Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 2: Chap 16. Princess of the Bugs ( Chapter 16 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Princess of  the Bugs
Dateline: The other children met Serena, Grace's cousin. Then the charm fairy attacked them but Serena saved them.
"The charm fairy failed miserably!" shouted Blare.  Then she gave off an evil laugh. "Nature fairies! Come to your master!" she yelled. Then nine nature fairies came up behind her. "Now, who would like the honor destroying the royal families and Japan?" she asked them. They all wanted to do this task. "Aw, What a pity! Only one of you can do this job." she said. "Now, let's see, who will get the job?" She stretched out her arm, covered her eyes, and swung it back and forth. Her finger finally pointed to the insect fairy. Then Blare opened her eyes and saw that she had picked the insect fairy. "Fine. Insect fairy, you have the job." she said. Then the fairy descended down to Tokyo. Then Blare turned to her other eight fairies. "Why are you all just standing around here for? Get back to work!" she said. Then fairies all scattered out. Meanwhile, the insect fairy went to Crystal palace to look for a place to hide until she could attack Megan and her family. Finally she saw a magnifying glass on top of Megan's desk in her office. So she went though the window and over to the magnifying glass. Then the insect fairy descend down into the magnifying glass.
"Mommy, when is Chillie coming over?" asked Grace as Megan did her hair. "Soon Gracey." she said. "Yeah!" said Grace. Chillie is also Grace's favorite cousin. She was dressed to go outside in the royal gardens because they were looking for bugs.  Then they heard the door bell. "That must her." said Megan. Then Grace got up and ran to the door. T.K. and the other children were watching from the staircase. "Whaz up girl!" said Chillie. The other children saw a girl with black skin, long thick black hair. She was dressed in a dark blue shirt with no sleeves with black straps, dark blue pants, no socks, and black slip on shoes. "Uh.... Not much." said Grace. "Ya ready to see them there bugs?" asked her cousin. "Yuck." said Gezzele. "Uh... All right." said Grace. "And your friends up there are invited." said Chillie. "Really?" asked T.K. "Yep." she said. "Way a go! T.K.!" thought Gezzele. "Bite your tongue." said Chillie. "Oh wait, I forgot my magnifying glass." said Grace. Then she ran back to her mother's office. "We'll wait here for you." said Chillie. Grace opened the door and looked around for it. Finally she found it on Megan's desk. Then she picked it and left the office quickly.
Blare was awoken by the sound of her monitor turning on. "What? What's going on here?" she asked. "BAIT TAKEN! BAIT TAKEN! BAIT TAKEN!" it said on the monitor. "Really? Who took it?" she typed in joy. "The princess of Honshu island." she read. "Oh boy! This is going to be good with a two for one deal!" she thought. Then she turned to her crystal ball and looked into it. She saw Chillie and the other children waiting for Grace to get back. Finally Grace came running to them. "Is everyone finally ready now?" asked Chillie. "Yes." said the other children. "No." said Gezzele. Chillie ignored Gezzele's answer. Then the children went outside into the royal gardens. (Chillie dragged Gezzele behind her as they went outside.) Grace closed the door behind them.
"So, what kind of bugs are we looking for today Chillie?" asked Grace as she followed her though the garden. "Butterflies." said her cousin as she looked though her magnifying glass. Gezzele seemed to be relaxed after Chillie said that. "Hey Chillie." said T.K. "What is it T.K.?" she asked. "What type of butterfly is it?" he asked. "Where?" asked Chillie. "On that branch." said T.K. as he pointed to that branch above them Chillie around and took out her binoculars and look at the butterfly though them. "It's a Monarch." she said. "Can we catch it?" asked Sabrina. "No." said Chillie. "Why not?" asked the fresh water immortal. "1.) It's happy where it is and 2.) I have about sixty-five of these all right." she said. "All right." Sabrina said sadly. "Why do you collect bugs?" asked Gezzele in disgust. "I like collecting them and it is half of my powers." answered Chillie. "Oh." said Gezzele. Then she found a Tiger Swallowtail resting on a chrysanthemum. So she put up her binoculars in bag and took out her magnifying glass and look at the butterfly though it. "Oh hello there." said Chillie as looked at it though her magnifying glass. "I've just got to have you." Then she took out her butterfly net. "Now, stay very still while I catch... I mean look at you." whispered Chillie. Then she caught it with net before it could it get away. Then she took out a jar and opened the lid. "Now stay in there while I prepare your ja... I mean condo." said Chillie. It was hard for her to get the tiger swallowtail out of the net and into the jar. Finally she got it into the jar and closed the jar with the lid quickly. Grace saw a White Admiral munching on a leaf. Then she took out her magnifying glass and looked though. But when she did, the magnifying glass started glowing. The other children looked up and Grace dropped the magnifying glass on the ground. Then the insect fairy came out of it. "Not again!" yelled Jimmy.
"Must destroy princesses." said the insect fairy. "Why?" asked Grace. "No questions! Monarch pin!" yelled the insect fairy. The Monarch butterflies pinned Gezzele to an oak tree. "I'm stuck!" she yelled. "No duh! We can see that!" said Nina. "Cabbage pin!" yelled the insect fairy. The Cabbage  butterflies pinned Sabrina to another oak tree. "White Admiral pin!" yelled the insect fairy. The White Admiral butterflies pinned Nina to another oak tree. Chillie saw the insect fairy's plan right away. "Guys! She's trying to pin us up to so we'll be defenseless and she's have a better chance of destroying us!" yelled Chillie. "You are so smart! Buckeye pin!" said the insect fairy. The Buckeye butterflies pinned Brandy up against another oak tree. "Get out of the way quickly!" she yelled. "So now what do we do?" asked Travis. "We have to dodge these butterflies and attack that monster from behind." said Chillie. "You better think fast! Sliverpot pin!" yelled insect fairy. All us the children (with Miraiah holding on to little T.K. as tight as she could) jumped high away from the butterflies fast as they could. "Fire ball!" yelled Kristy. This burned the insect fairy in the back. "Now you're going to get it! Field cricket!" she yelled. All us the children except Chillie jumped out of the way again. Chillie just held out her right hand. When the Field crickets hit her hand, Chillie adsorbed them quickly. The other children and the insect fairy were shocked. "How.... How did you do that?" asked T.K. "I'm an insect type." said Chillie slyly. Then she turned to the insect fairy and said: "Now it's time to put you away!" The insect fairy began to look scared. "Field cricket!" yelled Chillie. The Field crickets weaken the insect fairy. The butterfly pins fell off of Gezzele, Brandy, Sabrina, and Nina. "For a second there, I thought I was going to be a goner." said Brandy. "Now Grace!" yelled Travis. "Got it." said the little princess. "Heart of Pegasus!" she yelled. And the insect fairy was destroyed. Then Grace, Chillie, and the other children with them flew down to the ground. Grace picked up the magnifying glass and the children walked into the castle.
"Goodbye Chillie." said Grace. "Bye Grace." said Chillie. Then she walked home. Later Grace asked her mother this one question: "Mommy, How can you adsorb one's power?" Then Megan explained it all to her.
The End