Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 3: Chap 27: Vacation Part 2 ( Chapter 27 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Summary: The vacation continuing and all is fair and nice until Blare sends another one of her nature fairies to attack them.

Vacation Part 2

Dateline: The children went into the pool and Blare attacked them with the ice fairy. But Kristy and Grace defeated her.

    "The ice fairy failed miserably!" shouted Blare. "It looks like I'm going to have to pay those little brats another visit!" Then she turned to the storm who was behind her. "Storm fairy, It looks like it's all up to you. " she asked them. "Don't fail me." "I won't." said the storm fairy. Then Blare bottled the storm fairy and descended down to Minty island with the bottled storm fairy.

    "The great sea monster floats to the surface of the sunny Minty island beach. Completely motionless, she appears to be only a harmless bunch of seaweed. A human approaches and ensures its instant death! Closer.... Closer..." thought Grace as swam underwater over to Takeru. who was at the edge of the pool in the water talking to Mitch. "So you are saying that...." said Takeru. Then felt grab him on to him. Next thing he knew, he was being pulled underwater. Grace had grabbed him underwater and was now pulling him down. Takeru had hit Grace in order for her to let go of him. Takeru swam back up to surface. Grace swam back up to the surface too. Takeru was panting hard. Grace was laughing hard. Unfortunately for her, her uncle and mother saw what she did. "Gracey." said Megan. Grace stopped laughing and looked up at her mother. "You know that wasn't funny." said Megan. "I'm sorry Mommy." said Grace. "I'm not the one you're supposed to be apologizing to." said Megan. Then she turned to her soaked friend. "I'm sorry Takeru." she said. "That's okay." he said. Then Mitch felt a drop of rain on his nose. "Huh?" he said. Then it started raining hard. "We better get inside." said Megan. Then Grace and Takerugot out of the pool and the four of them ran inside the hotel.
    "Unfortunately, It looks like we'll have rain for the rest of week folks." said the weather man. Then Chillie turned the T.V. off. "This stinks!" yelled Jimmy. The other were in the pool room. "Well at look one of us seems to be enjoying the weather today." said Alex as she looked out the window at Sabrina. The other children went over to the window. Sabrina was playing outside in the rain. "Look at her! Playing in the rain like an idiot!" said Travis. "Well, you can't blame her, she a water type." said Katrina. "Rain would be a whole lot fun if it was made of salt water." groaned Nina. Then Alex closed the curtain. Grace and Takeru walked in. "What took you so long?" asked Lisa as she was drawing her sketch. "We were getting out of the pool and getting dressed." said Grace. Then she looked around and didn't see Sabrina. "Where's Sabrina?" she asked. "Look out the window." said Serena. Grace walked to the window and pushed the curtain away. She saw Sabrina playing outside in the rain. Grace know didn't what to say. Takeru walked over to the window. "Why is she playing out there?" he asked. "She's a water type." said Erica. "Why aren't you playing in the rain, Nina?" he asked. "I'm an ocean water type and that is fresh water outside!" yelled Nina. A swear drop came down Takeru's little face. "Just forget about her." said Grace. Then the children played in the pool room.
    A few hours later, the children heard thunder and lighting. Then the power went out. "Don't worry! I've got it under control." said Kristy as she began lighting the candles with her powers. "I hope Sabrina is all right." said Alex. "Don't she'll be all right." said Jeffrey. "In fact we'll go and check on her." he said. "Good idea, Jeffrey." said Nina. "We'll go." said Grace. "Out there? But it's cold and wet outside." said Gezzele. "We have no choice." said Chillie Grace began sensing that something was wrong as they began walking outside. "What's wrong Grace?" asked Takeru. "Something's wrong." said Grace. "What?" he asked. "I don't know." she said. The children made it outside to Sabrina. "Are you okay?" asked Alex. "Yeah." said Sabrina. Then when they heard an evil female laugh. The children  looked up and saw Blare floating down to them. "Not again!" said Grace. "That's right." said Blare. "Don't ever give up?" asked Tiffany. Ignoring her question, Blare took out the bottle and said: I've got a present for you all." Then she took out the bottle, opened it, and tipped bottle downward. The black smoke came pouring out. Then the smoke took form into the storm fairy. "Enjoy!" said Blare. Then she gave off an evil laugh and disappeared. "Prepare for battle!" yelled Grace.
    "Snowballs!" yelled Gezzele. "Thunder shock!" yelled Miraiah. "Double kick!" yelled Tiffany. "Paint Ball!" yelled Lisa. "Sting Shot!" yelled Chillie. "Vine wrap!" yelled Jen. "Water gun!" yelled Sabrina. "Reflect!" yelled Katrina. "Soul twister!" yelled Jessi. "Skull blaster!" yelled Jimmy. "Double kick!" yelled Serena. "Solar Beam!" yelled Erica. "Seashell whip!" yelled Nina. "Pom-Pom Bomb!" yelled Brandy. "Dream bomb!" yelled Travis. "Hearts whip!" yelled Venus. "Fire blast!" yelled Kristy. "Rock throw!" yelled Jeffrey. "Spirit feather!" yelled Alex. "Bloodstone disk!" yelled Grace. Those only made the storm fairy stronger. "It didn't work!" yelled Alex. "That's nice, but now it's my turn! Hurricane blast!" yelled the storm fairy. It began blowing the children away. Katrina got onto on computer to look up a solution. "Guys! We have to work together!" she yelled. "But we have to ride this thing out!" yelled Jimmy. "We have to hang together!" yelled Grace. The children did so and rode out the storm. It was tough but they did it. "Snowballs! Thunder shock! Double kick! Paint Ball! Sting Shot! Reflect! Soul twister! Skull blaster! Double kick! Solar Beam! Seashell whip! Pom-Pom Bomb! Dream bomb! Hearts whip! Fire blast! Rock throw! Spirit feather! Bloodstone disk!" the children yelled together. The attacks combined together. "Huh?" said the storm fairy as their attacks got closer and closer. And with that, the storm fairy was destroyed really quickly.
    The children were playing in in the pool room when Grace looked out the window. "Hey look it stopped raining!" she yelled. The other children walked over to the window and looked out of it. Then they all went outside.
The End

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