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The two were soon transported to a lone room with a series of computers, complete with a door bearing the PokéDigi Earth Government symbol. Kouki kept his eyes open and sniper armed, while Clemony worked at the nearby computer.

"That's it! Got control of the D.A.T.S. teleporter," Clemont said.

"It couldn't be that easy," Kouki scoffed.

"When your Clemont tried to hack my systems, he left himself opened and exposed his security protocols," Clemont said.

"You stole his password? I'm actually beginning to like you," Kouki said, venturing through D.A.T.S., catching Clemont's notice.

"Where are you going?! The plan is to stay togeth-" Clemont said. Kouki turned around.

"I won't be long," Kouki said. Clemont sighed as he continued on with his work.

"I must be out of my mind for doing this," Clemont said.

He grinned as he stood hidden in the shadows. He was not alone as two Regime operatives, Brock and JP, were busy monitoring the room's screens while talking about the current situation the Regime was in. These two would be easy to take out now that Kouki had a few new extra tricks up his sleeve. He began to quietly lay his trap without Brock or JP noticing.

"I don't know, Brock. When Ash told me it's just to make certain what happened to Viridian City wouldn't happen again and for the safety and security of the people, it was good enough for me. Now, I'm not so sure anymore," JP said.

"I feel that this conversation should be going the other way around. But I know what you mean, JP. I mean, Serena isn't the only one involved in the explosion five years ago, but Max, Bonnie, and pretty much everyone else there. Drew, Harley, Miette, Zoey, Burgundy, Stephen, Sawyer, Hau, Georgia, Luke, Shauna, Kenny, Cameron, Nini, Tierno, Trevor, and even Richie. Not one of them deserved to die the way they did. So I asked myself, what if what happened to Serena and the rest, happened to my brothers and sisters. And not to mention my parents," Brock said.

"I know. Clemont and May were broken up badly since they were only just kids and Giovanni took their future away like this. Nowadays, I'm wondering if this is what they would want," JP said. "I mean, bad people all got what they deserved. But now," JP paused, "it's going too far."

"Ash isn't actually going to kill Goh. He's just using him as bait just to bring out our Goh," Brock said.

"And then what? And everything will be okay like before? I don't think anything is going to be okay, not after today. I don't know if you noticed, but people are actually afraid of us; more than Hunter J before Ash killed her after her vendetta against us. You can't tell me that you don't remember what he did to Cilan, Iris, Takuya, Takato, Guilmon, Sophocles, Mikey, the Fusion Fighters and also to Davis and Veemon," JP said. Brock didn't know how to respond to that since hearing about the deaths of their friends. Brock couldn't let JP's words the best of him. The former Pewter City Gym Leader notices there was something up with the systems.

"Something's wrong! The teleporter's offline!" Brock exclaimed. Kouki finally comes out of hiding.

"Somewhere you need to be?" Kouki asked. The Regime operatives finally notices.

"Tsubasa?!" JP exclaimed.

"How did you-?!" Brock exclaimed. Not knowing of the mines, Brock ran towards Tsubasa, only to be blasted by his trap. The explosion makes a crator on the floor, making Brock fall right in. JP Spirit Evolves to Beetlemon and dashed towards Kouki, only to have another bomb above his head explode and send him crashing to the lower floor. Tsubasa jumped down with the pill he took before and looked at Beetlemon, who was beginning to stand, albeit a bit dazed.

"You're going to lose, Digi-brat," Kouki said.

Fight 1: Kouki Tsubasa (Insurgency) vs JP/Beetlemon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Kouki begins by giving Beetlemon a couple of punches on the Warrior of Thunder. Beetlemon responded with Thunder Fist and then came at him with Lightning Blitz. Kouki gave Beetlemon a series of punches and kicks to him. Beetlemon responded with some punches and kicks of his own and then slams a Thunder Fist. Kouta counterattacked. Kouki grabbed Beetlemon and gave him a toss. He gave him another kick. Beetlemon and Kouki got ready for a clash.

"You're going down!" Beetlemon said.

"Not before you!" Kouki replied.

The two of them charged and clashed to each other. Kouki won the clash and gave him more punches and kicks. Kouki gave Beetlemon one last hook as Beetlemon reverted back to JP.

Fight End!

