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Back at D.A.T.S., Izzy and Clemont had completed the cosmic treadmill to get it working.

"Are we ready?" Commander Samson asked.

"Ready as we'll ever be," Clemont said, applying the finishing touches. Pikachu is on the treadmill to start running. "System's online."

"And I'm linked up," Izzy said.

"This is great! We're going to have them back home!" Guilmon said.

"That's if it works," Brock said.

"It's gotta work. We can't afford to leave it slip by," Yolei said.

"She's right. Like Izzy and Clemont said, the treadmill should lock on to their signatures and pull them all back at once," Ken said.

"Okay, Pikachu, start running!" Ash said. Pikachu started running on the treadmill. Pikachu was going faster and faster as a rift was opening up.

"That's it! Izzy! Crank it up!" Clemont said. Izzy increases the speed as Pikachu was going faster and faster.

"Prodigious, Pikachu! Hold that speed!" Izzy said. The energy increases in mass. Izzy was getting worried.

"Izzy, how are we doing?" Ash asked.

"The containment field's up, but the levels are spiking!" Izzy said. It was getting out of control.

"Shut it down!" Commander Samson ordered.

"I'm trying, but it's not responding!" Izzy said.

"Don't worry! I got this!" Clemont said. He attempts to shut it down. He gets caught by the blast. Izzy was able to shut it down before it got to anyone else.

"Clemont!" Ash and Serena cried.

"Pika!" Pikachu cried.

"Where did he go?" Brock asked.

Clemont had arrived in the Insurgency base on his knees. He looked around and he had no idea where he is or how he got there from D.A.T.S.

"Oh, this is wonderful," Clemont said sarcastically. "I don't know if I should either pat myself on the back or kick myself in the-" Clemont was cut off when he heard a couple of voices talking. He went closer to where he could see them He knew exactly who they were. Yukio Oikawa, who was using Ken and Kouki Tsubasa, one of Kurata's goons.

"As you can tell, we are horribly short-handed," Oikawa said.

"I still don't get why you had to drag Team Rainbow Rocket to this! They're a bunch of wimps, unlike the real Team Rocket," Kouki said.

"The chaos they provide will serve as a distraction," Oikawa said.

"We're going to need more than pawns if we're going to take on Ash," Kouki said. Clemont grabs Bunnelby's Pokéball and readies it.

"That's all I needed to hear," Clemont said. He tosses it and Bunnelby comes out. "Bunnelby! Mud-Slap!" Bunnelby unleashes Mud-Slap at Okiawa.

"You said this place was secured!" Kouki hissed.

"Keep him busy!" Oikawa instructed. Kouki grinned wickedly as he cracked his knuckles.

"With pleasure," Kouki said.

Fight 1: Clemont vs Kouki Tsubasa (Insurgency)

Fight Start!

Bunnelby starts up with Mud-Slap as Kouki gave the digging Pokémon a kick. Clemont activates his Aipom hand and lands a strong punch on him. He activates a laser and struck him. Bunnelby lands a Double Slap as Kouki punches and kicks him, but Clemont fires a laser at him again and lands an Aipom Punch and have him a punch in the face. Bunnelby sends out a Mud-Slap onto the blonde. They both got ready to clash.

"Don't mess with me, Poindexter!" Kouki taunted.

"You don't scare me!" Clemont countered.

Both Clemont and Kouki ran towards each other and landed a hit. Clemont had won the clash and Bunnelby dug into the earth and lands a hit onto Kouki and Clemont lands an AIpom Punch onto him, finishing him off.

Fight End!

"Pleasure's all mine!" Clemont said. He grinned. "If only the other Gym Leaders could only see me now!" Oikawa came walking in wearing a battle suit.

"What do you think, Clemont? It's like your tech, only better," Oikawa said.

"It's the man, not the machine, Oikawa!" Clemont said.

Fight 2: Clemont vs Yukio Oikawa (Insurgency)

Fight Start!

Clemont launched the first attack as Bunnelby fires Mud-Slap at Oikawa. He builds up a forcefield to block the mud. Clemont gave Oikawa a AIpom punch and then a kick in the shin. Oikawa responds by giving him laser blast and then a stream of red energy and tosses him on the ground. Bunnelby gave Oikawa a Double Slap and then Mud-Slap combo. Both of Oikawa and Clemont got ready for a clash.

"You're out of your league!" Oikawa said.

"You're out of your mind!" Clemont replied.

Clemont won the clash. he fires a laser at Oikawa repeatedly and then gave him an Aipom uppercut. Bunnelby finishes him off with Dig.

Fight End!

"Wardrobe malfunction," Clemont said. Goh, Misty, Kiawe, Tai, Agumon, Davis, and Veemon enters the room.

