Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 1: Chap 3. Venus and the Broken Heart ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Venus and the Broken Heart
Dateline: Grace, Takeru., and Misty have met Nina. Also Misty has met Danny. Iris: I can smell love in the air.
"Hmm... Where is Gary? He's supposed to be here and walk me home. Why isn't he here?" thought Angela as looked at her watch, then at the school, and then at her watch again. "I really appreciate you walking me to the subway station, Ash. T.K. would like to walk me home but he rides the bus to school and back." said Grace. "Uh... Sure." said Ash. You see, Ash didn't want to walk Grace to the city subway, but since today was Wednesday and Mitch had band practice and Grace needed someone to walk her to the city subway to take her home, Ash was the candidate for the job. "Hey, there's Angela! Let's ask her if she want to walk with us." said the little princess. "Well, I'm not sure about that...." said Ash nervously. "Oh come on, you'll get a chance to talk to her, and besides it'll be a lot of fun." said Grace. "All right." he said. Then Ash and Grace walked over to her and stood with her. "Hi Ash. Hi Grace." said Angela. "Hi Angela." said Ash and Grace at the same time. The three of them stood silently. "Well, say something!" Grace whispered to Ash. "Um.... Would you like to walk with us?" asked Ash. "Okay, We have a clean start." thought Grace. "I would love to." said Angela. "Oh Yeah! We're coming good!" thought the little princess as they began walking away from the front of the school. "Well, start a conversation with her." Grace whispered to Ash. Ash nodded quickly. " So Angela, why isn't Gary walking you home like usual?" he asked. "Oh no! Ash messed up! Now.... Hey wait a minute! Gary's not been walking home? Ooo! This is interning!" Grace thought. "Well... He hasn't been walking me home since we were all taken hostage at the concentration camp. Plus he has been returning my calls or giving me presents." Angela said sadly. "Hmm... Gary not walking Angela home from school, Gary not returning Angela's calls, Gary not giving Angela any presents.... This is getting interning by the minute!" thought Grace. She was so much into her thoughts, that she almost forgot to tell them to stop at the subway station and the three of them about passed it. Then the little princess quickly stopped in tracks and turned to look at the subway station "You guys! Back up! We nearly passed the subway station!" yelled Grace. Ash and Angela stopped cold in their tracks and turned around. "Sorry about that Grace. Go on." said Angela. "Bye! Ash, just keep right on talking to her." said Grace as she ran to the subway station.
"Hello little lady." joked the subway driver. "Hi Mr. Ralph." said Grace. "Crystal city palace, right?" asked Mr. Ralph. "Yes." said the little princess. Then she pulled out twenty-four dollars in yen to pay for to subway ride. The subway driver took the yen and closed the doors behind her. Then Grace walked to the nearest seat and sat down. When the subway started moving, someone caught Grace's eye. It was a girl with tan skin with black tied into two short ponytails, brown eyes and she was wearing a cotton pink dress with a gold belt with a gold heart buckle. "Is that cupid?" thought Grace. "I'm a cupid immortal." said the girl after she ran the princess's thoughts. "Huh?" Grace asked. Then she scouted closer to the cupid immortal girl to talk to her. "Hello, my name is Grace, what is yours?" asked the little princess. "I'm Venus and I have you powers of love." said the cupid immortal girl. "You're just the person I'm looking for." said Grace. "Is there any problems?" asked Venus. "Yes, I have this friend named Ash Ketchum and is in love with this girl named Angela. Two problems: One: Angela has a boyfriend named Gary. And two: Gary might be cheating on her." explained the little princess. "What makes you think that?" asked Venus asked she straight her short black hair. "Well, He's not walking Angela home from school, Gary is not returning Angela's calls, and he also hasn't giving Angela any presents." said Grace. "I'll check up on it." said the cupid immortal girl. "Come to my house and I'll introduce to my mommy and my uncle." said Grace. "Well, I could meet the clients and your family. Plus I could use a good meal because I haven't had one since my search to find my parents." said Venus. "I'll show you the way." said the little princess. "I already know the way there." said the cupid immortal girl. Grace was confused by Venus' response. Then the subway stopped at the station nearest to the Crystal city palace. The girls get off the subway and walked to the Crystal city palace.
