Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 2: Chap 15. The Beauty Queen? ( Chapter 15 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
The Beauty Queen?
Dateline: Grace has gotten the heart of pegasus wand and Miraiah was trying to kill until the wand destroyed the gem of her wrist and set her free from the demon.
"The tobacco fairy failed miserably!" shouted Blare.  Then she gave off an evil laugh. "Nature fairies! Come to your master!" she yelled. Then ten nature fairies came up behind her. "Now, who would like the honor destroying the royal families and Japan?" she asked them. They all wanted to do this task. "Aw, What a pity! Only one of you can do this job." she said. "Now, let's see, who will get the job?" She stretched out her arm, covered her eyes, and swung it back and forth. Her finger finally pointed to the charm fairy. Then Blare opened her eyes and saw that she had picked the charm fairy. "Fine. Charm fairy, you have the job." she said. Then the fairy descended down to Tokyo. Then Blare turned to her other nine fairies. "Why are you all just standing around here for? Get back to work!" she said. Then fairies all scattered out. Meanwhile, the charm fairy went to Crystal palace to look for a place to hide until she could attack Megan and her family. Finally she saw a sliver mirror on top of a vanity full of cosmetics. So she went though the window and over to the mirror. Then the charm fairy descend down into the mirror.
"Mommy, What are we doing today?" asked Grace. "Your cousin, Serena, is coming over today." said Megan. "When?" asked Grace. "At three o'clock." said the queen. "Yay! Maybe we can play that we're queens from the east and west!" said Grace. Grace was excited because Serena was one of her favorite cousins to play with. "Make us a special lunch please?" she begged. "All right, What would you and Serena like to eat this afternoon?" asked Megan. "Sushi and shrimp pasta!" said Grace. "All right." said Megan. "But you've got to clean up." "Awww!" whined Grace. But she did it anyway with her powers. "Can we see your cousin?" asked T.K. "Sure." said Grace.
Then the door bell rang. "It's her!" yelled Grace. Then she ran to the door and opened it. "Hi Serena." said Grace. When the other children saw her, they saw a girl with white skin with wrinkles and scars all over her skin, messy blond hair, and big blue eyes. She was wearing a thick dark heavy cloak with a light blue dress under the cloak. "Why don't we take your cloak off?" asked Grace as she took it off of her cousin. "Oh-no!" thought Serena. Jimmy fell out laughing and Jessi kicked him. Jeffrey and T.K. tried to keep their mouths closed and not laugh. Gezzele looked scared of her. The other girls were being nice to her. "Just ignore them." said Miraiah. That Serena cheered up a little bit. "Do you want to play that we're queens from the east and west?" asked Grace. "All right." she said. "Good! You'll be the queen of the bright, quiet, peaceful, friendly east and I'll be the queen of the dark, noisy, fast, playful, busy west." said Grace. Serena began to smile. "We should get ready."  said Grace as she walked over vanity. "Let's see what we have here today." she said. "Yeah! Let's take a look in there so we repair her ugly face!" yelled Jimmy. Grace just ignored him and opened the first drawer. It was full of lipstick and liner. "You'll look good in these shades, pink is so you!" said Grace as she handed Serena Perfect Wear Ever GlazeTMlip ink in cotton candy, Perfect Wear Ever GlazeTM lip gloss, and Perfect Wear lip liner in Mauves. Serena quietly put them on her lips. "How's Mimi?" asked her cousin as she put on Perfect Wear Ever GlazeTMlip ink in angora pink, Perfect Wear Ever GlazeTM lip gloss, and Perfect Wear lip liner in Mauves. "Oh, She's fine. Taja's got her job." said Serena. "Oh really? What job is that?" asked Grace. "She's an exotic dancer." said Serena. Grace didn't like that at all. With that, she opened another drawer. It was full of eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. "You'll look good in these shades, blue is so you!" said Grace as she handed Serena Perfect Wear eyeshadow in timeless, eye liner in navy night, and super curl mascara. Serena quietly put them on her eyes. Grace put on eye liner in grey stone, Perfect Wear eyeshadow in diamond, and super curl mascara. After that, she opened another drawer. It was full fragrance. "You'll smell good in this scent." said Grace as she handed Serena the fragrance Sweet Honesty. Serena quietly put it on her neck and wrists. Grace put on So Ladylike.  After that, she opened another drawer. It had the sliver mirror that the charm fairy was in. "Just look at you! You look like an angel." said Grace as she held the mirror so Serena could see herself. "I hate that girl in the mirror." said Serena. Then the mirror started glowing. "Why?" asked Grace. Then the charm fairy came out. The children looked at the charm fairy's charm and beauty.