"Clemont, stand down!" Goh said. Clemont was shocked to see Goh, but he looked different to him.

"Goh?" Clemont asked. Tai and Davis helped up Oikawa as Misty and Kiawe helped up Kouki.

"Welcome to Oz, Tin Man," Veemon said.

"Won't someone tell me what the hell is going on?" Clemont asked.

"It's a long story," Goh replied.

"And trust me when I say this. You're not going to like how it ends," Agumon said.

Back at the abandoned Cerise Research Laboratory, Ash and Misty had just arrived as the Regime DigiDestined had arrived ahead of them. Misty is wearing armor that made her look almost like Wonder Woman, but she has her hair in a longer sidetail.

"What was in there?" Misty asked.

"I don't know. The duplicates and Goh got away with it, whatever it was," Kari said. Misty went up to the High Councilor as he stood by the metal table.

"Goh took an awful big risk to come back here," Misty said. "Why?" Ash places his hand on the table's center and he felt weakened. Misty went up to him. "Ash! What's wrong?" Ash looked at the crystal's dust and he knew what they were planning.

"It's an anti-aura weapon. They're going to use it against me. We must flush them out! Now!" Ash proclaimed.

"Pika!" Pikachu agreed.

Back at the Insurgency base, Clemont was filled in about what was going on. And he knew Agumon was right, because he didn't like how it ended.

"Okay, you'll have to send me back to our world, just so I can fix it there," Clemont said.

"You could send all of us back and then we can come back with reinforcements," Misty said.

"Yeah, let's get cracking!" Tai said as Goh walked in.

"There's no time," Goh said, turning the table into a TV screen as Ash and all of the Regime Members are all standing. Ash at the podium, giving his adress to the world. Clemont was in disbelief to what he was seeing. He had to admit, he didn't want to believe it.

"Citizens of the world, five years ago, a tragic event cost the lives of millions. Overwhelmed by guilt for the part he played in the destruction, one of our own turned against us. He was driven mad and became an agent of chaos; an enemy of peace and security, striking from the shadows. But no longer. The leader of the Insurgency will pay for his crimes," Ash announced.

"I don't like this," Tai said.

"At 6:00 PM local time, Goh will be executed at Odaiba Prison," Ash announced. "May Arceus have mercy on his soul." Goh deactivates the screen.

"Getting help will have to wait. Rescuing your Goh just became our priority," Goh said.

"It's a trap," Kiawe stated.

"Of course it is. The Regime is using your Goh as bait to draw us out," Goh said.

"Then, we'll have to be sneaky about it," Clemont said.

"Sneaky how?" Davis asked.

"You told me that D.A.T.S. has a transporter that we can use to take us anywhere, anytime, didn't you?" Clemont asked.

"Yes," Chloe said. "But..."

"D.A.T.S. has teleportation dampeners," Oikawa said, displaying the map of the prison.

"That only covers the building. You just gotta get him outside," Clemont said.

"And even if you could go in, how are you going to get through the sentry guns?" Chloe asked. "One mistake and you're good as dead."

"I can hack into their systems and shut them down. And we get through any security they have. Like I said, sneaky," Clemont said.

"Through a brick wall. We're in!" Davis said.

"Yeah, it'll rock!" Veemon said.

"You're going to need a deversion to keep Ash and his Regime thugs busy," Kouki pointed out.

"You can leave that to me, Misty, and Tai," Kiawe said.

"Oikawa told us that they have robotic monsters me and Tai can use since they designed to follow our orders," Misty said.

"I'll take the teleporter since I'm the most qualified to operate it. And," Clemont said, activating his holographic disguise, "I can infiltrate their ranks."

"I'm coming with you," Kouki said.

"You and me working together? I don't think so," Clemont said.

"The only way you'll be getting to D.A.T.S. is by going through the Indigo Plateau," Oikawa pointed out.

"And if your cover is blown, you'll need someone shadowing you," Goh added.

"I'm not asking for permission, kid," Kouki said. Clemont turned to him with a stern look.

"But you will follow my lead," Clemont said. Clemont and Kouki has successfully infiltrated the Indigo Plateau, the once proud stadium that hosted the Pokémon League, now reduced to a military base. "We're in! Communications should be over there!Reroute them like we planned. And I'll get the teleporter access code. After you're done make sure tha-"

"This isn't my first day on the job! I know the mission!" Kouki said.

"Then stick with it!" Clemont snapped at him. Kouki turned to Clemont and knew he had a huge distrust for him.

"Whatever history you have with my counterpart, you and I have none!" Kouki said.

"You sided with Kurata and took the pleasure into killing innocent Digimon! And then, you sided with Team Rocket!" Clemont said.

