Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 2: Chap 13 Snow In Tokyo? ( Chapter 13 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Snow In Tokyo?
Dateline: Katrina has came along and she and Grace went up to her attic and looked though her mother's things.
It was six o'clock a.m. and Grace was in bed sleeping. Then a small snowflake fell on the tip her nose. She opened her eyes and she felt really cold. So she climbed out of her bed and into her windowsill to look down outside. When she looked down outside, she saw that the city from her view was covered in snow! "Huh?" she said. Then Grace blinked to see if she was dreaming. The city was still covered in snow. Then she rubbed her eyes to see if she was dreaming. But the picture didn't change. Then she closed her window, washed herself, got dressed, and went downstairs to tell her mother.
"Hey, what are you guys doing here so early?" asked Grace when she got down stairs. "We came here for the same reason you did: To find why it's and it only June." said Kristy. "Aw! Who cares? Let's go outside and play!" said Jimmy. Then Megan came out of the kitchen. The others turned around. "Mommy, Why is it snowing outside?" asked Grace. "I'm looking into that now." she said. "I sense it another child." said Katrina. "Huh? Another one?" asked Tai. "Yes." said Jessi. "But there's all ready... twelve of you. " said Izzy. "What do we need with more of you?" asked Matt. "You just do." said Sabrina. The mortal didn't get what she said. "You'll understand soon." said Venus. Megan was her computer while she listened to the children talk. Finally she came out to them. "What's causing the snow?" asked Brock. "An immortal child." said Megan. "Huh?" asked Ash. "I knew it." said Katrina. "So we have stop this kid. Right?" asked Nina. "Yes." said Megan. "Then let's go!" she yelled. "Nina! Wait!" yelled Megan. "Yes?" asked the ocean immortal. "Do you want breakfast first?" asked the queen. "Uh, yes." said Nina. Then she and the other children went into the kitchen to have breakfast.
"Your mom said we can track this kid down by our senses." said Katrina. "Yes." said Grace. Then the children's senses began to work. "I sense that kid in the clouds." said Grace. "Great! How are we going to get there?" asked Ash. "Ho Ho Ho! You're not going to go up there! We're going up there by ourselves!" said Nina. "Then what will we do while you're up there?" asked Brock. "You just right here." said Jeffrey. Then Grace, Nina, Venus, Jessi, Jimmy, Brandy, Kristy, Sabrina, Jeffrey, and Travis flew up to the sky. "Grrrrrrreatttttttt! TTTTheyyy ggggggooooo oooffff aaaanddddd lllllleaveee uuuusssss innn theeee coldddd!" said Joe. "I can fix that." said Brock. "How?" asked Takeru. "Vilpix go!" yelled Brock. "Vilpix!" said the pink six tailed fox pokemon. "Vilpix! Flame thower!" commaned Brock. The pink six tailed fox pokemon gave off her best flame thower. Now the group had a warm fire so they could keep warm while the immortal children were in the clouds.
Meanwhile in clouds, the children were sreaching for the kid. "The kid is in this dirction." said Brandy. Then she pushed aside a big cloud. The other children flew over to her. They had found their immortal child that they were looking for.The child that was causing the snow was a girl with tan skin, long dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing a satin white blouse with a red satin tie, a blue jumper, lacy socks, and school girl type shoes. "Aw! It's only Gezzele." said Jessi. "Immortal of winter, snow, and ice." said Venus. "Yay! Let's have some more snow in Tokyo!" yelled Gezzele. "I don't think so!" yelled Grace. "Huh?" said Gezzele. Then she turned around to see Grace and the other children. "Give up Gezzele! It's June! Not December!" yelled Nina. "So?" asked Gezzele. "So, Quit making it snow!" yelled Venus. "No." said Gezzele. "Why?" asked Sabrina. "Because I don't want to and want it to snow." she said. "Well, If you're not going to stop, we'll have to stop you oursevles." said Grace. "Go ahead then!" said Gezzele. "All right." said Grace. Then she turned to the other children. "Prepare for battle." she told them. "Water gun!" yelled Sabrina. "Seashell whip!" yelled Nina. "Pom-Pom Bomb!" yelled Brandy. "Snowballs!" yelled Gezzele. The snowbals crushed the seashell whip and pom-pom bomb and froze the water gun. "Uh-Oh!" yelled Sabrina. "Let me try!" said Jimmy. "Skull blaster!" "Soul twister!" yelled Jessi. "Snowballs!" yelled Gezzele. The snowbals crushed the skull blaster and soul twister. "I'm up!" said Travis. "Dream bomb!" "Rock throw!" yelled Jeffrey. "Snowballs!" yelled Gezzele. The snowbals crushed the dream bomb and the rock throw. "It's no use!" yelled Jeffrey. Katrina thought about which immortal child could weaken Gezzele. "Guys! We need Kristy!" said Katrina. "Why?" asked Jimmy. "Because she is a fire type." she said. "So?" asked Jeffrey. "Gezzele is weak againest Kristy!" said Grace. Jimmy and Jeffrey began to get it clearly. "Kristy!" yelled Grace. Kristy walked over to them. "Yes?" she said. "We need your help." said Nina. "You want me to go up against Gezzele. Right?" she said. "Yes!" said Grace, Nina, Venus, Sabrina, Brandy, Jeffrey, Travis, Katrina, Jessi, and Jimmy. "All right." said Kristy. Then turned to Gezzele. "Flame thrower!" she yelled. "Snowballs!" yelled Gezzele. This time the flame thrower melted Gezzele's snowballs. Gezzele became scared. "Venus! You're up!" yelled Travis. "Right." she said. "Hearts rope!" The hearts rope tied Gezzele up. "Good! Now let's take her back to the others." said Grace. "Right!" said the other children. Then the went down to the ground.
"Hey guys!" said Grace. Ash and the other children looked up. "Hi Grace." said Takeru. Then suddenly Gary's garnet started glowing. Then he took it out of his pocket and looked at it. He was wondering why it was glowing. "So, what should we do with her now?" asked Kari. "Take her to my mommy." said Grace. Then she and the other children went home.
The End