"Still just a kid," Kouki said, before taking off. He made his way to the main generator. He grinned wickedly as he went to the computer. "Payback time."

Over to Brock, he regained consciousness and he saw JP unconscious and the destruction left behind. He felt dazed, but he got back up on his feet.

"Tsubasa," Brock growled. He went to the nearest elevator. When he reached the core, he saw what Kouki was doing. Brock ran towards him. Kouki was typing in some codes for the self-destruct sequence. Brock grabbed him by the hand. "Stop what you're doing!" Kouki grinned.

"It's not what I'm doing," Kouki said, giving him a sock in the face. "It's what I done."

Fight 2: Kouki Tsubasa (Insurgency) vs Brock (Regime)

Fight Start!

Kouki began by giving Brock a punch in the face and then a kick in the gut. Brock called out Sudowoodo to join him and they both came at him. Kouki gave the imitation Pokémon a slam on the ground as Brock went up to him and land an uppercut to him. Sudowoodo sends out Rock Throw and then a Low Kick, but Kouki responds by giving it a toss on the ground hard. Kouki and Brock got ready for a clash.

"I'd pity any girl who would be caught dead with you!" Kouki taunted.

"That's a low blow even for you!" Brock said.

The both of them charged at each other and landed a clash. Kouki won the clash and he gave both Sudowoodo and Brock another punch an then he picked up Sudowoodo and swung it like a baseball bat and lands the finishing blow to Brock.

"The finale is coming up. And you got yourself a front row seat," Kouki said. He made it back to the computer room. Clemont wasn't happy about it. "We gotta get a move on."

"Tsubasa, what did you do?! The reactor's gone crazy!" Clemont said.

"First rule of warfare: take out command and control. This whole place one out of a few keys we need to take out Ash's Regime!" Kouki said.

"Dammit, Kouki, you jeopardized the whole mission!" Clemont exclaimed.

"First of all, kid, I don't even care what happens to your Goh. And second, I'd do just about anything to get my payback!" Kouki said. Clemont growled as he contact with Goh.

"Clemont to Goh. We have D.A.T.S. under our control, but we hit a snag! The core's going to blow up!" Clemont reported.

"Can you stop it?" Goh asked, through his com. He looked at Kouki who shook his head.

"No I can't. It's a runaway. That'll only give us ninety minutes!" Clemont said.

"We're almost in position. Goh out," Goh said through the link. Clemont made access to the teleportations.

"I'm going have to teleport everyone out of here before they get caught in the blast!" Clemont said. Oikawa makes contact through the D.A.T.S. systems.

"Good work, gentlemen," Oikawa complimented.

"I got my hands full here, Oikawa! What do you want!" Clemont asked.

"I require Kouki," Oikawa admitted.

"For what?" Kouki asked.

"I have just recieved word that there is a device similar to the previous design. Its current location is in a facility in Odaiba. We can use it on Ash and put an end to this," Oikawa said.

"Does Goh know about this?" Clemont asked.

"No. He would insist on using it himself," Oikawa said.

"Use it yourself? Why would you wanna do that?" Clemont asked.

"Goh is the face of the Insurgency. If he dies, the Insurgency dies with him. All those deaths and sacrifices would have been for nothing. I cannot allow their efforts go to waste," Oikawa said.

"Man, the DigiDestined back in my world won't believe a word of this. I don't even believe it and I'm right here," Clemont said.

"Send over the coordinates," Kouki said.

Over to Goh, Davis, and Veemon, Goh has Cinderace out by his side to prepare for the other Goh's rescue. They're currently in Odaiba's sewers to avoid detection. He makes contact with Meowth.

"Meowth, get your people into position. Occupy any law enforcements you can," Goh ordered.

Over to a cell in the Insurgency base, Meowth is speaking with Goh as Jessie and James are in a cell.

"On it, Goh," Meowth said.

"On it, Goh," Jessie mocked. "What's next? You'll be bringing him his lunch or his laundry?" Meowth opens the cell.

"Freedom is sweet! Better than my old days in my youth," James said.

"He's going to kill me if he hears what I'm doing," Meowth said.

"I would be less worried about him," jessie said.

"Now, we got some avenging to do!" Jessie said.

"Bring down the twerp for what he did to the boss!" James said. Meowth knew he was going to get in trouble with Goh once he hears about this.

Back in D.A.T.S. in the other world, everyone was at a disarray. The treadmill was totalled.