"Am I that bad?" Kouki asked.

"As bad as they come!" Clemont stated. He typed a few things. "Meet you at the teleporter in fifteen!" He left to another spot at the Indigo Plateau. He was gaining access the teleportation. It couldn't come at the worst time. "Oh no. Not now."

It was Lillie who is wearing Lusamine's clothing and her usual white hat. She spots Clemont doing something.

"Hello, Clemont," Lillie greeted with a smile.

"Hi there," Clemont replied. Lillie stopped and she realized something was up. She slowly approaches Clemont.

"Are you okay? You're not sick are you?" Lillie asked.

"Um, no, I'm fine. Thanks for asking," Clemont said. Lillie wasn't buying it, so she approaches him.

"Are we still on for tonight?" Lillie asked.

"Sorry, gotta cancel. New orders," Clemont replied fast. Lillie had to put him in one more test. She turned him around.

"Since when that stopped you?" Lillie asked, almost in a seductive tone.

"Uh, we had some wild times, there, baby," Clemont said. Lillie grinned since she had him now.

"No we haven't," Lillie said, disabling his disguise. "You're one of them. And Clemont never calls me baby!" She threw him on the ground. "Let's see if I can find your off button!"

Fight 3: Clemont vs Lillie (Regime)

Fight Start!

Lillie has let out Snowy as Clemomt has let out Luxray. Luxray came at Snowy with Thunder Fang as Clemont had let out an Aipom punch onto Lillie. Lillie uses the jewel on her dress to fire an orange-yellow laser and then threw her hat like Kung Lao. Both attacks struck Clemont and then, Clemont replied with a laser shot and then an Aipom punch on the side. Snowy fires Power Snow at Luxray, freezing it and then, rammed into it. Clemont then went at Lillie with a punch in the face. Both trainers got ready for a clash.

"Nice moves," Clemont complimented.

"You're not so bad yourself!" Lillie said.

Both ran towards each other and landed a hit. Clemont had lost the clash, but he fights back and gave her a laser blast and then another Aipom Punch. Luxray came at Snowy with Wild Charge and then ands a hit. Luxray has suffered recoil damage. Clemont and Luxry had given their opponents one more hit, earning a victory. Clemont calls Luxray back.

Fight End!

"Looks like I'm still turned on," Clemont said. He makes his way to the teleporter to gain access to it. His alarm starts going off. "What the?! Someone is hacking into my systems!" Clemont accessed his computer and he was crashing fast. Clemont saw it was his Regime counterpart that did the deed.

"Don't mind me. Just hacking your systems," Regime Clemont said. He makes contact with Misty. "Clemont to Misty, I just found a duplicate of me! Send reinforcements!" Regime Clemont said. What he didn't realize that the communications were hacked weeks ago, so it was the other Misty who intercepted the transmission.

"Roger that, Clemont! Help is on the way!" Misty said. Misty, Tai, and Kiawe went to wait for the word with the Regime's secret weapons.

Back to the Indigo Plateau, Regime Clemont kept hacking into Clemont's systems. He wasn't going to have that.

"Hack my systems will you? How about I return the favor?" Clemont asked. Both Clemonts went through so much trouble to get into each other's systems. Each time, they were outdoing each other, until there was a crash between the both of them. Clemont glared at his Regime self. "For real, like men."

"Fine by me," Regime Clemont said.

Fight 4: Clemont vs Clemont (Regime)

Fight Start!

Both Clemont fires lasers at each other, both earning a hit. Regime Clemont fires blasts from his cybernetic limbs as he shielded himself with his tech. He activates his Aipom Arm and lands a punch onto him, but Regime Clemont responds with a laser blast from his cyborg arms. Clemont took some bad hits, but he fires back and they do some damage to him. Clemont went to his Regime counterpart and gave him a punch in his face and Regime Clemont does the same thing to him. Both got ready for a clash.

"You're dead, other me!" Regime Clemont said.

"Bonnie wouldn't like you!" Clemont countered.

Both Clemonts ran towards each other and landed a hit. Regime Clemont had lost that clash and Clemont has overcome his Regime double with an Aipom Punch, followed by a shoulder tackle.

Fight End!

"Pummeled. Definitely not a good look for me," Clemont said, looking at his beaten Regime counterpart. He felt sorry for his Regime self since his Bonnie was among the dead in Viridian City along with Max. Kouki came in from behind.

"You beat me to him," Kouki said.

"A hit gone wrong?" Clemont asked.

"This one was personal," Kouki said.

"I didn't think anything was personal with you," Clemont said.

"He made it personal when he tortured me," Koutki said. Clemont was shocked to hear that his Regime counterpart would resort to torture. Clemont and Kouki went for the teleporter to get to D.A.T.S.