Blare was awoken by the sound of her monitor turning on. "What? What's going on here?" she asked. "BAIT TAKEN! BAIT TAKEN! BAIT TAKEN!" it said on the monitor. "Really? Who took it?" she typed in joy. "The princess of Shikoku island." she read. "Oh boy! This is going to be good with a two for one deal!" she thought. Then she turned to her crystal ball and looked into it. She saw Serena standing front of the charm fairy. "Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who the ugliest of all?" the fairy asked Serena. She didn't answer her. "Well? I'm waiting!" the fairy screamed in her face. Serena knew who the fairy was talking about and cried. "Leave my cousin alone!" yelled Grace. She had a purse in her hand. The fairy turned to the little and said: "And what are you going to do with that thing? Hit me really hard with it." Grace just stood there silent. "Hey you freak!  Wanna a taste of me?" yelled Miraiah. "Wait!" yelled Grace. "What is it, Grace?" asked Miraiah. "We can't fight in here!" she yelled. "Why not?" asked Jimmy. "If we fight in here, we'll mess up the house. And if we mess up the house, I'll get in trouble." said Grace. "So, We'll have to fight outside." said Venus. "T.K., You stay here." said Grace. "All right." he said Then the children teleported outside. The charm fairy followed them.
"Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who the ugliest of all?" the fairy asked Serena. She still didn't answer her. "You still haven't told me!" yelled the charm fairy. Serena just hung her head low and cried again. "Well...." said the fairy. "Hey glamour face! Catch!" yelled Miraiah. The charm fairy turned. "Thunder ball!" she yelled. It hit the fairy in the back. "Look what you did! Now you'll pay!" yelled the charm fairy. Then she got a big powder puff. "Oh! What's you gonna do with that thing? Powder us to death!" yelled Jimmy. Then he fell out laughing on the ground. "Powder fog!" yelled the charm fairy. Then she whacked out the powder. front of them and created a big fog. The children were coughing hard. " < cough > Pikaball go!" yelled Grace. It turned into a huge japanese fan. Then fanned the powder away with one big swipe. "That was to easy for you brats! Now try this!" yelled the charm fairy. Then she pulled her hair ribbon off. "Ribbon rope." she yelled. Then she threw it at the other children and tied them up. "I'm stuck!" yelled Gezzele. "You're not the only one stuck here, you know." said Jimmy. "Makeover time!" yelled the charm fairy as she pulled out a lip liner pencil. "Uh... No thank you." said Travis. "Uh... I don't think we get a choice." said Jeffrey. "Lip liner spray!" she yelled. The tip of it created a powerful spray dangerous to the eyes. So the children had to close their eyes tightly but they were coughing hard. "Eye liner shower gun!" yelled the charm fairy. It created little fire bullets. The children tried to avoid them. One bullet went though Gezzele's skirt. "My skirt is fire!" she yelled. "Me or Nina would love to help you right now, but our hands are tied up at the moment." said Sabrina. "Serena! Help us!" yelled Grace. But her cousin didn't budge because she still had that question that the charm fairy asked her a few minutes ago in her head. "Foundation splash!" yelled the charm fairy. The foundation spilled all over the children. "I < spit > can't see!" yelled Kristy. "Mascara!" yelled the charm fairy. The mascara cause scratches up and down their arms. "I hate this!" yelled Grace. "Eyeshadow!" yelled the charm fairy. The eyeshadow cause their skin to itch. "I think I'm allergic to this stuff!" yelled Jessi. "Blush!" yelled the charm fairy. The blush caused little red painful bumps on their skin. (Just bumps on Grace's skin.) "You know, I've heard of makeover! But this is ridiculous" yelled Miraiah. "Tell me about it!" said Brandy. "Nail polish!" yelled the charm fairy. The nail polish created hideous marks on their faces. "I don't like pink!" yelled Jimmy. "Now.... Last, but not least, lipstick!" yelled the charm fairy. Then she rolled it up and the lipstick turned into a sword. The charm fairy flew up into the sky and yelled: "Say your prayers kids!" "I'm to young to die!" yelled Gezzele. As the charm fairy went in for the kill, the children screamed. Serena finally got with program. Just about when the charm fairy was going to destroy them, Serena yelled: "Hey makeup ugly!" The charm fairy turned to see Serena standing tall and brave. "Leave them alone!" yelled Serena. "Why should I?" asked the charm fairy. "Because they're my friends! Despite how rude they can be. And here is my final answer to your question!" yelled Serena. Then she held up her gold mirror. The charm fairy screamed when she saw her relcton as a srivered up old-looking fairy. And with, the charm fairy weak and the rope and plauges she had done to the children had disappered. "It was about time!" said Gezzele."Grace, use the heart of pegasus wand!" said Miraiah. "Huh?" said Grace. "Use the heart of pegasus wand!" Miraiah again. Then Grace remembered it. So she took it out and said: "I don't know how to use." "Just say heart of pegasus." said Serena. "Right." said Grace Then she turned to the charm fairy. "Heart of pegasus!" yelled Grace. And the charm fairy was destroyed. Then Venus picked up the wand and then the children teleported back into the castle.
"Aw, You're leaving now? Can't you stay for dinner?" asked Grace sadly. "No I can't stay. I've had too much excitement for one day." said Serena. Then Grace gave her cousin a hug and then Serena walked home. Grace went back into the castle and had her dinner. "Is it done yet?" asked Gezzele as she watched Megan sew her skirt back together. "Just about dear." said Megan. Then Grace walked into the sewing room. "So Gracey, how was your cousin's visit?" asked Megan. "Mommy, it's a very very very long story." said Grace.
The End