Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 1: Chap 9. Sweet Passion ( Chapter 9 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Sweet Passion
Dateline: After little embarrassing incident with Mimi. (Noiz: *Clears her throat*) Anyway, all is almost fine now or is it?
It was two in the morning and a huge crystal floated over Tinsrona lake and busted open with a tremendous bang. After the explosion, a young short blond haired boy stepped out across the water. "This is I find my mother. Right Libra?" said the young boy. "That is correct. And your sister will meet up with you soon." said Libra, an Asian woman on a t.v. screen. The young boy just stood there silently. "But you do need test your powers." Libra continued. "I will." he said. With that the t.v. shut off and ascended into the sky.
"Come on Takeru! Get up!" Grace pleaded as tugged on Takeru's arm to get him up. "Okay! Okay! I'll get up!" yelled Takeru. as he climbed out as bed. Grace threw him his clothes as he washed himself off. Takeru got dressed. "I wanna take a walk in the woods toady!" said Grace cheerfully after Takeru dressed. He looked like as if someone had licked the red off his candy when she said that. "I was afraid you were going to say that." Takeru thought. "Why?" asked Grace after she read his thoughts. "Because I don't want to go and It does sound fun anyway." said Takeru. "Pleaseeeee!" Grace begged. "All right." he said finally. "Mommy! We're going out for out a walk." called Grace. "O.K. be back by 6:00" said Megan. And then the two went outside. The young boy was listening closely. "I going to test my powers on the princess and her boyfriend." the boy thought. So he secretly followed them.
"Isn't it pretty?" she asked when she saw a sunflower. "Not really." said Takeru. "How come?" she asked. "Your prettier than any flower." he said. "Really?" she asked. "Yeah!" said the little blond haired boy. "I'm going to test him on that." thought this mysterious boy. He waved his arm over the grassy moss and made the most beautiful rose in all the woods. "Oh look at this big red rose!" yelled Grace as she picked it up. "He is going to fail this test. I can fill it in bones." thought this mysterious boy. But Takeru was more interested into Grace than the flower. " I'll make a flower wreath and a bouquet for her." Takeru. thought. "Huh?" whispered the boy to himself. "Can I see that rose for a second?" he asked. "Sure. Why?" Grace asked as she held out her arm. "I'm making a surprise for you." said Takeru. as he took the rose out of her hand. "What is it?" she asked very excitedly "You'll see!" he said as began looking for more flowers in the moss. "I grow a rose garden." said Grace, trying to start a conversation. "Wow!" said Takeru. as he picked two irises. She talked on as Takeru picked a whole lot of flowers.
Finally Takeru picked two carnations, the last flowers he needed for his flower wreath and a bouquet for her. "Just live with my mommy and uncle Mitch." said Grace as Takeru. began fashioning the wreath to fit Grace's head. " Grace." called Takeru. "What is it?" Grace asked sweetly. "Come over here." said the eight year old boy as he hopped off the rock. The young princess came over. "Now just close your eyes and I'll put half of surprise on you." said Takeru. as he walked over to her. Grace closed her eyes.Takeru placed the flower wreath on her head. "I'm done." he said. "Amazingly, he passed." thought the young man. "Go look in the lake." said Takeru. Grace did so. "Takeru! It so beautiful!" Grace yelled with joy. Then Takeru walked up behind her and placed the bouquet in her arms. "Thank you!" she yelled. Then she set the bouquet down on the ground and hugged him. Then she picked up her flowers and they walked on. The boy secretly followed them
