. Kari and Gatomon fell to the ground, beaten.

Fight End!

"And on top of that! Our Kari is way cuter!" Davis said.

Kiawe has Lucemon by his back, but the evil angel Digimon jumps and slams him on the cieling.

"Kiawe!" Davis and Veemon gasped. Agumon Warp Digivolves to WarGreymon and grabs him and drags him down.

"That's enough, Lucemon! You're done!" WarGreymon said. Lucemon smirked.

"You presume too much," Lucemon said. He generates lightning and he shocks Misty, Goh, Tai, and WarGreymon. He reverts back to Agumon. Only Davis and Veemon were left to deal with him.

"Should have seen that coming. Davis! Digivolve me to Magnamon! Flamedramon, Raidramon, and ExVeemon are all a no go!" Veemon said.

"Right! Golden Armor Energize!" Davis shouted.

"Veemon Golden Armor Digivolve to... Magnamon!" He stands before Lucemon.

"Only the two of you remain," Lucemon said.

"And we're the two to beat!" Magnamon said.

Fight 4: Davis Motomiya and Veemon vs Lucemon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Lucemon began with a charge with his shoulder, but Magnamon counters with Magna Kick. Lucemon blocked with his wings and came at him with Paradise Lost. He takes Magnamon up and slams him on the ground. Magnamon gets back up and fires Magna Blast at the Demon Lord of Pride. Magnamon gave Lucemon a Magna Kick and then a Magna Punch uppercut. Both have gotten ready for a clash.

"Angels are to protect the innocent!" Magnamon said.

"No one is innocent!" Lucemon stated.

Both ran for a clash and Magnamon had won the clash. Magnamon blasted Lucemon with Magna Blast and then gave him a Magna Kick. Magnamon gave Lucemon a Magna Punch and finishes him off. Magnamon reverts back to Veemon.

Fight End!

"And Lucymon makes four!" Veemon said.

Goh opens the case and saw the weapon damaged. The crystal was still intact.

"Damn!" Goh cursed. Misty, Tai, Agumon, Kiawe, Davis, and Veemon went up to the Insurgency leader.

"Can't it be fixed?" Agumon asked.

"The crystal's still intact, but the weapon is totalled! Even with the world's greatest minds on our side, we don't have the resources to build a new one quickly!" Goh said.

"Then, we're going to need some help," Davis said.

With that said, they all started to make their return to the Insurgent base before any more PokéDigi Earth Government Regimers could arrive.