Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 3: Chap 24 The Moment of Truth ( Chapter 24 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
The Moment of Truth
Dateline: Ellie came and fell in love with Tai. So she followed him and he found her. Blare attacked  them again. But Nina, Sabrina, Grace saved the day.
"Mommy! Mommy! Wake up! The mortal children are all ready downstairs waiting for you. You said you were going to tell them the truth today. Even Mimi's there" said Grace as she shock her mother awake. Megan slowly woke up. "Thank you Gracey." she said. Then the queen climbed out of the bed, got washed up and dressed, and teleported downstairs. Grace teleported downstairs to immortal children.
"Does anyone have any questions?" asked Megan. All of the children raised their hands. "Yes Izzy." said Megan. "What is the purpose of these gems?" he asked. "I've got a machine to explain these gems more easier than I can. All I need is your gems." said Megan. The children passed their gems forward to her. Megan put the gems machine. The first gem that came was the aquamarine. "Aquamarine: The aquamarine is the gem of ocean water." Megan read. Misty became happy. "A water gem! That will go great with my water pokemon!" she exclaimed. The second gem that came was the opal. "Opal: The opal is the gem of life." Megan read. The third gem that came was the pink tourmaline. "Pink tourmaline: The pink tourmaline is the gem of death." Megan read. The fourth gem that came was the moonstone. "Moonstone: The moonstone is the gem of youth." Megan read. The fifth gem that came was the ruby. "Ruby: The ruby is the gem of fire." Megan read. The sixth gem that came was the sapphire. "Sapphire: The sapphire is the gem of fresh water." Megan read. The seventh gem that came was the peridot. "Peridot: The peridot is the gem of grass." Megan read. The eighth gem that came was the diamond. "Diamond: The diamond is the gem of rock and truth." Megan read. The ninth gem that came was the garnet. "Garnet: The garnet is the gem of snow." Megan read. The tenth gem that came was the emerald. "Emerald: The emerald is the gem of thunder."  Megan read. The eleventh gem that came was the pearl. "Pearl: The pearl is the gem of beauty." Megan read. " The twelfth gem that came was the jade. "Jade: The jade is the gem of the rain forest and friendship." Megan read. The thirteenth gem that came was the alexandrite. "Alexandrite: The alexandrite is the gem of the birds." Megan read. The fourteenth and last gem that came was the olivine. "Olivine: The olivine is the gem of fighting." Megan read. "Anymore questions?" asked the queen. T.K. raised his hand. "Yes T.K.?" asked Megan. "How come me and Kari didn't get any gems?" he asked. "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot about yours and Kari's! Hold on!" yelled Megan. Then she ran into office to get both of their gems and came back. "Here is your gem, Kari. And here is your gem T.K." said Megan as she gently threw them their gems. Kari received an amethyst and T.K. received a bloodstone and a rock crystal. "Kari, your gem is the gem of love and T.K. the bloodstone has power of light, purity, and soul and the rock crystal has the power of sleep." said Megan. "Anymore questions?" asked the queen. Sora raised her hand. "Yes, Sora?" asked Megan. "Who are they children?" asked Sora. "Oh, I'm glad you asked that. They're, believe it or not, your future children." said Megan. The mortal children were shocked.
"So who are these kids, Grace?" asked Gezzele. " < sigh > This is getting to be hard to explain but.. they're your parents." said Grace. The immortal were shocked. "You're lying, Right?" asked Jimmy. Grace shook her head. "Oh my goodness." said Venus. "I sensed I knew them from somewhere." said Katrina. "How will we know who are parents?" asked Jen. "By their gems." said Grace.
"So those children are our kids?" asked Matt. Megan nodded. "Joe and Ash adopt kids." Ash and Joe didn't know what to say. "Izzy and T.K. have wives." said Megan. "Really? Where is she?" asked T.K. "How will we know who are children and wives?" asked Tai. "By your gems." said Megan. They looked at their gems. The immortal children walked into the room. The children had all ready found their parents. "Daddy?" Kristy said to Tai. Then she ran to him and sat on his lap. "Uh... Little I think your confused." said Tai. "No she's not." said Megan. "Huh?" asked Tai. Megan explained. The other immortal children found their parents. Miraiah and Grace found their husbands.
"Anymore questions?" asked Megan. Grace raised her hand. "Yes Grace?" said Megan. "Why is Blare attacking us?" asked Grace. "It all began with this...." Megan began.
Flashback begins:
"100,000,000 years ago, When Blare was a little girl, she would always cause trouble where ever she went by playing with huge robotic monsters. One day she made this evil robotic monster that was so powerful that it could destroy a village it seconds. So much poverty done to the island, that we had to stop Blare and her robotic monsters immediately. So one evening, our ancestor name Queen Solaic created another robotic monster as powerful as Blare's monster. She ordered the monster to destroy Blare's monster and it blew it all to pieces. Blare was begging Queen Solaic to stop. But Queen Solaic ordered her force order their machines to grab her and hold her tightly. Queen Solaic put Blare into a deep sleep and locked away for years and years.
Flashback ends:
"And now Blare is awake and getting revenge." said Megan. The children were silent after the story. "Anymore questions?" asked Megan. Gomamon raised his flipper. "Yes Gomamon?" said Megan. "Is it lunchtime yet?" asked the digimon. Megan laughed. "Yes you are all dismissed for lunch." she said. The children left. "Daddy, Could you carry me?" Gezzele asked Gary. "Sure." he said. Then Gezzele climbed on his back and he carried her to lunch.
The End