"Hi mommy!" Grace said to the security camera. "Why do you talk into the camera?" asked Venus. "So mommy or Mitch can know who it is." Grace said to her new friend. "Oh." said Venus. Then the iron gates opened and the girls walked in. Then Grace stood on her tip toes and rang the door bell. Megan quickly came to the door. "Oh hi, Grace. Hi Venus." she said after she opened the door. "Hi Mommy. What's for dinner?" asked Grace. "Gyozas with soy sauce." said the queen. "Goodie!" yelled Grace. Then she ran into the castle to get her share of the meal. "Where does Angela Brown live?" asked Venus. "She lives apartment circle on Dela Rose Lane." said Megan. "Thank you, bye." said Venus as she got ready to fly away. "Wait! Are you going to have any dinner?" asked Megan. "Could you please put it in a doggie bag for me?" she asked. "Sure thing darling." said Megan. Then she went into the castle and filled a small paper bag full of gyozas. Then Megan came out and gave the bag of gyozas to Venus. "Thank you, ma'am." said Venus. Then she flew away to her destination. "Your welcome." said Megan. Then she went into the house and sat down at the table to eat with her family. Venus went off the do a little spying on Gary. After two hours of looking for him, she found him in his room talking on the phone. Venus decided to listen in on the phone conversation real closely. "So do you think she knows?" asked the girl on the other line. Venus took out her little notebook and began writing down all of the information she heard. "Oh sure! Angela is completely clueless. The dumb loser." said Gary. "She is a total air-head!" exclaimed the girl on the other line. "I know." he said. The phone conversation went on and on. Finally the conversation ended when Gary said: "I love you! Bye." Then he hung up. "Angela is not going to like this." thought Venus. Then she flew away to apartment circle on Dela Rose Lane to tell Angela the bad news.
Venus flew quietly past the gates before they closed and up to Angela's window. Then she quietly tapped on her window. "Pssst! Angela! Come here!" whispered Venus. Angela finally walked to window and opened it. "What is it?" she asked. "Gary has been cheating on you." she said. "I don't believe you! Gary wouldn't do something like that!" yelled Angela. "Yes, he would! Just look at this." said Venus. Then the cupid immortal girl showed Angela the notes she had taken. "I still do believe you." said Angela. "If you believe me, then come with me to Victorian park right now." said Venus. "All right. Just let me get my jacket." said Angela. "Okay." said Venus. Then Angela closed her window and got black leather jacket. Venus flew down to the door and waited for the lovely girl. Finally Angela came out of the apartment. "What took you so long?" asked Venus sarcastically. "I had to look for my jacket." said Angela. Then Venus took Angela by the hand and led her to Victorian park.
Venus looked around for Gary and his lady so she could show Angela she wasn't lying. Finally she found him on the other side of the bridge, kissing on another girl on the lips. "Angela." said Venus. "What?" asked Angela. "He's over there." said the cupid immortal girl as she point to him on the other side of the bridge. Angela walked over to Venus and took a look for herself. She brust into tears when she saw Gary kissing on another girl on the lips. Then Gary walked over to Angela. Angela sadness turned into anger. "Angela.... I can explain...." he said as he took her into his arms. "Forget it Gary!" she yelled as she snatched away from him. "But..." said Gary. "I trusted you and you broke my trust." she said. "She didn't mean nothing to me!" he yelled. "I don't ever want to you again!" Angela yelled. "What are you trying to say?" asked Gary. "I'm breaking up with you!" yelled Angela. Gary just stood there silently as he watched her walk away. "Uh... Now that I broke up with Gary, what do I do now?" Angela asked Venus. "Well, If I was you, I would try hook myself up with that cutie named Ash." said Venus. "Well, I guest I could give him chance." said Angela.
The End

Jessie: The End! What do you mean The End?
Noizchild: It's the end of the story.
James: But we didn't even get attack the characters!
Noizchild: Oh well! You should have said something!
Meowth: *Holding up his claws* We can have that arranged!
Noizchild: Bemmer!
Bemmer: What is it Noizchild?
Noizchild: Could you please throw these three clowns out of the book series?
Dad: As you wish.
*Bemmer picks up Team Rocket and throw them like a frisbee*
Team Rocket: Looks like Team Rocket blasts out again!