Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 2: Chap 17. Fierce Rivalry ( Chapter 17 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Fierce Rivalry
Dateline: Chillie came over for a visit and the insect fairy attacked them but Chillie and Grace defeated her.
"So this is Tokyo! It's looks bigger than what I excepted." said this hispanic looking girl with hair that came down to her waist. Her name is Roxanne Lewis. She had just moved to Japan this morning and was all right lost. "What time is it?" she asked. Then she looked up at the airport clock. "Seven fifty-eight in the mourning! But it's only ten twenty-six at night on my watch." said Roxanne to herself. Then she saw a security guard nearby and walked over to him. "Excuse me sir, Could you please fix my watch?" she asked. "Sure." said the security guard. Then Roxanne took it off her wrist and gave to the security guard. It took only a minute for him to set it on the time on the airport clock. Then security guard put the watch back on Roxanne's wrist. "Thank you." she said. Then she took her staircases, left the airport, and took a taxi to the house where she was supposed to live at.
T.K. and Grace were in the park. Grace was watching T.K. playing dodge ball with the other kids when she turned to look though the fence. She saw a taxi pulled up into driveway of the house across the street. Out of the cab came a hispanic looking girl with hair that came down to her waist. "A new neighbor." thought Grace. "What is it Grace?" asked T.K. as he walked over to her. "We have a new neighbor." she said. "Where?" asked T.K. "Over there." said Grace as she pointed to the house across the street. T.K. saw a hispanic looking girl with hair that came down to her waist standing in her new window, talking on her cell phone. "Let's go over there and introduce ourselves." said Grace. "All right." said T.K. Then they both left the park and crossed the street to get over to Roxanne's new house. "You ring the door bell." said T.K. "All right. All right." said Grace. Then she walked up the driveway and up the stairs. Grace had to stand up on her tip-toes in order to reach the door bell. When she rang the door bell, Roxanne came out with a snotty attitude. "Hello. Uh.... I'm Grace and this is...." said the little princess. "Why are you on my pouch?" she asked in an ugly tone of voice. "Well, we thought me and my friend T.K. over there would...." explained Grace. T.K. just waved and gave a silly grin. "Well I'm Roxanne and I want you to: Get off my pouch!" yelled Roxanne. Then she slammed the door in Grace's face. Grace came back in an angry mood. "How'd go?" he asked. "Let's just say that miss Roxanne is a total brat!" she said. T.K.'s smile dropped into a frown. "I'm going back to the park!" said Grace. Then she started crossing the street. T.K. was still standing in the yard. Grace turned her head and yelled: "Are you coming?" "Oh yes." said T.K. Then he ran back to the park to catch up with Grace and get back to the game.
"T.K.! We're late!" yelled Grace. "Huh?" said T.K. "It's twelve o one! We have to hurry before someone else takes our spot!" yelled Grace. T.K. suddenly remember today was day that the kids eat lunch in the pack and Grace always eats under the cherry blossom tree. "I've gotta go!" T.K. yelled to the other kids. Then he and Grace ran over to the picnic area. Lucky for them, they were able to get their spot before anyone else could take it. "T.K., could you please get us some drinks?" asked Grace as she began setting up the spread. "Okay." said T.K. Then he got up and walked over to soda machine over by the bathrooms. He bought a grape soda himself and a ginger ale for Grace. Then he ran back to the picnic area. When he got back the picnic area, the place was crowded. So he had to fight his way though the crowd in order to get to Grace. All of guys (except Ash, Matt, and Danny) were looking at Roxanne eating. Angela walked to where T.K. and Grace were sitting. "Hi Angela." said Grace. "Hi Grace." said Angela. Then they looked over at Roxanne and the guys stareing at her. "Are you worried that Roxanne has became more popular than you?" asked Grace. "No." said Angela. "Why not?" asked T.K. "Because that doesn't matter to me." said Angela. Ash walked over to them. "Hi Ash." said Angela. Roxanne looked up and saw Ash. Then she fell in love with him and walked over to the table where he was sitting.
"Hello there, Ash." said Roxanne. Ash was blushing. "Why you are?" asked Angela. "I think I've found my true love." said Roxanne. "Uh... he's my boyfriend." said Angela. "Oh really?" Roxanne. "Yes." said Angela. Then Roxanne turned to Ash, took out a notepad and pen, scribbled something down, gave it to Ash and said: "Here's my phone number. Call me." Ash didn't know what to say. "Uh Ash could see that for a second." said Angela. "Uh.. Sure." said Ash. Then she snatched the sheet of paper out of his hand and tore it up. "Uh... me and T.K. will be going now." said Grace. "But..." said T.K. Then Grace grabbed T.K. by the wrist and dragged him behind the cherry blossom tree. "Why did you do that for?" asked Roxanne. "Because he all ready has a girlfriend." said Angela. Then they got into a huge fight. "What are we going to do?" asked T.K. "I don't know." said Grace. "But what we need to do is find her a boyfriend." Then she looked around to find a single guy. Finally she found Gary Oak sitting by himself. "And I know the perfect guy. Wait here!" she said. Then she flew over to Gary and said: "What's ya doing?" "Nothing." he said sadly. "I found you the perfect girl for you." said Grace. Gary got excited. "Where?" he asked. "Just follow me." she said. Then she took him by the hand and lead him over by the cherry blossom tree. Then he saw Roxanne and fell madly in love with her. "Hey cutie! What is your name?" he yelled to her. Then Roxanne turned her head and saw Gary. Immediately, Roxanne forgot about Ash and ran over Gary. "I'm Roxanne." she said. Then talked on and on. "Thanks Grace. I owe you one." said Ash. The rest of the afternoon went well. And when it was time to go home, Gary walked Roxanne home.
The End