Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 1: Chap 10. Bitter Sweet Rivalry ( Chapter 10 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Bitter Sweet Rivalry
Dateline: Takeru has proved that he really cares about Grace.
"Oh Yeah! I'm looking good!" a boy said to himself as he looked into the mirror. He had tan skin, short black hair, and brown eyes. He was wearing a short sleeve black shirt, jeans shorts, black socks, black sneakers, and a black baseball cap. His name is Travis. Then he walked out of the boys bathroom and walked to Salem park. He looked around the park to look for some little honeys (that's what he calls the girls). "Where are you hiding my little honeys?" Travis thought. Finally one caught his eye. He turned and saw Grace walking with Takeru When he saw Grace, he fell madly in love with her. "I found the perfect little honey, Now how to get that boy away from her." Travis thought. He watched Takeru and Grace closely as they walked to the bench under a cherry blossom tree. "Now, you sit here while I'll go get you some ice cream." said Takeru. as Grace sat down on the bench. "I want mint chip ice cream." Grace yelled as she watched him walk away. "Now to make my move." Travis thought.
Then he walked over to Grace and sat down right next to her. Grace turned her head to see a boy with an skin, short black hair, and brown eyes and wearing a short sleeve black shirt, jeans shorts, black socks, black sneakers, and a black baseball cap. "Uh.... Who are you?" asked Grace. "I got her right where I want her." he thought. Then he turned his head over to her. "My name is Travis. What's yours?" Travis said. "Uh.... Grace." said the little princess. Then Takeru walked over to the bench with two ice cream cones in his hands to see Grace with Travis. (One mint chip and the other strawberry.) "Grace, Who is he and why is he seating near you?" asked Takeru. "Uh...." Grace began to say. "I'm Travis and the lady over here wanted me to come over here and sit beside her." said Travis. "Is this true?" Takeru asked. "No!" yelled Grace. "Why are you hanging with this chump?" Travis asked Grace. "He's not a chump! He's my friend!" she yelled. "Then I can be your boyfriend." said Travis. "No!" yelled Grace. "Then, He's your boyfriend." said Travis. "Am I?" asked Takeru. Both looked closely at her. "No! You're confusing me!" yelled Grace. "We'll give you tomorrow decide: Him or Me." said Travis. Then they all went home.
"Here is your dinner, you two." said Megan as handed Mitch and Grace their dinners. Mitch began to chow down on his dinner but Grace just stared at her's. "What's Squeaky? How you're not eating your dinner?" asked Mitch. "I have a lot on my mind." said Grace. "What?" he asked as he scooted over to her. "Okay, I say like you have to girls that are in love with you and they fight over you. And then one of gives you three to chose one over the other. " said Grace. "This will sound annoying so live though it when I say this: You're nine years old and you're too young to be even thinking about boys." said Mitch. That didn't get to Grace however. "Now, eat your sushi and your crab, so you'll grow up to be a big strong queen." he said. Then Grace picked up her chopsticks and began eating her sushi.
"Good night Mitch!" yelled Grace. "Good night stinker!" Mitch yelled back as he turned out her light. "I am not a stinker!" yelled Grace. "Good night, Snowy." said the little princess. Snowy was all ready asleep. She tried to go to sleep but she tossed and turned the first few hours. "Mommy!" she yelled. One of her mother's servants ran upstairs to tend to the child's needs. "Where's mommy?" asked the little princess. "Your mother is asleep." said Marie. Grace just sat up in bed. "What is it?" asked Marie. "Could you read me a bedtime stroy?" asked the little princess. "Which one do you want?" asked Marie as she walked over to bookcase. "What's over there?" asked Grace. "Well we have: Little Red Riding Hood, The Lily Toad, Good Night Sakura...." said Marie as she looked though the books. "We can read Good Night Sakura." said Grace. "All right." said Marie. So they read together and Marie left the room when they were finished. However, that didn't put Grace to sleep like it usually does. "We'll give you tomorrow decide: Him or Me." Travis' voice echoed in her head. "What am I going to do?" she thought. She tried come up with a plan like usual but she couldn't think of anything this time She didn't sleep for the rest of the night.
The next morning, Grace didn't want to get out of bed. "Wake up stinker!" yelled Mitch as he knocked on the door. "Leave me alone and I am not a stinker!" Grace yelled. Then she pulled her pillow of her head. "Just leave her alone, Mitch." said Megan. "All right." he said. Then he and Megan went to the kitchen. You see, Grace finally want to sleep at midnight, So she stayed in bed until this afternoon. Then finally she climbed out of bed, washed her herself and got dressed, and went to the kitchen to eat her brunch. "Bye mommy." she said as she left the table. "Bye sweetheart." said Megan. Then Grace hooked Snowy's leash on his collar and left for the park. Since she had quickly picked up on her flying skills, she decided to fly to the park and she did.
Grace stood at the bench under a cherry blossom tree and waited. Finally Takeru and Travis were coming to her just down the road. "Well... honey what's it going to be?" asked Travis. "All right... just listen to me guys. Don't get me wrong on this, so here it goes: I like you both but I'm not ready for things like that." she said. "So your point is?" asked Travis. "I'm not ready to have boyfriend yet." said Grace. "I understand." said Takeru. Then he took her by the hand and walked her home. "This isn't over by longshot." Travis said under his breath. Then way went his sepeate way.
The End