"It can be fixed right?" TK asked.

"If only it was simple, TK. The problem is Clemont is the only one who has the knowledge and the skills to rebuild it," Izzy said.

"We gotta try to bring them back. It might be their only way abck here," Takuya said.

"Takuya's right. We know they would do the same thing for us if we were in their shoes," Ash said.

"Ash is right. This may be their only way home," Marcus said.

Back in the Regime Odaiba, Matt and Gabumon has shown up with Ken and Wormmon giving the report.

"What is it, Ichijougi? Gabumon and I are needed at the prison!" Matt sternly said.

"Ken and I discovered anomalies," Wormmon said.

"Tears in the fabri of space and time," Gabumon said.

"We got your message. Get to the point!" Matt said.

"We have pinpointed in some areas where the duplicates have appeared in. This one might be the source of the transfer," Ken said.

"The Insurgency," Matt said. The Regime DigiDestined and Digimon were unaware of Kouki's prescence.

"We don't know yet. It's just a theroy we had," Ken said.

"The High Councilor doesn't want theories! he wants facts! Just send the information to Izzy. He'll be able to figure out this theory faster than anyone," Matt said.

"On it," Ken said, typing in something. "It's done. Anything el-" Ken was cut off when Matt and Gabumon were tied up in restraints. "Tsubasa!"

"Very good, detective work. But you're too late," Kouki said.

Fight 3: Kouki Tsubasa (Insurgency) vs Ken Ichijougi and Wormmon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Ken landed the first hit with his whip and it struck Kouki, so came at him and landed a punch onto him. Wormmon lunged at Ken as Kouki gave the larvae-like Digimon a kick. Ken took out a laser gun and fired it right at Kouki. He countered with an uppercut. Wormmon unleashed Sticky Net onto him. Ken uses his whip on him again and again. The both of them got ready for a clash.

"Behold the fallen Emperor!" Kouki taunted.

"Mind your tongue!" Ken retorted.

The both of them charged at each other and Kouki landed a hit onto Wormmon. Kouki finished off Wormmon before he did the same to Ken.

Fight End!

"Shouldn't play with the big boys. We play rough," Kouki said. Matt and Gabumon approach him.

"That's the one thing you got right, Tsubasa," Matt sasaid.

"I knew my restraints wouldn't hold ya for long!" Kouki said.

"You were offered amnesty, Tsubasa. You should have taken it!" Matt said.

"Turning it down will be your last mistake!" Gabumon said.

"My mistake is not having my chance with you Regime losers! Besides, I still owe you for the torture you gave me!" Kouki said.

"We wouldn't have resorted to torture if you weren't so stubborn about it!" Gabumon said.

"And now you're going to share the same fate as Kurata, Ivan, and Nanami," Matt said.

"You DigiDestined talk big, you can't deliever! Give me a real challenge. Impress me!" Kouki dared the Regime Child and Digimon of Friendship.

Fight 4: Kouki Tsubasa (Insurgency) vs Matt Ishida and Gabumon (Regime)

Fight Start!

Gabumon begins with Blue Blaster as Kouki dodges and gave Matt a kick and then a punch on the side. He does the same thing to Gabumon. Gabumon does the same thing by swiping his claws and then fires Blue Blaster at him. Matt gave Kouki a kick and then a punch. Kouki does the same thing as he repeatedly gave punches onto Matt. Both of them got ready for a clash.

"Someone's got mommy issues!" Kouki taunted.

"Don't you dare bring that up!" Matt hissed.

Both Kouki and Matt came at each other and Kouki won the clash. Kouki landed some punches onto Matt and gave Gabumon a kick. Kouki had taken them both down.

Fight End!

"I'm not impressed," Kouki said. He made to the vault and found the weapon Oikawa had requested. "Goh, I found the thing Oikawa wanted. Send me over to him."

Over to D.A.T.S., Clemont has recieved his transmission.

"Roger that. Hope it was worth it," Clemont said. He made contact with Goh. "You ready, Goh? We're down to forty-five minutes."

Meanwhile, Insurgency Goh, Davis and Veemon came across a ladder which would lead them directly to Odaiba Prison. He made contact with Misty, Kiawe, Tai, and Agumon.

"We're in position! Begin assault!" Goh said, climbing up the ladder.