Grace decided to make Takeru a flower wreath. So she began looking for flowers for him. "I'm going to test them on their feelings." thought this mysterious boy. "I live with my mom too." said Takeru. as Grace gathered flowers for him. "You know, I didn't have a good childhood either when I was six years old." said Grace. "How bad was it?" Takeru asked. "I don't want to talk about it." said Grace. "I want to hear about it." said Takeru. So she tell him about how she was taken away to New York by her uncle on 6th birthday, how She lived two miserable years in New York with no friends at all and how she came back to Japan on her 8th birthday after her uncle's death."Don't worry! I'll take care of you and protect you matter what!" Takeru said. "Really?" asked Grace as she looked up at him. Takeru blushed when said that. "They're both passing this test." the mystery boy thought. "I made a wreath for you." said Grace as she placed the flower wreath on his head. Takeru removed the flower wreath off his head and then he took off his green hat and then he placed the flower wreath back on his head. "You know what? I feel like I'm a queen already." said Grace. That gave Takeru an idea. "Hey why don't we pretend to be royalty right now! You can be the queen and I'll be the king." he said. "That's a great idea." said Grace. They played that for little while until they came across a little white puppy tied to the metal pole of a mailbox in front of an abandoned house. "Aw! Poor puppy!" exclaimed Grace as she ran over to the puppy. The puppy's left front paw had been cut really deep and bleeding, the ears were bleeding, the nose was bleeding, and he was famished, freezing, and weak. "This will be the next test." thought the boy. "I'm going to help this poor puppy." said Grace as she tried to untied the rope but it was tied on to tight. So Takeru helped her untied it. Together the two of them got the rope untied. "Amazingly, he passed." thought the young man. They took the puppy to the March of Pennies center. "Nurse Emma!" yelled Takeru. as he rang the counter bell as hard as he little hand could. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" said the nurse as she walked forward to the desk. She looked at the little puppy in Grace's arms. "How bad is it?" asked Emma. "Very awful." said Grace. "I'll see what I can do." said Emma as she took the puppy out of her arms and took him to the operating room.
"I've save the biggest test for last for Takeru." thought the young man. He waved his arm over the waiting room and made two teenage girls. Then ordered them to pick on the little princess. Grace was sitting in the waiting room when the two teenage girls came up to her and called things like worthless, stupid, and ugly. Grace busted into tears. Takeru heard them picking on her so he tried to defend her. "Hey! Leave her alone! She never did anything to you!" he yelled. The girls just laughed and sang:
"Takeru and Grace sitting in a tree,
First comes love, then marriage, then comes Takeru with the baby carriage!
The girls laughed and walked off. Takeru looked angry at the two girls. Then he looked sadly at Grace. Grace wepted harder. "Don't cry!" said Takeru. trying to claim her down. He looked closely at her. "Hey! You look pretty when you cry." he said. "Your just saying that!" she sobbed. "No really! Look!" said Takeru. after he found a nearly broken mirror to show Grace what she looked like. The little princess looked. Then she smiled when saw her face. Then Takeru stood on his tip-toes and whispered in her ear: "You also he a cute tush." and kissed her on her cheek. "Amazingly, he passed." thought this mysterious boy. Then the little shot needle light turned off. and Emma came out. Grace and Takeru ran over to her. Then Emma smiled and held her index and middle finger to form a V. Takeru and Grace's faces were lit up with joy. "The little puppy should be fine!" said Emma. Then she looked at Grace. "Grace, I think you should take care of him." said the nurse. "Well! I don't know... what to say.... I'll ask mom." said Grace as she picked up the little puppy.
"Of course you can keep the dog!" said Megan when Grace asked to keep the puppy. "Really?" the princess asked. "Yes." said the queen. "Well then! I'll call him Snowy!" yelled Grace. Then she looked in the kitchen and saw the mysterious boy sitting down on one of the chairs. "Who is he?" asked Grace as she whispered in her mom's ear. "He's Jeffrey." said Megan. "So you've been the one causing all this trouble." said Grace. "That's right!" he said. Grace ran over there and beat him up. A few minutes later Sora came stairs and her diamond glowed. It floated out of her pocket. "Why is it glowing?" Sora to herself as she looked at it.
After the fight Megan called Grace to her. "Am I in trouble?" asked Grace. "No. But I have a surprise for you." said Megan. She picked up a ball is in the shape of Pikachu's head and threw it at Grace. The ball sailed over to her gracefully. She caught the ball in her hands. "Thank you mommy!" yelled Grace as she ran out of the room with her new toy.
The End